Date:  October 4, 2008

Subject:   Wall Street Bail Out

Title:  The Party is over

I wouldn't trust these crooked bastards any further than I could throw them Yes,  America did indeed commit suicide because of greed I hope that the incredibly stupid 58 million Americans that voted for this fucking idiot in 2004 are very happy now with their 401K's



Dear SAHBA pukes,


Something is terribly wrong in Arizona; something is terribly wrong in America!

Since January 2nd of 2003, I have been saying this motto with passion ever since the day my family was forced into a SAHBA promotional and supportive economic collapse.  And why was my family forced to descend into the economic abyss; it was simply an act of greed?  Why is the American economy in such peril?  Once again, the answer is greed.  Greed eventually kills prosperity for the public masses and for the individual so inclined to chase the fruits of such evils.

I can only pray that L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes like many crooks before them, will indeed pay for their greed with the ongoing killing of their reputation and their demise of their SAHBA supported business in the very next year.  With this website and the truths that I will speak it will be for McCreary, just like drowning in an ocean of water as a foot of truth is placed upon his head to weight him down even further into the darken depths of financial oblivion.  What goes around does indeed come around; now doesn’t it?  Enjoy your business demise McCreary’s.

A perfect example of how greed kills was the pathetic life of Vicki Lyn Marshall, otherwise known as Anna Nicole Smith.  Ms. Smith, as a much younger female and former 1993 Playboy model, befriended emotionally one,  J. Howard Marshall, a man 63 years her senior.  Ms. Smith pursued Mr. Marshall with the goal of financially influencing a designed marriage to this elderly Texas oil billionaire, in her quest to give personal legal status to his fortune. It worked.   .

Anna Nicole Smith, no matter what lies of denial that she has stated in the past, simply married this Texas geezer solely for the need for greed to have more money.  Ms. Smith in the end was pursued and used by a number of younger and even one older man, Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, for the very same money that she had lusted for in her very short marriage to Mr. Marshall.  In the end, the money did not make her happy but in fact the money helped kill her by leading to an unhappy and empty filled life that was full of life ending gambles with drug abuse. 

This tragedy exists because a forty year old woman died as a very lonely person.   Even though she possessed great wealth, Anna Nicole Smith died without having a real friend.  What goes around eventually comes around.  Ms. Smith would have been happier without this life altering money by trading it in for her much needed ethically challenged soul.  Greed always kills.  Money sure can be nice to pay the necessary cost of living expenses but money can cause a new set of problems where none existed before.

I now look at the money that I received from a construction loan in order to build a home with L.J. McCreary and all it brought to us was hearth ache and misery.  I wish I had never set foot in Tucson, Arizona nor do I wish I ever had a dream to build a custom home for my family and grandchildren.  My dreams and our marriage were completely ruined by the avarice of McCreary and the soul less, shark bait lawyers who participated in this John McCain’s Arizona travesty of greed and injustice. 

Money is not the answer to happiness or necessarily an honorable life.  There are many wealthy people like Richard Mellon Scaiffe who are terribly evil, hurtful people with the money they have acquired; especially the ones like Scaiffe who have received their wealth by inheritance.  Others like Anna Nicole Smith and Arizona Senator, John McCain, have chosen a path to marry into money for the sake of power, security and influence.   Money is only as good as the heart is of its beholder.  And just like a law degree, money can be used for wonderful ideas and projects or it can be used to spread evil.  L.J. McCreary used our construction loan money to spread evil through his lawyers for the goal of obtaining even more money for him self.

My point about Anna Nicole Smith is that an individual can obtain wealth from another person under the shadiest and most despicable terms known to man and in the end, the pursuit of that greed will leave you empty, especially when money is lusted for just the sake to having even more money.  Eventually, a person is left with even a stronger sense of a purposeless driven life and the accompanying emptiness when money has been obtained by financially, emotionally and physically harming another family in order to receive such monies. 

Does this story sound familiar L J. and Denise McCreary?   

God this sounds so much like L.J. McCreary in 2000, when he told us he was trying to retire early at the tender age of 37, and he did this by buying into the Amway Pyramid Quixtar scheme and then swindling us to make up for his losses.  I bet McCreary will have to work past the age of 70 years old in a Wal Mart greeter’s job scenario or just building dog houses because of the American economy, international financial markets and the Arizona corrupt housing industry will be in the permanent shit hole for years to come.

Now we fast forward to today, in October of 2008 and ask why Wall Street and the American sheeple people have been forced into this same economic abyss that helped also to destroy my family?  Well once again boys and girls, good old American greed has reared its ugly head upon the American economy and its families.  The entire American landscape has now been affected by the mortgage and credit crisis.  Isn’t it interesting that the foundation and genesis of the American economic meltdown is centered in the greedy and corrupt real estate and housing industry.  What an incredible coincidence!  The SAHBA businesses that lie, cheat and steal together, also economically die together.

