Date:  24 September 2008

Subject:  President George W. Bush

Title:  A Speech of Total Fear

A muted translation of the Bush speech on the economy. America, do you trust me or do you trust my lying eyes?

In retrospect, America was fucked on January 20, 2001; Bush’s first day in office.



Dear republican SAHBA members,

It’s hard to believe that it has been over a year since your president has deemed it important enough to address solely the American people in a formal nighttime briefing set.  Surely without looking at the calendar, we must be in the very last year of the Bush presidency.  Thank You God.    

So who was this guy, all dressed up in a black suit and red tie, standing before a teleprompter with a written speech before his eyes, one that he could not ever write himself?  Was it a robot?  Was it really our dick headed, lame duck President, George W. Bush who has lied to us at every turn in the past before us?  Fool me once; you don’t say! 

Jesus Christ Bush, we didn’t recognize you with your painted face, since it seemed so white from lack of sun.  I wonder if Dubya has been staying in the presidential lame duck, “duck blind bunker” with Dick Cheney.  No shotguns please.  And then again, maybe it was just a dab from John McCain’s $5000 dollar makeup tool kit. 

But never mind that we have on-going wars and that Americans are dying in two foreign countries with more wars planned for the future.  Never mind that foreclosures in this country have been increasing exponentially for the past two years.  No, there is no need to address the American people because everything is just fucking hunky dory on the streets of America.

I trust many of you watched President Bush speak to the nation tonight concerning the enormous economic disaster and financial cancerous snowball that Bush has allowed to grow on his watch.  Why do something about it now when it is beyond too late?  Maybe that is exactly what the Bush administration has always wanted?  

Was it me or did it seem to you that Bush did not have a clue what he was talking about as he read form his scripted teleprompter?  The president that has not been curious about many issues now finds himself as the benefactor of being the ill fated protector on 9/11, losing wars on multiple fronts, a disastrous response with Hurricane Katrina and now an economic potential disaster on his watch.  The deer in the headlights look, is the look Bush projects when confronted with great events; fear.  History and my self will not be very kind in writing about the Bush legacy.

Didn’t Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson say as early as this past April that everything in the U.S. economy was fundamentally strong?  What happened?  Didn’t President Bush say that his administration was not in the business of bailing out companies and banks?  Was he lying to us or was this a planned installment of Disaster Capitalism to hand cuff the incoming 2009 president, Barak Obama with? 

I believe this current financial crisis is one that has been planned for the American people for a very long time.  Do you remember Bush’s tax guru, Grove Norquist who said that he wanted to drown government in a bathtub?  A government that has died by drowning would never have the opportunity to bail out the wealthy with our possible $700 billion dollar transfusion.  By eventually bankrupting America, the republicans will be able in the next administration to blame Democrats for the financial collapse and in turn tell the American people five years down the road, in another potential republican administration that Social Security and Medicare have to be ended.  This is the plan.  Healthcare anyone; forgetaboutit!

Bush’s bleak response to this growing calamity has been just like the persona of bubble encased, Sarah Palin, with another deer in the head lights moment, the same look that Bush had on 9/11, while reading “My Pet Goat.”  Unfortunately, this time for the American people, this brain dead look has been elongated over a period of seven and a half years.  Make no mistake Mr. and Mrs. America; either way, we are totally fucked.

Can there now be any doubt ladies and gentlemen that this terribly flawed man should have been impeached a long time ago?  The Congress, Nancy Pelosi and the republican members of this institution have done a grave injustice to the Constitution and to the American people by letting him remain.

President Bush has been like a bull on steroids in a fine china plate store and the damage is only increasing.  I really don’t think this country can even take another four months of this buffoon.  Impeachment should never be off any kind of table.  No vote for Pelosi from me.

During the speech, I sipped on a stiff cocktail, and I used these words as a pacifier for my indignation.  Did any of you try these same words to describe your dissatisfaction with Mr. Bush?  Were any of these words under your breath?  Were any of these words in your thoughts?  Please tell the truth, oh please. 

