A conservative courtroom where free speech and thought are not permitted or tolerated.


On March 30, 2007, Father Nguyen Van Ly - a Catholic priest was brought to the trial at Hue, Vietnam without any defense attorney. His only "Crime" is to challenge the communist regime as he has been struggling for religious freedom and human rights for decades in Vietnam. He had been imprisoned several times and was under house arrested and violently harassed.
During the trial, Father Ly kept sitting instead of standing before the judges. As he began to denounce the unjust trial and shout the anti-Communist slogan, the security agent behind him covered his mouth in front of hundreds of attendees, including some Western reporters.
He was sentenced to 8 years in prison. Four other dissidents were sentenced suspension to
six years in prison.

But hey America, don’t even think about worrying about Father Van Ly since those cheap toxic paint items that you will crave and want to swallow with credit card intensity from numerous Wal-Marts around the country will still be made in Communist Vietnam when Father Ly gets out of jail in 8 years that is, if he is lucky to be still alive. 

Didn’t George W. Bush visit Vietnam last year as a guest of the state?  I am sure President Bush tried to mangled the English language enough to say absolutely nothing to President Triet, the Vietnamese leader of choice about inquiry of Father Ly.  Why would Bush say anything when he doesn’t mind a bit if your son or daughter is blown up, a snipers bullet is put to the head or servicemen commits suicide in the Armageddon delight country of Baghdad ? 

This would have been Bush boys second visit to Vietnam, that is if he hadn’t skipped out on his first chance while he fought the threat of dreaded Communism and the Domino Theory of certain death for Americans, all along while hiding out in a Houston go-go bar or stashed away for the weekend in a Georgia plantation estate of a wealthy republican senator during those incredibly stressful days for him while he viewed the Vietnam War up close and personal from a television set that had CBS’s Walter Cronkite telling America that Vietnam was a mistake.  I think George W. Bush missed that particular episode of the CBS evening news.  The future worst President of the United States was probably drunk on his ass with Wild Turkey bourbon.

My oh my America, wasn’t Bush such an incredible leader of both men and death that you elected from 2000 to 2008.  George W. Bush a president who lead men from the furthest reaches of the rear end of his administration, all the way forward to their certain deaths in a made up war for profit.   

But it was never about WMD’s or freedom; it was always about Israel, oil and money.

If only one day on the Washington Mall, we can have a war memorial with U.S. Servicemen lying dead in a giant pool of oil as people drive around the memorial in their gas guzzling SUV’s admiring the carnage.


A LONG Realty board meeting
Would someone get a gun and shut him up?


Isn’t everything that a man accomplishes considered to be important, if it involves speaking out against man’s injustice to his fellow man?
- “The Arizona Refugee”


Subject:  A Mission Statement

“I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one even at the cost of your life.”

“I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.”

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
- Mahatma Ghandi


“I am now in the fighting portion of  my struggle and quest for justice; I will continue.”
- “The Arizona Refugee”

To the unsuspecting consumer public,


The following two consumer warning websites, concerning L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes and SAHBA, the (Southern Arizona Home Builders Association) were created in 2004 to warn the public about the potentially incredible financial danger that awaits them in Arizona.  The incredible financial and family destructive behavior that these companies provide is available, if they are willing to use these under investigated, and corrupt corporate services companies in the state of Arizona for their real estate transactions and home construction building. 

Because of the incredible amounts of defective building, fraud, corruption and costly financial legal implications, we lost our home to foreclosure and eventually had to file for bankruptcy in 2005.  I could have never imagined such a God awful scenario happening to my family due to the deceptive and deviously dishonest people that we met when we moved to Arizona in 1996 and began building in 2000.  I remember renting and waiting a year to sell our home since I did not want to accept two mortgages.   We then waited patiently and planned carefully for three years to build our dream house with McCreary Homes.  In the end it didn’t matter because the slime bags L.J. and Denise McCreary were bent on defrauding from and ruining our chance at the American Dream because of their greed.  But instead of our imagined dream home, we were provided with our real nightmare by McCreary Homes.   

