Date:  17 July, 2008

Subject:  President Bush in Tucson

Title: Sen. Tim Bee looks for monetary help from the world’s worst and most corrupted, murdering president


Was there any doubt folks for you in 2000 or 2004?  Now today we have war, recession, job loss, a worthless dollar, mortgage crisis, foreclosures, civil rights erosions, $4.50 a gallon gas, etc..... but what the hell did you really expect?  Oh and I forgot, we haven’t caught Osama Bin Laden in almost seven years. Yes, smoke ‘em out, dead or alive; my ass you incompetent fool! Notice the smirk on  Sen.Tim Bee’s face.  This smirk is just like the one George W. Bush exhibits.  Do you think he is thinking about legislative rewards for no bid contracts and earmarks?  Why he even is dressed in black; just like a typical Washington D.C. political burglar. This is more than I really need to say, except try and imagine Sen. Tim Bee’s picture in the bottle, along with his republican crooked heroes from Washington D.C.


Dear SAHBA/NAHBA and Tucson citizens,

Tonight your 28 % approval rating corrupt president swoops into Tucson, not for a $5 dollar a gallon jet fuel stop, but instead for a traffic stopping money grab to help another fledgling corrupted politician to national power; Arizona republican State Senator, Tim Bee. 

And by the way, why is gasoline approaching $5 dollars a gallon and the economy being flushed down the toilet while George Bush still smirks and smiles and gets money from ignorant republican donors?  Could it possible that it emanates from a deficit driven, corrupt crony spending spree from a credit card charging war in Iraq?  Or instead, could it be a larger problem that George W. Bush’s Middle East region Crusade policy is to induce America into a Grover Norquist government drowning through bankruptcy because of perpetual war which is at the heart of our nose dive recession reality and the incredible run up in gasoline prices?  I think that you can bet your republican corrupted ass on either scenario.   

President Bush chooses to once again slide under the political radar, utilizing the cover of darkness, just like he has done in the past when visiting Baghdad on Thanksgiving Day, solely for photo op opportunities.  And just like his Baghdad arrival itinerary being kept a secret from the public, the very same secrecy and stealthy operation will be in effect for Bush’s 13 hour Tucson, over night layover to court wealthy donors away from their money.  But the president will not have to work very hard to achieve this goal since these corrupted republican individuals will open their wallets freely to pay off their lead representative hero of death; George W. Bush.

But surely you must agree that wealthy donors and company corporate owners deserve more Democracy and freedom to pursue even more wealth than you or I will ever have the chance to do.   Some say it is class warfare, but I say it is all about fairness and justice.  Call it what you must republicans donors to sleep at night.

Isn’t it utterly amazing that these well heeled, clueless people of greed still can support this Bush buffoon in 2008 as much as they did in 2000 and 2004?  Birds of a feather tend to flock together.   But then again hasn’t their support for George W. Bush always been about the issue of money?

Could it be that these wealth elite donors choose their politicians in their image to advance the cause of thievery, corruption, and for greater deposits into their bank accounts?  I now understand why these wealthy elite republicans choose to hide their donor parties and identities behind closed guarded gates and public introspection.  It would be so embarrassing to see such opulence and political prostitution while low income and middle class protesters invaded the sanctity of this solemn occasion for Democracy that is so easily up for sale to the highest bidders among you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of the people that will attend this Friday morning prostitution of our Democracy in order to boycott their companies in the future?  These people are anything but good, honest, patriotic people, but instead they are whores to the political process because they do it all for the love of money.  

But God forbid if the regular folks should ever see President Bush slip into some gated community and grovel for bucks from wealthy republican elites to put another sleazy ass, douche bag republican politician to do their bidding in that certified corruption capitol of the world; Washington D.C.  You got to just love America and its preponderance to remain the top banana in a banana republic country that lust for the misguided glory of empire.  History will repeat itself as the Romans, Spanish and British have proven.  When you think about empire and its continuity, they are just like a relay race or game of King on the Hill, where each country just passes the baton and cheers for the next contestant to lead others for profits at the price of bloodshed in distant countries for all to benefit from.  

And it is so very fitting that Bush will arrive under the cover of darkness to discourage any public protest against further damage to his imbecilic presidential public image.  What could be more fitting for a sitting president who has run the most secretive administration and continues this technique with secretive campaign donor parties?  Bush has by himself chosen to trash his legacy and the Constitution with his failed attempt at nation building in the Middle East, something that candidate Bush in 2000 said he would not do.  Liars will always find a way to continue lying, even if they are the President of the United States. 

And why did Bush pursue this folly and fiasco into the Middle East; simply to steal oil from Iraq and control the price of oil for his buddies at the multi-national oil companies.  Also as an added benefit, Bush could keep those open bid contracts going for Cheney’s old hangout corporation, Halliburton, to keep accruing while Israel would gain dominance over their Arab neighbors.  A three for one shot has never been a better deal for freedom; but just whose freedom are we talking about?  Could it be freedom to rape for profit?