Fuck you- 23 times
Oh, fuck you Bush- 10 times
Fucking ass-hole – 6 times
Ass hole - 4 times
Son of a Bitch - 3
Lying cock sucker - 2
God Damn lying Bastard- once

I am so sorry folks, but when I am angry about losing my home, my land, my credit rating, my future, my dreams and my country, I tend to say the F word in copious amounts with out further thought or filter.  It’s a sub-conscious kind of thing.  If you are not angry at what has transpired in America for the past seven and one-half years, you are possibly sleeping, ambivalent, a republican or just plain fucking dead.  But now, everyone is awake, because the threat of standing in a single file formation, soup kitchen line, is an increasing possibility.  Nice job republicans! 

Personally, I will never forgive George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Ari Fleisher, John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzalez, Michael Mukasey and all of the republican enablers who have given these people the power to ruin our country; the ignorant republican and independent voters.  Doesn’t it say something when a dead man can beat Ashcroft and he is still chosen and confirmed as America’s Attorney General?  And to think we consider ourselves smart and informed voters.  America is full of shit along with their corrupted politicians.

Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early (bull shit)!  Jesus Christ America; we are being looted and no one seems to cares?

Come on people, I have been telling you about these incompetent Bozo’s for almost five years now.  If we had changed the presidency in 2004 we would not be in the financial predicament that we find ourselves in today.  For one, we would have had an Attorney General and a Justice Department that investigates and prosecutes these financial criminals.  For the past seven and one-half years we have had a free for all with the greedy criminals on Wall Street and in mortgage companies running wild throughout America.  The Bush Administration has allowed their wealthy buddies to go unchecked.   

We are all going to have to pay for this now.  Let see how you feel when the dollar is de-valued and prices of goods increase after we start borrowing the $700 billion dollars from China and Saudi Arabia.  We will now be in the hock, by leveraging our futures to these foreign countries, because of our uncontrollable greed.  It’s time to get your check book out Mr. and Mrs. republican America.  And as far as the republican Party being known as the party of fiscal responsibility; my ass!  Give me a fucking break.

Isn’t this so like the movie Blazing Saddle when Cleavon Little as the black sheriff named Bart, puts a gun to his head and says don’t move or the black guy gets it?

Bush and the republicans are putting a gun to our head with the economy and threatening to pull the trigger if we do not capitulate and transfer more borrowed wealth to the criminals on Wall Street and their smaller benefactors along Main Street; the real estate and home construction building industries.  It’s not like there wasn’t any corruption involved with the Military Industrial Complex in Iraq now.  Either way we turn, it will be like voting for a politician; the lesser of two evils.  Maybe none of the above is the appropriate answer. 

Is there any doubt that politicians and former politicians should be arrested for treason against the American people?  Were they casting votes for John McCain’s “Country First” bull shit or were they voting to fill up their bank accounts. 

As I have said many times before, a legal public execution of a former politician such as Phil Gramm of UBS would immediately stop many people, especially the wealthy ones on Wall Street from ever again pilfering and swindling the American people.  And this comes from a guy that is not in favor of the Death Penalty.  I would make an exception in this case in order to rid ourselves of sleazy politicians like former Sen. Phil Gramm, (R-TX), Rep. Randy Duke Cunningham (R-CA), William Jefferson (D-LA) Rick Renzi (R-AZ) and numerous Wall Street CEO’s for swindling the American tax payer and their dreams.

Again, all it would take would be just one public display of legalized justice to clean these filthy institutions of these vermin soaked bastards and it would remain that way for a very long time.  Wealthy fucks and republicans can’t stand the site of blood or the thought of not enjoying their material goods. How about it Congress?  Let us have a bill passed that would really do something good for the American people for once?

Please always remember the motto: republicans lie cheat and steal.  If you promise to never, ever put Bush on the television again I promise to eat a bar of soap and choke on it in celebration.