Hey, but what the heck, isn’t this Arizona after all, where crooks exist on every corner and dreams just shrivel up and die just like the one way, transient elderly do?  One cannot believe the incredible stress and financial turmoil that companies like McCreary Home and associations like SAHBA put its citizens through in pursuit of our definition of the American Dream- a custom home and their American Dream - the almighty dollar at the expense of your family’s future and dreams.

Let it be known that in spite of our story, not one single Tucson real estate professional has acknowledge our loss and financial raping or even had the courage to say they agreed we were totally screwed and it just wasn’t right what happened to us.  What does it say about Tucson that no one supported in the “real estate profession” supported our cause?  How could this be?  How can every one of Tucson’s real estate agents be silent on this issue?  How can everyone of Tucson’s real estate and building “professional remain silent in the face of such evil towards a family?

All it takes for evil to flourish is for supposedly good men and women say nothing in the face of evil.    

As I have said before in previous post,  changes to that wonderful bankruptcy code that your current U.S. Senators, John McCain (R) and Jon Kyl (R) voted for in 2005, which were against the average working guy family interest; there was no way I was going to loose my land, my home and my dreams and still pay off a second mortgage for the fun of it.  Yes, I agreed to a mortgage, but I did not agree to McCreary Homes defrauding us or 2 years of litigation.  

Just because of a fraudulent backed SAHBA builder, L.J. McCreary, he was able to get away with incompetent home building construction murder on us and we were left holding the bag to pay off a second mortgage, with nothing left to show for it.  Why does construction fraud allow a family to fight for its financial life in litigation cost and then lose its most prized possession; its home/security.  I can’t begin to explain the harm that this man and his wife Denise did to me and my family.

I am sure that there were REO specialist in foreclosures that we talked to at our mortgage company, just like First Magnus Corporation’s Anna Stark, who said; “no we will not work with you” and instead chose to foreclose on our home because they had insurance to cover the difference. 
Yes folks the appraised value of $810,000 dollar for the home in 2001, which cost $470,000 to build and $140,000 for the land, sold over a year and a half later for the grand total of $250,000 dollars.  Our $50,000 dollar down payment went up in smoke. It still pains me to think that if the home had been built without the 222 defects, we would have made out just fine.  I never planned nor could anyone else for a 50% increase in effective mortgage payments because of the L.J and Denise McCreary’s lawsuit. 

Yes, I am sure the insurance company did not plan on such a suppressed value for resale.  It is so unfortunate that their McCreary built home sold for so little even though new Owner Bruce G. DuPont gave L.J.  I bet DuPont gave L .J. McCreary a glowing testimonial because of the price and the money/work that McCreary probably had to do on the home for him.  No one gives a sensation recommendation unless the job was done right (we know it wasn’t) or money has been exchanged for approval. 

Maybe our foreclosure was just the leading tip of the iceberg of what was to follow in the mortgage game industry that would be coming along in 2007.  If they could do it to me, they were going to be able do it to everyone economically below me.  And as fate would have it;  yes they did.    

We were forced to take out a second mortgage in 2002 to help us fight this despicable man’s, McCreary Homes Company bogus lawsuit and his SAHBA retained lawyers which included Marc Simon and William Poorten III.  Yes, that is correct.  McCreary Homes filed a lawsuit against us and it was all because of his defective building and fraudulent accounting practices.  Unfortunately for us, it was not enough to stem the rising legal cost.  

L.J. and Denise McCreary along with State Farm Insurance paid more for attorney’s fees to Marc Simon, William N. Patton III and Elizabeth Claiborne than it would have cost to fix the home and have us be on with our lives.   All that we asked for was the home to be built as contracted with quality assurances that L.J. McCreary gave us, but never delivered.

But why is justice only available and delivered to the wealthy and corporations in Arizona?  Why do republican politics in the state of Arizona protect the home building and real estate industries from oversight and investigations?  Why does Arizona favor the protection of corporation instead of protecting its families?

