Date:  12 August 2007

Subject:  An open letter for L.J. and Denise McCreary

Title:  Thanks for the Memories!

L.J. McCreary - the Christian liar Our home; just a distant memory Denise McCreary-  the screeching lizard lounge singer
  Southwest Door/ Architectural Traditions - builders of custom junk doors  
Southwest Door/ Architectural Traditions - junk made door with crack in view to the outside SAHBA/ McCreary Homes; the community nightmare builder Southwest Door/ Architectural Traditions; a tradition of see through doors which bring the outside to the inside of your home!

L.J. and Denise McCreary:

This August 19th, will be the seventh year anniversary of moving into our custom defective McCreary Homes built home.  This home, which was amateurishly constructed by you and your incompetent, enabling, and illegal alien supporting sub-contractors and their workers, turned into the mother of all nightmares for us.  It is a continuing nightmare that still haunts us to this very day.

And if only you and your wife had been honest people, my family’s lives at this point in time would be so much different.  I never realized how few people it really takes to ruin a family’s lives by fraud, deceit and dishonesty.  All it takes is one builder, (L.J. McCreary), five soulless lawyers, (Marc Simon, William Poorten III, Elizabeth Claiborne, Dennis Rosen and Alice Milton) and a non interested judge, (Christopher Browning) along with two of those lawyers, Rosen and Milton) who didn’t give a shit about the outcome of our case, as along as they could get paid for their over inflated prices for doing nothing except providing me with worthless legal size pieces of paper.  

It now has been over four years since you and your SAHBA backed lawyers forced us into foreclosure and eventual bankruptcy on our home, our dreams and our futures.  We have been forced to be renters ever since this rape was forced upon us.  I can’t believe that signing on the dotted line with you in late 1999, would three and a half years later change my family’s lives forever.  Why would anyone use your company or your incompetent, illegal alien employed sub-contractors, to work on their homes when what you did to us, and its truths, are listed on the internet for all to see? 

No company should ever choose to hurt a family financially, emotionally or physically! 

Would you not agree that this incident is such a fine business promotion for SAHBA and SAHBA’s protection like racket for fraudulent builders like McCreary Homes and others to promote; no?  Come on, aren’t you proud of what you, your sub-contractors and lawyers did to us.  “Say it loud; I‘m a phucking crook, and I’m proud!” 

I can only imagine the lies that you tell your potential clients when they ask about our website.  We heard from one acquaintance that you had no idea why we are so angry with you.  Oh really?  That sounds just exactly what a lying phucking republican would choose to say.  I don’t remember.  I don’t recall.  I can’t imagine why.   You really do have no shame.  Are you cut from the same cloth as George W. Bush, Scooter Libby and Alberto Gonzalez?   You know the “cloth” that is labeled incompetent, with a strong scent of dishonesty and deceit.

I am not surprised L.J. and Denise McCreary by your continued penchant to lie, cheat or steal; it must be genetic.   Is this what happens in a long chain of possible Irish alcoholic families?  Do the children turn out as lying, thieving, and soulless adults that choose to take out their self hate by hurting others?  Do off springs like you, in fact really want to  punish your parents, all by hurting others, because of the deep hate that you possess for your parents and the subconscious hate and insecurity that you have for yourselves?  Does it feel good to shoot yourself in the nuts by ruining other people’s lives?  Why don’t you just act like the dog you are, and just bite your miniature nuts off instead and save the money on ammunition?  Do you think building our home so poorly and then suing us for more than the full contracted price was a particularly smart business move on your part?  It was sheer stupidity!   You were then, and will always continue to be such incredible crooked fools!  

No one won in this situation. We lost our home and you forever lost whatever reputation and integrity that you had remaining, along with the money that you so craved.  To this day, fixing my home is what you should have done.  It was the right thing to do, especially for such a holy and righteous professed Christian man.   It was your responsibility to provide what we had contracted for. Some how, I could never get used to the idea that I should have paid you full price for a defectively built home.  But at least I would have had a home for my family; albeit, a damaged one.  None of this seems right, but this is what happens when dealing with a deceptively dishonest couple like you two.

