Date:  17 September 2008

Subject:  The American Economy  

Title:  Conservative Casino-ism; (aka) as Gambling with the Economy

Learn more dumb ass gambling techniques republican conservatives to gamble away the American economy. Well do you feel lucky Mr. republican conservative to gamble away some more of the American economy? Yes let’s have John McCain’s back stage economic advisor, former Senator Phil Gramm ( R-TX), roll away your 401k’s retirements and the Golden Years in one throw.



Dear republican SAHBA puke members,

Hasn’t it been such an exciting time to live in America this past week?  No?  Oh, I see, your 401K has been decimated.  Has it been down right scary instead for you especially those of you in the home building industry?  The home building industry along with the American economy is great peril.  And why is this?  Could it be that greed has once again reared its ugly head as it did in the 80’s with the Savings and Loan Swindle Scandal? 

Those who have not learned from the sordid history about greedy ass, hollow soul republicans, are doomed to repeat the grave and greedy mistakes of voting for republican candidates.

Please notice how another corrupt bastard prick named Bush, George H., who was the president when this little swindle on the American people happened.  Did you forget America?  Could it all be just a coincidence?  No, I don’t think so.  

So here we are in 2008 and we are about to take a George W. Bush, highway to hell moment, which is approaching the Danger Zone meltdown temperature at accelerating supersonic speed while “Maverick” is having another senior Alzheimer moment.   Senior retired phuck, elderly “Maverick” is ready to fly us right into the abyss of a shoulder fired man pad missile projectile while his airplane and brain are out of airspeed and out of anti-dementia medication and any coherent pleadings.  By the way; there are no good places to land for an airplane, kite or the American economy to land safely on.   

The republicans and the Bush Administration are taking your money and retirement income and gambling it away in a drunken Navy sailor shore leave moment.   Who in America does not love and appreciate the adrenalin rush of casino gambling.   I don’t, but I understand many of you have no problem with such antics.  When it comes to what happens in Las Vegas and the stock market, fellow gambling lovers, the only thing that is going to stay there is the hard earned money that was once safely in your wallets.

You people fall for the republican John McCain type shit chants for lower taxes, every time, like Pavlov’s dog, but how does it feel right now Mr. and Mrs. America to have the largest tax in history slapped on your right wing, religious right, family values, sanctity of marriage, anti–gay, disaster asses Capitalism morons without further discussion?  Isn’t it precious when a person can understand that republican leadership spells debt and depression?

Make no mistake Mr. and Mrs. America, during this time of disappearing stock market crashing equity reality, just remember that your republican leaders are lying, cheating and stealing their way to your retirement security and bank accounts as I speak.   This is what all republicans do.  It is buried deep within the helix of their DNA’s!

Did you think that republican goal of removing defined benefit pensions and converting them to 401 K’s was a vehicle for your retirement security anyways?  No, it was a vehicle for these wealthy republicans and slimy politicians to steal this very money for your retirement accounts that you thought would once provide security for those “Golden Years” that are quickly becoming the “Lump of Coal Years” due to stock market manipulations.  And never, ever swindle you into letting these republican bastards take away your Social Security funds because that is your “meal money” fund when everything else goes to shit; which isn’t to far off in the distance. 

This is has only been the final chapter in the great transfer of wealth from the middle class to the greedy ass wealthy white, republican constituents.  I have never been more afraid, dismayed and overall pessimistic about the state of the American Dream and American culture as I am today.  I knew that this country and John McCain’s Arizona back in 2003 were phucked up, but I never realized to what extent that America/Arizona was this phucked when it turned its back on my family when corruption and fraud reared its ugly head, until the economic conditions of 2007.  But I did hear and read from a knowledgeable person that commented on real estate in 2005, that this day of reckoning was coming with the real estate and the banking industry.   

Your republican chosen government has governed this country for the past seven and one half years under the principals of conservative casinoism.  You know, the principal that states that any type of government oversight and controls are bad when you are intent on gambling the people retirement money in order for the wealthy and corporate elite to skim the top of the economy for profits.  This principal also states that companies can gamble and lose, but the Federal government will grant them a get out of jail card bail out for their risking with economic welfare.  You as part of being just a regular person are then responsible to cover corporate America’s follies with your tax dollar.  Corporate welfare seems to be an honorable goal, but any type of social or monetary welfare for the people and their troubles are considered to be a republican conservative taboo. 

