April 1st, 2007

Subject:  The SAHBA Spring Home Show

Title: The SAHBA Spring Home Show: A Tucson April Fools Day of year round tradition and deception

Why does SAHBA put a smiling little girl's face, filled with implied innocence and hidden deceptions, on their home show promotions?  SAHBA's intent is more in line with the deception of toasting you with promises of quality and integrity but then knifing you in the back the moment you look away!  Doesn't the little girl know that SAHBA might cause her family to lose their home and dreams because of constuction defects and litigation?


Dear republican SAHBA members and fools alike,

On April 13, 14, and 15, SAHBA once again presents in all of its deceptive glory, the building profit home con show to entice people to build and buy items that they no longer can or should afford.  SAHBA somehow has forgotten that the calendar no longer reads 2005!  Evidently SAHBA and its members do not realize that there is a home building melt down that is presently taking place in Tucson and around the country, with the melt down not being attributed yet to global warming.   

Maybe God let us lose our home because of the impending future disaster that awaits Tucson and the desert southwest.  Maybe we cut our losses early, but I am still determined appropriately thank the numerous building related business that contributed to our financial demise.  Tucson, you can bury head inside the desert hole of a rattlesnake if you like but, water problems are scheduled to come your way.  I think the place for a young lawyer to specialize in our states water rights because it is going to be like a Tombstone thirty second showdown for years to come.  Some people are going to loose big time in Arizona real estate when the fire sale begins to blaze.

And considering the multiple calamities that await Tucson, begin to look for your climate melt down that will soon arrive with the increasing threat of global warming.  And President Bush addresses the problem by sticking his head up his ass and lying to you that it is not a problem.  Just imagine if climate change cancels out monsoon season and snow melt in the Rockies trickles to a halt; what will you do?  And besides those new Tucson’s quality of life issues that you will be experiencing, just imagine the addition of SAHBA’s past and current promotion of uncontrolled growth and how it will add to the calamity.   I will be reading about your resulting ramifications of denial because of the continued insane growth for many years to come in a region that never could handle the water demands.

If you are a gambling man or woman, then Tucson is just the town for you.  Tucson like New Orleans should have never been allowed to congregate or grow to their present sizes because of natural limitations.  And one day like New Orleans, Tucson is slated to come up snake eyes.  What a wonderful recipe for community disaster; a region wide lack of water.  I will one day read about your dilemma with a glimmer in my eye, remembering how much Tucson republicans and “republican lites” turned there backs on my family and now fate will return the favor.  People that move to Tucson now are either total oblivious and just morons or just bird people who are coming for a quick binocular view of disappearing species of birds and then await to die from causes other than skin cancer.  

But hold on; so much more awaits you.

But what the hell, if you are a republican or just one of your every day 32% of moronic Bush supporters, just go out and hire a SAHBA builder like McCreary Homes and roll the dice.  If you are republican I highly recommend SAHBA backed builders like McCreary Homes.  If you are any other type of political affiliation; run like hell from these people.

Did you know that Arizona is the skin cancer capital of the world?  Just go and ask transplant maverick and perceived pseudo native, John (Keating 5) McCain about his 70 year old face being torn apart in twenty five years by the Arizona sun.  Even once straight talker John McCain used to have his shit somewhat together before his face, brain and most important of all, his character turned to mush in the Arizona sun.  But don’t fret folks; it happens eventually to everyone.  Maybe McCain should request President Bush to fly out to Arizona and just piss in his face again, to put out the flames and cool him off, just like he did in the 2000 South Carolina primary.

And speaking of negatives, how about your current drought and the effect that it will have on your community’s survival?  Next week a paper on the study of global warming will be released that reports the current drought in the American southwest will be widening.  To the faint of heart in Tucson, this means that your water situation and extreme temperature occurrence is going to escalate while SAHBA tries to accelerate the uncontrolled growth of the city.  But, don’t worry ladies and gentlemen, the builders and developers will sell out and escape to northern coastal states with the inflated profits that they have siphoned from you bank account.  Personally, I plan to buy land in northern Canada that will eventually become a tropical climate.   So go ahead and gamble! 

We will just wait and see how Tucson makes out with the real threat of global warming; especially for the desert southwest?  How about seven hundred dollar a month electric bills for air conditioning?  The Tucson people better hope and pray for normal snow accumulation in the Colorado Rockies, or they are in a huge jeopardy of extreme rationing of the ever increasing contaminated CAP water next year.  You know it is coming. 