Any company that treats its customers like we were, will only parish from their cruelness.  It is nothing but pure folly to trade a business reputation for just a little more money, by choosing to hurt a client.  The word will get out and I guarantee that people like myself, will only be too happy to advertise the truth.   And don’t bother ever changing your companies name like?  Butler/Southwest Door, who now calls themselves Architectural Traditions.   

I would not recommend buying any doors or other products from Architectural Traditions since they cannot be trusted to stand behind their products.  Back in 2000, there was at least a show room to see the doors, but now there is no more show room and you will just have to trust them and their pictures of their picture perfect, home doors.  I wouldn’t trust this company any further than I could throw them!

So McCreary, did you de-fraud us further by buying a door that was defective for a steep discount from Butler/ Southwest Door/ Architectural Traditions?  Did you do this and then put this door in our home and charge us just not full price, but even an over inflated from contract price.  I have the receipts to prove what you did.  That whole episode about the door makes sense when one considers a scenario that involves deceit and fraud.  McCreary, you do remember Fran Epsen and the deception that you arranged with her against us; now don’t you? 

“Master builder,” Mark Butler’s company, Southwest Door/Architectural Traditions made that phucked up door; the one that you could see right through the damn thing, the very same one that you had installed in my home.  Even after we told Southwest Door/ Architectural Traditions about the situation, and that it was unacceptable to us, you would do nothing about the door. As a matter of fact McCreary, in the fall of 2000, you tried to increase the contracted price, by charging us over $3,500 dollars, a potential $1,000 dollar plus profit for you and your fraudulent little company to put up such a defective door.  Even the Arizona Registrar of Contractors inspector was quoted as saying; “this door is a piece of junk!”

I can’t imagine if Mark Butler, who is a considered to be a “Master Builder,” builds junk like this, I wonder what crappy junk that a “Regular” door builder for Architectural Traditions, builds for their unsuspecting clients? 

So who said Mark Butler is a “Master Builder?  Was it Michael Brown of Katrina fame or was it Dick Cheney (I think the insurgency is in its final throes).  So which one is it McCreary?  Is Mark Butler just another one of those lying republican douche bags like your self?  

Mark Butler, you are no “Master Builder;” Mark Butler is a Master Douche Bag” for what he allowed to happen to us.  Mark Butler simply built us a junk door and he then wouldn’t stand behind his crappy, defective, piece of junk door that he swindled us with!

Dean Woodard of Woodard Inc., the holding corporation for Butler Door / Southwest Door/ Architectural Designs, in fact came out to our home and applied some shitty black putty to the door, and that was it for the fix.  Big phucking deal!   But in fact, Mr. Woodard, who was just another corrupted republican moral less douche bag, refused to fix the door because of the incredible excuse, that the door was acceptable to him.  What a dick head full of acceptance Mr. Woodard professes in his character!

Does Dean Woodard have a door on his home that he can see through?  I bet there is not a chance in hell, that a piece of junk door like this would ever be put on his home.  But, it is okay for me to have a defective door like this on my home.  I wouldn’t have even considered putting a door like this on my dog house, let alone my phucking home residence’s front entrance!  What a wonderful entrance greeting impression this makes, to have a front door which you can walk right up and see through.  Yes, Dean Woodard you have to be phucking kidding me; right?  

These people at Southwest Door/ Architectural Traditions, just like L.J and Denise McCreary, are nothing but deceiving and fraudulent crooks!

So let me get this straight before I move on.  A door can have slots and openings that allow cold, heat, dirt, dust, snow, rain, insects and at the same time allow a person to look right inside the house and that it is considered perfectly acceptable.  Someone lied to us again. 

So McCreary, either you had Southwest/Architectural Traditions sell you this door at a steep discount, or Dean Woodard and Mark Butler are incompetent, cheap ass, fraudulent douche bags, just like you.  There are only two reasons for such behavior.  Which one is it McCreary?