I can’t believe how fucking stupid that builders like SAHBA’s L.J. McCreary have been.  Sure go ahead and swindle families like mine, commit fraud against us, sue us for your incompetent building efforts and then have us lose our home to foreclosure and bankruptcy.  Guess what dumb ass, when I decide that I will no longer pay my obligations because of the devastation that has been thrust upon my family, then many people are going to lose money also.  You scratch my back I scratch mine.  You screw me and I will do everything to bury you.  Whatever happened to a win, win situation with honest people involved in contracts?  Greed kills everything; now doesn’t it?   

I still can’t believe how selfish and greedy this little nerdy, corn cob pants rubbing robber, L.J. McCreary, actually was.  Shit always flows down hill.   Did anyone really think I was going to pay off a second mortgage when I no longer had a home any longer?  If I had my home available to me I would have paid off both mortgages.  We took out the second mortgage to help pay for our legal bills but it was obviously not enough.  Lawyers will suck every last dime that they believe are tucked away in your bank accounts. 

If you fuck me over I am forced to fuck over someone else in return.  It is all very simple.  And to think, all I wanted was a home for my wife, children and grandchildren to live and visit in.  Jesus Christ, what the fuck was I thinking?  Was I really asking Arizona for too much to police its builders properly?  God forbid it takes a fucking miracle to find a competent builder in Arizona to build a home that is not filled with defects that have been performed by illegal alien labor.  I was not a flip flopper or an investor.  I just wanted my home built correctly and you have fucked over that dream of owning a home forever.

Something is terribly wrong in Arizona!  Something is terribly wrong in America!

It doesn’t matter if it is a two bit con artist builder like SAHBA backed L.J and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes or the titans of Wall Street, the results are the same; greed will destroy a family’s lives and in turn the economy.

The House yesterday afternoon passed its version of $700 billion dollar transfer of primarily middle class wealth to Wall Street and foreign banks.  This theft was portrayed as a piece of shit legislation in lieu of the normal criminal extortion pleas and ransom notes that that the public has grown to know and love through television show fiction. 

Unfortunately for the American public, this debt is not fiction and now is very real with many more tax payer, pick pocketing adventures, slated for your futures.  Trust me on this one; the Bush administration and its problems will be back asking for more money.  Try and start thinking Mr. and Mrs. Joe Six Pack America about a price tag of at least $1.5 to $2 trillion dollars.  Oh and we got those little wars in the Middle East that are costing $12 billion dollars a month.  No problem!  Just pretend that everything is okay.  Can you imagine the American dollar; it will be worthless.  Thanks republican John McCain/Phil Gramm, you maverick deregulators! 

Like any type of corporate or social takeover, it all begins with getting a foot in side the door.  It is just a matter of time before the wolf returns to the door, knocking furiously because the wolf is hungry for money and the wolf understands that the fear generated from you whoring politicians will deliver over an over again.

Make no mistake, you SAHBA republican douche bags, this is just the beginning of many more financial pleas for the operatic wolf opera that is about to descend upon your lives.  The $700 billion dollars will be just the first of many installments that will be asked of the American taxpayer to pick up.   The coming de-valuation of the American dollar will be breath taking in its economic realities of worthlessness. 

Yes, the party is indeed over but didn’t all of you at SAHBA and throughout the Arizona building industry have a great time pilfering and raping good families with predatory lending, defective home building and just plain old good fraud?  You have killed the economic golden goose, the American consumer by defrauding the middle class consumer.   What are you going to do now SAHBA and the corrupt builders of your organization; export the home building industry to third world countries like your politicians and CEO’s of corporations have during the past decade?  The ongoing storm is only going to grow in its intensity.

Oh yes SAHBA, the building party days of greed are so over.  Fasten your seat belts you republican SAHBA weenies, because you are all in for a very bumpy ride; a ride that many of you will not survive for good reasons.  Isn’t that Karma thing a bitch?

Maybe in the end, we will discover that despite our politician’s speech ending hollow invocations to the Almighty, God never actually blessed America after all.  Obviously, there were too many thieves and crooks among you like L.J. and Denise McCreary for any type of God to waste a precious blessing on.  Beside, whoever said that God blesses hypocritical Christian nation comprised of sinners and frauds?  You people can not begin to atone and apologies enough for you evil misdeeds that have ruined many good families with.  Enjoy you very own self made hell SAHBA.

Please don’t ever count on me or of my children to ever think about buying a home from you lying ass crooks.  There will be many more people just like me, who will feel the very same way about trusting frauds like you.  If you choose to live by the sword; you will indeed die by the sword.  You all deserve every financial catastrophe that is now coming your way.

I will be sure to look for many of you two legged snakes, standing in the Tucson soup kitchen lines, waiting to get your tiny bowl of coyote flavored soup.   Just remember folks, while it all lasted it was just so much fun for you and such a pain for my family to have ever had the displeasure of having known such greedy people that exist in SAHBA. 

Please enjoy your ongoing and two year plus more construction home building implosion.  I look forward to many of your companies future demise.


“The Arizona Refugee”

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