Date:         28 January 2008

Subject:     SAHBA Charade of Homes 

Title:         The SAHBA Charade of Homes at the Bajadamino Preserve in Marana
Sub-title:   Another Parade Charade of Million Dollar Homes for the Out of State,
                  Wealthy Phucks to Come and Purchase

Quit drooling. These homes are not for real.  The homes are never built this perfectly, except for this type of circus charade.  You will never be able to own one of these homes in your wildest dreams as long as a republican administration is around your neck and choking you. The preserve that is not really a preserve  for the wealthy phucks to golf at the make believe preserve on the Bajada or should it be called the Bajadamino No instead, SAHBA builders, building you your custom nightmare!



Dear SAHBA members and the public,

Concerning your asking the public to come see your SAHBA Parade of Homes at the Bajada in Marana Arizona; no thanks!

I hope that no one is stupid enough to buy one of these over priced energy sucking away McMansions. Wouldn’t it be very fitting if these homes do not sell as listed and these seven SAHBA builders and developer Rex Spears end up eating these homes by discounting them at a terrible loss?  If this indeed happens, maybe it will take another twenty years for SAHBA builders to get their courage up and try and build another sanitized, fantasy village for future wealthy suckers, middle class dreamers and poor people to inspect?

Surely, I bet that L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Dream Homes will be included with these seven SAHBA “certified custom home builders,” constructing homes at the Bajada dance since isn’t he considered on his website to be the “premiere custom home builder in southern Arizona?”  No, he is not going to be there; why not?  Wasn’t L.J. McCreary one of the first builders to be accepted into the prestigious “Certified Custom Builder Certification Program?”

Unfortunately, for my family, we have already been swindled by a SAHBA “Certified Custom Builder Certification” (CCBC) program builder, L.J. and Denise McCreary, of McCreary Dream Homes.   The CCBC program is nothing but a pack of flies concerning non-existent building standards that are never enforced.  It all sounds so good on paper, but then again, don’t lies always sound better in print than they do from the lips of liars?      

I understand all too well what a sham this whole SAHBA/ Bajada thing is all about; more money and profits for rich white guys.  The cheap houses are not selling, so it must be time to roll out the red carpet to entice the rich phucks to move to town and buy.

But why are people choosing to come to Tucson?  Tucson is such a shit hole; just ask any teenager or college student for the truth.  If you are getting ready to die, then maybe Tucson will be your cup of tea.  Yes, folks just sit in on your rocking chair and watch the cactus grow.  For you people from the Mid West, remember that you only have to mow the cactus but once a year.

The SAHBA CCBC program is another SAHBA scam and the builders in this so called “monitored” and “coveted” program are not forced to do anything that evenly promotes builder competency.  Sure these houses will be done nicely because the public will be inspecting them and talking about their work, but it is not the true and reality based CCBC program that is on display this week. 

To this day, McCreary Homes has never been off the CCBC program while he has engaged defective building practices, incompetence, fraud, corruption and mismanagement.  But SAHBA has never been one to hold their builder members to account for being responsible for defective building, secret referral kick backs, corruption, swindling, hiring illegal aliens or fraudulent accounting practices in Southern, Arizona.  No, SAHBA will never bite the hand that feeds them money through dues paying assessment program that it institutes.

SAHBA is a Super- PAC that collects money to buy influence in the Arizona legislature; period.  Why have any competency standards when you can just buy the politicians at the Department of Real Estate, the ROC and their inspectors?

This SAHBA show is about money and my family has already been swindled by SAHBA and its deceptively corrupt Certified Custom Builder Program out of quite a bit of money.  Surely the seven SAHBA certified custom home builders are sworn upon a threat just short of death to uphold to the SAHBA conditions that supposedly beg for competency, integrity and comply with the SAHBA code of ethics.   What ethics are there for builders that SAHBA officials enforce?  Did L.J. and Denise of McCreary Homes possess any type of ethics when they swindled us?   Isn’t SAHBA and code of ethics in the same sentence an oxymoron?  Nothing could be further from the truth considering SAHBA ethics and building competency.