God McCreary, I can’t believe how many phucking sleaze bag crooks we had to deal with like you, and the vermin sub-contractors like Southwest Door/ Architectural Design that you hired to work on our project!  Isn’t there a “mercy rule” for dealing with incompetent and fraudulent contractors on a single home building project?  Come on, isn’t double digit numbers of incompetent and fraudulent sub- contractors that you hired, just a little bit too much for anyone to swallow?

I would never buy a door again from Butler Door/ Southwest Door/ Architectural Traditions or whatever God damn name they are using to cover up their defective door based legacy with.  How can you trust a company like yours or Mark Butler’s that make defective junk and then will not stand behind their product! I wouldn’t trust this defective door building company any further than I could throw their fat white asses against the desert wind!

Does it ever occur to you McCreary, that white people like you, Dean Woodard and Mark Butler are the biggest violators of people who lack ethics by choosing to lie, cheat and steal as a matter of business principals?  Whatever happened in your childhoods to make you turn out to be such horrid adults?  By chance, were you abused as children by Catholic priests?

I will hound your nappy, overweight ass with nothing but the truth, for as long as it takes and no matter what deceptive name you try to use for your little deceiving company.  The stain of deceit and fraud are written across your forehead and deep in your soul with the dye of indelible ink.

McCreary, did you finally realize that you were such a fool to take my family on in this way?  Sure you did?  The free advertising that I have been providing for you has been all my pleasure.  There is no need to thank me for all of the promotional material.  Of course, there is so much more to come.

When did you finally have this metamorphous of reality concerning freshman business class #101, promotional business advertising concerns and business ethics class that you should have taken?  Did you happen to skip that class in college, along with the class on humanity?  Could it perhaps have evolved from the spring SAHBA Home Show protest march, which my family participated in during the spring of 2004?  I’ll bet it was.  Did it finally dawn on you the ramifications of your actions? 

Your wife Denise was hysterical in front of hundreds of people.  I still get a chuckle to this very day of her screaming at me with her veins bulging on the side of her neck.  Don’t you agree that Denise is a great P.R. spokesman for SAHBA/ McCreary Homes by choosing to scream at a client, not even in private, but in public, for all to see? 

And God, your wife is an ugly person when she is screeching.  I bet she is ugly during the remainder of the time to; most republican women are.  But at least she came out, unlike you, who was way too damn chicken shit to even come out and confront us on the issue.  We know who wears the pants and skirts in your family; now don’t we.  What dress size does Little Johnson choose to wear?  I would have paid big bucks to be a fly on the wall that evening at your home after the SAHBA Home Show.  What did you two talk about that evening; the weather in your minds? 

Why will you not ever take responsibility for the terrible situations that you helped to create?  God, you are so much just like President Bush; another phucking sociopath.   Did you put fire crackers up the rectums of frogs when you were younger and light them too?  Do you do these types of behaviors as an adult today?

Yes, L.J. McCreary, you are just another republican chicken shit hawk weasel that lies loves to lie like a dog!  Yes, the truth really sucks doesn’t it?  Sorry, but the cat of truth has been forever let out of the public bag and he is never, ever, going to be put back inside.  You wouldn’t have enough money in your dreams too ever shut me up again.  I will be content if nothing else, to sing like a canary about the truth and what you did to my family and our security.

You have caused incredible harm to my family’s well being and also to our marriage.  Things will never be the same.  You could have caused all the trouble you wanted for me, but you should have never chosen to cause trouble for my wife and family.  My wife’s health has suffered terribly because of the abuse that you subjected us to.  We celebrated our 20th anniversary, three days after we moved into that phucking nightmare that you fraudulently built for us.  Now the marriage that we once had, now one of 27 years, has finally died during the stress of foreclosure and bankruptcy that you provided for us. I can’t believe that our phucking nightmare with you has lasted almost 25% of the time during our marriage.  Thanks, I am not a proctologist but you will always be a phucking asshole! 

