Date:  22 September 2008

Subject:  The Wall Street Bailout

Title:  The Patriot Act III - Economic Bailout

Profits are privatized, but losses are socialized, on you the tax payer. Thanks a lot; suckers! Times are getting hard.  Can a brother spare a dime or a euro?  What about the effects of inflation baby?  What about the coming de-valuation of the U.S. dollar?  Come on man; this is economic slavery again, biach! The American Government will never lie or go back on its word to you.  Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain or his treaties.



Dear republican SAHBA pukes and any true Americans still out there,

Here we go again folks.  It’s time to hurry up because we are now waiting for this crisis packed moment in our economy to be passed along to the U.S. tax payer with the arrival of a Bush Administration, Wall Street investment bank bailout program for wealthy fucks.  As many of you have forgotten, wealth fucks like Vice President Dick Cheney, never accept the idea of losses like the everyday common people are forced to do. 

In my humble opinion, the only appropriate name for this corporate based welfare bailout program should be called, “The Patriot Act III Economic Meltdown Bailout program for Wealthy Investment Fucks around the World to have an Orgy In.”

And how can this country afford $12 billion dollars a month to borrow on a credit card war in Iraq when this corrupt country is poised on the edge of a ledge to fall off into the economic abyss?  We can not only not start or win more wars; we can’t even afford to borrow to continue the human carnage any longer.  America is so dysfunctional.   

So where is that asshole, John McCain’s in the shadows economic advisor and former national stage politician from Texas, the father of banking de-regulation, Sen. Phil Gramm (R-TX)?   Where is the conniving fucking weasel?

Hurriedly, Congress is being pressured into passing this onerous one side package to help wealthy investment fucks before anyone has a chance to examine the details of this shady at best, tax payer funded bill.  This is the same exact technique that was used to pass the original egregious Patriot Act, a bill by Nazi type politician, Rep. James F. Sensenbrenner (R-WI).

Let’s take a short history lesson review of how the original Patriot Act was forced upon the American people.  It is important to see how crisis in the bush administration is used to pass legislation under stress full and time constraint conditions.

The original Patriot Act was a 344 page bill written by a Viet D. Dinh (Vietnamese name: Đinh Đồng Phụng Việt); a Vietnam refugee who was born on February 22, 1968 in Saigon, South Vietnam.  Mr. Dinh was a lawyer who served as the Assistant Attorney General of the United States from 2001 to 2003, under the presidency of George W. Bush.  This bill was given only three days for inspection until final vote and it was unfortunately not read by the vast majority of politicians because of a designed and induced time pressure constraints.

Please tell me how we let people like Mr. “Ding Dong” in this country and the let them hurt this country?  How do we let people like Mr. John Yoo, another Bush Administration evil lawyer, born in Seoul Korea in 1967, and the author of the torture memo in 2003, and other legal alien lawyers from foreign countries, to come to this country and stamp their mark on America by trampling over our civil rights and the Constitution? 

Why do we allow people, with relatively recent connections to foreign countries, like former Attorney General to ruin our civil rights?  Why do we allow naturalized lawyers from Asian countries to write the bills that go against everything that this country once stood for?  This country now approves of spying on its people and torture. 

God; isn’t it incredible how the majority of republican lawyers in this country suck!

I understand that these people came from former repressive regimes in their past or their parents past, but why do we have to accept their bigotry towards human rights.  Isn’t this kind of like John McCain and his being tortured in 1967 as a POW, being the inertia behind his approval of torture with the Military Commissions Act?   Is torture and spying on the American people an acceptable issue to these men and John McCain?   Yes, they are.

If one recalls in late 2001 with the fear that covered Washington D.C. and the nation, no one wanted to look weak on defense because a mid-term election would be coming up next year.  Do you remember how candidate Saxby Chambliss (R- GA) had a Karl Rove style commercial made of Sen. Max Cleland (D-GA), a Vietnam decorated triple amputee veteran, creating an image of Cleland along side of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein to show that he was weak on terror.  Never mind that Mr. Cleland had lived through terror in Vietnam.  The ignorance of the Georgia electorate reared its ugly head and elected the guy named Saxby to represent them in Washington.