Thank God the speech only lasted less than fifteen minutes because I might have ran out of superlatives to describe our Commander in Douche Bag status as a certified fucking asshole and liar.  Sure, go ahead and lie to us about the grave situation that is approaching us for certain with another “mushroom cloud” like scenario that falsely was linked to Iraq.  Sure Bush, go ahead and tell us what a grave danger the economy has become on your watch.    

Really America, shouldn’t 58 million of you in 2004 seen that this man was a pathological fucking, lying ass, moron?   But did it matter since you voted for him anyways?  Now look what you have gotten.  This man has allowed his wealthy cronies to ruin this country.  Do you realize how many people in the world would have lived throughout the world if Bush had not been re-elected?  And to think, Americans believe that they are so smart.  No America, Joe six pack and the American Idol elite are stupid beyond belief.  Rah, rah, let’s go kill somebody in Iran to make us feel better in the interim.  Yes, that sounds like intelligence.

Whatever happened to that ownership society bravado that Bush once bragged about?  Puff; in an instance it was all gone like the wind.  Wasn’t it just good all fashion greedthat has taken America to its breaking point abyss?  Whatever happened for you being responsible for the candidate that you put in office?  You republicans own this buffoon; don’t you?  It’s time to pay for your mistakes.

Hey boys and girls no matter what kind of bull shit you feed yourself these days, your taxes are going to go up to pay for this consumer rip off.  I am incensed like many million of other good American families, that these same types of bastards had their parts in taking away my home due to foreclosure and now they want me to pay more of my taxes to replenish the money they have gambled away with the fact of their greed.

May I propose that all of the “good Americans” the ones that were afraid of gays, the ones who were religious rights wackos, the ones who were afraid their taxes would go up a few bucks, please sign a check over to Bush for $24,000 for each family of five.   While you are at it, sign another check to cover not only your portion of this bailout boon dongle, but also cover the “smart” Americans that did not vote for Bush.   He has been your candidate and you should have to pay for this stupid fuck, rip off artist.

Why shouldn’t my corrupt ass, fraudulent and defective builders, L.J. and Denise McCreary of SAHBA backed McCreary Homes, pick up the tab for my family’s part?  Didn’t McCreary, SAHBA and State Farm Insurance contribute directly to this financial mess by forcing my family into foreclosure?  Shouldn’t McCreary be forced to pay our share of the bail out tax money?  Why are we the people, who have been screwed by these building, real estate and mortgage criminals, forced to pay once again for the greed?

Yes, the building, insurance and legal whore industries along with my corrupted government can take every thing away from me and my family, but they cannot take away my soul.  Fuck you! 

Shouldn’t the big dog donors like Jim Click, Lute Olson and Don Diamond have to contribute even more? How about Jim Click, a Bush Pioneer in 2000 and a Bush Ranger in 2004, a person who has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Bush Campaign and the republican Party, sign over the first check for a hundred thousand dollars to defray the cost of his economic hero; George W. Bush.  Didn’t Karl Rove come to Jim Click’s house for a fund raiser in 2004?  Yes he did.  Pay up Click.

Why any Democrat or Independent would ever buy an auto from this neocon supporting nerd and exponential tax increasing promoter of republican politics baffles my mind.  Remember the next time that you think about a new car and you can’t afford one because of the high taxes to pay for de-regulation and the de-valued dollar.  Just remember to think of good ole boy Jim Click, who helped to make all of this possible.  Thanks Click for the incredible additional debt.

President Bush now begs us to adopt his rescue plan because consumer and investor confidence are in the dumps.  Investor and consumer confidence are in the toilet because of the incredible fraud and corruption that plagues this country not only in John McCain’s Arizona, but around this entire country.  Some states, especially ones in the South and Southwest are much worse than others.  Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi are practically incest related when it comes to builder fraud.