Thanks for ruining everything that we had spent a lifetime in marriage building.

Somehow, I will try to build a new life out of the ashes and rubble that you ignited with your legal arsonist endeavors. I will not stop from commenting about the sorry state of affairs, that people like you, your phucked up companies, along with your phucked up politicians, and how you continue to choose to hurt good families in the state of Arizona.

I still marvel to this day with utter incredibility, that you in fact sued us for “your” incompetence and fraudulent behavior.  What a little character deficient, miniature “Little Johnson,” mental moronic midget that you turned out to be!  Are you really trying to tell me that you ever were really classified as a human being? 

Maybe you are either listed as a righteous “Christian” in your mind or just a republican brain less robotic foot soldier?  How about we make it simple for people of your stature and mind to comprehend and just sum it up nicely by calling you a republican, Christian hypocritical douche bag.  God do I hate republican perverted hypocrites like you!  You both are nothing but liars and cheaters!  You are such a little man, both in height and character.

Do you think possibly McCreary, that their have been numerous potential clients that have turned away from your site because they have found out the truth of how you treated my family, just by simply “Googling” your name?  Go ahead and try it; but I bet you have already done it.  How could you miss it McCreary, when even if you just “Google’ McCreary Homes, our website comes towards the top?   Maybe inquiring minds would like to know the truth about your company and the companies that you used for my defective build.  If a company has hurt or cheated a client once, the chances of them cheating on another client, is probably a matter of company policy.

Let’s see how well you do with the number of clients that could sign contracts with you as the home building industry death spiral continues to dive.  Anyone that signs a worthless contract with you has to be a complete idiot or is just looking forward to ruining his family’s financial, emotional and physical future with the information about you and SAHBA that I have provided.  

Wouldn’t a stellar reputation and integrity with one’s clients be a wonderful thing to possess on your builders resume, as the new home building market continues to erode?  There will be many fewer home starts in the future Tucson market. 

Concentrating on building defective homes, ruining your customer’s future, and causing so much pain for families; Not Smart. Cultivating integrity and a solid business reputation with your company before a building construction slump and recession arrives; PRICELESS!  You and your illegal alien hiring sub-contractors deserve to go out of business as a matter of principal.   

Do you mean that you are not proud to advertise the fact that you and SAHBA were the association and builder who attempted to build this fiasco for my family?  Why are there no truthful testimonies about our building disaster on your website, but only flowery testimonials that you might have even paid for?  How come you didn’t call us and ask us for our testimonials, when you were putting together your 2nd website and listing those Alice in Wonderland, rose colored glass testimonials about what a great company that you have?  You seemed to call just about everyone else didn’t you? 

I bet you are sorry that you called Mike and Shannon Collins; since they told you and us the truth.  And you were both so insincere by calling the Collins, six years after you phucked their home up, by asking if there were any problems that they you could fix if they would just pay for it.  So what made call the Colin’s up; fear of you reputation and integrity?  Again McCreary, you are phucking incredible.  You choose to phuck someone’s house up, and then you want them to pay their hard earned money to fix your mistakes.  It all sounds so familiar.

Did you happen to call the Van Dan Elzen’s?  No; I didn’t thinks so.  God you really swindled those folks out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  You really do not have any shame; now do you? 

You McCreary, can only handle flowery, make believe testimonials on your website, but you will never be able to handle the truth.  Maybe you really did once build a good home, but now you can’t handle the truth about your recent past history.  Why is there so much omission from your website?  Remember McCreary, I am telling you the truth, but you wouldn’t know what truth is if it bit you in your fat Irish white ass. 

Did your wife just make all of these people and their testimonies up, or were they just back from the early nineties when you still possessed some measure of scruples?  You are both such lying pieces of shit!  You know it, and I know it, but my job is now to make sure that the public knows the truth!  You will not ever stop me! 

