Date:  29 July 29, 2007

Subject:  Barry Bonds

Title:  What a republican won’t do for a buck!

A skinny Bonds at 185lbs. Cheaters never win. The truth shall set you free.

Unnatural as they come;
especially the size of his republican head

Dear republican SAHBA members:

As I begin writing this essay, within site of AT&T stadium in San Francisco, Barry Bonds will attempt today to tie Hank Aaron’s home run record for the ages.  I say attempt because in my mind, Bonds will never tie or break Aaron’s record because of his use of steroids and unwilling to possess the courage to admit it.  Please call me old fashioned, old school or maybe even just old principled, but lying, cheating or stealing, as a majority of republicans do in these days, is never a recipe for honor, character or celebration.  Human recipes of this type are always disasters.

Yes, Bond today may have more numerical home runs on his stat sheet than anyone else, but it doesn’t count if have to swindle your way to a record or bank account.  Barry Bonds is quite coy about his republican political affiliation, but anyone that injects steroids into their body for records, money or make believe glory is a true republican to the heart.  It is just about always about the money for those republicans!

And is it any wonder that this country is on a one way drunken morals binge on Skid Rowe Street with the gas pedal of character jammed to the floor and the gas gauge reading empty.  When did it all go to shit in America?   

We have become in the last twenty-five years a country that lies, cheats, steals and deceives with wild abandon.  The baby boomer generation has come of age and they are the most corrupt and crooked generation of Americans that have ever lived.  But I am afraid it will only get worse.  The baby boomer’s children are now metamorphosing into slimy adult butterflies of deceit, just like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Abigail McCreary’s of the world. 

The children are our future. What are the odds that this country’s future children will possess character that is ripe for the gutter?  They will soon be in charge of the country; God helps us.

Could it possibly be that our nation’s national morose began in 1980 when Ronald Reagan was elected President and he gave the green light for the PATCO strike which was closely followed by the Frank Lorenzo Continental Airlines strike?  Reagan hated common everyday middle class union people and I even felt the hate and “vengeance is mine” attitude of this incredibly hurtful man.  And to think George W. Bush was still a hard drinking drunk of a thirty-three year old man when Reagan’s presidency began.  We will let anyone become President; even a phucking ignorant moron. (Yes, are children “is” are future and they “is” learning.) 

Reagan was not the great communicator, but instead the great negotiator that cut his teeth at General Electric by learning the hate ropes against the middle class from a soul less jewish lawyer.  Aren’t most republican jewish lawyers, just soulless hacks for money?  Lemuel Boulware was a vice corporate hack of negotiations for General Electric contracts.  Boulware was a very ugly man, inside and out.  Reagan understood that his gravy train meal ticket was not with the Democratic Party, the Party of which he had been a member for years.  No, Ronald McDonald Reagan sold his soul to the devil for an imagined pot of fool’s gold and power on the republican’s side of the street named evil.

This is what republicans do around the country, it is what they do at SAHBA, and it is what Barry Bonds has done in San Francisco.  San Francisco is a very forgiving and tolerant city, but any revelation of Bond’s cheating accomplishment is un-called for on simple case of pleading the integrity clause.  What a fine example for the youth of this country to look up to.  If you lie, cheat and steal; you can get ahead of every one else in line. 

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to say or do nothing.

SAHBA’s Ed Taczanowsky, and the SAHBA supported business of L.J. and Denise McCreary are just like Bonds.  No, they probably do not take steroids, but they do choose to sell their souls to the devil, just like Bonds has done; for money.  There is something incredible missing in these person’s souls to sell themselves out for the sake of the almighty buck.  And they could not care a single second phuck about who they might harm or hurt in their quest.  Will young athletes now continue to take steroids at an ever accelerating rate?  Come on, just a few more injections and I will become immortal and so will my bank account.

Ronald Reagan, like Barry Bonds, like L.J. and Denise McCreary with their cavalcade Army of soul less lawyers are all the same; people that sold out to republican greed.  No matter what they have accomplished or what they might do in the future, they will forever be tarnished and stained by their uncontrollable urge to hurt their fellow man and his children for their junkie status greed.

So Barry Bonds, you soulless republican, go ahead and hit your home runs and keep injecting your body until your head is three times its normal size and explodes like a an Iraqi IED; it doesn’t matter.  You will always be considered a republican cheat; just like Randy “Duke” Cunningham.  You will still die a death as a relatively young man.  Go ahead and take your records and bank accounts with you to that “Great Beyond in the Sky” where I am sure someone will be very impressed with your cheating accomplishments.

Barry Bonds, just like SAHBA and L.J. McCreary could have done it the right way, the correct way, the honest way and they would have been respected instead of ridiculed as cheaters and liars.  But no, it was easier for them to lie, cheat and steal their way to profits and glory.  People of such character are never cherished, but only pitied.  Barry Bonds and L.J. McCreary are the type of people to be loathed.

Hank Aaron has nothing to worry about because he will always remain the hero that he is, unlike the previous mentioned people.  Mr. Aaron always be able to hold his head up and say that he achieved his place at the table honestly.

Mr. Aaron, you will always be considered the true home run leader, and are a true hero for simply being a man of honesty, integrity and character!  I salute you!


“The Arizona Refugee”

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