And what a great republican southern name that is offered with the example of the surname Saxby?   I hope the Georgian people that voted for this racist are happy with their stock market portfolios, retirement 401K’s and the immanent collapse of the American economy?  You republican racist reap what you sow.   

But all of this fear tactics did not matter because so many bad police state acts were added into that “free for all bill,” since the trampling of our civil rights was a government non-negotiable right that was eventually approved by scared constituents and scared politicians.  Only Russ Feingold (D-WI) was the only Senator that had the intelligence and courage to vote against this Third Reich type bill.

Haven’t we seen this type of modus operandi before, one in the form of a fear based image of a rising mushroom cloud?  Now we have a financial mushroom cloud scenario being pushed before Congress and once again, just like before with the Patriot Act, or the rush to the Iraq War, the bill is being brought in under the radar screen with its last minute crisis management, disaster Capitalism Bush Administration rules. 

God don’t all Americans feel so patriotic today when our corrupted government officials will be asking us to pay $2,333 dollars, or almost $12,000 dollars for a family of five for the mistakes of these Wall Street greedy ass criminals.  Fuck Wall Street!  This is exactly what these Bush administration neocon republican bastards wanted; they wanted to bankrupt the country and they have achieved their goal. 

Mission Accomplished! 

Let the whole damn thing come apart and let’s start from scratch because this situation is so endemic of the perfect storm SNAFU moment!  We are now experiencing “Disaster Capitalism” at its finest hour.  All we have to fear is our government and Wall Street itself.  Jesus Christ.

Personally, after losing my home due to a law suit enhanced, forced  foreclosure, a lawsuit that was filed against my family because of the incompetence of  Tucson builder, I am unfuckingbelievably incensed at having to be forced to bailout another greedy banking institutions that gambled and lost.   Who was there to help my family when we were financial drained by these society crooks?  Where was my government to help me?   Hey John McCain, can I use one of your 10 or 12 houses if you can remember which one is available?  I know McCain; you will have to get back to me on that one.

Because of this defective SAHBA backed builder, L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes and his fraudulent enhanced practices, my family was forced into the new American Dream of foreclosure and the eventual bankruptcy abyss.  SAHBA provided McCreary one of their very own lawyers that sit on their board as a life member, Marc Simon to defend this corrupt and defective builder.  Even State Farm Insurance; that good neighbor, bull shit jingle company provided a bitchy ass lawyer, Elizabeth Claiborne to muck up the fray.   God, do corrupted by the almighty buck lawyers, ever suck the big one! 

I am thoroughly insulted and angry to the nth degree that I will now be asked to give even more of my dwindling wage income for another corrupt, greedy ass collection of republican people that happen to reside in the banking industry and Wall Street.  Wasn’t it enough that I have already been forced to give my home, my land, my credit rating, my future and my dreams away to you fuck heads like L.J. and Denise McCreary because greed?  What will they try next to get blood out of a turnip or suck air from apple?   Will you want my first born grandchild for economic servitude?   It won’t be long before the American middle class will be asked to disappear for the benefit of the wealthy in exchange for economic slavery.

God, I hope that senators like John McCain (R-AZ) put their trifocals on, and at least attempts to read the bill this time before falling asleep like they did with the original Patriot Act.  And I believe once this bill passes, the Treasury will become a dictatorship in its attempt to right this sinking American ship with Paulson’s corrupt and crony prone friends on Wall Street and his Goldman Sachs family of crooks who are just waiting to get their hands on that $700 billion dollar, Christmas Day, piggy bank fund?

If I recall, Goldman Sachs has a jewish attorney named Jamie Sprayregen who is now on their team of sharks who was directly responsible in early 2005 for taking away my defined benefit pension.  Mr. Sprayregen joined Goldman Sachs not long ago after his law firm did such a fine job of shaking my felloe employees from their pensions.  Mr. Spraygeren made millions and I lost my retirement.   Mr. Sprayregen is an incredible example of human filth and garbage. 