We have just experienced the worst financial week of stock market and banking collapses since the Great Depression.  Who....wee, what a ride!   What an exciting and patriotic time to be an American?  More tax cuts for the wealthy please?  Maybe we can just have a Guy Fawke’s night and pool our money, real estate titles and stock portfolios together and just burn them in the Great Bonfire equity burn of 2008.  And who should America thank for all of this wealth evaporating skill; the republicans!  Aren’t those compassionate conservatives just a bit too much? 

John McCain’s economic guru, former Senator Phil Graham (R) of Texas, the same person that caused this banking and mortgage crisis collapse by pushing the Futures Commodity Act of 2000, is still advising McCain behind the scenes.  Phil Graham is currently employed as an executive of UBS, a Swiss banking conglomerate.  Phil Graham, America really loves you for your service and the selling out of America and your country for the almighty buck.

Well, isn’t it amazing what a week on the 2008 campaign trail can make?   The greed that has been allowed to run rampant for the past seven years is now coming to a grand finale crescendo.   Bush tax neocon guru, Grover Norquist will finally get his wish of drowning American government during the next 25 years by having George W. Bush and his republican enablers like John McCain doing the job of bankrupting the country in just eight short years.   The amount of money that has been lost in the mortgage meltdown and now government bailout of banking institutions has exceeded a trillion dollars of value.  Hey, don’t worry folks because it is only paper money.

The country for all to see is finally showing the outward signs of falling apart at an ever accelerating rate because of American greed; sound familiar?  Many of us here on the outside of the fading American Dream and Empire realize that the American economy is in the shitter and the similarities of this ride in the Great American toilet bowl economy are becoming very 1929 scary.  The date of the Great Depression began on 29 October, 1929.  Boy, I bet everyone out there can’t wait for the coming October surprise and I bet it won’t be about politics.  Have any of you in the building industry seen the carnage yet?  I wonder if L.J. McCreary knows how dog food taste.  We may all get our chance soon.                   

Now we have the Bush / McCain/ Graham economic policies of de-regulation and non- oversight causing havoc on the American financial markets like a bull on steroids that is poked with a cattle prod in a fine china shop.  Oh, the wealth; oh, the carnage; oh, the humanity!  First it was Lehman Brothers a bank that had been around since 1865 and survived the Great Depression filing bankruptcy and now the FED, a private conglomerate of world wide banks, has performed an $85 billion dollar bailout of insurance company AIG.

It is obvious that after seven and one-half years of the neocon republican Bush/Cheney dictatorship, has allowed the American economy to descend without oversight or regulation into a corrupt collection of republican conservative casino practices.  Do you want a mortgage Mr. Joe Six Pack; role the dice and see if snake eyes are in your future.

Lets see, during the Bush administration beginning in 2002 and then continuing for over two years,  we had the pleasure of experiencing the accounting industry fraud scandals that bankrupted many corporations like Enron, Adelphia, Delphi, Refco Tyco, Global Crossing, Global Crossing, Reliant Energy, World Com, etc.  Obviously, the red flags of corporate corruption were waving madly at the American people into 2004 but the sheep lead American people voted for continued corruption and the Bush/Cheney ticket.

Fast forward to 2008 and the chickens have come home to roost.  Because of the greed that was taking place during the Bush administration and the housing/ mortgage boom, the bubble in housing appreciation burst and the foreclosure from questionable loans that had now gone bad began its tumultuous collapse of implosion.  Investor confidence in America has now been shaken as everyday Joe’s realize that there 401K retirement accounts are drowning in their investment toilets.  All of the gains from the last seven and one-half years of the Bush administration have now evaporated.  Forget about retirement folks and just plan on working until the day that you drop dead and live to true American Dream; heading for those neocon republican evangelical pearly gates.

As your Vice President so eloquently once said; “We have to work sometimes on the dark side, if you will.”  Yes folks, we are now living on the dark side of the American values and now the American economy.  Thank you so much republicans for placing “our country first.”  Such a nice job republicans of fucking up America!  I have so had “enough” of you lying, cheating and stealing bastards that are running this country into the ground.

Without any type of sincerity because of your greed and ignorance,

“The Arizona Refugee”

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