Date: 17 November, 2007

Subject:  Barry Bonds

Title:  Has there ever been a doubt about his innocence?

Yeah,....I know that I am a lying pices of cheating republican shit, but what is a guy supposed to do? Yes, my head is in indirect proportion to the size of my republican based character!

Dear republican SAHBA members:

Yesterday, republican cheater, liar and philanderer, Barry Bonds was finally indicted on charges of lying to federal authorities concerning his use of illegal steroids.  Jesus Christ it is about phucking time.   Imagine that, another republican douche bag that chooses to lie, cheat and steal while getting some strange stuff on the side?  Isn’t that the usual prerequisite for choosing to become a conservative republican?  So why did it take only four years to indict this phony cheat?  Could it be that another tainted American institution, baseball, needed to have its attendance records inflated with a juiced up, home run derby chase to inflate profits?  Baseball; another American institution that is now on the 21st century fast take!

But many of you in this country cry that no crime, no foul or no harm has been committed.  But then again, many among you are cut from the same exact character defect cloth that Bond finds himself wrapped in; the cloth of greed, power and money.  Why don’t we just wait to have Barry Bonds future conviction commuted/ pardoned by George W. Bush, just as he did, and will continue to do for convicted felon, Irving “Scooter” Libby?  The Libby pardon is coming next year, right after the November elections, with a date set for December 24, 2006.

I find it interesting that George W. Bush was managing partner of the Texas Rangers from 1989 until he became Texas governor in 1994.  During this period, his ball players like Jose Canseco, Rafael Palmiero, Ivan Rodriguez and Juan Gonzalez were way too busy pumping steroids up their rear ends for W. to notice any steroid shenanigans.  And George W. Bush professed that he had no idea that any of this was going on.  Maybe Bush was still to busy from his earlier days of snorting up lines of “coke” and alcoholic binge drinking to notice any steroid use? 

Is it a virtue to see no evil, hear no evil and feel no evil when a person chooses to look the other way in the face of evil?  A few years later, a majority of you SAHBA bums chose this man to be your president.  You chose George W. Bush in your image; now didn’t you?  And to think, you elected this moronic douche bag, not once, but twice.  The government that we have today is an exact duplication of your moral less characters.  

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to remain silent in the face of such emerging evil.  American’s love just love corruption and evil; that is why it is so prevalent in our society today.

Sure, let’s pretend that everything in Arizona and America is okay.  Is it any wonder that the American national conscience is now in the gutter of greed?  We have now chosen to become such a morally corrupt nation.   America today, willingly approves of its insatiable appetite for greed at any cost, and all at the expense of its long lost self proclaimed integrity. 

America, just look in the mirror and you will see an image of Barry Bonds staring back into your souls; along with the devil who laughs at your make believe moral charades.  Such fantasies that SAHBA members choose to promote; “The Community builder” mantra, “Family Values” and the “Sanctity of Marriage,” all bullshit themes of convenient deception.

America, just like L. J. McCreary and SAHBA’s deplorable cast of characters, they are all sick beyond redemption!  Is it any wonder that Tucson, Arizona and America are going hand in hand into the shitter at the very same accelerating rates?

Is it true SAHBA and Tucson, that your association/ city has agreed next year to hold the new American football bowl classic, called the “Toilet Bowl,” right in the center of your fair less city?


“The Arizona Refugee”

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