April 7, 2006
Yes, even dumbfucks can still fuck up uncontrollably during their last year in office. SAHBA Brokeback mountain; Abu Grahaib style.  This is what it feels like from a consumer standpoint due to SAHBA builders and their SAHBA backed lawsuits.

"Brokeback Builders"

This editorial piece is brought to you By SAHBA, “The Community Builder”, you know, the one who makes a conscience decision to support phucking “The Community”.

Out of the dark and desolate expanse of the 1980’s Sonoran desert night, there slithered out a warped, snake-like species comprised of uncommitted soulless people, ones who call themselves “custom home builders”.  Some of these so called “builders” were dedicated to the one and only principal that ever mattered to them; phucking with each other for the sake of just a few extra dollars.  Yes, maybe there were a few men who were actually phucking each other on the side and maybe even a few visited the so called “backside”, but this expose is not about retiring Rep. Jim Kolbe(R).  Over time, the real Tucson Brokeback Builders decided to enlist in something that was much more satisfying than just mere sex, cultivating the smell of the Devil’s legal tender; money 

These so called “community builders”, with their total lack of character and ethics, stewed in a cauldron under the hot desert sun of Tucson, Arizona, until they ( the rich white guys) decided to form a liaison promoting the contemptible merits of a Republican centered SuperPAC association.  This “association” sold to and eventually accepted by, the building contractors, was used exclusively to “purchase”…… Oops!  I am sorry, I meant to say “petition”, that’s right, “petition” our elected officials (sounds like Tom DeLay) in honor of the sacred ideology of pseudo-democracy.  The name of such a “noble” and corrupt endeavor is called none other than, voila… SAHBA!  SAHBA as we know it stands for the “cowboy mentality” influenced acronym, the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association, or as it is better known, “rich white guys” that want to phuck the public for pain and profit.  The WASPs all loved it.   In fact, the local Tucson WASPs could not get enough of this political home building power, since their European breed has been screwing consumers world wide for hundreds and hundreds of years.
SAHBA officials convinced the custom home builders of Tucson that it would be in their best interests to refrain from phucking each other and concentrate instead on phucking future home owners like Joe Q. Public.  The rational for this dysfunctional program could only be explained by the God-like pursuit of fame, fortune and fraud.  Unfortunately for the public, these guys absolutely fell in love with the scheme.  When SAHBA started, it was an incredibly novel idea!  White guys usually enjoy phucking each other religiously and continuously as much as they enjoy sometimes phucking themselves over the almighty buck.   And after all, isn’t that what the majority of white guys are born and bred to do; phuck people?  Hey, it’s genetics.  It’s in their blood – it’s just part of their European genetic makeup.  So, do you hear me ladies? Are you the kind of woman who says, “Oh no, not my man, he would never lie to me, unless of course, he’s awake? Oh Darling, isn’t time for you to buy me another diamond ring for believing all of your phucking lies that you tell me?  Oh Baby, you would never cheat on me, would you? You would?   Oh, you phucker, I hate you!” 

Do you realize that 25% of men don’t wash their hands after using a public restroom?  Personally, I think the percentages are much higher.  From my observations, the numbers are at least 50%. Oh, that’s gross!   I can’t wait to shake hands with the next white guy that I meet!  White guys don’t care about screwing themselves because of the transfer of disease and they sure as hell don’t care about the person that is standing next to them even if it could mean life or death. Yes ladies, aren’t little-white-bastard-greedy-guys, truly a special challenge in the game of life?  So what percentage of SAHBA members actually does not wash their hands after visiting the bathroom?  I bet the numbers are even higher!

To this day, SAHBA, actively encourages their builders and contractors to phuck homeowners by promoting cheap liability insurance through SAHBA.   In the recent past, SAHBA could even provide you legal advice and representation from the likes of legal prostitutes (lawyers) Marc Simon and William (Bill) Poorten of Snell and Wilmer (a Law Firm that chooses to phuck people for the pure pleasure of money).  At the time of our phuck job, Marc Simon (SAHBA’s attorney) was McCreary’s choice for the prostituting position of opposing counsel.  State Farm Insurance prostitute - the sexually frustrated, bitch-like-counsel, Elizabeth Claiborne, spent more money fighting us than it would have cost to fix our defective home.   Upon closer inspection and by default, most lawyers are nothing more than moral and legal prostitutes.  There will be more about this tantalizing subject in an upcoming essay to be titled, “Why I feel Marc Simon and Elizabeth Claiborne are Legal Phucking Whores.”

One way that SAHBA (“The Community Phuckers”) phucks the public is by encouraging their builders and contractors to purchase cheap builder defect insurance; incredible! Instead of encouraging the building of defect free housing, SAHBA promotes insurance because they plan to screw up.  Bob Kirk, President of the Southeastern Arizona Contractors Association, SAHBA/SACA/SUCKS, advocates obtaining cheap insurance through SAHBA since incompetent SAHBA builders can’t be trusted to not phuck over the consumer.  Isn’t that just great?  A President of a builder association that advocates buying cheap shit builder insurance to protect a builder from himself.  Is this insurance to protect a builder from his own negligence and incompetence?  Is this insurance to protect a builder from charges of fraud?  Is this insurance to protect a builder that hires unlicensed contractors or illegal aliens that they hire who which some smoke pot and get drunk on the job, and then go work on your custom home; just like happened with  L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes and Mike Clark of Terra Cotta Framing?  Sounds like a wonderful way to promote incompetence!

Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot about Mike McNary of McNary Concrete who phucked us over by having workers I believe were illegal aliens on his payroll!   So who cares if they could not pour a driveway the correct way to save their illegal butts?  Do you think Mike McNary knew they were illegals since all three workers did not speak English? Ray Quintero, McCreary’s incredibly incompetent phucked up supervisor told me that when he greeted the workers they didn’t understand a single word of English.   Did McNary ever check documents? Did McNary even know how to accomplish this incredibly complicated feat?  Do you realize during this past year, that there were only three companies in the United States fined for hiring illegal aliensUnphuckingbelievable!  In the very end, McNary simply did not care if the job was done correctly.  Maybe the next day the illegal workers traveled north-eastbound towards a part of the country that pays higher wages.  So much for worker loyalty, just the hidden cost of illegal migration!  McNary had his money, so what the hell did he care?

Today, Tucson builders are so closely aligned with SAHBA, the Super PAC builder, that they are entwined in an incredibly emotional and financial embrace that cannot be separated.  How could same sex marriage be any worse than same sex builders?  Same sex builders continue to phuck over the consumer in Tucson and the rest of Arizona.  Just “Google” up the story, “cracked houses” and read about how phucked up John McCain, Jon Kyl and the rest of Arizona’s politicians really are!

Ohh……Brokeback builders, “I wish I had never met you”.  Ohh….. Brokeback builders, “I wish I knew how to quit you”! 

Thanks, phuckers for nothing!
 Jack and Ennis

P.S.   Let it go on the record that I support gay rights, however, I do not support gays and rumored lesbians who enter politics (Jim Kolbe and Janet Napolitano), and then swerve to the “right” against basic human civil rights, all in the holy quest  to get reelected.  Does the fact that gays have to hide their lives and forego the ability to create a “family” make them vote against issues that would help traditional families?  I don’t get it, how could a gay man or rumored lesbian woman be a Republican or Republican lite (Napolitano), and vote against their fellow citizen?   How could a gay man or rumored lesbian align themselves with Republican attributes, and then organize against the basic rights of all – let alone the basic rights of gays?

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