Now with this immanent economic crisis, you now want me to hand over my hard earned tax dollars in order pay the devil himself, Mr. Spraygeren, and his salary and bonuses?  Never mind at the time that I had already worked for this company pension for the past twenty years.  Promises in corporate America are only lies.  No golden parachutes are in store for me or rest of middle class America.  Secretary Paulson and Goldman Sachs can go fuck themselves. 

Thanks again guys for ruining America through your many acts of greed.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and his former Wall Street firm, Goldman Sachs, the very same firm that he most likely will return to in 2009 to join his other soul challenged employee, Mr. Sprayregen.  Mr. Paulson and Mr. Spraygeren can just suck eggs and go to hell.  The depth of arrogance on the part of these thieves is nothing but breath taking. 

If Wall Street made a mess, then they need to clean up their own mess and not ask me to do participate in their sub- prime bankruptcy orgies.   I have never heard even once when Wall Street has been giving away money for free because people were in financial trouble.  This is not MTV.  No one like Wall Street or the Arizona Government called to help my family out when we were being drained financially by a lawsuit and asked if they could help out by prosecuting McCreary Homes, LONG Realty or SAHBA.  No I don’t recall anyone offering to help in any way.

But this whole mess goes back to at least the 1980’s and the coming of age of old “B movie liberal actor, Ronald Reagan.  Yes, the Ronald Reagan’s push for the era of deregulation started with the PATCO strike and the ugly grand finale of this conservative movement in late 2008 has brought America to the edge of economic collapse and financial bankruptcy. 

Try reading some time the book on Ronald Reagan titled; ‘The Education of Ronald Reagan” and you will learn that it was another republican jewish lawyer named Lemuel Boulware who became the mentor and changed Ronald Reagan from a Hollywood liberal into a republican conservative by forcing him to smell money.  And how could this transformation from Reagan form liberal to conservative happen so easily; the promise of many more chances to smell the money?  

Nice job Reagan, Bush I and Bush II.  Twenty years of republican rule from these three brain dead, fetal alcohol, dementia prone and Alzheimer challenged Bozo’s, has set America up for a potential disaster. Once again; Mission Accomplished!   

My how quickly Americans forget the Reagan/Bush SNL crisis in 1989 and John McCain’s Keating “5” involvement in this last republican administration economic mess.  Did you also happen to forget that during the 1929 Stock Market crash, it was a republican, Herbert Hoover, who was in charge of running this country into the ground?  American’s never learns from their previous mistakes.  This sub-prime mortgage and credit crisis was completely avoidable if greed was not the over riding factor by republican elite and their purchased politicians.    

And why do you think on Sunday, the last two investment banks still standing, Paulson’s Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, switched over to become normal regulated banks with government oversight; it was the free, unregulated money that is possibly coming?   There will be no questions, no viewing behind the scenes, no court action and no oversight of any kind for Mr. Paulson’s bailout programming.  Trust us.  No, I couldn’t possibly imagine after the Iraqi War fraud actions how another American dollar could ever be lost to the art of government/corporate corruption.    

Remember ladies and gentleman, losses for the rich fucks of this world are totally unacceptable, be it gambling in Las Vegas or the American ownership of sub-prime mortgage derivatives.  How would it look if wealthy republican rich fucks had to play by the same rules as Joe Six Pack and his meager 401 K has to?  We can’t have rich fucks being brought down a few notches and have to live amongst the rest of us.  You republican pricks would all become Democrats or Independents if you couldn’t buy off your politicians so easily to do your dirty work for you.  

Whatever happened to the free market economy rules that republicans talk so much about.  How come all of the concern about bailing out private companies now?  Why all of the sudden concern. How does it feel now to be without options because of greed?

Because of the negative attention that this Wall Street gambling meltdown bailout has brought to the table, I predict that Social Security (meal money), will never be included in this casino gambling institution called Wall Street.  Yes, as your mother once told you; never gamble with your milk money son. 

We are living in truly very scary time’s people.  I don’t know about you, but I never believed in gambling, that is, until I unknowingly hired a crooked SAHBA custom home builder, L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes, who financially ripped off my family’s home and dreams.

