August 20, 2006

19 July 2006

Subject:  Another open letter to the scumbags, L.J. McCreary and SAHBA

Dear Little John McCreary, silent SAHBA members and soulless lawyers,

The month of August for my family conjures up many memories of anniversaries good and bad that have affected our lives.  August 17, 2006, was the sixth year anniversary for this family’s move into their McCreary Homes/SAHBA Custom Homebuilder Program nightmare.  This letter is to update the guilty parties who had a part in this building fiasco; there were so many.

I make no apologies for my political or building comments.  If you cannot handle Arizona straight talk (McCain 2008 fantasies excluded) and truth, do not proceed any further.  I would not want to offend anyone because of their own character deficiencies.

I have learned that just as all politics are local, so is all corruption.  Just in case you are wondering, I do believe the state of Arizona sucks, it sucks big time!  It is such a politically corrupt state for the building industry.  If you are thinking of coming to this phucked up state, I will warn you to turn away before it is too late.  There are just too many snakes in this state that slither on two legs.  The majority of the snakes are of the white male species but females ones are increasing in number. With that in mind, let us begin with an anniversary update. 
Greetings to the numerous two legged reptiles in Arizona!  The saying goes in Arizona that everything either stings, pricks, sucks or bite; and I thought they were referring to insects and animals!  Nah.....….It was just your run of the mill, lily white ass, Arizona republicans, along with a couple of miniature, balding real-estate “professional” nerds thrown in for good measure.

Please tell me what race of pro-death human beings, phucked over the American Indians for their land?  I bet it was not Black, Mexican, or Chinese groups of men that advocated such benevolence to their fellow human being.  God told the white man that it would be okay to slaughter the Indians so that we could covet their land; WTF?  What is that last of the Ten Commandments, “though shall not covet thy neighbors goods (house)”?  Yeah, right.  You Evangelical pseudo pious, 60 minutes once a week on Sunday, hypocritical Christians.  It is all bull shit! Thank God for the convenient legal and moral authority explanation about land ownership!  And who dares to say that the white man’s religion does not believe in death and destruction?  Is anyone up for a timely Middle East Crusade?  My next choice for religion is either Buddhism or Voodoo; any bets out there which one it is going to be for a former recovering Catholic?

Why it is that America sets the rules for the poor and then allows rich white people to break them just as fast as 1800’s, Native American Indian treaties?  But isn’t that how white America has always played the game?   First desecrate a group of people by labeling them as God hating heathens, be it Indians, Blacks, Abu Graib prisoners or gays and then begin to convert the perceived enemy of God to Christianity while taking their money and concurrently torturing them for life.  Hosanna in the highest, baby! Now let’s chow down on some unleavened Eucharist.

Now let us pray: “God bless America and Halliburton, what a great phucking country for people who covet land (and oil), at any and all human cost!” Ken Lay, may you rest in peace in hell.

I have not even got to the page on jewish, republican real-estate lawyers that torture not for land but for the smell of money!  Are these really God’s first pick as the chosen people?  I don’t think so.  Either God was wrong or the whole story is based on jewish fantasy. Myself, I choose the fantasy fairy tale accounts.  Does it ring any bells for the likes of legalized practicing whores (attorneys)  Marc Simon, Dennis Rosen and the protoges of deceit that they have associated with; attorneys Bill Poorten, Alice Milton and Elizabeth Claiborne.  Justice in our case was never planned or served; hell it wasn’t even consulted with on a perfunctory basis.   

Let me begin by saying I could care less if douche bag cloned people like Little John McCreary, SAHBA members or even state republican or republican lite politicians ever read this communication.  Like Vice President Dick Cheney said on the floor of Congress, GFY!

My primary concern is that people coming to this God forsaken, corrupt redneck state are warned of builders like you, associations and politicians that support the fraud and deception that occurs in the building industry in this state.  Republicans that are moving to Arizona, I highly recommend you use McCreary/SAHBA Custom Home Builders for your very own customized nightmare. 

Why do politicians look the other way while they offer their consent for builders like you to defraud the public?  Could the answer be re-election, power, money and prostitution?

