Date: September 11, 2007

Subject:  09/11, Bin Laden, UNOCAL and Enron

Title:  Six years of war mongering, pilfering and its sad genesis for history

We kill people and baby seals for pipelines   Kenny Lay 's Enron; the arrogant Titanic like company that "Kenny Boy" ran into the only iceberg in Texas


Oh shit, what do I do now except continue to look stupid?   Where is President Cheney when you need him? I didn't tell you to speak you Texas moron; now shut the phuck up before you say something stupid again like that psyco babble you babbled about gynaecologists and their love for their women."

Dear republican SAHBA members:

The definition of ignorance is; “Those that do not learn from history are condemned to repeat the same mistakes.” 

Is it any wonder that a group of people like SAHBA members, and your compatriots around the country, the ones who lie, cheat and steal with wild abandon, choose to elect politicians like Kolbe, Renzi, Kyl, McCain, Bush and Cheney to get our children to fight their insane and profit mongering wars of aggression?  You along with your parents and grandparent’s, voted for corrupted conservative republican neocon politicians, who are in turn responsible for U.S. foreign policy and the actions that happened on 9/11.  Nothing really happens by chance, but rather by building upon past events.  Any catastrophe is nothing more than a series of events that are allow to grow because of ignorance, indifference or greed.  In America’s case, all three are at work, at once.

Today marks the six year anniversary of the 09/11 airliner attacks on the American aviation industry, the New York Trade Center, the Pentagon and the real target, the American government.  And after almost six years of war and almost 4,000 additional American lives lost, a million Iraqis murdered, and a trillion dollar price tag and counting for your children and grandchildren to pay, your Civil Rights watered down, and your communication monitored by your government, the questioned that needs to be asked is; why did this happen and where is Osama Bin Laden?    Osama the “boogey man,” is still on the loose; but we can talk about him later.  Now keep being afraid!

But why did 9/11 ever happen in the first place?  I ask this question because unlike most American families, I ended up paying dearly for the ramifications of that day, which will affect my family even after the day I die.  The events that happened to me, because of that fateful day, have forced me to examine and question everything that I once believed in.  We lost our land, our home, and our dreams because we could not handle a bogus lawsuit by McCreary Homes and his SAHBA provided lawyers and the financial ramifications of 9/11.   Yes, shit happens, but it doesn’t have to come from the people and our government above us.

After all was said and done my income was slashed and three years after the event, my pension was then erased because of the spike in crude oil prices and the U.S. bankruptcy laws that favor top management, corporations and investors over employees.  Employees are always left holding the bag that senior management chooses to shit in.  I guess it was all hard to come by; but so easy to see it go.  And some of you from SAHBA were directly responsible for our fall.  

The spike in oil prices because of 9/11 and the eventual Middle East turmoil that has been provided by George W. Bush and his Iraq War has devastated the dreams of many.  I am one of those people.  We could have handled either a lawsuit/defectively built home or the financial ramifications 9/11; but not both.   We were not able to have Bush’s wars of choice, not affect the price of crude oil or our financial security, and we forced to weather the storm from outside looking in, in naked shock. 

Please go ahead and build a SAHBA home, fight a lawsuit and have your pay cut and let me know if you candle the storm.  People today cannot handle a five hundred increase in mortgage payments.  We had to handle an effective two thousand dollar increase in our mortgage payments for two years to fight this lawsuit.   Maybe we were at the very beginning of the home mortgage meltdown.  Maybe we started something to get back at SAHBA and its members?  I hope you are all financial suffering during this home building crisis in Tucson, just like you forced upon us in 2001.

You know what they say; “What goes around; comes around.” 

America for me was now a place to be seen for what it is; a glutinous country of greed that is based on the principles of lying, cheating and stealing from one another and other countries.  And after all, wasn’t this one of the main reason for striking Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq; greed?  Didn’t American and British oil companies not want to only control the production of oil, but the price of oil?  Wasn’t Saddam Hussein considering going from the petro dollar to the euro dollar and its monetary consequence for U.S. oil companies that led us to invade Iraq? 