And with all of the sprawl that SAHBA, developers and builders advocate, how are the traffic snarl jams in Tucson going along with gas now returning to near three dollars a gallon, just as it was two months before the mid-term elections; what a phucking republican corporate America coincidence? 

And God forbid, we should not talk about the ever increasing crime rate that is occurring in Tucson.  “No; that wouldn’t be prudent.”  Just imagine when teenagers and young men who are under employed, with little money, nothing to do, and it is so hot out, what do you think they are going to do when you ride by in your air conditioned SUV’s and glance at them in an air of disgust?  Where do you think these young people of Tucson will be later that night in relation to your driveway?  How about gated communities for everyone?

No folks; a once agreeable climate, is not enough to entice people to stay in republican controlled and business based Tucson, Arizona and reluctantly watch cactus grow and observe the city’s pathetic downtown decline further to levels that the Spanish could have never imagined.  Sprawl and non connected communities in a desert drenched suburbia wasteland, of communal isolation is not where it is at folks!  Trust me on that one please; been there, done that. 

There is so little to do here for kids unless your children our professional bird watchers, Alzheimer golfers or Sunday school sluts in training.  And speaking of supporting education in this state, isn’t Arizona ranked last in the country when it comes to state support of schools and testing.  Why is education unimportant in this state?  Could it be because Tucson, Arizona is simply just a part of a cheap ass, self centered, profit crazy, republican red state?


So if you decide to move or stay here in Tucson, remember to budget away money for private education or your children will fall behind the intellectual wayside.  Just ask Lute Olson’s neocon supporting, republican wife Christine, and how long it took to get her fat butt on the board of exclusive and expensive St. Gregory’s private school and put her children in that school when she came to Tucson in 2003?  But that is no problem for her since she is just another mindless multi- millionaire ice princess who could care less if your family lives or dies in America, Afghanistan or Iraq.  And with all the retirees that move here, no wonder they don’t want to support education expenses since they would rather have their tax dollar harvested for building brand new jails for our children. 

Anyways, your children will one day grow up to tell you that they hate this place.  Trust me on that one.  Can you blame them?  So go ahead and import some Mexicans to do your manual labor as your children leave the “Old Pueblo” for greener pastures.  The Tucson community is so short sighted.  At least Phoenix has a little bit of culture and real professional entertainment to gather the youth’s attention before it also runs out of water.

Tucson chooses to remain dismal place in spite of all of its cancer causing sunshine.

Also, another factor keeping home buyers on the sideline and looming on the near horizon this fall, is a stock market collapse and the beginning of a deep recession that will occur because of the incredible debt that republican’s have decided to accept because of the five year Afghanistan war and the four year long Iraqi war.  And with war expenditures, along with the tax cuts for the wealthy likes of neocon republicans Jim Click’s, Don Diamond’s and Lute Olson’s of the country, we are poised for disaster.  As Dick Cheney once said; “Deficits don’t matter.”   Was there an earlier version of Dick Cheney alive in 1929, camouflaged as an ignorant republican Herbert Hoover?   How quickly do the American people forget their history?  

And no matter how much of your pro SAHBA psychological babble, PR bullshit that emanates from the real estate hegemony publishing empire; there is much, much, more to come that will enhance and escalate the Tucson slide towards communal oblivion.  Republican greed, as in SAHBA, always screws the pooch.

Maybe God is about to give Tucson seven years of bad luck and then maybe more as a present to builders and people who project evil upon good families.  Let us pray!

So why doesn’t SAHBA just choose to have their building fornication party on April Fools Day, since it will enhance their image as an association that is out deceive your ass, every single day of the year.  Maybe instead of SAHBA using the mantra slogan; “The Community Builder,” and you happen to experience an almost for sure building problem, SAHBA should change their jingle to; “Surprise, it’s April Fools Day again, and once again, you are phucked!” 

Why does SAHBA still advertise their hallowed “Certified Custom Home Building Program,” when McCreary Homes has been on their sanctimonial list for the past six years?  What does this program of theirs actually mean, other than deception?  What is the definition of “is;” is?  Their program is nothing but rubbish and it is simply a con job for potential home buyers to lower their guard and then be potentially scammed and swindled by the likes of McCreary Homes and others on their list.  Their program is a just a compilation of lies!