When it comes to politicians in this morally deficient, dysfunctional state, there is no difference between democratic candidates Governor Napolitano, Attorney General Terry Goddard, former Registrar of Contractors, Israel Torres and SAHBA lobbyist turned legislator, republican Jonathan Patton.  They all march to the same political party; the green party of money! Top state democrats can be considered as nothing more than republican lite candidates. Never confuse the majority of top Arizonan democrats as decendants of FDR politics.

Remember, FDR brought us successfully through the Depression and won WW II in less time than Bush has taken in the initial planning and implementation stages for the republican phucked up war in Iraq.  Could anyone imagine Bush being President and Commander in Chief from 1929 to 1945?  Is there any doubt if this had happened in the period from, we would all be working at soup kitchens and speaking German and Japanese in the new Republic of Japagerm?  How did the American people even make the election close in 2000 and 2004?  What the phuck were you all thinking?  Just think of it as the accelerated decline of the American empire by and for the rich people.

If one is to think analytically, Bush has not peaked in his ignorance and ineptitude!!!  Why is Rumsfeld still around?  Is he a father figure to Bush? If Bush fired Rumsfeld, would he be just firing himself?  It is time to change course before the republican party does irreparable damage to this country.  They are getting very, very close.  With neocon republicans like Senator Jon Kyl in the fold, they have already damaged Arizona with their lust for greed.  The stench from this state may eventually infect the entire country.

Arizona republicans are incredible morons with respect to human life and just about every other issue that one can think of.  Republicans are the party of greed, the party of intolerance and the party of death and destruction!  It is unfortunate that even just a trace of Arizona republican political traits in democrats can be a silencing and corrupting factor.  All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to say nothing!  Why are there so many deaf, dumb and mute people in Arizona?  The answer is that the majority of white Arizonans are mostly at heart, racist republicans.

I believe most Arizona state politicians can’t help themselves from being corrupted by the building industry.  In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter which political party one supports at the top state level; because most politicians are on the state gravy train express for campaign contributions. The Building industry in Arizona is the main economic corrupt engine of this state.  No wonder most state politicians are so corrupt; it’s a genetic defect in their moral DNA fiber

Some politicians will not stand up for the average home owner because they are afraid they might rock the home building boat and besides, someone might question their sexual preference if they speak.  Politicians that are still locked in the closet should not be elected to office since they are susceptible to homophobic speechless blackmail. 

On August 17th, we observed the six year anniversary of our disastrous build with SAHBA supported, McCreary Homes.  I bet Little John, you do not even recall the actual move- in scenario since you were not present for the festivities.   You did not even provide us with your brochure advertised, move in McCreary ritual; the new house key and a bottle of cheap headache prone Champaign to celebrate with.

I recall how earlier when we started the project in August of 1999, you sprinted down to Nogales to sign the construction loan papers.  You were waiting for us; it was like you were almost panting to sign the papers.  You could not wait to receive a ten thousand dollar advance that you used for someone else’s projects like the Van Dan Elzen’s fiasco.  You do remember the Van Dan Elzens?  Didn’t you swindle the Van Dan Elzens for $328,000 dollars in 1999 and early 2000?  Sure you did.  Mr. Van Dan Elzen said it was so.  You swindled us to.

We thought for sure that in less than one year, we would be moving in to our custom dream home. But as you know, it didn’t happen that way.   It looks like even you did not want to be present for this catastrophic blunder that McCreary homes (you) had participated in.  What does one expect from a company like yours that uses illegal, unlicensed and inexperienced workers?  Your own building supervisor, Ray Quintero, a then recently laid off diesel, mine mechanic, with five months experience at you company, was picked by you to supervise the build of our dream house.  You phuckin criminal!  You used a Milky the Clown, Twin Pines Bozo to build my phucking house.  You incompetent little phucking bastard! Why?

After two previous cancelled move in dates, we finally told you that we would move in the weekend of the 17th, since it had been one year into the build and our construction loan was ending.  I guess we must have figured that a third time was going to be a charm.  We were wrong. Unfortunately, it was the “real” beginning of our phucking nightmare with McCreary Homes. 

We started moving in during the late afternoon on Saturday, August 17th.  We could not legally live in the house until August 20, since you could not provide us with a building occupancy certificate on that Friday.  Our plan was to move into the house that night and then stay in a motel for the next three nights.  Later that evening, we would find out why the certificate could not be provided before our move in date.

