Date:  02 August, 2007

Subject:  Minneapolis Bridge Failure

Title:  Sure, go ahead republicans and pretend that everything is okay.

Dear republican SAHBA members:

London bridges falling down, falling down, falling down........... but why?  Did the English cut taxes and start foreign wars too?  Oh that’s right; they did it with that British Empire fiasco scenario.  When you start wars and occupy foreign countries, there is no money left for maintenance or infrastructure that is already in place.  And besides, when you have empires and occupations, you just end up pissing off a lot of people that eventually will revolt and fight against you.  Welcome America and McCreary Homes to economic reality 101.

How could anyone not know about the I-35W, bridge collapse in Minneapolis that happened yesterday, unless they were locked in a CIA water boarding jail cell in Egypt or holed up in an Osama bin Laden cave hotel along the Afghanistani/Pakistani border?

Could it be possible that a SAHBA business was responsible for building the bridge in Minnesota that collapsed yesterday? I wouldn’t be surprised.  SAHBA’s quality assurances are non-existent with certain builders, like L.J McCreary that they support.  Surely, there is a company like McCreary Homes who is responsible for the act of constructing or maintaining a defective building or a bridge structure to exist, and stay in relatively safe use, until it eventually collapses.

Yes republican SAHBA members, dig a hole, stick your head in it, cover yourself up and just pretend that everything is going to be phucking hunkey dorey. Unfortunately, some of us know better.  Something is very wrong in Arizona and also very wrong in America. You cannot start wars around the world, cut taxes for the rich wealthy phucks, and expect your God damn bridges to stay erect with Viagra like results.  Even after four hours of advertised bliss, a majority of your bridges will all collapse down, just like a limp dish rag that is hung from a railing, on a summer solstice sultry day in an open air market in Taipei.

It is now time once again to ring your little dish rags out to dry and pay up for such buffoonery.

Sure, let’s go ahead and support the $11 billion dollar a month or $4,000 dollar a second Iraqi war and just forget about infrastructure issues in the United States.  Republicans are for never ending war/profits, and the right to take away a women’s choice with respect to giving birth but they could sure care less about your health or if you live or die on the ride home for work.  Republicans only care about a person before birth and then once again when they approach death in a Terry Schiavo manufactured political drama production.  In between a life, republicans could give a shit less if you live or die.   

So why would a republican care about you or your family when they choose to send your children to wars in foreign lands, and choose to make health care unavailable for the masses.  Forty- six million Americans without health care insurance coverage is a national phucking disgrace!  Remember, bridge upkeep and bridge safety, just like health care insurance cost money.  Republicans politicians do not want to allocate money for programs like health insurance for the poor and middle class or infrastructure maintenance for the country, since there is only money for themselves, the wealthy and their no bid contracts for war mongering or congressional earmarked challenged constituents.

As a naive new president, Ronald Reagan once said, “Government is not the answer; government is the problem!”  So how is your Michael Brownie, your doing a heck of a job FEMA director and your doctored up FDA agencies doing these days with Katrina, E-Coli spinach, melamine laced food, lead painted baby toys in your mouth and numerous FDA drugs that just might have little side effect issues, like killing you, doing? 

FEMA and the FDA used to be wonderfully competent at doing their jobs to protect the American people. Unfortunately for us, since 2001, and the Bush Administration dismantling of these needed agencies, they both now suck with the same exact exuberance of teen-age pubescent incompetence!

And President Bush gave a press conference this morning, stating that the states are responsible for their bridges, but the federal government will help with monetary funds.  Why help Mr. President, if it is not the federal government’s responsibility to do so?  You don’t want to sign a bill for children’s health care, but you will promise money for a new bridge?  WTF is up Mr. President? 

Could it be that the Republican National Convention is scheduled to be held in Minneapolis in 2008?  I can already see the angry crowds protesting the republican convention and its heartless politicians that do not care.  I hope Mr. Bush provides Minneapolis with money for riot crowd control. 

Mr. Bush then offered his prayers and asked all of us to pray for the victims.  Phuck you Mr. President and your phucking faith based, zero dollar value initiative prayers.  Take your Christian evangelical bible and stick it up your recent colonoscopy roter rooter asshole.  Isn’t nice that you had tax payer fund provided health care in order to stick a garden like hose up your republican ass, while the rest of America doesn’t have the same benefit?  But prayers Mr. Bush are not going to do shit for the people that are still fastened with their seatbelts on, still submerged with blank stares in their watery grave autos as I write.  No, Mr. Bush, your prayers mean nothing.

And isn’t just a bit ironic to think, that Democrats and republicans, rich and poor could be submerged in their graves, the very same people who might have voted for George W. Bush and his enabling republican politicians like Sen. Norm Coleman and Gov. “Timmy” Pawlenty.”

Thank God our long national nightmare will be over in just about eighteen months unless Bush manages a miracle and the Democrats are too damn chicken shit to impeach his corrupt and law breaking ass.

Non- maintenance of infrastructure affects people from all walks of life.  Public highways and bridges are a great equalizer when it comes to the tragic consequences of people who use them.  Maybe if you were one of the ultra wealthy chosen ones, you could just charter a helicopter and leap frog over this whole awaiting mess. Yes, but some of the wealthy still used this bridge along with the poor, with the same sad tragic results.  Money in one’s bank account would not help you if you were in your chauffeured limo that was stopped in the middle of the span, while your last thoughts were that this event shouldn’t be happening to you, since you are a millionaire and you are special.   