To this day, almost seven and one-half years after moving into our defective home, McCreary Homes has been continuously advertised by SAHBA as a good standing member of their so called prestigious “Certified Custom Builder Certification (CCBC) program.  This obviously sham based, con-man program, the CCBC, is used to advertise and gain the consumer confidence that these builders are qualified and meet higher standards than builders who are not members of this program or SAHBA.  This whole program is meant to disarm and diffuse the consumer public during their selection of a competent builder in the building process.  

We understand that McCreary once used to build a good home, but that must have changed around 1996 when he decided getting greedy because it was more advantageous to his bottom line than staying honest and ethical as a normal builder.    

The text and pictures that were supplied to explain the fraud and defective building that was perpetrated upon us, went on deaf ears from the corrupted Arizona government officials and specifically, the Arizona Department of Real Estate.

In lieu of having government officials in Arizona provide needed oversight and enforcement, they all refused to investigate these incidents of defective construction building and accounting fraud. 

In essence, these are the reasons that these two websites were created, to warn the public,  hold those who defrauded us accountable in a public forum, and chastise those companies and individuals who actively perform and support such defective building and corruption practices among them.

Again, all it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to do nothing.

This past December, we met online the family of a World War II veteran, Herman Ellis, who had moved to Tucson, Arizona and who was now being forced into foreclosure because of real estate disclosure fraud and predatory lending.  Mr. Herman’s daughter Ellis had seen our website and contacted us about their situation.  I only wish that Mr. Herman could have read my website and understood the danger that he would soon be involved when he made that fateful decision during January of 2007 to trust LONG Realty, 

Since this past August this family has been picketing/ protesting the real estate showings from the company that sold them their defective home; LONG Realty

I thoroughly admire the tenacity of this family to demand justice from these Arizona real estate scoundrels.  Only people who were thoroughly screwed would be able to put up such a protest.  I can only imagine if Arizona had inspectors with this much drive to do their job; there would not be the problems that presently exist in the construction and real estate businesses.  All it would take to clean up this mess if for some of these fraudulent business owners to spend a year or two in jail and the whole problems in that state would disappear.  Yes, I know, this is Arizona and I am dreaming.  

LONG Realty and First Magnus mortgage corporation, which filed for bankruptcy in August of 2007, used fraudulent and predatory lending practices to seduce Mr. Herman, an 81 year old veteran, into signing and accepting a home that was being sold by one of Arizona’s most famous last names of the Keating 5 scandal era, Susie DeConcini and her son Timothy Hagyard.  And yes folks, this is the same scandal that Sen. McCain found himself in as a new freshman senator who managed to get his hand stuck inside the cookie jar of financial influence peddling and corruption.

Sen. McCain and his other crooked Senate Democratic senators, DeConcini, Cranston, Riegle, Glenn should have never politically survived such corruption and influence peddling schemes of acceptance and in fact should have spent time in jail like fellow Vietnam veteran Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA) is presently doing. 

During this time I wrote an article offering support for Mr. Herman’s cause that people should support the situation of this poor elderly man.  Unfortunately no one in Tucson, including any pro bono lawyers or city/state government officials would take up this World War II veterans cause to save his home because of the DeConcini name and Warren Buffets, Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary, LONG Realty.  Unfortunately, Mr. Herman was still forced into foreclosure because of the incredible corruptive practices that have taken place in Tucson, Arizona.  Mr. Herman was finally forced to move out of his home on March 25, 2008.

So maybe there are elements of the DeConcini family that people in Tucson are conspiring with to have me silenced.  Nothing would ever surprise me concerning the corruption that exists in that state.  Oh well, maybe some of those fanatical real estate frauds will provide me a scenario like other infamous Arizona crooks provide Don Bolles an Arizona Republic investigative reported who was killed by a car bomb in Phoenix in 1976 after investigating a land deal involving politicians and the mafia.  Why even today, Rep. Rick Renzi has been indicted on 35 counts for a land fraud deal.  As can be deduced, Arizona has been a Mecca for real estate fraud for a very long time and continues to this day.