As a full moon arose in the southeastern sky that night we would realize how fortunate that Mother Nature was around to provide natural lightning to the house.  As it started to get dark we discovered that their were only two lights in the entire house that were operating, one on the down stairs level and one in the master bedroom upstairs.  The rest of the lighting was supplied by moon light.  How phucking romantic!  We managed to finish by mid night and we then headed for the hotel.

Do you ever happen to tell any of your clients during the past five years about our wonderful move- in experience?  Sure McCreary, you wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if your life depended on it.  You little, lying, University of Arizona, phucking con man.  What the hell do they teach students at that institution?  Could Lute Olson, answer that question for me and don’t bother telling me it is academics Lute, because your dismal graduation rate sucks for your hired players.  It all about money and con jobs Lute; isn’t it?

I returned to the home on Wednesday, August 21, 2000.  My wife was happy to report that the lights were finally working but there was a problem with the kitchen granite island.  If you recall McCreary and I know it is hard, since you were only out to the house three times during its actual construction, the island had an eight food piece of granite that weighed over three hundred pounds on the structure.  When I carefully nudged the granite, the whole structure started to sway.  I was horrified.  We immediately planned that no one was to come near the island, especially our children since it was too dangerous.  Someone could have been killed if the island collapsed.  You did not even care. Just another McCreary Homes attention to detail moment!

The kitchen island was structurally stabilized by a worker from Arizona Designs Kitchens and Baths, (Mike O’Brien owner, Tamara Newell, designer) on August 26, the very same day the house was hit by lightning and a hail shower. 

The next day I climbed on top of the roof to look for any damage from the lightning strike.  I discovered that one of the heat pumps did not have a door put on to protect the cooling fins.  The heat pump experienced severe damage to the cooling fins because of hail damage. There was also vertical compression damage to the top of the unit that could not have been caused by hail, unless the pellets weighed at least 25 pounds apiece.

If you recall McCreary, I was told a story of how the heat pump was damaged when it was being hoisted up on the roof.  During a later Registrar of Contractors complaint, while I was on the roof of my house with workers from Andros Refrigeration (Blaine Seymour owner), they confessed that the pump was already damaged while it was in the box.  Once again McCreary you defrauded us by your approval of putting that pump on top of the house.  No, there is no deceit or fraud present in your operation or your heart!

It wasn’t too long after this we learned of your hiring an unlicensed contractor to put in the lightning protection system, John Ruiz.  Once again McCreary, if you recall we learned about this issue because you told us you could not find Ruiz’s license after the work had been done and you wanted us to pay him directly.  Do you remember the enticement that you offered us?  You told us we would save a 23.4% administration (fraud) charge if we would pat Ruiz directly. We told you we were going to pay the work through the construction loan. 

McCreary, you hired a non licensed contractor and then tried to pawn off your responsibility to us when you couldn’t locate his license.  You little phucking weasel!   

I am sure you do recall the massive problem with the tongue and groove ceiling that was in our great room.  The ceiling was slowly collapsing since you used inferior and smaller width wood to cover the twelve foot spans which just happened to be in violation of our contract.  We had reported this problem on July 14 to Ray Quintero (your incompetent, Mexican supervisor) and you finally addressed the problem on the very last day of our one year construction loan, a month and a half after the fact.  What a phucking coincidence?  No, there was no deceit or fraud concerning the ceiling situation. 

You finally agreed to replace the entire ceiling and the outside roof since your workers totally phucked up the insulation between the ceiling and roof.  I recall my family spending my vacation time ( almost sixteen days) from September 16th to the 29th in our upstairs bedroom during the time your incompetent workers re-did our great room.  Our children slept on the floor on top of their mattresses as field mice ran over their bodies at night time.  Oh……. Did I forget to mention about the mice problem?  We killed fifteen rodents during our stay in our master bedroom.  I can’t believe the shit you put us through because of your phucking greed and incompetence.  And to think, the Arizona legislature silently approves your undertakings.  Every one of you bastards that did not care, be it you, with your little slimy character and non- integrity, SAHBA officials, sub-contractors, and lawyers are all greedy pathetic moral less morons.

