April 14, 2005

SAHBA/Lute Olson Golf Event

During the summer of 2004 we wrote to both Lute Olson and Jim Click about our concerns with SAHBA and their custom builder program. Because of their standing in the community and ties to SAHBA - we requested their assistance in preventing another family from our devastating home building nightmare. Unfortunately neither Olson nor Click responded to our concerns. So if you see either of them at the tournament please ask them if they support Arizona families losing their homes because of a defective build by a "SAHBA certified" custom builder.

This years festivities are in honor of past SAHBA Chairman Saul Tobin. According to everything we've read - Mr. Tobin built homes with an eye towards quality. It is what he was known for. We wonder what he would think about the quality of our home. We wonder if he would allow McCreary Homes to be a "SAHBA certified" builder. You might ask Olson if Mr. Tobin were still living - would he be proud of what SAHBA has become or was his penchant for quality just more of the same SAHBA rhetoric?

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