How about that Bruce R.B. DuPont testimonial on your third and newest website?   You know the one that is about our home that DuPont bought through our forced foreclosure.  That testimonial is nothing more than pure deception, fantasy and an outright lie!  How can you put a testimonial about DuPont when his shit was literally splashing onto his property?  You really do have a penchant for lying to your customers; now don’t you?  I know what the house was like when he bought it, and it was no different when he wrote that testimonial.  As a matter of fact I visited the exterior of that house, and peered into the windows, just one month before that letter is dated.  Why are you still lying to the public and your potential clients?  You and your wife Denise will always be a couple of snakes that are lurking in the dark, waiting to strike at unsuspecting clients with your punctures of fraud and deceit.  

Are you both happy with the beds that you chose to sleep in?  Maybe it is not a bed, but it is in fact a bottomless pit that you have chosen to swallow you up by selling your integrity and reputation for undeserved increased profits.  And you sold away your integrity for so cheap a price.  Oh, but that sounds so republican; but then, aren’t most two legged snakes that cultivate the same type of persuasion and intent, usually just slimy white supremacist republicans in their hearts to begin with?    

Why does one choose to trash their character, integrity and business reputation in exchange to become such incompetent, fraudulent and greedy bastards that you have now all become?  Isn’t your honor as a businessman or as a human being, worth just a little more than a fistful full of extra dollars?  I guess not, if all you are, or all that you ever will be, is just a little lying republican sniffing douche bag. 

Okay, so I accept the fact that you can’t spell, let alone know what the word “honor” even means, but do you have to be such a wretched example of a human being?  But please, do go to church this Sunday McCreary, to your St. Michael’s Episcopalian Church that must specialize in taking in sinners, and fold your hands and look holy for all to see.  They will not kick you out of the church because even priest crave money; just like you do.  But do ever get the sense that people are looking at you and your wife as you pretend to pray?  Who is your favorite patron saint?  Is it St. Hypocrite?  

Would you not agree that it is outright insanity for any business to hurt a customer when it can and will be exposed in the court of public opinion?  Did you really think that what after what you did to us, I would just disappear and you could continue merrily on your way as if nothing ever happened?  Surely, you jest!

To understand me, I must admit that I am a long time fan of the old cowboy movies that projected some type of morals into their stories.  Next time you get a chance McCreary, unless your too God damn cheap to rent a movie, try and view “Tombstone,” “Shane,” “The Son’s of Katie Elder” or the fine Glenn Ford movie classic titled, “The Violent Ones.”  Everything that you need to know about my pursuit of justice is well portrayed in those movies; especially,” The Violent Ones.” And it is not that I am advocating any type of violence, but rather what I am advocating for, is the truth for all to see. 

The written word is so much mightier than the sword! 

In this masterpiece western, a greedy developer, Edward G. Robison wants Ford’s land and eventually burns down his house to drive him out of the valley.  God, this movie has so may parallels to the life that I was living at that time.  Glen Ford’s character is a former military Civil War veteran who just wanted to live a peaceful life in the mountains, but is forced to fight back when this injustice is forced upon him.  And fight back; does he ever.  Glen Ford’s character has a tenacious ability to fight his enemy when he is forced to fight against his quiet nature.  The wealthy developer and his wife were eventually destroyed by Ford’s character and his resolve.  The moral of the story was that greed will eventually ruin you.

Doesn’t this sound just like you McCreary, and your little deceiving company?  

I will keep fighting to expose the injustice that you forced upon me and my family by your greed.  I never wanted this fight, I just wanted the home that I had contracted you for, but you have forced me to quest for some measure of justice because of what you did to us.  I will never stop. 

This website will be up until the day you and wife are no longer on this earth, continuing to hurt and lie to people.  I guess we will see if there really is a God.  But please, no death bed confessions of contrition will ever absolve you two of the evil and harm that you cast upon us.  In fact I will make sure this website stays up for people to know what kind of people you were and what they may expect from your children and grandchildren.  Is it possible for the McCreary evil to be genetically passed to their offspring?  I believe anything is possible.    

But it is not about revenge; it’s about the reckoning of truth! 