Earlier today, if you happened to watch the Sunday political news show, you would have seen former Goldman Sachs, Wall Street insider trader and current Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, race around the Washington news studios like a balding ping pong ball that was trying to once again “snake oil salesman sell” the American people with another bad bill of goods filled with dreadful toxic debt from Wall Street firms. 

Didn’t we just see Mr. Paulson a few months ago coming to the rescue of Bear Stearns for $29 billion?  Didn’t we Mr. Paulson come to the rescue of AIG insurance for $85 billion?  Hey a few billion here, a few billion there; pretty soon it adds up to be real tax payer money. 

Do you really think America, that we as the “people” have an actual choice in this sordid matter?  No!  I assume the Fed and the Rothchild family have already set the agenda to their liking.  Once again, the fix is in and everyday Americans are along for the ride.  We have been scammed. 

America’s new motto will be as follows:

Profits in America are privatized, while losses are socialized.

But why are Wall Street’s profits in America privatized while Wall Street losses are now to be socialized amongst a people that had nothing to do with these gambling losses?  I don’t recall the poor or middle class putting a gun to their heads and forcing them to bundle those sub-prime mortgages.  We now have money for banks when we have never had money for health care?  Oh, I forgot about those “compassionate conservative” lying ass, jingle jangle, bull shitting slogans of republican deceit.  Republicans can’t stop themselves from lying; it’s genetic trait.

I thought your hero, the great B movie actor, Ronald Reagan said that “government is not the solution; government is the problem.”  Oh really?
Well I guess you’re right when former republican politicians like Phil Gramm (R-TX) passed a bill to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.  Yes, republicans pushed through a bill, with a 54- 44 victory, which every republican voted for except one that voted present and one that did not vote, cowardly Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK).  This disastrously greed unleashing bill then released the regulations and controls that were in place to protect home owners and force banks to act ethically in their transactions for over 66 years since the Great Depression.    

John McCain voted for this bill that unleashed the greed of banking deregulation, the same bill that today is responsible for the sub-prime mortgage fiasco and the accompanying tax payer bailout based on an economic act of terrorism that has been unleashed on everyday Americans and retirees.  If you have voted republican in the past, you have in fact voted for your very own economic demise.

In retrospect, a lazier faire attitude of government with respect to deregulation of the banking industry and your 401 K’s was a recipe for disaster.  It was all just a matter of time before the greed of the housing bubble burst and it brought down the stock market and your 401K retirement account.   The gains from the stock market for the last ten years, with almost eight of those ten years under republican presidential leadership, have all been erased?  You made no money for the past ten years people.   Yes, some people made a lot of money during the past seven years, very, very few, but at what cost to the U.S. economy and at what cost to middle class Americans.  Greed eventually kills all good endeavors, no matter how noble (a family’s home) the cause.

Why should the American people be forced to pay for Wall Street’s greed and mistakes?  Why should the American people, once again be forced to pay for Wall Street avariciousness when Americans like myself are still losing our homes.  It is all just more republican bull shit!  Haven’t you people with your crooked republican candidates done enough harm to this country yet?  We are once again going to get ripped off by the same con artist that did not prevent, but instead promoted this financial mess in the first place.  

Are there any questions; if so, don’t ask?  There are no answers left for the utter destruction that you and your politicians have afflicted upon this country.  Multiple credit card wars and promotional cheap money housing bubbles to pump the economy have now resulted in our present state.  It was said that America could never be destroyed from the outside but it would happen from the inside.  This Paulson plan for the Wall Street may be the final nail in the coffin.  The next president, no matter who he is, will take over a country that is seriously wounded by humongous debt. 

Also today, Secretary Paulson had the gall to unleash some of the slimy details of this proposal for a Wall Street bailout, which will not include any help for home owners that are in or facing foreclosure.  Mr. Paulson revealed that he will not be agreeable to having CEO’s from failed mortgage and investment firms like Freddie Mae, Freddie Mac, Bear Stearns or AIG forfeit their multi-million dollar golden parachutes severance packages.  Who is exactly lending money to whom?  I thought the person lending the money set the terms or they could have the borrower take a hike.  If they want money to save their companies then they should abide by our rules and not rules that are meant to protect and benefit Paulson’s buddies on Wall Street.  Disaster Capitalism is in full throttle deflection on America’s floor board.