Fraud and greed have eroded consumer and investor confidence to a stand still.  Don’t lie to us, don’t cheat us, don’t steal from us and people like my self would have paid off our mortgages and there would not be a foreclosure or credit crisis.  Go ahead continue to lie to us, cheat us,  swindle us on our mortgages and car loans, and they will always be in question of foreclosure and repossession and so will foreign investor confidence.

But it was still the speech that makes me marvel with contempt.  Sure enough, George W. Bush came out swinging with the doom and gloom, mushroom cloud; you’re all going to die if you don’t do this.  Bush used this same technique that he introduced to the American people in 2002, with lead up and rush to the Iraq War.  He lied to us then; he’s lying to us now. 

President Bush brought out the same old home team of Karl Rove sponsored fear invoking words and images like;  long painful recession, widespread loss of confidence, distressing scenario, restricted lending, serious problems, millions could lose jobs, immediate action, worry, halt, shutting down, precarious, depression, stock market loss, risk, financial panic, foreclosure, default, danger, decline, dried up, unreliable, immanent collapse, instability, rescue effort, serious financial crisis, uncertainty, frozen, harder, and economic collapse.  And these words and phrases were only pulled from just the first part of the speech. 

Jesus Christ; did Bush speech writer use every God damn negative connotation that was found in the English dictionary?   Holy shit Batman; I am really bummed now by just the prose.  Let’s go rob a bar Robin and make us feel better.

As FDR once said; “All we have to fear, is fear itself.”  I don’t believe George W. Bush ever knew about the quote from this great president.  What George W. Bush is really trying to say to the American people is; “All we have to gain, is from fear itself.”  These statements are similar in style but opposite in meaning.  Whose advice would you follow; FDR or GWB?

Well my God.  That is a shit load of panic that Bush has just peddled to the American people.  Its time for dinner honey; and don’t worry about making me a plate dear since I have plans to jump out the window as soon as Bush’s speech has concluded.  What the hell did Bush exactly want the American people to do with this speech; shake and cower?

Well wasn’t that a head full of thoughtful images for the American people to sleep upon tonight in restless fashion, while they grind their dentures into plasticized pulp.  Well Martha; it’s time for bed, and by the way, can you get me a case of beer and intravenously put me asleep?  Maybe it would be better to stick the twin catheters inside your ears and just concentrate the solution on the brain.  God this was worse than 9/11 or Iraq.  We better give the guy the money or we are all toast!    

No, the American people will not count sheep tonight but instead they will count their dwindling 401 K’s and imagine the possibilities of a gloomier retirement; that is if they can afford to retire at all.  “The Golden Years” will now become “The Lump of Coal Years” that George W. Bush and the republican Party has now brought to you as an early Christmas present.

President Bush explained in an Eddie Murphy, Mr. Robert’s SNL style speech, how these problems simply happened with an influx of foreign capital, low interest rates and easy credits.  Oh really?   I thought it was all of those greedy people that couldn’t help themselves to stop taking in all that credit and money? 

If I recall Anna Stark of defunct Tucson based, First Magnus Corporation was listed in a magazine article stating that it didn’t matter to them if clients defaulted on their loans since they would still be able to make a profit with the appreciating home prices.  And what goes up eventually comes down Mrs. Stark.  All of sudden it did matter if client could pay the mortgage and First Magnus succumbed to bankruptcy very quickly in August of 2007.  First Magnus played with the sword and they financially died with that very same sword. 

And where in the fuck is John McCain’s behind the scenes economic advisor, former Texas senator, republican Phil Gramm?  I am sure he is in the same bunker with McCain lobbyist Vicki Iseman.  Mr. Bush failed to mention that Sen. Phil Gramm’s (R- TX), was responsible for sponsoring “The Financial Services Modernization Act,” of 1999.  This bill deregulated the banking industry and brought to you the mounting problems which we are experiencing today.