But McCreary, please do remember, that I can say what I want about you without fear of slander because it is nothing more than the truth.  How do you sleep at night?  I don’t have to consider making anything up since it happened to me with your concurrence.  Truth is always a potent antidote for the issue of slander and because of this; you will never shut me up from speaking the truth until the day I die.  And there are so many political scumbags and issues to now write about.  Thank you for my awakening.  I hadn’t written a letter or essay for over twenty years before this disastrous build, and now I find myself unable to stop writing about republican moralistic zombies like you that choose to hurt people.

It is too bad that there were people before me that had dealt with your defective building and thievery, but they were too afraid to warn others about the dangers ahead of them.  It sounds so republican.  I got mine; now screw you!  It would have been so nice if your secretary had the scruples to tell us the truth about what kind of fraudulent operation that you were running at that time.  McCreary, are you still running your corrupted company like this today? 

But then again, it is not easy to ascertain an honest appraisal of a builders past reputation.  There is incredible deception that takes place in Arizona by design.  As you know McCreary, the Arizona government, willingly shields incompetent builder’s like with legislation that cleans your slate after a period of time, no matter what fraudulent or corrupted practices that you have done.  The Registrar of Contractors complaints are wiped clean after two years from the complaint.  Before we could even proceed to trial, your company’s record with the Registrar was wiped clean as having no outstanding complaints against you; even though we were still in litigation.  What a scam against the unsuspecting public!

Arizona is a terrible place for a consumer to buy or do business because of companies like yours, and the government /SAHBA, who protect you. 

Unfortunately, we found after our build was completed, about the names of people that you had also shystered, during that couple of previous years before we had problems with you.  Somehow, you deceptively managed to keep the lid on them by buying their silence through gag orders, sunset provisions or just plain exasperation from incompetence. 

Both of you people are the worst type of persons that humanity has to offer; the lying, hypocritical cheats!  So am I surprised how this country is operating as purveyors of lies in 2007?  No, I am not surprised at anything, since I have seen the corruption, fraud, and thievery that took place on our build/lawsuit, during 2000 in Arizona.  This state and
country are all phucked up because of people just like you. 

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to say nothing!  I will say much!

The reason that your little fraudulent company still exists McCreary, in its present form and the accompanying evil that pervades you and your wife’s presence, is because people before me were afraid to confront you and tell others the truth.  You will not have such moments of weakness in my being.  I understand the Tucson business community is in favor of covering up such business atrocities of the type that was perpetrated against us.  Money and more money will always be the over riding influence for companies and the protectors in government, Tucson and the republican state of Arizona which supports such evils. 

The fact that that you had past “problems” (defective building) with other customers, are usually hidden in non- disclosure or “gag” order settlements that are set up with lawyers to protect the guilty parties like you.  And all this does, is allow moral perverts like you, to do this again and again to other unsuspecting families.   And at the same time, this tactic allows lawyers to make another buck from fraudulent disputes over defective builds from the same bad builder; over and over again.  It is all such a vicious cycle that is allowed to continue for the simple act of greed in the state of Arizona.

I will be more than happy to testify for the next family that you so decide to screw!

Did you really think that you get away with this one on us McCreary?  It is not over.  It might never be over.   You could never buy my silence or integrity with your corrupted character.  This will never be over until justice has been served, unlike during our case, when justice wasn’t even consulted with.  I plan to update and continue writing for this website for a very long time; until everything that I have to say has been said for the public to hear.  Maybe I will just write a book about our experience and the condition of 21st century, American souls of people, just like you.

I can’t believe the incredible financial, emotional and physical harm that you have you done to my family.  Our lives will never be the same because of the fraudulent and incompetent building practices that you employed on our home.  Why did you ever allow yourself and your company to promote lying, deception, incompetence, fraud, the use of an unlicensed contractor, and the use of illegal alien labor to work on our family’s home?  

Greed will always be the worst of human emotions.  Every evil known to man emanates from a transformation from this one deadly sin.    Is the penchant that you have for greed really that immense?