If my employer or the government would like to remove me from my career for my political beliefs, I would be happy to take up that fight on behalf of this cause and the cause of Mr. Herman.   But please do remember, SAHBA and its members currently profess such an insincere attempt to “support our troops” and the military.  When did supporting our troops mean allowing them to have their homes taken away from them?

Did I just hear someone whisper San Francisco and ACLU?  Or was that California’s Attorney General Jerry Brown (D)?  I will be planning a visit to my local ACLU chapter, just down the street here tomorrow and see what kind of legal and Civil Rights issues that I will be seeking to fight against.  I have been waiting for my day in court for a very long time.  Do any of you out there in Arizona understand what raising your hand and giving an oath is all about?  I didn’t think so. It involves telling the truth; something you know nothing about.   Arizona has such a problem with dealing with the concept of truth.  What an incredible oxymoron it is to say the words Arizona and truth in the same sentence.  

Recently, Mr. Herman, his daughter and now even I, have been subjected  the past few weeks to e-mail threats about our personal and financial safety by threatening to  inform my employer about our acts of civil disobedience, peaceful protesting and fact providing websites that inform the public about the issue of consumer fraud.  Please, go ahead and be my guest.  There are so many civil rights issues and Arizona corruption issues that need to be investigated and maybe this is what it will take it finally get it done.  Maybe indeed God does work in mysterious ways to nail people like you.  

Why would someone make personal and political threats against myself unless there is a concerted conspiracy among real estate “professionals” in Tucson to harass and then I might ask which corporation is paying them?  How about LONG Realty for starters?  Surely there will be issues about financial responsibility for damages.  I find it fascinating that these people in Tucson will take victims that speak up about injustice and vilify us to make us the victim once again.  It isn’t going to happen.  I will never allow you to make me or my family a victim of your fraud based real estate schemes ever again.  So go ahead and harass me all you want.  I will be ready.  This whole situation is equivalent to a woman being raped and then having her rapist harass the very same women for speaking out publicly against her rape.  

I sincerely hope the public can now see what type of people they are dealing with in the Tucson construction and real estate industries; two legged snakes. 

Unfortunately for the Tucson building industry and “real estate professionals” involved with these harassment actions, I will write more, not less when I am threatened by people in the public.  This is not the first time I have been threatened and it will not be the last.  Ask L.J. and Denise McCreary what happens when they either harass us through one of their children or they try to lie about the facts of our story on websites like Ripoff

I find it incredible that there are obvious people from the Tucson real estate industry that support a republican political agenda that supports the idle words of “freedom” but when it comes to countries like China and Vietnam, they are no better with American protest and dissent than the brutal Communist dictators and military police that are master at suppressing dissent as in Father Ly’s case. 

Our first protest at the spring 2004 Home Show was met my Ed Taczanowsky and his Gulag assistant, Lezzette Felix to have me arrested.  I still remember Lezzette Felix almost spiting in my face and saying that she thought our protest was pitiful.  Imagine that; being called by a person that has not missed a meal in her life and who wasn’t born yet when I was casting my first vote in a presidential election; pitiful.  Why are Americans like Anna Stark, SAHBA’s Ed Taczanowsky and Lizzette Gonzalez, so easily willing to stifle content and dissent?   How Un- American can a supposed American actually be?

Isn’t the corner of American Democracy the right of its people to peacefully protest?  Isn’t the very same thing happening with freedom, right here in America, when real estate “professionals” harass and try to suppress people who have experienced their fraud and injustice to speak?  If anything, people like Ms. Stark are in fact the most unpatriotic of Americans that exist.

But according to First Magnus’s, Ms. Anna Stark, I have threatened people and I say with what?  Did I say’ “let them eat cake to?”  Was it said with an offer of whipped cream or was it simply just the truth?  I have made sure that my identity and the identity of my employer have remained anonymous because I envisioned this day coming and also because I am not stupid enough like republican Anna Stark to make veiled political threats like she has towards me, and choose to harm anyone. 