To answer the question of why Bin Laden attacked the U.S., it is simple as saying the words, oil, natural gas and pipeline.  U.S. oil companies wanted access to Afghanistan in 1996 for a proposed pipeline through that country and the Taliban/ Bin Laden were not agreeable to the oil company’s terms. 

It is United States foreign policy towards countries that possess natural resources that American companies will covet their resources under the terms they dictate.  If a country does not want to play ball with us, we bribe the government, change the government, assassinate or attack it.  Can you say Afghanistan and Iraq, boys and girls?  Do not ever confuse our foreign policy aggression with our president’s profession of spreading freedom.  Freedom means corporate freedom to economically rape and pillage. 

The 2004 book, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,” by John Perkins explains the agenda for United States Foreign policy in conjunction with American corporate wishes.  There is anything but freedom for countries that are on our economic hit list for natural resources and crushing debt.  There is no honor or freedom America anymore; just profit and greed. 

So please tell me how killing people from another country, is an ideal model for the spreading of American freedom?  Where is the honor in that act?  Can you really win the hearts and minds of people by killing them?  I don’t think so!  Maybe a revolution comes about, but there will be no flowers thrown at our feet our freedom marches plodded in our honor.

And as SAHBA members, you are responsible for this mess, because you are primarily supporters of republican candidates like McCain and Kyl that support the Bush / Cheney corporate fueled fiasco that has plagued our country for the past six and one-half years.  How can a middle class Tucsonan, especially a Democratic voter continue to buy their autos from the likes of Jim Click, who has been a Bush Ranger extraordinaire campaign contributor for this moron, for the past six years?  Why do people support wealthy individuals like Jim Click or Christine Olson that are spending their profits to in effect, hurt their customers way of life?  My life has been decimated by the likes of the Jim Click’s and Christine Olson’s of this country. 

Something is terribly wrong in Arizona and terribly wrong in America.

Now, let’s have a short history lesson on American international politics that have occurred during the past decade while you were glued to your television and bent on practicing the art of being brain dead by make believe reality shows.  Let see if your country can “Survivor” your ignorance for another four years?  

Do you remember when life used to be somewhat normal?  Yes, that was before Bush was elected in 2000.  Y2K had nothing to do with computer date change over, but everything to do with 21st century corporate Fascism.  And please remember Fascism is not Hitler, fascism is the marriage between corporate power and government to become one and the same.    

Now SAHBA republican boys and girls; please pay attention, and let’s see how you have let your country go to shit in just six and one- half short years.  My, you people are so good at incompetence, ignorance and negligence in maintaining your Democracy that it is breath taking to watch!  As Benjamin Franklin once said; “Those that are willing to give up a little liberty for their security, deserve neither and will lose both.”  Well folks, we are well on our way to becoming a nation of obedient and compliant sheep.  Thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. white, racist, homophobe republican Americans.  The hood of deception has been figuratively put over your collective heads and eyes, just as they were put over the human beings at Abu Ghraib.

In 1996 the energy conglomerate, the UNOCAL Corp. was interested in building a trans-Afghanistan pipeline from the Caspian Sea region of Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan, to ports in Pakistan.  UNOCAL led the consortium of energy corporations to form the Central Asia Gas Pipeline, Ltd. (CentGas).  The main reason that UNOCAL wanted to go through Afghanistan was because it was less expensive to build a pipeline through Afghanistan, than it was to deal with Russia and it‘s expensive charges for passage through their country.  Did this mean less profit for UNOCAL?  Sure it did, so people were going to have to die to prevent this minor problem.  

Why this deal was so important that UNOCAL even hired a republican jewish war enabling criminal, former Secretary of State under President Nixon, Henry Kissinger as a consultant with its plans for the Trans Afghanistan Pipeline (TAP).  Is it any wonder why Mr. Kissinger had to turn down chairing the 9/11 Commission rather than turn over all of the sordid details and names of people that he was lobbying for, behind the scenes in good old corrupted Washington D.C.   