Let see; let’s totally fuck a company up and crash it into the ground and then take millions of dollars in severance packages, while the U.S. tax payer is on the hook for their company’s bad debt.  Oh beautiful!   Sounds just like what George W. Bush is doing to this country. There will even be people who lose their homes to foreclosure, who will be asked to pay for this fiasco and CEO bloated salaries. 

I will be paying for this American greed fest to and I have already lost my home and land.   It all seems so very fair to me.  How about you?   We are being held up once again as we were during the Savings and Loan RTC crisis of 1989, by all of these highway robbery con artists of K street and Washington government.   Once again republicans were in power when deregulation started an orgy of fraud and corruption that this country I being forced to financially bailout out.

And why republican SAHBA pukes, should you pay attention to Secretary Paulson and his socialized bail out plans for Wall Street?  Obviously Arizona main economic engine is the corrupt building and real estate industries.  Sure Arizona, go ahead and have the Fed pump more money into the economy, with no oversight or government investigations into defective building, corruption and predatory lending and see what happens. Either way the gravy train securities mortgage bundling to investor days is over.  Yes, you may build a few homes for wealthy fucks that have cash, but the days of the Arizona building boom and re-sale market are officially over.  Let’s see how long the Tucson economy carries on with a minority of wealthy white people before your economy and social fabric, all come tumbling down.

Many of you have participated and made sure that the current economic meltdown has come to fruition.  How many of you at building companies like McCreary Homes or LONG Realty have forced good Arizona families into foreclosure?  De-regulation has brought about predatory lending, interest only mortgages and builders like SAHBA’s backed McCreary Homes who builds defective junk and then sue for top dollar when any objections have been raised.  You can rest assure that myself and now my college graduate adult children will never choose to settle down in Southern Arizona or have SAHBA built homes in their futures.  They know first hand how corrupt SAHBA builders can be and how easily they can ruin your lives.

A business or an association should never bite the hand that feeds them.  It is the quickest way known to man to go hungry.  A customer should never, ever be treated so shabbily, as SAHBA and McCreary Homes and his incompetent contractors treated my family.  The word gets around SAHBA; on those indicted Ted Stevens (R- AK) “series of tubes” called the “internets,” which John McCain has no idea how to operate.      

But no matter what Secretary Paulson and the Congress eventually work out, the country and Tucson are headed for some very dark times for many years to come.  Just remember when this bail out is rail roaded through Congress in a cloud of fear, it will be just like the initial Patriot Act that Congress bowed to in panic moment of self induced terror in 2001. 

Pretend all you can want SAHBA members, but I don’t see people thinking about coming to your Arizona red state any longer.  Everything has changed, no matter how you pretend what your rosy forecast for in-state migration is being told to you.  People are going to slow their retirement plans and in fact choose to not come to Arizona because of economic factors and building/real estate fraud.  The stock market and in turn your future residents 401K’s will be decimated.  Hell even rich fucks will also be losing their stolen nest eggs and reconsider coming to your shit hole sprawl city. 

What will you do SAHBA when even the rich fucks will not come to a place where the majority of the populace is becoming increasing angrier at the rich fuck’s fleecing of America? No one will be able to sell their homes except for a certain loss.  Home prices in the Mid-West and other parts of the country have declined to double digit numbers. Unfortunately, the blood letting is not over yet. 

People of true wealth are no more betting on America.  Investment in this country and the stock market will come to a trickle.  No one will trust a business or its government if the people involved in the transactions are nothing but crooks. If you want to see how your patriotic neocon Vice President, Dick Cheney’s and his financial advisors feel about investing in America and the American stock market, just read here to enlighten yourself.

Your SAHBA building trade members will continue to go out of business at increasing rates because you were all a part of perpetrating this housing bubble, much of the time fraudulently, in you pursuit of the almighty buck.  A reasonable profit was not enough; you had to have it all now didn’t you.