What I write on my sites has nothing to do with anyone else except myself and the fact that I comment about people in Arizona who have harmed my family, is something that I will ever apologize or discontinue from commenting on.  But in complete retrospect, the only thing that I have probably threatened anyone with is someone’s conscience with the truth?  I apologize to no one if their guilt and looking in the mirror each morning is too much for them to bear in private or public.  You SAHBA real estate members, choose to decide to wear your face and the look that reflects in your eyes the way that you choose to live your life.  People who harm people do not look very nice at all.  Try thinking Denise McCreary, Christine Olson, Vicki Click and Anna Stark.    

Some day these very people will understand that none of these websites or protest would have taken place if they had just had a morsel of integrity and had just performed good honest work instead of trying to rip off my family with defective building and fraudulent accounting practices.  Your incredible greed and harm to families have resulted in this insurgency and a begging for some measure of justice for what you have done to us.  We are not going anywhere except to confront you with the truth about your actions against us.

This website and the words and picture that I have put on them will stand as a testimonial and warning to the public about the incredible fraud and corruption that is currently taking place in Sen. John McCain’s Arizona.  It will be up for many years to come to warn people unless the government tries to shut it down because of the political and corruptive truths that it reveals about Arizona.    

Did I hear once again, some whisper again the words ACLU?  I did, I did!

If the people that are trying to “intimidate us ” with employer knowledge and hopeful investigation and even Federal political scrutiny from Arizona selected, and possibly corrupted Federal officials, then I welcome the attention and scrutiny to these websites to warn the public.  

Is Ms. Stark who is a republican operative with her involvement with the Pima County republican Women’s Club, saying that she has inside contacts with republican officials in Washington?  Does Ms. Sparks say that she has inside, John McCain, Keating 5 influence with Washington official?  Is Ms. Stark saying that she owns republican politicians in Washington or Arizona?  I would not be surprised by such revelations.

I am very taken back that it has taken over four years for someone in the Tucson building or real estate to elevate the threats to such lofty levels.   I finally welcome the interest and supposed future media interest.  I want this story to be known.   

If you desire to open Pandora’s Box on this issue, go right ahead, but do not be surprised at the level of tenacity on my part and your inability to put that little genie back in the box.  Oh what the hell, I think I will decide to open Pandora Box before you and address this problem once and for all. I would love to move on with my life but I can’t as long as there is no justice, no day in Court to address my just grievances.   My life has changed in incredible directions and I do not fear and I almost welcome the continued wave of change that this disclosure will bring me.

Bring it on please, because you and the rest of your snakes will finally be exposed to the light of day fro once and all.

I will not cower or bow out to you corrupt and despicable people who steal from good ex-military families and World War II veterans to fund your bloated bank accounts and lifestyle of the rich and famous.  But if one is powerful and wealthy, does an Arizona person have the right to have a federal official give them their names when contacting them in an official capacity?   I suppose if Lute Olson or Jim Click made a complaint to the FBI, I am sure they would be given the courtesy of being given the names of the persons that they were talking to.

Why did Mr. Herman’s daughter have to talk with FBI officials in Tucson this past week and they then refused to do anything about these implied personal threats that have been sent by, or even allow their names to be given to her?  I see, you are not dealing with an individual person from the FBI but instead you are dealing with a non- named government official entity.  How very convenient for anonymity and the possibility of political pay offs and corruption.

Why did Arizona Department of Real Estate officials refuse to investigate with subpoena power a secret kick back deal between L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes and Fran Epsen of LONG Realty.  This secret kick back was for over $3,400.00, but why did Arizona government officials refuse to even investigate this corruption?  I will tell you why. Corruption is a well thought of word in Arizona and Sen. John McCain, Sen. Jon Kyl, former SAHBA lobbyist and current state Rep. Jonathan Patton (R) from Tucson and present state senator and SAHBA friend, congressional candidate, and the best that Jim Click and SAHBA money can buy.   

Tim Bee (R) of Tucson, is another SAHBA award winning politician, as is lobbyist turned politician, Rep. Patton.  Mr. Bee will run against U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona’s 8th district.  God help Arizona if Sen. Bee wins, because more corruption will be slated for the Washington D.C. crony crowd on his watch.