The following year in 2000, Sen. Phil Gramm (R-TX), inserted a 266 page supplemental bill called “The Commodities Futures Act” into an appropriations bill.  This bill was inserted at the very end of the Clinton presidency to help prevent regulation/oversight concerning energy futures trading (The Enron Loophole) and to increase the speculation of energy issues; especially oil.  Why do you think you were paying $4.75 a gallon for premium gas in June?  Both of these two consumer unfriendly, economic disastrous bills contributed greatly to the current market’s sudden implosion.  But as always, I am sure that a few people got incredibly wealthy during these energy run-ups; all at our expense.

John McCain (Mr. De-regulator) along with Phil Gramm (Father of De-regulation) were all smiles and clapping away in 1999 during the signing statement of this bill.  President Bush also failed to mention Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan’s assault on the market with incredibly low interest rates that pumped up the housing boom economy as a replacement for the implosion.  Yes, one bubble was replaced with another.

Please remember, there was an election coming up in 2004, so the economy could not be an issue. So Bush and Greenspan let the good times roll.  These low interest rates continued causing speculation and became a factor that threw gasoline on to the housing bubble inferno.  I recall reading in 2005 that this housing bubble was all going to come crashing down in a very short time.  It eventually did.

Because of this situation, a select few on Wall Street and the people who sold real estate, built homes and mortgage lenders profited from these shady, lying ass contracts.  As long as there was cheap money and no risk, the sky was the limit in building.  These people would say anything because they would take their cut and run.  These people knew that in places like Arizona, the Attorney General, be it Janet Napolitano at the time in 2000 or Terry Goddard today, they were both too chicken shit to investigate and challenge these fraudulent real estate agents, mortgage providers or builders. 

Americans like my family were just collateral damage as the cost of doing business.  White collar crime always seems to walk.  You can steal a candy bar from a Circle K party store, be promptly arrested and then go to jail.  But if you rip off a family for hundreds of thousand of dollars, you walk away like a fucking saint to Heaven.  This is corruption of our government agencies and our politicians at its finest.

Something is terribly wrong in Arizona and America. 

Please remember that financial issues worked out very nicely for Phil Gramm, with him making millions as a member of Swiss bank, UBS, at every ones else’s expense.  Because of Phil Gramm’s bill to bundle mortgage securities, banks and mortgage brokers did not care if you were going to repay the debt or not, because the risk was sold to investor within days of your closing. 

The foreign and American investment banks (Bear Stearns, Lehman Bros., and UBS) were now responsible for taking on the risk.  They lost on their bet for fabulous profits and now we, the American people will be forced to bail out these risk takers, including foreign banks.  The American people will be anointed to accept these risks; all because of our greedy corrupt financial system was brought to a halt by a vote of investors no confidence. 

Who in their right mind would want to deal with a corrupt country that is so un-regulated as to resemble a financial Ponzi style Scheme of third world economic ethics?

The foreign investor was responsible for the risk until American began to default and the foreign investors then began to say; “we are not investing in America anymore because the risk are too high.”  As we have seen, it doesn’t take America very long to drop to its knees.  America can not exist with credit provided from foreign countries like China and Saudi Arabia.  And we have created these foreign banking institutions by exporting American jobs to China and purchasing increasing amounts of oil from Saudi Arabia.  Yes, America like a junkie is addicted to expensive oil and cheap ass junk.

As always, there was no free lunch for these sellers of bundling mortgage securities.  It was a free for all, the Wild West of financing, with an all in one, don’t ask, don’t tell, steroid orgy, the chickens have now come home to roost.  You, your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will now be asked to pay the piper for the sins of the banking and financial services industry millionaires and the people from the real estate, mortgage and building industries. 

This whole mess of this Bush Administration plan has its drawbacks to the local economies of each state.  As they say; all politics are local.  My family’s story is rooted in the corruption of Arizona republican politics that protects real estate and building companies from fraud investigation.  This is something that is not new in Arizona, because real estate corruption has been going on before Don Bolles, an Arizona Republic reporter, who in 1976 was blown up in a car bomb explosion by men associated in the past with Cindy McCain’s father; Phoenix major Budweiser beer distributor, Jim Hensley.