Boy, don’t the good old days of the Nixon Administration look only half bad in comparison to the Bush Administration and their six and one half year fiasco that is still running?  I thought that no one could be possibly worse than Nixon.  I was wrong.

At the same time, people like Dick Cheney of Halliburton and “Kenny Boy” Lay of Enron were uncontrollably wetting themselves at the prospects of getting their greedy little hands on the oil and gas reserves in the Caspian Sea region and shipping it off to Pakistan, India and China.  Former Halliburton CEO and current Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney was then quoted as saying;      

“I can't think of a time when we've had a region emerge as suddenly to become as strategically significant as the Caspian. It's almost as if the opportunities have arisen overnight. The good Lord didn't see fit to put oil and gas only where there are democratically elected regimes friendly to the United States. Occasionally we have to operate in places where, all things considered, one would not normally choose to go. But we go where the business is.”

Beside Dick Cheney’s jubilation over the Caspian Sea reserves, Ken Lay’s Enron gave almost $400 million dollars to the Taliban in Afghanistan for seed money, even while Osama Bin Laden was living in that country with the blessing of the Taliban.  Taliban officials in December 1997, were brought to UNOCAL headquarters in Houston, Texas, the place where all evil starts in this country, near the Sugar Land home district of Tom Del Lay, and courted, wined and dined in order to accept the terms of the oil company’s proposal to begin their pipe line to eventual emerging markets in Pakistan, India and onto China.  Unfortunately, for UNOCAL and Enron, the Taliban wanted a little more than the energy consortium was willing to give, and the deal died a painful death for the energy companies.  But maybe there was another way for UNOCAL and Enron to permanently “change: the mind of the Taliban. 

Say hello to the CIA and the U.S. military.

In early 1998, after the TAP pipeline deal was dropped, UNOCAL’s Vice President of international relations, John J. Maresca, addressed the House Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific and urged support for an investor friendly climate in Afghanistan.  Mr. Maresca made it clear that construction of the proposed Afghan pipeline would not take place until a recognized government had the confidence of other governments, lenders and our company. 

This statement by Mr. Maresca actually meant that along with UNOCAL and other energy companies like Enron and Exxon, the Trans Afghanistan Pipeline was a worthy cause for the allocation of U.S. government backing to include tax payer dollars to finance and guarantee the completion of this undertaking.  What this really meant that the United States would eventually pursue backing the Taliban establishment as the legal government or eventually allocate military resources to insure that these energy companies business investments were financially protected by a government of their choice. 

Please tell me why no one, including McCreary Homes, SAHBA, the Arizona state government or my Arizona politicians would protect my investment?  What is different between a home owner and an energy company; money, corruption?

So now we find out where Osama Bin Laden comes into the picture with respect to 09/11.  As mentioned before, Bin Laden was living as a guest of the Taliban in 1996 when these oil and gas pipeline talks began with the Taliban.  When the talks broke down and four years later, November 7th, 2000 rolled around, everything was back in play.  With the presidential election of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, two ex oil boys from Spectrum Seven/ Harken and Halliburton, the Trans Afghanistan Pipeline was again a distinct possibility.

There were plans to invade Afghanistan as early as October, 2001 in order to remove the uncooperative Taliban regime and install a friendly government that would allow the pipeline to proceed.  The September 11th attacks in the United States were a preemptive strike by Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and the Taliban in response to the planned U. S. fall invasion

The September 11th attacks make perfect sense in the context of Afghanistan believing through the grapevine that they would be attacked.  It was all kind of a poison pill defense against a super power country and just look where it has got us to today.  I am sure corporate America would under stand that strategy.  If America was going to start war in Afghanistan, then the Taliban an Al Qaeda would wage war against America.  So who in reality really attacked who? 

Why is it okay when America chooses to  do a preemptive strike on Afghanistan but no one else can do the same.  Why can America have nukes but no other countries except the ones they choose like Israel and India, which both have never signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty, cannot also have nuclear bombs to protect their land?   Who says America is the world’s moral or policeman authority anymore?  I choose to question my government now without question.  You should do the same.