Obviously, we have finally stepped on some important and nerve shattering, wealthy toes  in order to have these criminal e-mail threat thugs coming to life after four years.  I do understand with how the real estate industry in Tucson has finally crashed into the toilet, there are many builders and real estate agents that wish that ours and Mr. Herman’s stories and our lives would just go away.   I must be really difficult to stay in business during this inclement economic climate, especially when you have trashed your reputation and it is made public. But not so fast Arizona; how about some justice first in this state?

McCreary Homes and SAHBA had made somewhat similar but less involved threats earlier, but these people that threaten us now are willing to use political agendas and induced political favors from political appointees to have us investigated.  The federal government can investigate me all they want; they already do.  All that I ask in return is that government authorities investigate the fraud and the continued corruption and fraud that is taking place in Arizona and not blow people off by refusing to provide an investigate eye. 

I wonder how John McCain will answer questions from the media when question are finally asked during his presidential campaign concerning the building and real estate corruption that exist right under his sun scarred nose in Arizona.

Exposing Arizona corruption is now one of the main missions in my life and the continued reason why I remain passionate about fraud and corruption in Arizona that harms good ex-military and civilian families.   

Should I be afraid of Ms. Anna Stark’s threats to refrain from exposing Arizona corruption?  No, she nor anyone else will ever scare me again.  I was afraid in 2003 when I was losing and then lost my home, but I refuse to ever be afraid again of anyone or anything.  I have already been put through hell and you cannot harm me worse than we as a family have already been harmed in the same way ever again.  Absolutely no one in Arizona real estate business or government was ever concerned for the plight of my family. 

I find it incredible that these types of despicable cowards, that go by the identity hidden e-mail names of and, with the (h) standing for Harry Javelina and the Cardinal being a Three Musketeers character, all anonymous communications for our e-mail threats and pleasures.  You do realize that those e-mails that are being sent can be retrieved now don’t you.  Nothing on the internet is ever erased.  Please keep those cards, letters and e-mail coming folks for the eventual subpoenas for those e-mail records from

Does anyone know who these people really are?  I have my suspicions since I was threatened by First Magnus and republican Tucson woman, Anna Stark last month in an e-mail text.  Ms Stark is most likely another one of those fine upstanding christain members who prays on Sundays as a fine member of the Pima County republican Women’s Club and then goes to work on Monday, all the while stabbing people in the back.

Isn’t this such an incredibly fine display of republican women’s diversity, even if I do say so myself?  This surely is not a Blazing Saddles moment when the sheriff ask where the white women are at.   Maybe I will be investigated by legendary Wyatt Earp type lawman, Sheriff Joe Arpaio because I said in a previous post that they all look like Caucasian women?   Didn’t one time Arizona residents, Wyatt and Josephine Earp, along with their biographer Stuart Lake, fabricate stories about Wyatt’s Earp’s life?  As you see many people come to this state to be Arizonans and quickly learn to lie and make up stories, just like Wyatt Earp did.  Honestly folks, there is either something in the water or it could be the sun evaporating the last vestiges of morality out of their Arizonan’s brains.

Just remember folks, for people that are thinking of coming to this state, this is the type of people that you are going to have to deal with; ones that approve of defective building, fraud, corruption and predatory lending.  So you tell me folks, who is the sociopath, who is the person that is tilted toward depravity in all of this equation?  Is it the one that is helping people and not concerned with profits or is it the people who have vacant souls, like L.J. McCreary or the First Magnus’s REO specialist Anna Stark who takes away family’s homes?   

And tell me please, why I cannot be president like John McCain might be, since he was tortured just like the construction industry and SAHBA financially tortured my family?  Why I never even took any money from Charles Keating!  So why would anyone gamble with their family’s lives in a state and political party that professes family values, but does not practice such ideas and in fact, seems to offer the very opposite; family destruction for profit?

