SAHBA uses their SUPER-PAC status to influence legislation that benefits builders/contractors. This legislation is often anti-consumer. The idea that a homeowner would have to post "some cash" in order to file a complaint against a builder is ludicrous. Perhaps there should be legislation that requires the builder to post 10% of a contract in an escrow account to cover defects. (administered by an impartial third party) When consumers come together we can bring about powerful changes.

Trying to beat frivolous complaints with a stick

By John Shorbe

Your SAHBA Staff is working hard on more issues than you can shake a stick at!  You are well aware of most of these issues, such as Impact Fees in the City of Tucson; Sales Tax Fees in Oro Valley; and bonds, infrastructure and environmental issues in the County.   

Yet, this is only a small, small amount of what your Association is doing for you. 

One of the things I do for the Association is represent us at the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AROC) Industry Advisory Council.  AROC Director Israel Torres will soon put on the agenda an item that is near and dear to each homebuilder's heart:  frivolous Registrar complaints against builders. 

Through the Advisory Council, he has heard loud and clear that builders are oftentimes harassed by homeowners who repeatedly put in complaints against them--  knowing they are frivolous and will be overturned. 

The Advisory Council will address this issue and see what can be done legislatively to prevent this from happening to homebuilders.  As the law stands now, a homeowner has to do nothing more than continually barrage a builder with complaints. 

Wouldn't it be nice if they had to put up some cash in order to do that?  Or, wouldn't it be nice if legislation was such that the builder could sue for damages and costs incurred by frivolous complaints?

I don't know if we will be able to accomplish this, but it is well worth shaking a stick at! 

This is your Association working for you.

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