SAHBA promoted L.J. McCreary/McCreary Homes has been a member in good graces with the association continuously from at least 1999 to 2008, even while this man and his company performed defective work, swindled, defrauded and caused family’s to lose their homes and land. 

What type of code of ethics does SAHBA profess to say?  SAHBA says that a builder cannot have any unanswered questions on file with them or the Registrar of Contractors (ROC); really.  You fucking liars! 

We tried to contact SAHBA official Carole Pawlak in 2003 and asked why L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes was still on their “coveted” CCBC program list, but she chose to remain silent.  The Registrar of Contractors (ROC), had our list of 222 defects from October 2000 to January 2003, but it didn’t matter because doesn’t the ROC erase complaints about a builder after two years, regardless of what the builder has done to rectify the problem; even if he has done nothing?  Yes they do!  SAHBA officials knew that L.J. McCreary was an incompetent and fraudulent rat, but they chose to do absolutely nothing to enforce their so called ethics and building standards upon this cheat.  If I do recall, SAHBA also provided their legal counsel, Marc Simon to file a lawsuit against my family on behalf of L.J. McCreary and McCreary Homes.  SAHBA knew exactly what was going on t all times.

SAHBA officials have never responded to any of the letters that we have ever sent.  The guilty in Tucson need not ever propose a defense of their actions because there is no plausible defense for fraud and defective building except the pleading of criminal greed. 

SAHBA officials did respond once during our April 2004 picket of the SAHBA Home Show by trying to have me arrested.  Surely SAHBA president, Ed Taczanowsky had time to go over these listed defect discrepancies with McCreary Dream Homes, as he called on his walkie talkie for the Tucson Police to come over and have me arrested for a made up fictitious hit and run incident.  Surely there was time when big fat Eddie had time to get the facts straight and address them; that is if he ever really wanted to.  We know that he doesn’t care to.

On June 10th, 2007, Ed Taczanowsky writes a letter for SAHBA in the SAHBA Home hints section that states:

Other qualities to look for when choosing a builder:
•  A strong responsibility to their customers and community.
•  Honesty guides their business policy. They believe in dealing fairly with their customers, employees, subcontractors and suppliers.
•  High standards of health, safety and sanitation in every home.
“An important sign of professionalism is whether the builder or contractor belongs to a home builders association like SAHBA or other professional trade organization,” said Taczanowsky.
“For many, buying a new home will be the single largest purchase they'll ever make,” said Taczanowsky. “Make sure to protect that investment by buying a dream home from a qualified professional builder.”
Hey big Eddie head, I am just a little confused.   Are you telling the public to use a SAHBA builder or did you just say to hire a qualified professional builder?  Aren’t they two different animals?   If L.J. McCreary of McCreary Dream Homes is still on your list of qualified professionals, seven years after he phucked up my home and he is still a member of your self proclaimed prestigious CCBC program, then how can you say with the pictures that I have of my home when it was being constructed that work was performed by a builder who could be classified as a professional?

Is this work that “professionals” from SAHBA “Certified Custom Builder Program” actually build?  Yes it is!   I bet you won’t see this type of incompetence and defective building at the Parade of Home at Bajadamino this February.  Why are these homes different than the one that SAHBA CCBC builders construct around town?  Why is there a need for such deception to fool the consumer public?


Why did Taczanowsky in his June 2007 letter preach that it was so important to hire a professional builder from SAHBA, which he says will insure protecting your family and their investment?  Did hiring one of their CCBC custom home builders L.J. McCreary protect my family and my investment?  We lost everything by using this little nerdy fraud.  Why does Taczanowsky have McCreary Dream Homes listed on their roster for CCBC building companies for over the past five years, even after we made our first of three complaints against him and four complaints against his sub-contractors to the Registrar of Contractors?  Our major complaints about defects by this incompetent SAHBA builder were never addressed and never fixed.  Now McCreary Dream Homes has been on the list for almost seven and one-half years from the beginning of our build when he began to choose to destroy my family’s future, home and security? 

SAHBA, L.J. McCreary and big fast Eddie Taczanowsky are big fat fucking liars of the first degree!   