I wonder how many of you like L.J. McCreary joined that Amway scam, pyramid scheme program called Quickstar, like McCreary did in 2000 in order to facilitate retiring early.  I never realized it was so easy to sell ones soul to the Devil himself, even for just pennies on the dollar.  The root of all evil, be it real estate or human actions, stem from such uncontrollable greed. 

Now look what you have done to the Arizona and American economy.  You are all complicit.  When SAHBA backed lawyer Marc Simon and William N. Poorten III forced my family into foreclosure and eventual bankruptcy, you can bet it did not help the economic bottom line for Arizona or the America.  No one wins, absolutely no on except for some foreclosure vultures that circle the homestead when families are forced to lose their homes.  Now I know how Jesus Christ felt when they auctioned off his clothing. 

It was all such great fun for firms such as Tucson’s First Magnus mortgage company and faithful republican employees like Anna Stark who specialized in REI foreclosure properties.  There was no problem while homes were appreciating but when the bubble burst and foreign investors pulled out, the house of Tucson’s mortgage fraud, First Magnus Corporation, came tumbling down, all because of rising rates in the home foreclosure market. 

I remember reading where Mrs. Stark was quoted as saying that First Magnus was not concerned with foreclosures since the homes could easily be sold on the market for a profit.  If one lives by the sword they committed to die by the sword. 

And I must say I find in satisfying that Mrs. Stark, who supports republican politicians like Jon Kyl, John McCain and his economic corrupt guru, former Sen. Phil Gramm (R-TX), the man who invented this banking deregulation mess that resulted in her job loss last year because of this financial fraud bubble.  You have to hand it to republicans, they may know how to steal elections but they are incredible stupid on the Mrs. Stark level of denial.

You as SAHBA members cannot bite the hand that feeds you and expect your economy not to tank in the toilet.  SAHBA members can only be greedy for so long and show an attitude of uncaring for their Arizona residents.  A business like McCreary can only pilfer and defraud the public for so long before it all comes tumbling down.

No matter which way you slice and dice this banking deregulation/housing bubble/credit crisis disaster that many of you have participated SAHBA pukes, you guys are going to get fucked!  Enjoy your Patriot III bail out, real estate war games. 

And I just bet that Osama Bin Laden, sitting in a cave along the Afghan/ Pakistani border is just laughing his ass off at the ignorance and greed of the American people.  Bin Laden doesn’t have to do anything more because there are Americans of greed who have been tearing this country apart faster than any foreign terrorist ever could. 

Let me provide an example of the SAHBA type greed that has been tearing the foundation of the American economy apart for years.

From a previous post, do you any of you remember how in 2000, when L.J. McCreary was deep in the act of pilfering my family, he was doing this all because he wanted to retire early at the ripe old age of 37 years old, riding an Amway pyramid scheme called Quickstar to financial jackpot.  McCreary in turn lost his ass through this program and that is one of the reasons that he defrauded my family; to replenish his losses.  As I have said before; greed destroys everything and with your cumulative acts of fraud and greed, just look what you have all done to the American economy.

The majority of the American people, the ones who voted for Bush in 2004 and have in turn allowed Bush and the republican Party to destroy our economy should be ashamed of their ignorant past choices.  Look what you have done to all of us.  These scoundrels have simply perpetrated this injustice against the American people for the beneficial factor of appeasing their uncontrollable appetite for greed. 

Yes SAHBA folks, life is going to change because many of you from SAHBA, like McCreary Homes, LONG Realty and First Magnus, along with other NAHBA members from around the country, have swindled and pilfered many good American families into forced foreclosure financial jeopardy.  SAHBA firms who have participated in these crimes against Arizona families, especially the businesses from Tucson, deserve every going out of business sale and approaching bankruptcy that comes their way in 2009; a coming year of infamy.

Unfortunately for all of us, and because of your past fraudulent actions against American families; American life is never going to be the same again.

Sincerely ashamed for your greed,

“The Arizona Refugee”

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