And please, don’t expect your Arizona government to protect you because they have been bought out with their votes to make sure the builders are able to screw you.  The Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) like the Department of Real Estate are both phucking jokes of regulatory wasteful government. Governor Napolitano’s hand picked ROC last wonder boy was Israel Torres, who collected more awards from SAHBA’s Ed Taczanowsky for obedience school compliance than the University of Arizona received for their men’s basketball program during the last twenty years.  The reason these offices  to exist is to thwart home owner’s legitimate complaints and provide state pensions for employees that are instructed to only look the other way when public complaints are delivered.  Why even your Democratic Governor, Janet Napolitano and her side kick in allowing building industry crime to flourish, Attorney General Terry Goddard are just as inept to the building fraud that goes on this state as Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is in Washington DC with telling the truth to U.S. Senators.  When it comes to builder fraud and defects in their own back yard of Phoenix and Anthem, Napolitano and Goddard both choose to look the other way as a matter of policy.

I find it just a bit amazing that SAHBA, a republican Super PAC, that represent and tries to buy influence in the Arizona legislature for their predominantly republican members is surprised at the present state of economic affairs.   It so nice to see SAHBA’s former lobbyist and now state congressional whore, the Johnny come lately and MIA candidate for the 2006 elections by choice, Jonathan Patton, sitting amongst the rest of the crooks in the Arizona legislature, choosing to back the scheming legislature for SAHBA’s agenda against the  Arizona consumer.  And the turtle faced republican state Sen. Tim Bee lurks in the background, just like Dick Cheney, waiting for Jim Click like financing to take on Gabrielle Gifford’s and her seat in Congress.  And they say that Tim Bee is just another Randy Graff, but only stealthier.  Oh God help you people, another Dick Cheney growing out of the cesspool of Tucson politics.  Republicans and SAHBA believe that they can just go out and buy everyone and everything.

Isn’t it possible because of republican legislation, at the state and national level, that corporations have been given incredible power to export American middle class jobs to China and India, and that the American home buyer is no longer confident of keeping his or her job beyond tomorrow?  Americans are no longer willing to take the chance to gamble away their homes by being foreclosed in the near future by banks that do not care if their families live or die another single day.  You have no idea how alone we are in his country that we once called America; you know, the land of the free and the home of the brave; just like  George W. Bush hiding out in Georgia and Dick Cheney with his five phucking deferments to get out of Vietnam!  GMAFB!

For republicans, non-compassion is a terrible thing to waste!

This weekend is also the third year anniversary of our first SAHBA Home protest, complete with picket signs, screeching women and police intervention at the TCC.  Will McCreary Homes be present at this spring’s home show?  Maybe Denise McCreary, fresh off her international singing performance at St. Michael’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday school sing a long, will be performing at the home show along with Sarlot and Eyde and perform the screeching singing for the “Dance of the illusion?  God, wouldn’t that be another good SAHBA slogan that involves illusions and lying? 

I have not seen Denise McCreary since she performed her screeching lounge lizard screeching theatrics when she got out of her car at our protest and started screeching at us like an Oko Ono, Double Fantasy lyric, nightmare chanted song in 2004; what a nasty bitch!  Denise, by chance, did you study and take singing lessons from Ms. Ono?  Okay Denise, I know, you have been taking screeching and screaming lessons from out of control, emotional boy, Lute Olson?  Unfortunately, little old, beady eye, bald headed L.J. McCreary, was too afraid in 2004 to see our protest himself, so he sent his wife out to confront us.  If Denise McCreary promises to perform for us again, I promise this time to have it video taped for You-Tube world dissemination.

If you happen to be one of the few that can afford to attend the ridiculous $7 dollar per person entry fee into this builder’s consumer orgy, please track down SAHBA’s president Ed Taczanowski and ask him how many of his members have hired illegal aliens to work in the Tucson building industry.  If you are interested in a particular SAHBA member’s booth at the home show, please ask the person if their company hires illegal aliens to perform work on their client’s residences?  Also, ask Ed Taczanowsky if he still forces subordinate TCC employees to file false police report about make believe hit and run pedestrian accidents with the Tucson Police Department.  Is that against the law?  Sure it is!  And where was the Pima Country prosecutor on that little bit of SAHBA criminal activity; MIA?  I would not expect anything less from local Tucson or state government when it comes to enforcement against SAHBA’s interest.

In 2000, we had a custom home built by L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes.  The home was riddled with major defects.  Most of the major defects were done by sub-contractors that were hiring illegal aliens.  Now I have heard a thousand times on the television from politicians who say that; “These people a hard workers.”  Yes, I know that, but I don’t really give a phuck since they and the company that they work for have chosen to break federal law, not that it has ever been enforced, and besides, they still phucked my home up. 

Just another example of more republican values, so hard at work for corporate America but against public interest!    