How can SAHBA’s Taczanowsky even remotely say these prerequisites for the CCBC program have been met with McCreary Homes, when the pictures of the our home on this website show clear incompetence and defective building by a SAHBA CCBC  builder that has never been addressed.

So please do not believe the bull shit that SAHBA’s fast Eddie Taczanowsky publishes in SAHBA publications because he chooses to lie like the rest of the builders and realtors in Tucson.  God is there at least one honest builder alive today in Tucson today or have they all died?

Is this why the SAHBA Parade of Homes has been in hiatus for the past twenty years?  Did the last honest builder in Tucson die recently and is that why SAHBA can go ahead with this project since no one will remember to complain about their building ethics and construction techniques, except me?  Why is SAHBA so afraid to expose this bullshit charade that is destined to be thrown into the public eyes one again?

The seven builders at the SAHBA Parade of Homes are members of the SAHBA Certified Custom Builders and carry the Certified Custom Builder’s Certification.
As a Certified Custom Builder, these builders must adhere to certain responsibilities towards customers, comply with the Arizona State Registrar of Contractor’s minimum standards, applicable building codes and governmental regulations and SAHBA’s Code of Ethics. In addition, they must have at least three years of continuous building experience in Pima, Santa Cruz or Cochise counties. The builders can not have any unanswered or unresolved complaints on file at the SAHBA office or with the Registrar of Contractors. In addition, the companies are reviewed on a regular basis by the SAHBA Custom Builders Certification Review Committee.


This SAHBA Parade of Homes charade is brilliant!  While people in Tucson and across the country are losing their homes to foreclosures, which increased by 75% in 2007, and an ongoing economic recession is increasingly raging along, SAHBA wants the poor folk to come out to the Bajada hoe down thing and drool at how the rich phucks are living in their multi-million dollar homes.  SAHBA, isn’t this kind of like water boarding the public?  Oh I see, you are not sure that water boarding is considered torture, so how can you say if the Bajada Reserve project is not the same?

The reader should not be fooled by the upcoming SAHBA Parade of Million Dollar plus Homes fantasy festivities that are scheduled for Feb 2- 17 at the Sonoran Preserve on the Bajada at Marana.  What the hell is a Bajada?  Is it anything like getting a Mexican hummer on a Nogales side street?  Could it be instead getting a hummer in Baja while eating a day old chicken taco?  Why don’t we just call it the Bajadamino since its premise is all so damn silly?  Then Bajadamino Reserve it is. 

The Bajadamino Reserve Preserve is being urbanized by developer Lex Sears for purely altruistic reasons.  Mr. Sears has been reported to be developing the land in order to protect it from human encroachment and a secondary reason to protect the interest of the Pygmy spotted owl.  Yeah right!  Okay folks, the real reason Mr. Spears is developing the land is because Spears like L.J. McCreary wants to get rich and retire this year early, wealthy but not necessarily very wise.  It is kind of like the Army saying that they had to destroy the town in order to save it.   WTF?


From left to right; Lex spears the developer, Mayor Ed Honea of Marana and SAHBA President "fast with truth Eddie" Taczanowsky during the Charade of Homes groundbreaking in March 2007.  It is so nice to see the smug smirks that these men give off.  If one looks closely, I believe that you can see the images of dollar signs on the retina's behind the sun glasses on Mayor Honea and especially Fast Eddie


The Bajadamino Reserved Preserve is being sold for Mr. Spears by another fine real estate specialist from LONG Realty; Maria Anemone.  I am sure that Ms. Anemone is fine individual of LONG Realty; just like LONG Realty’s Fran Epsen, Christine DeConcini, Pam Treece and Christine Hawley still are.  Not one of these fine ladies of LONG Realty has ever thought about or actually swindled a client!

From a national magazine this following article in Business Week’s, Hot Property section, titled, Pimco’s Take on Housing, says everything that I have been saying for the past four years.  The only problem with Pimco’s forecast was that it was too benign, just like Realty Executives moon lighting agent and wife of L.J. McCreary, Denise McCreary, who says that everything is improving wonderfully.  I beg to differ on points of realty and not just wishful/ panicking thinking.  Denise McCreary, you lying piece of shit.  People like L.J. and Denise McCreary of Tucson, Arizona who choose to be in the real estate and home building industry, are experts at lying like dogs and are as evil as two legged snakes can ever be.