And it doesn’t matter that the Governor and Attorney General are Democrats in Arizona, since they are actually categorized as republican lites.  All of these corrupt politicians in Arizona are controlled by the main economic engine of Arizona; the home construction building and real estate industries.   Once again in Arizona, it’s all about money.         

As some of you must know by know, greed from a SAHBA builder, L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes is what financially took my family down in 2003.  I find it interesting that my family during this period must have been one of the first families’s defrauded by the real estate and building industry of Arizona and America.  Everything was going pretty good in 2000 but some builders like McCreary latched onto the insurance gravy train defense and the Arizona republican SAHBA protection racket to increase profits.  Hey, but after all, what is a Super PAC status good for if you can’t buy your SAHBA politicians, Jonathan Patton (R) and Tim Bee (R) outright?

Yes, we are only one family’s story, but start multiplying this by the many stories of fraud and deceit among the real estate and building industry in John McCain’s Arizona.  

What about the story of a World War II veteran, Mr. Ellis Herman who was defrauded by LONG Realty and First Magnus Mortgage Company?  My family was first defrauded by LONG Realty’s Fran Epsen in collusion with a secret monetary kick back scheme, from L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes.  The people in the real estate, mortgage and home building industry are heartless sharks when it comes to skimming profits.  Such greed always kills the good idea of home ownership, security and pursuit of American Dream.

Think about what you have just seen, but realize that your moronic president will be transferring humongous national debt that has been accumulated by George W. Bush to the next president.  Hasn’t this all been by design?

The American people after everything that they have been through with the lying Bush Administration for the past seven and one-half years should not be fooled by the cries of the boy dictator, crying wolf again.  After all, it’s not like this psychopath, who promised to bring you honor and integrity to the White House has ever lied to you.

Be careful of the character of men who are presidents or ones that want to be.  Be very careful of the ones who promise to bring honor and integrity to their position, but instead only scheme to cry wolf with lies that are designed to only scare you into doing things their way.

As a nation we exude the attributes of a third world banana republic country.  We must come to grips with our national character that has been based upon telling lies and doing anything for the almighty dollar.  It has become standard procedure and accepted practices to lie, to cheat, to steal, to pilfer, and to do whatever one has to do to get the most money for a shabbily done service or a defective made product. 

America has evolved in its evaporating and shallow character to the point that it lacks any hint of integrity or compassion for its fellow man.  To do any less, as we certainly have accomplished to this point, will be the final ingredient towards exposing the great secret Colonel Sanders America formula equation that ruins the American empire forever.

We are on the precipice of disaster, not for bail out money, but instead for our lack of character and integrity.  Just ask L.J. McCreary what this lack of human qualities can do for the security of a good Arizona family.  Lies and deceptions ruin the very fabric of American life. My self of all people realize the true financial, emotional, spiritual and physical cost of such lying and deceit upon families.

Why would God ever bless America; a country that lies, cheats, steals and eats its own people with even more lies; how very presumptuous.  Maybe Jeremiah Wright was correct after all, God is damning America for its current and past sins.  If anything, pray to your God to help America shed its ugly promotion and infatuation with greed.

America, please enjoy your crippling tax increase for the $ 700 billion dollar bridge loan to no where.  Your tax payer funded loan will only acknowledge the distinct honor of revealing to the world how much it cost Americans to play the game that we so enjoy;  the 21 century American art of swindling one another, just for the fun of it.

I am so ashamed for President Bush and for all of you enablers that have supported this terribly flawed man.   Thanks for being a part of the republican team that ruined America; and it all happened because of your uncontrollable greed.  I will apologize to my grandchildren on your behalf but at least I can say that I was most definitely not part of the problem.  “Country First” versus your “Party First” was never considered.  Republicans equal greed. 

America, you should be so ashamed of yourselves for letting this happen!


“The Arizona Refugee”

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