I bet your church in Tucson, St Michael’s Episcopalian church must be so proud of parishioners like you.  How can they not be so proud of people like you, who like to brag about what fine Christian morals they possess in public, but then in a moment of rapid turn around, act with contempt and malice against their fellow man for the glory of their bank accounts?  Why even the future saint, Mother Theresa would have been in great peril from any business dealings with you, by simply turning her back for an instance, while you could then get into position from behind her, and financially rape and steal her blind with your Little Johnson pecker mind intact.   

God, you are both such disgusting, imitation, human beings.   

Our family has now moved away from Tucson because we could no longer stomach living in a community of thieves and liars like you that pilfer good ex-military families for profit and greed.   When good families leave a community because of its immorality, you can wager that the community as a whole we be lessened because of these acts.  Yes it takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to support a family, but it only takes one builder and two lawyers to phuck the whole thing up for any good family that moves to Tucson.

My children are very intelligent young adults who will soon take their talents and wallets to cities that appreciate and support “real” family values and not fake republican ones that skewer people.  And in our place, a recently retired couple will arrive, who will only stay for a short time before their bodies are put on a plane and shipped back east for burial. Tucson was such a fool to bite the future hands that feed them.  When you attacked my family you attacked my children and their chance of developing their own lives in this city. Maybe it is better that they found out now what a terrible place that Tucson is to raise a family.  I will never forgive you for what you and your enablers have done to us. I have nothing but contempt for Tucson and its brain dead citizens and corrupted republican politicians like Mayor Bob Walkup; or is it Bob phuck up who is in the hip pocket for the SAHBA agendas boys? 

There should be someone who extols the corrupted and deceptive virtues of moving to a city that was once called the “old pueblo”, but now should be called the city of death and destruction to good families.  Tucson will always suck for what it allowed to happen to us.  No one spoke up for us in our defense of our home; not even our republican, jewish phuck lawyer; Dennis Rosen.  Thanks Rosen, you mental midget legal jerk off artist.   

Moral of the story; never hire a republican jewish lawyer by the hour because they will steal you blind in order to pay for their little dick syndrome BMW automobiles!

I will always be immensely grateful to the incredible non-support from the Tucson community including our republican golfing numb nuts lawyer, Dennis Rosen and the numerous government agencies that were supported by my tax dollar.  It was a revelation to discover how corrupted our state government agencies have become by corporate greasing of the skids for continued corporate raping of the public; and all by design.  

And after all of the physical damage that you caused to our home, and after the numerous refusals to take responsibility for you actions, you then filed a lawsuit against us.  And with your SAHBA provided lawyers, you chose to advertise to the world, your total phucking incompetence as a Tucson builder, by taking us to court for your phuckuped, defective construction practices.  One must agree, the pictures I took of your defective incompetence are priceless when compared to your imagined builder’s integrity; are they not?

Was it all so worth it to quest for such incredible greed that both of you possess, at the complete expense of your reputations and characters?   Greed will always destroy a person; even the best of us. 

I t doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what eventually happens to a family when their mortgage payment is effectively increased by almost fifty percent because of lawsuit cost.  For most people involved with foreclosure today, the problem is directly related to increasing adjustable mortgage interest rates, but for us it was a combination of a fraudulent builder and soul less lawyers that increased our total payment for our home by almost fifty percent. 

Also, I want you McCreary to personally thank you and all of the male and female, two legged snakes that masqueraded as lawyers in our case, for forcing us to be rental gypsies during these last four years of stress.  Please do not forget to tell your priests, your neighbors and potential vulnerable clients about how you have treated your past customers.  But no, you will never do that because you will use lies, deceit and omissions, like you do on your website to advertise your fraudulent little companies. 

McCreary Homes doesn’t build lasting dreams; McCreary Homes builds lasting nightmares!

Using republicans Fran Epsen from Long Realty and L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes will always be the worst phucking mistake of our lives.  Never believe a person’s recommendation, a fancy business location, slick brochures or a new fancy website to ever tell you the truth.  Someone is always trying to deceive you in the Tucson building industry!