Oh, I also forgot to mention that Ms. Stark is also a confused member or a former member (she can’t seem to get her story straight) from First Magnus mortgage that had done quite a bit of business with LONG Realty.  First Magnus Corporation filed for bankruptcy last August and Ms. Stark went from a person that specialized in the science of studying how to profit on foreclosing on people homes, then supposedly on the streets, to one that was being paid for her bankruptcy contribution expertise. 

I am sure the 800 Tucson residents that worked at First Magnus and lost their jobs will be happy to now that Ms. Stark landed so well on her feet.  I am sure Ms. Stark will be a leading executive at the reincarnation of First Magnus’s alter ego, Sweetwater Mortgage, at the same location and building where former First Magnus employees who were never paid will be picketing for years.   

Has anyone also been on a website recently called  I think we might have a former 3 month 19 year old employee of LONG Realty helping Ms. Stark and her endeavors.  I find it hard to believe that a 19 year old real estate agent that can only think about buying a home in Ventana Canyon and driving around in a Ferrari would give up his financial piece of economic security of being a real estate person in Tucson, and not be able to obtain his only goal in life of securing the material items of his dreams.

As you see, this is the type of real estate thuggery, fraud and corruption that exist in this state.  Come to Arizona, but only if you are willing to gamble away your family’s financial future.  

I hope enough interest by the media will result in investigations and scrutiny into the fraud and corruption that is being perpetrated upon Arizona families and especially ex-military families.

If you continue with this website, please be advised that topics beside information on defective building and fraud will also you adult language that comments on politics and the many real estate and construction scoundrels that inhabitate this state.  It didn’t take me long after this all happened to see the incredible implications of having  the republican Party in Arizona be conduits for the corporate agenda to protect companies and the corruption that certainly derives from this operation. 

Let it be known that most Democrats in this state are no better than republicans.  In fact Democrats are nothing more than Republican lites (republicans with a few social morals).  Democratic Governor Janet Napolitano and her Attorney General Terry Goddard’s office were both un-helpful to the cause of investigating builder fraud and corruption.  Trying to contact them like every other Arizona Department was a waste of time.  The government in Arizona is not to help you, but instead to hinder you.  Even Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) office was contacted but with no corresponding response.   How can anyone fight fraud and corruption when our elected officials turn their heads away and act as if they never heard you complaints or would never offer to investigate?  The fix is in, in Arizona     

If you are offended by colorful comments about politics and deceitful people, then you should surf on to somewhere else.  These words are nothing more than you have heard around you very own homes.  Last time I checked, there were no active living saints in America.  If you want to learn something about the corrupted state of Arizona, then read on to your hearts content.

I never thought that our story would finally be told to the masses because of the fact of politicial prosecution against us in America.  Finally, maybe something will get done with a little national exposure for the cause.   I welcome the investigation because I will challenge my integrity, my character and my employment record and competence against anyone, especially against adult christian professing people like Anna Stark that emulate their political heroes behavior and hypocrisy with wonderful examples like Sen. David Vitter’s (R-LA) family value lies and the gay bashing, religious pervert hypocrisy, drug inducing and gay sex participant, the incredibly hypocritical Pastor Ted Haggard of Phoenix, Arizona. 

I make no apologies for by behavior, since I was never programmed by my parents to suffer liars and hypocrites very well.  As you see, this is the type of real estate thuggery, fraud and corruption that exist in this state.  Come to Arizona, but only if you are willing to gamble away your family’s financial future.  Be extremely careful if you decide to make the mistake to move to Arizona.  Don’t allow these corrupt individuals to harm you family like they did mine.

Moving to Arizona in 1996 was the second biggest mistakes of my life!  Choosing SAHBA builder L.J and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes will always rank as the worst mistake of my life.

And one other thing; if you are not mad out there or at least very concerned about what is happening to our country and the incredible Tucson real estate corruption and fraud that exist there, then either you are not paying attention, asleep, or maybe you are just as corrupt as the people that I have been talking about are.

So which one will it be Mr. and Mrs. Arizona resident?  Eyes and mind open or eyes and mind closed.  The choice is all yours folks.


“The Arizona Refugee”   

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