Also on the shelf of countries to invade was the oil rich country of Iraq; the second largest know oil reserves in the world.  The September attacks gave the administration the perfect excuse to invade Afghanistan to insure building of the Trans Afghanistan pipeline and a pretext for invasion into Iraq ASAP after taking care of Afghanistan.

And after we invaded Afghanistan in October of 2001, everyone was in support of the invasion on the grounds that Afghanistan was not provoked.  Yes Osama Bin Laden was in their country then, but today he is still in Pakistan, just like he has been for the past almost six years since the U.S. let him escape from Tora Bora. 

And why did we let Bin Laden escape?  Oh that’s right; we needed a scary boogey man for Bush/Rove to keep us afraid for an indefinite period of time.  Or maybe it will just be a long enough period of time until they have finished financially raping, pillaging and corrupting this country’s budget into future bankruptcy.  Please tell me why we do not invade Pakistan if we invaded Afghanistan to theoretically get Bin Laden? 

Shortly after the fall of the Taliban in 2001, Harmid Karzai, a former paid UNOCAL consultant was put in as the U.S. puppet in charge of Afghanistan; what a phucking coincidence.  Is it a coincidence that Secretary of State, Condosleeza Rice was on the Board of the Chevron Corporation?  In early 2002, President Karzai on behalf of Afghanistan was only now too happy to sign on the dotted line for the construction of the Trans Afghan Pipeline through his country;’ And who came to join Karzai after he came into power and became the “special envoy” to Afghanistan and President Karzai two weeks after Karzai was elected, it was non other than neocon supporter and current ambassador to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilizad; another paid UNOCAL consultant.

“Mission Accomplished!” 

Always remember, that the United States created the power behind Osama Bin Laden and later Saddam Hussein by the financial support during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, and our support for Hussein in 1981, with our American promoted Iraqi/ Iranian war of choice. 

And please continue to remember that our diplomatic problems with Iran go back almost fifty-five years to a CIA led military coop that removed a democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammed Mossadegh.  President Mossadegh was quickly removed by a United States CIA and British MI6 led military coop because of his support to nationalize the Iranian oil fields and prevent foreign oil companies from pillaging the profits.  Now the poor little oil companies could not let that happen and they complained to President Dwight Eisenhower and he in turn gave the green light to the CIA to intercede.

The CIA/MI6 coop allowed Shaw Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, ‘The Shaw of Iran,’ to return to power in exchange for his pro American stance and more importantly, his willingness to let American and British oil companies to continue to pump out the country’s oil.”  Is it any surprise that this has been America’s and England foreign policy agenda and legacy since World War II?

And we all know too well how right wing, ultra conservative, pro American dictators that are on the political and monetary take from the United States turn out; another phucking anti- American revolution eventually in the making; “The Iranian Revolution.” 

The Iranian revolution was a direct result of U.S and British meddling in Iranian affairs since 1953.  The problems with Saddam Hussein were a direct result from our previous interference with Iran in 1953 and the revolution that occurred in 1979.  The United States promoted and supported Saddam Hussein and his insane invasion of Iran in order to punish the new government that was know led by religious fanatic, Ayatollah Khomeini and the American hostage crisis in Tehran in1979.

So as you see, the events that happened almost fifty-five years ago led to the 9/11 attacks and the events are all based on the securing of American and British oil rights to drill in Middle Eastern countries.  Even the corrupt Saudis capitulated to U.S. demands long ago for access to oil and stable prices and we would in turn back them militarily and keep the house of Saud in power; no matter how corrupt they become. 

Once again, American companies have no problem inviting themselves into a foreign country, that the majority of people do no want.  This is a true recipe for war and disaster.  America is now seen around the world as the 800 lb. gorilla that bullies its way into second and third world countries because it thinks it can, and no one choose to stop them.  At least when we had the Cold War, the United States had to think about the implication with Russia. In this respect, maybe the Cold War was a good war; America was not as arrogant?  But we were still stupid; how about Vietnam?