How many companies in America today enjoy employing convicted felons?  Is the answer zero?  How about companies enjoy hiring potential convicted felons?   Once again, is the answer zero? My point is that this shit is illegal and I don’t care how damn hard they work, if they can’t read a blue print or speak the English phucking language without reciting “no hablo Ingles” or giving a blank stare when asked a question, chances are they are going to end up phucking up your house and then your life.  What passes for construction in Mexico is pure shit in the United States.  And why did this all happen to me?  It happened because this little phucking greedy ass SAHBA backed and supported builder,  L.J. McCreary wanted to make an extra buck off my bank account through his planned deception and fraud! 

If you have any fear or good senses, you will not hire a SAHBA contractor until these problems have been addressed, since you will be definitely betting your life and welfare if you choose to have one of these Bozoesque builders construct or remodel your home. 

And I submit a thousand apologies to Bozo and his memory for including him in the same sentence with the likes of these despicable builders from SAHBA.  

And sure as shit, that is exactly what happened.  Everything got so totally phucked up because of illegal aliens and L.J. (phucking) McCreary’s greed!  Can you put a price on illegal immigration and incompetence?

Folks, the major problems in our building project happened because L.J. McCreary hired people like Mike Clark of Terra Cotta Framing and Mike McNary of McNary Concrete, who were perfectly happy to hire illegal aliens to work on, and ruin our new home. 

My suggestion, if you are stupid enough like me to build in republican southern Arizona with a SAHBA promoted builder, you will have to be on your project night and day.  If a person shows up to work on your house that cannot speak English, just stop and set the home on fire or just blow the whole phucking thing up and start from scratch since it will be cheaper in the long run than dealing with such Tucson enhanced, SAHBA backed, sub-contractor  incompetence.  Also, SAHBA backed McCreary Homes had no problem hiring a sub-contractor that was unlicensed.

Civil rights; do you think my civil rights have been violated when I have been forced to foreclose my home, give up my land, my dreams, file bankruptcy and live like a phucking mobile gypsy for the last four phucking years.  Who really matters in this country, is it corporations, Americans or Mexican workers that comes in for win, place or show!  As a native, ex-military, American, my family never mattered. 

And it did not even matter to my neocon republican, Bush supporting jewish lawyer, Dennis Rosen and his incompetent assistant, Alice Milton, two wonderful University of Arizona law school graduates who didn’t know their heads from their assholes when it came to getting our home fixed and defending our rights and financial welfare.  Rosen latched onto to us like a parasite attaches to a piece of flesh, all along, sucking us dry of our funds.  But no one gave a phuck, except the lawyers, who cared enough to pad their bank accounts until their hearts were content! And what did I get in return for two years and sixty thousand dollars in charges; a phucking box of useless papers.  

Attorney Dennis Rosen left us the proverbial creek and without a paddle while our hands were tied.  Hell, Rosen might have as well left us upstream from Niagara Falls in a straight jacket; the results would have been the same.  What a horrid example of a competent and compassionate human being!  Because of you Mr. Rosen,  the majority of lawyers will always suck in my hubble opinion, because of greed yours!

And who says that 99% of lawyers give the other 1% a bad name?   

Yes, God bless Manifest Destiny and the American phucking Dream, because if this is what is allowed to happen; the dream is now phucking DOA on arrival in this country, which by the way, has been controlled by incompetent scheming republicans!

So enjoy the star spangled banner show this year complete with a pledge of allegiance to the flag and SAHBA’s lies.  Do feel free to track down SAHBA officials like Ed Taczanowsky and any SAHBA builder or contractor and ask them about this website.  I promise that most of them will say they don’t know what you are talking about.  The last time we heard, L.J. McCreary was professing that he had no idea why we are so angry with him.  How convenient to come up with such a chicken shit answer.  That fits L. J. McCreary perfectly; chicken shit!

No business, government or LLC corporation should ever harm or rape a family, physically, emotionally, or financially.  No corporation should ever choose to take a family’s home and dreams from them just because the corporation phucked up and choose not to take responsibility for their actions. 

Delusional sayings and profession of ignorance by people like L.J. McCreary and his scum bag lawyers, Marc Simon, William Patton III and Elizabeth (the bitch) Claiborne, have to be taken in contempt for their sliver portions of the truth.   No amount of denying and lying will ever protect McCreary and SAHBA from people learning the real truth about their deception, fraud and endeavors. 

SAHBA members enjoy your little delusional parade of deceit; you are all so deserving of it!


“The Arizona Refugee;” a Tucson critic at large.


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