October 18, 2005


On September 28 we emailed the following letter to over 500 members of SAHBA:

September 28, 2005

Dear SAHBA Member,

We are writing to you today about your membership in SAHBA and the actions of your SAHBA executive members. We used McCreary Homes, a SAHBA certified custom builder in 2000 to build our dream house. It has turned into a nightmare that is beyond belief and eventually led to losing our home. Despite repeated complaints about the quality of our McCreary home, SAHBA continues to tout McCreary Homes in their advertising and home shows. SAHBA officials never responded to any of our attempts to ascertain exactly how McCreary Homes could be meeting SAHBA's custom builder certification standards. You can read our story and see the pictures of the defects in our home on our website. Besides McCreary Homes, we have received complaints from the public about other SAHBA members including Chris Kemmerly formerly of Kemmerly Homes.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said - "There comes a time when silence is betrayal." SAHBA remains silent SAHBA's lack of concern over the welfare of Tucson families and lack of response led us to picket the last several SAHBA Home Shows. We want to hear from the general membership of SAHBA. We have heard from several members about the discord that is currently occurring between SAHBA leadership and the committee for the Carnival de Golfe. Perhaps SAHBA members are waking up! The political agenda that SAHBA has embarked on is not an agenda that is good for the community. It shores up deceptive building practices and doesn't address what is decent and fair to the consumers. In fact in the September SAHBA Blueprints Magazine there is an article titled "How to Deflect Construction Defects" - not How to Prevent Construction Defects or How to Repair Construction Defects - rather how to DEFLECT responsibility. Is this what honorable business means? What your magazine is advocating is exactly what cost us our home. Instead of McCreary Homes fixing the 227 Registrar of Contractors verified defects - State Farm ran us into the ground with legal costs to the point where it greatly contributed to our having to file for bankruptcy.. Is this what you would want to happen to a member of your family? We are ex-military - Is this what you would want for a returning Iraqi veteran to encounter?

Ask yourself if by keeping your membership in SAHBA you are doing what is right for your community.

  1. Do you support Tucson families losing their homes because defective builders are sheltered by your organization?
  2. Do you support SAHBA's deceptive custom builder certification standards that allow inclusion of businesses like McCreary Homes?
  3. Do you support using insurance as a weapon against homeowners with defective homes?
  4. Does SAHBA speak for you?

We will continue our efforts to educate the public about the legislation and practices that SAHBA is engaged in. Which side of this debate does your business want to be associated with? Because your executive board chooses not respond to us - Would you ask Ed Taczanowsky, Chris Kemmerly, Greg Miedema, Art Flagg, Martha Wright, Randy Argon, John Shorbe Sr. and Roger Yohem why SAHBA chooses to remain silent? As Edmund Burke said "All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to say nothing." Will you perpetuate the silence? We look forward to hearing from you.

We received several thoughtful letters, several letters of support and a couple of nasty notes, most notably the threat from Anita Adams of McCaleb Construction - she wrote:

Please take us off your e-mail list.   I am tired of reading your
diatribes against a builder in Tucson .  Your inability to resolve this
matter in an appropriate manner is your responsibility.  If you continue
to harrass us by sending these e-mails, I will forward it to our
attorney for further action.

Anita Adams
McCaleb Construction, Inc.

Poor Ms. Adams - she thinks that 2 letters and 2 emails to a publicly advertised address and email over an 18 month period constitutes harassment. We suspect that no court would agree and invite her to go ahead and send it on to her attorney. We apparently struck a nerve with her. Consumers have a right to ask businesses questions. We don't threaten - we just ask for answers. McCaleb Construction didn't answer any of our questions - never has. Some people don't want to address a problem - they just want it to go away.

Of course she has a good example to follow in the executive board of SAHBA - up until September 29 th we hadn't heard from a single SAHBA Executive Board Member. Finally a response! Carole Pawlak, (SAHBA Life Director and SAHBA President when McCreary built our house) pictured below wrote this:

Please remove me from your email list.

Thank you,
Carole Pawlak





That's it. That's all she had to say. No explanations. No justifications. No answers. Business as usual for SAHBA. Stick their head in the sand and go on. Hope we'll go away. We won't. We want answers - and we will continue until we are satisfied.

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