Later in October we started to experience water coming through our garage walls and the resulting mold and termites that then followed.  We also had outside draining water into the inside kitchen wall.  There was no fire break for the overhead exhaust hood to prevent wall fires.  We almost expected anything to happen.  Why not, everything else was so phucked up!  Water began draining into our garage because the concrete that was poured (Mike McNary, owner, the McNary Company) with a negative slope into the garage.  That was phucking brilliant planning on your part McCreary!  The workers that poured the concrete did not speak a single word of English.  Do you think that maybe, just maybe the workers were illegal aliens?  Nahh……..this is Arizona, there are no illegal aliens coming by the phucking thousands through the border at Douglas so that republican dominated businesses can hire minimum wage labor.   So tell me please, what is the true cost of cheap, undocumented labor for my family’s broken dreams and future?

The kitchen island was not replaced until December and our cherry wood panels for the refrigerator front and drawers took almost as long to accomplish.  This was the last work you did on the house in 2000 and you then filed a lawsuit against us in late January 2001, for your incompetence and negligence.  What incredibly small balls that you must possess. What a phucking 9/11 patriotic American moron you turned out to be; you lame dick weasel!  Are you still riding around in your huge Ford Navigator SUV?   Sounds to me like the big vehicle, small dick syndrome. 

If we had not had incompetent and uncaring legal advice, we would have had our house fixed. Our lawyers Rosen and Milton either had their heads up their asses, were just playing the “stretch it out lawsuit game”, or both.

There was water coming through the walls, water coming into the garage, wrong door hinges, a defective front door (Southwest Doors) that you could see through and so many other defects that were never fixed.  The defects just never seemed to stop appearing.

The overriding problem in this entire fiasco is that no one, including you the builder, SAHBA, sub-contractors, and lawyers gave a shit.  No one phucking cared!  That is the huge problem in Arizona and especially in Tucson, no one gives a phuck.  I wonder if the heat from our summer sun baked your phucking brain into the equivalent of a piece of dried up cow shit. There was no moral DNA left in your heads to examine!  It had all evaporated.  Maybe your brains were dehydrated.  Something is terribly wrong in this phucked up state of Arizona; why, why, why?
McCreary in closing I must say once again that you and your SAHBA contractors and lawyers are a bunch of phucking assholes!  You intentionally phucked up my one chance in this life to build my dream house for my family and grandchildren.  The only logical reason for your behavior is because of your greed and propensity to not give a phuck.

If you want to feel my anger just look at the Palestinians and their hate for the Israeli land takers.  You don’t phuck with a person’s home or land!  You lying little Christian, con man, cock sucker!

Your phucking incompetent supervisor, Ray Quintero lasted less then one year at your phucked up company.  He even bailed out because he realized how phucked up your little company was. You will never be able to repay me and my family for the hurt and pain you have caused us by your manufactured negligence.  You, SAHBA and your corrupt politicians are so phucked up on the premise of basic human compassion.  You only think about your own phucking bank accounts.  In the final analysis, you became greedy and like most of your phucking incompetent sub-contractors, you just didn’t give a phuck.  That one Tucson/SAHBA Arizona contractor attribute was the entire rationale for your motivation of incompetence.

You and your lizard lounge singing wife, Denise, and your phucked up company which she is the president of, what you both did to us was criminal.  It is too bad that Governor Napolitano and her useless Attorney General for Big Business Terry Goddard continue to sit with their phucking thumbs up their asses in muted, mangled silence.  As Martin Luther King once said, “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”  White, majority Arizona was one of the last states to go kicking and screaming in its approval of Martin Luther King’s birthday as a state and national holiday.  No bigotry here in little ole cactus loving Arizona.  Remember, everything here in this phucked up state pricks, stings, sucks or bites. Yes, Napolitano and Goddard you did indeed betray us.  I thought government was meant to protect the people but you insisted on letting corporations harm us; why?

Unfortunately for me and my family McCreary, you and your corrupted cohorts just did not care about anyone or anything else other than your pathetic bank accounts.  Voodoo anyone?

See you all at the Fall SAHBA Home Show in October. Until then, keep phucking up those building atrocities that you call homes.  The housing boom is now over in Tucson and now it is time for some of you so called “home building companies” and sub-contractors to pay the piper for your sins.  Have fun time!

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