Anonymous Realtor in AZ

October 6, 2005 04:31 PM

I can tell you from Tucson, AZ (which was the 10th hottest market in the country for the trailing 12 months)that Pimco is being conservative. Things have dramatically slowed down in the past 4-6 weeks. It is scary. Funny thing is that other realtors don't want to admit it, however, my sources in management have concurred the numbers have quickly gone down in a pretty scary fashion. A large % of our market has been investors from California who have stopped calling. This means CA has really slowed but the numbers have not been posted yet.
PS-Don't expect that you will get the whole truth by riding in cars with realtors. I have been a realtor for the past 7 years and have made some great money. At this point I am ready to get out. Why, because the majority of people in this business are out for #1 and wouldn't hesitate to lie, period.
Oh my God folks, imagine that.  In Tucson there are people in real estate who are realtors, builders, developers and lawyers that will actually deceive and lie to you.  No, I would have never believed this possibility especially in light of what all of these back stabbing scoundrels did to my family.  It is still a shock to read about the reality from someone other than myself.  Yes, Tucson is filled with two legged snakes just waiting to pounce on you and suck the life out of you for the almighty buck.
After twenty years, SAHBA is once again trying to regurgitate the once “prestigious”, or so they say and fondly remember, Parade of Homes; but why now?  How can this event be “prestigious” when it hasn’t occurred in the past twenty years?  Why did SAHBA for the past twenty years discontinue their so called “self professed” prestigious Parade of Home Show?   If it was so damn “prestigious” then did SAHBA quit their Parade Charade of Homes for the past twenty years to concentrate on phucking over the less expensive home owners in the valley?  And why is SAHBA/Marana really attempting this mouth to mouth resuscitation of this “past prestigious” dinosaur project; money? 

Did L.J. and Denise McCreary get their idea from SAHBA and its Bajadamino Marana project to target the rich phucks in order to keep their company solvent during this housing meltdown and economic recession?  It won’t work.   McCreary Dream Homes is going down the tubes fast.  Once a company trashes their reputation for pennies on the dollar for fraud and defective building practices, there is no turning back from the dark side.

So really folks, what is a Bajada, a Baja hummer on steroids or as I like to call it, a Bajadamino? 

Bahada,   broad slope of debris spread along the lower slopes of mountains by descending streams, usually found in arid or semiarid climates; the term was adopted because of its use in the U.S. Southwest. A bajada is often formed by the coalescing of several alluvial fans. Such coalescent fans are often mistaken for erosional landforms known as pediments. The repeated shifting…

So a “bajada” is basically an erosion area compiled from small debris.  How about coyote scat; does that count in the debris total for the designation of bajada?  So why didn’t the developer call it “The Make Believe Natural Preserve at the Dump in Marana?”  Oh I am sure that deception even when used with colorful words, are used so extensively in Tucson, because they seem to sound so exotic and rich white people just love referring to their newly bought land with a Mexican sounding names of intrigue.  But then again, real estate advertising in Arizona has always been based on lies.  It is a white folk type of thing.   Rich white folks just love to have funny sounding exotic names so they can write home about their new monetary acquisitions. 

Is anyone familiar with the security gated “Sin Vacas” community in Tucson?  Sin Vacas means, “without cows;” very exotic and cosmopolitan indeed.  Why didn’t anyone think of using the name Con Vacas which actually mean “with cows?”  Surely there are many white people who live in that area that are as big as cows?  At least it would sound a little more Christian with the “sin” versus “con” word being used instead.  How does one in Tucson say, shit hole city in Spanish?  Could it be; “El Sheeho Preserve de Tucson Poopagada?”  Now isn’t that classy?  Sure let’s put a gate around that name and the wealthy white people will come in droves for the ambiance and smell of it all.