So will Bush take a short detour tonight and visit any of the Tucson families that have lost United States service members in Iraq and Afghanistan?  I understand that there are quite a few. Surely Bush would want to thank these devastated families for the ultimate sacrifice that they have been asked to make in pursuit of his folly driven crusade into the Middle East for control of oil.  No?  You mean Bush doesn’t care who or how many young Americans die for his ill fated campaigns for oil and Israeli security in the Middle East.  God, I am shocked by this revelation from a man that used to stuff firecrackers up a frog’s ass and then ignite it. 

It sure would be nice to have a president who cares first about this country for once rather than giving primary attention to Israel and the Middle East.  Maybe once in your lifetime you will see a president that chooses to put the American people first.  

Could there be another good reason why Bush will spend the night in the Old Pueblo that will make Americans proud of their country.  No!  Bush will choose to spend his time with the wealthy elite, the people who have been called by him in the past, his base. There will be no drinking beers with the common everyday working folks tonight people, even though many of you voted for this political dunce because of your drinking buddy fantasies.  Bush will probably dine tonight on caviar and champagne and all at tax payers expense; meaning your expense.

Bush’s main reason for stopping in Tucson and slimming his way (not that Tucson needs any more sliming up) to the north of the city in the foothills, is for a private campaign funding party for republican state Senator, Tim Bee.  And what has been Tim Bee’s claim to political fame in Tucson?  Tim Bee was awarded by SAHBA presidential whore, Ed Taczanowsky with an association award for being one of the best (best for SAHBA interest) politicians (political prostituting whores) for SAHBA.   Rep. Jonathan Patton (R) was “honored” as the other SAHBA whore.  No finer couple of political hacks could be “honored” when it comes to being such good ole boy, corrupt politicians, who are in the hip pocket of the SAHBA building association and who choose willing to vote for SAHBA’s many agenda against the public’s best interest.  Did someone say that SAHBA stands for urban sprawl?

It has been rumored that President Bush will be staying at the wealthy palatial enclave of Foothills home owners, William and Jackie Bell, a wealthy republican couple who happen to be one of the few Arizonans beside John McCain who have not lost their home due to mortgage fraud or defective building foreclosure.  Who knows for sure about anything as long as this super secret, stealthy itinerary is followed?  It is assumed that this little get together for an alleged payout from $1 thousand to $25 thousand dollars a plate brunch party, will be at the same residence and then Bush will take-off on another tax payer funded campaign money stop to God knows where; Saudi Arabia maybe?  No, your most vacation time taking president will probably be off  to Crawford, Texas and his make believe, Hollywood prop enhanced ranch that he will be selling at the end of his corrupted presidency which will be in just a very short six months.    

Don’t you just love America and the crooked politicians that the public elects? 

One can even bet that former “Bush Ranger” and campaign daddy war bucks, auto czar businessman, Jim Click, along with jewish real estate land baron king, Don Diamond and even old SAHBA supporting, divorce court boy, Lute Olson will probably be attendance at this alleged $25K chump change and I mean thousands and not kilometers money plate brunch for the ever turtle looking phuck, Tim Bee.   I wonder how many times Jim Click has to slept in the Lincoln bedroom with all of his past campaign contributions?  One occurrence is even too many fro the cost of Democracy.  

Every single one of these wealthy millionaire elite from Jim Click to Don Diamond are anything but patriots and are only concerned with the idea of increasing their bank accounts at yours and the rest of the low income and middle class Americans expense.  The wealthy phucks of Tucson, the ones who will be attending this secret money love fest for Tim Bee, are the real scum of Tucson high society who believes that their great wealth insures that their money buys more American Democracy (corruption) than anyone else. Why anyone acknowledges these people existence or chooses to patronize any of their companies is an utter travesty of wasted potential civil monetary protest.  Why help these people harm your families when you can boycott their businesses to show your disdain for their corrupted endeavors?   These people understand how money talks.  It is the only thing that they understand.       

Why maybe even republican baby boomer herself, Christine Olson will make an appearance for her beloved republican party.  Do you think this is all an orchestrated event to get Christine and Lute back together again?  And why again did Lute file for divorce; was Christine fooling around on the old codger because of basketball abandonment or maybe he couldn’t he get it up any longer at his advanced John McCain age.   Is it true that Lute refused to swallow any more Viagra for his once beloved, second chance married, political vixen?  Only time will tell if this rendezvous of the republican elite was set up to bring these old money fools back together again.  It was once rumored that these two people were more in love with their respective selves than they were with each other.  But what would you really expect from a republican couple?

Just remember folks, according to Jim Click’s candidate John McCain and his economic guru, Phil Gramm, the rest of us peons out here are just “whining” during our moments of “mental recessions.”   You bet your ass we are out here whining, bitching, pissing and moaning.  The country is a persistent state of decline and dysfunctional malaise.  America has become a country that lies and believes in its political liars while they swirl down the toilet of American politics and life.  