Wrong, moose breath!

Let’s see, is it possible that Minnesota might have a republican Governor that has vetoed a democratic transportation bill not once, but twice?  Yup, that’s right; Minnesota’s governor, Tim Pawlenty.  The first time he vetoed an $8 billion dollar bill and the second time it was a $4 billion dollar bill that went down in flames with the same results.  It cost money to remain safe with structures that were built in the sixties but republican Governor “Timmy” Pawlenty doesn’t care too much if his constituents slide off the I-35 W bridge at the dinner time rush.  Maybe Governor “Timmy” should hire a group of republican “Lassies actors” to save the dinner crowd from crossing the I-35 W Mississippi River crossing? 

“Woof, woof!  What’s wrong girl?  “The phucking bridge is going to fall down Gov. “Timmy,” Why girl?  Because you phucking stupid, cheap ass republicans want to keep all of your money to buy cheap plastic shit at Wal-Mart!”  God Lassie, you know; you are so right!”  “Timmy” next takes out an unregistered hand gun and shoots Lassie right between the eyes for insubordination.  Republican boy Gov. Pawlenty then walks away with the gun in hand while the bridge decides to collapses the very next day.  Violence, physical or financial against man or beast, is the republican way of handling any situation that a republican has incompetently phucked up. 

The moral of this story is that a phucking barking shaggy ass dog knows more about infrastructure maintenance than a stupid republican does about his own ass hole!  End of moral!

What do you think Governor “Timmy” Pawlenty (R) chances are now for re-election in 2010?  How much do you want to bet that Minnesota republicans now pass a “gazillion” dollar transportation bill that Governor “Timmy” Pawlenty would sign even with his little republican pecker intact, even if he can’t find the gold plated pen that a constituent stuck up his republican chicken hawk ass for his incompetence?

The bridge, identified as #9340 in Minnesota, was built in 1967 and it was probably never designed to handle the amount of traffic or the weight of present day vehicles or obese humans.  Back then in 1967, there were 200 millions Americans in the United States and, now there are 300 million.  If there are more people, then there are more cars, more heavier people, more induced vibrations and more fatigue.  Put all of these fat people and their huge tanks together, end to end on a traffic stopped bridge and the weight adds up to structural failure for the condition of the stress cracked bridge that had existed for years.

God, even a moron could figure out that this was an inevitable outcome.  Come on, the bridge didn’t have a phucking chance against such human ignorance and apathy! 

Many Americans in Minneapolis each day drive their self ego enhanced tanks, with their pseudo macho names like Hummer, Suburban, Escalade, Navigator and Expedition, across tick tock, countdown bridges that can only take so much man made abuse.  And did you really expect this bridge that had known fatigue cracks, a marginal rating safety rating of fifty, a rating that equates to a verbal equivalent as “structurally deficient,” would stand forever with little maintenance.  Would you cross a bridge with your family if a sign was put up just before the bridge that stated it was “structurally deficient bridge ahead; cross at your own risk and have a nice day!”  I would jump out of my car and let it crash into the Mississippi before I would cross that potential death trap with my family. 

And how many more instances in your day are you being subjected to dangerous conditions that your government or corporation refuse to tell you about?  How many more bridges, nuclear plants, elevators, steam pipes, sky scrapers, radio towers, homes and airplanes are really being rated as “structurally deficient?”  WTF?  I bet it is more than any of us think.

But in essence, that is what you get when you have republican politicians, republican psychopathic CEO’s, a republican builder, or a President in charge of the nation.  There is a cost benefit ratio that is momentarily considered as a business decision that unfortunately states that some of you people are going to be asked to die for the almighty buck.  Don’t kid yourself; it happens every day in this country and also Iraq.

Remember the day that you voted for republican representation?  No, not the first time at eighteen and voted like your parents did, but in 2000 and 2004 when you should have had at least possesd a half of a brain.   Well, this is exactly what you get for your stupidity and greed.  There are no free lunches.  It is now time to pay the piper and I am afraid we will be paying for such a long, long time.  And tell your children and your grandchildren that they will be paying for your phucking political ignorance for decades to come.

There will be many more “infrastructure’ issues that will begin to surface their ugly heads in the next few years.  Many of the bridges, sewers, water pipes and steam pipes that were built any where from forty to over eighty years ago are in need of repair.  How much longer do you think they will last with such neglect? Just leave it up to the republicans and pretend that every thing is okay.

So please just go ahead and continue to elect your republican politicians to office and have them continue to fund wars and give tax cuts to the rich while the rest of us fall off of our bridges in our cars or are electrocuted in our beds from faulty electrical underground lines.  No problems, but the jewish lawyers will love all of the negligent law suits that they hope will come their way! 

Government is supposed to exist to protect the people; not to insure the profits for private corporations.  Somehow, some of you have figured a way to put your heads up your assholes and reversed this axiom of politics and civilization.  God help us if Ronald Reagan’s dream of government ever becomes true and privatization becomes the law of the land! We will be bankrupted in no time.

Like former college republican tax guru, former foreign agent to the country of Angola and consultant and supporter to President Bush, Grover Norquist once said; “I want to take government in the next twenty-five years and drown in it a bathtub.” So you republican morons just go ahead and pretend that everything is okay while the band is playing a sleepy, slow tune on the Titanic, as you choose to fall asleep from a little too much of republican vino.

But then again, the bath tub water has been running with your concurrence for such a long time now.

God help all of us!


‘The Arizona Refugee”

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