My goal has been, and still is, to warn the democratic and independent people that live in Arizona or that are considering moving to that shit hole city in the desert called Tucson, to read, listen and beware of the two legged snakes like you and your wife that are just waiting to suck the life out of their families.  And trust me; there are so many devil white snakes in the Tucson metro area that still profess their Christian piety in one hand, and in the other hand, a ready sharpened dagger to stab you in the back, when you turn around.

I believe that my family was the tip of the iceberg of the current mortgage meltdown.  It wasn’t that we had signed for a sub-prime loan, or an adjustable interest rate mortgage, or we couldn’t pay our mortgage before this lawsuit; in fact, we had possessed a perfect credit rating before meeting you and your defective prone company.  No, we had something even worse and so much more ominous.  We had you, your wife Denise and your fraudulent and deceitful company along with your SAHBA provided lawyers to strain our budget and deplete our bank accounts down to nothing.

During the current mortgage meltdown and resulting inevitable building collapse in Tucson, I hope that you suffer as much or even more as we have.  You and your wife deserve everything that comes your way and decides to pass over and into your heads.

There must be a special place in Hell for people like you that possess such impeccable imagined scruples?  Has any thing bad happened to you in your lives yet?  How is your health McCreary?  How is your children’s health?  Isn’t it terrible to read about all of the people that die at young ages from diseases?  You know how they say, that God works in mysterious ways.  You all deserve everything that ever comes your way at anyplace or anytime.  A meteor falling on your home in the middle of the night would be too good for people of such slimy integrity as you two possess.  It would be such a shame if things started happening to your family.  I will pray!

Maybe if you two would just glance sometime in the mirror, you just might catch a glimpse of the Devil himself in your reflected images.  And wouldn’t that just be a horrific revelation since you were so effusive when we first met you McCreary and your profession for your Christian values was recited to us by you, just as if you were using them during another sales meeting in order to secure a home building contract. 

Hypocrites, wherever they may be, are the worst that humans have to offer against even some people that still possess even some morsels of integrity.  You came to us projecting yourself behind your God, as a person of honesty and integrity, but in fact your image behind your eyes was in fact of one of being as deceptive as a snake in the Garden of Eden.

In closing on this special anniversary for us and one that could have, and should have been filled with wonderful memories of satisfaction and joy for the past seven years; I must ask you two simple questions of conscience to complete this essay:  

  1. In the morning, can you both actually look at yourselves in the mirror or are your reflections just too repulsive to stomach for even yourselves to try?
  1. Is it a fact, that the reason you both can’t look into your mirror and subsequently behind the curtain of your ever lying eyes, is because you can’t put on enough red pigmented lipstick or lard based make-up to cover your swine enhanced integrity and maybe you just cannot put on enough garlic scented cologne or manure based perfume to hide the putrid stench of decay, and the ever present ugliness, that lies deep in your hearts and souls?

The McCreary family; another fine example of why abortion should always exist in America!

It is unfortunate for both of you that you were so concerned with retiring early and making money that you decided to sell yourselves and your integrity to the Devil God of greed.  Now there is no way to make amends for the atrocities that you have created in your name.  God that really must suck the big one!  But then again, you two will always suck on the big one, until the end of time!  Eternity may even spit you both out of its grasp, because who would really want you in their world, besides the SAHBA’s member enrollment circle of companies.  Enjoy your coming judgment day; you morons!

No person or family should ever choose to hurt another entire family, just because their greed is so immense.

Thanks again for all of the “special” memories on this anniversary date that you have created for us in your ever lasting image; you know the ones that will always look like an incarnation of the Devil himself!   

Remember; people are looking at you in church.

Very truthfully:
“The Arizona Refugee”

Bruce R.D. Dupont's personal human waste products being sprayed on his property - a nice job of lying by Bruce Dupont and L.J. McCreary and an excellent example of McCreary Homes construction standards for brand new custom homes.

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