But it will still be nice for you to see President Bush associate himself with a number of Arizona financial terrorist that prey upon the Arizona consumer, especially ones from the building and real estate industry.  Maybe the NSA can warrant less wiretap this campaign party and its accompanying communications to keep us safe from these scoundrel laden, financial terrorist against the working class citizens?

None of the participants in this money campaign party can be categorized as honorable people.  How can people come to see this murdering buffoon and pretend that you have any morals or scruples? If this campaign stop was so honorable then why all of the secrecy and why do the participants demand such elite status anonymity.  Are people like Jim Click ashamed of something or are they worried about pissing off their potential Democrat and Independent future clients?  Wasn’t it Jim Clicks cousin and business partner who said and I paraphrase; “it’s too bad that they we have to sell to Democrats; such republican arrogance?”

It is too bad that Tucson’s empty soul, elite power couples tonight and tomorrow morning will choose to host and support a slimy, death promoting person like Bush who is responsible for the deaths of over 4,000 Americans and hundreds of thousands Iraqi civilians.  The people that attend this pooling of money celebration should be ousted and ostracized as people who do not posses a heart or even a mind to perceive such evil.

Tim Bee is such an embarrassment to Democracy, the rule of law and the Constitution in order for him to be associated with these economic barbarians and military empire, conquest supporting individuals.  But then again, Mr. Bee chose to align himself and snivel up to SAHBA and Ed Taczanowsky for pursuit of the almighty buck and potential power with his allegiance to such a corrupt organization.  Shame on you state Sen. Tim Bee and shame on the people who support you.  Tim Bee you should be very ashamed of yourself and your SAHBA association for being such lying, cheating and stealing republicans.  But I do understand Sen. Bee how it is almost humanly impossible for republican individuals like your self to act otherwise.

But please don’t worry Tucson, the stink from Bush’s presence will quickly wear off and then you can return to the smell of urban sprawl.  And who other than Jim Click’s and his SUV’s that he has sold been responsible for your rat race urban city sprawl.  What a despicable man Jim Click is to support urban sprawl, SAHBA and George W. Bush, all at the very same time.  Mr. Click’s only goal in life in my opinion is to take your money and pollute your city on his terms.  And Tucson will also have to put up with another smell, the one of rotting ethical behavior if Tim Bee is elected to Congress to represent you. 

So Tucson, how corrupt and evil do you believe that you people are?  Forget about the wealthy phucks and their corporations that fuel the republican Party and stop, think, and then decide what you will stand for and stand against. 

Will you choose to stand for the trashing of the Constitution, for the cessation of the Rule of Law, for war, for torture, for $4.50 gasoline, for an absence of health care, for domestic spying, for K Street and government corruption, for recession, for stock market collapse, for mortgage and foreclosure meltdown, for lack of health care insurance, for pension collapses and for inflation or will you vote instead for Democratic candidates that will fix this mess that republicans have bestowed upon this country?   What will you stand or fight for Tucson?  

Your actions this November in the voting booth and in the silence during the middle of the night that precedes this vote will say multitudes about yourself and the direction which this country chooses to proceed.  John McCain if given the chance, will without a doubt, finish the destruction of this country which George W. Bush has so easily orchestrated and has almost achieved.  “There will be more wars;” but  I say why?  What about our nation’s DNA that programs the majority of you to approve of killing and remain so silent when it is happening? 

Remember the politicians that we will elect will not reflect the character of the people that you choose as much as it will reflect upon your character and your morals or lack of  such morals that you seek in a candidate.  Why anyone who is not wealthy chooses to vote for the republican Party, which is the Party of the wealthy and corporate elite, never ceases to amaze me in their ignorance. You have all been taken on a deceptive ride of corruption and military conquest for profit for over a generation now.  It is time to wake up Tucson and America and stop the destruction of our Constitution and our country before any more damage occurs.

And the most important point to remember that even though we have our difference with the president, he will always be considered in my book, to be a first class douche bag and a moronic dick head, who will be considered the worst phucking president ever.  And I wonder how many people that voted for this moron, the same ones that drove around in their SUV’s with Bush/Cheney 2004 bumper stickers will ever admit publicly their utter and complete ignorance of their vote.

Enjoy your close presence Sen. Bee near President Bush tomorrow, but hopefully the slime and smell of death will not rub off onto you and then add to your already slimy enhanced, SAHBA smelling, tainted character.


“The Arizona Refugee”

Candidate Bush's message to what he plans and promises to do to the middle class and lower income American families if elected in 2000 and 2004 Well President Bush was true to his promise and he continues with the same seven year plus message for middle class and lower income American families to think about and continue to suffer.  Would some of you still like to drink a beer with this man; and why?
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