December 21 , 2004

A Holiday Update

Just wanted to update all of you on what is happening. The threatening letter we received mentioned the idea that media attention about our fight with McCreary Homes, and SAHBA has been skimpy at best. We attribute that to the advertising dollars generated by SAHBA and the conflict it creates for the local media. When prominent public people such as Lute Olsen support SAHBA events it lends an air of credibility to an organization that simply doesn't deserve it. Why does SAHBA let McCreary Homes hide behind their "Seal of Quality"? Why does Olsen lend his aura of respectability to an organization that doesn't maintain standards? Local media won't cover this story angle. This lack of attention does not serve the public, it serves only the pocketbooks of the media and the legislature and the building industry. In the December SAHBA newsletter outgoing Chairman John Shorbe touts these accomplishments: "One achievement of personal, great pride to me was the establishment of partnerships with the Governor, the State Director of the Department of Real Estate, the Director of the Registrar of Contractors office, and the State Land Trust Department.  We also expanded our influence with the members of the State House and Senate." In the same newsletter this plea is made:

"Gov. Janet Napolitano has asked SAHBA to help raise private funds for her "love of reading" book program.  She is buying 90,000 copies of the book, " Coyote School News" for all Arizona public school fourth graders. The total cost is $154,000, with some $38,500 yet to be raised.  The SAHBA PAC has pledged $2,500.  Staff and the Executive Committee would like to invite all SAHBA members to support this project.  SAHBA will collect checks on behalf of its members and present the Governor with the funds and a list of all contributors.  Donations are tax-deductible and can be either personal or company checks."

We guess this is the way to get things done in Arizona . While we applaud the literacy outreach effort being made by the Governor - we have to ask - What does SAHBA get in return? These ties between corporations and government block the voice of the people. We think an in depth look at what being a "super-pac" buys would be interesting. Of course Arizona media wouldn't cover such a story. Being realistic, we are in the process of contacting many outside media organizations in states that have an exodus of people moving to Arizona and suggesting several investigative expose topics that their readers would find interesting.

We have received support for this effort and are looking forward to more publicity on Arizona 's shabby state of consumer protection when it comes to home building.

To those of you who have written letters of encouragement and support - thank you. We want to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season. We hope your home is not filled with defects but rather, filled with joy.

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