Hey but isn’t it an American right of birth fro Americans must have access to cheap foreign oil for their huge SUV’s and plastic water bottles?  The American economy is based on relatively cheap oil and we will kill to keep it flowing at a certain range in price.

And the real true prize for the neocons and Bush/Cheney was always Iraq.  After 9/11, the rush to war with Iraq was on.  The plans for invading Iraq had been completed prior to 9/11.  Do you remember Dick Cheney’s secret energy conference that took place shortly after he and Bush took office in 2001?  Cheney fought to keep the list of advisors secret because it all had to do with diving up Iraq and an eventual invasion of that country.  9/11 only accelerated that plan.  Bush did the minimum in Afghanistan and basically left it, just like his father did in 1989 and concentrated on attacking Iraq. 

And what do you think about those imaginary, fear mongering, Iraqi WMD’s?  Everyone knows there were never any WMD’s, just manufactured fear for every one of you bathe in.  Bush knew there were no WMD’s, but that did not matter, he was going into Iraq for the oil and no intelligence that said otherwise, and no one was going to stop him or Cheney.  And I can’t believe that Americans and the America media believed that shit, that we were all just wrong, because we just had bad intelligence; bullphuckingshit!  I maybe a little slow at times, but I am not phucking stupid, like FOX news fans are.  I was against this phucked up war from the start.

Do you think for a moment that the United States would attack a country that has nukes?  No, we would not do that; just look at North Korea and look how we backed down when we knew they had nukes.  Why do you think any small country would like to acquire a nuke?  Could it be that smaller countries realize that the U.S. will not attack them or take their resources by force if they have the bomb!

And the jewish lobby AIPAC, along with its jewish leaders in Israel, quickly jumped on the war bandwagon that was being influenced by Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Douglas Feith, all neocon jewish republicans, and began beating their own drums for the march to war.   And to promote this agenda to the nation, FOX news, owned by Rupert Murdoch, another republican jewish neocon, was recruited along with jewish editor and neocon republican cheer leader William Krystal, and his conservative newspaper, the Weekly Standard to fan the flames for war.  Someone was fixing to get rich at the expense of spilling our children’s blood.

So as one must deduce, the 9/11 attacks were just another one of the sad events that has plagued this nation and the Middle East since that fateful overthrow of the Afghan Prime Minister Mossadegh.  And events have continued now for another six years and what do we have except almost another four thousand Americans dead and two million Iraqi’s in exile in Jordan and Syria and another million Iraqi’s dead.  And all for what please?  Why do we have U.S. troops in over 145 foreign countries around the world?  All empires eventually collapse under the weight of their own size and cost.

Does our national foreign policy embrace the concept of empire just so that this country can continue its oil based economy without interruption or inconvenience?  Why have we not invested in alternative energy sources since the 1973 OPEC oil crisis?  Does the energy lobby have that much of a hold over our U.S. congress to buy their silence in this issue of real national security?

As we approach 2008, the 7th anniversary of 9/11 and the 2008 November presidential elections; please look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are not the cause of such misery with your choice of politicians?   We are not safer since 9/11, in fact we are more at risk because we have stirred a religious hornet’s nest and more important, the lies of America, its politicians and the people that enable them are out in the open now.  The world understands America’s agenda.  I fear for my children’s future in this country.  We are on a path that is headed over a cliff and someone that we have pissed off in the Middle East might just give us a good enough shove to put us over the edge.

We cannot expect to be such an arrogant, torturing and exporter of death and destruction type of country, and not one day expect to find destruction again on our doorstep.  Remember some people believe in getting even and also subscribe to the theory that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.  Did we learn anything from 9/11?  With a president that ask; “is our children learning;” I don’t think so.  Think about this for just a moment on 9/11 and be honest with your self for once and the future of our country.

Why is there no honor anymore in America and only profit!

Something is terribly wrong in Arizona!  Something is terribly wrong in America!


“The Arizona Refugee”

Giving Islamic religious nuts $400 million dollars; priceless.  No wonder why Enron went bankrupt

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