But why do “preserves” in Tucson and the Bajadamino in Marana choose to be gated.  Could it be the fact of having a real Southern Arizona problem with robberies and home invasions or is it just a closing and a round up of community and their like and white, racist minds?  Places like the Bajadamino in Southern Arizona are for the people who choose to be very afraid of their greater community.  Let’s build more fences and more walls people, so then you will at least be safe; if only in your minds.   

When did SAHBA become so concerned with the environment I might ask, since every builder in the history of Arizona has never supported a nature “preserve” versus promoting urban sprawl?  Oh, you mean it is not a real nature preserve?   Everything in Arizona is upside down and 180 degrees out of phase.  Up is down, black is white and honesty and integrity are replaced by fraud and corruption.  So okay, a “preserve” in Arizona is not really a preserve; right?  That is correct.  In Arizona a preserve has little to do with protecting nature but actually means that they going to build expensive homes for wealthy phucks to play on their nearby “golf courses which are the real preserves.”  One of these lots at the Bajadamino cost by itself $320,000 dollars just for the privilege of calling it a preserve without a house on it.  Maybe it could be a real preserve after all if it stays vacant.

But for your day dream believers during this already in the middle of recession reality, some of you may be enticed to go to the Bajdamino Circus Park and see how the wealthy out of state residents will choose to live.  This essay is not for the wealthy phucks to be educated by.  No, the wealthy phucks have enough money to hire their own lawyers when a bad SAHBA build decides to come their way.  But I want you, the middle class and poor to think twice before you see some perfectly built home and fancy advertising that begs to shout a SAHBA builder’s competence and integrity.  I am sorry folks, but integrity with SAHBA and its builders is not out there on the agenda for you today.

My essay is for the middle class and poor that might someday buy or build a home. Do not be swindled by SAHBA advertising that is only meant to lower your guard and believe that all custom homes are built to these high quality standards.  What kind of quality in a SAHBA home can be expected when many sub-contractors which SAHBA builders have used, or are still using, are illegal alien workers?  Contractors that employ illegal alien workers do not care about your build and their hired illegal laborers also do not care about the quality of the work that they perform. Why care when you could be gone tomorrow for another state.  Why ever choose to give a shit about the quality of work that one does in the 21st century of greed? 

The SAHBA quality standards that the Association tries to vaguely promote with their “certified custom builder program,” means absolutely nothing to you as a potential home buyer. 

Isn’t true that the vast majority of Tucson citizens will never be able to afford these Hearst Castle monstrosities?  Who are the fine upstanding wealthy retired phucks from out of state destinations who only come to Arizona to die?  Is SAHBA targeting these individuals just so SAHBA builders can construct and sell these McMansions strip tease houses for the public to drool over before they slobber all over themselves and lead them away?   Is it simply like a Field of Dreams moment when they say; “if you build it, they will come” mentality?  No, there is no reason to come to Arizona because there is nothing to do here except run around a golf course all day, sweating and burning your balls off, trying to hit a ball into a hole that is the size of most people’s brains that live in the gated communities where you live.  So what size is your brain?  Now doesn’t this all sound like great fun? 

From actual experience, the “normal home build quality” from SAHBA home builders like L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Dream Homes can be utterly atrocious.  Choosing a SAHBA “certified custom builder certification” program builder could be like what happened to my family; the worst mistake of our lives.  Do you fancy having one of your fellow family members thinking about putting a gun to their head because the stress of losing your home to a fraudulent and incompetent SAHBA builder is so excruciating and painful?

Sure, go ahead and choose an incompetent SAHBA builder, for just the fun of it all.

But I am sure the quality of work which is done on these trophy wife Parade Show homes at the “Bajadamino Reserve Preserve” will be perfect as compared to the normal sub-standard defective work on residential builds that normal people are forced to suffer in this city.  How about buying one of those qualities constructed homes from KB Homes instead if you are into gambling?

My family had a custom home built by a SAHBA “Certified Custom Builder Certification Program” builder, McCreary Dream Homes, and it was riddled with 222 defects.  So what does a home built from a SAHBA builder in the “Certified Custom Builder Certification Program” mean; again, it means absolutely nothing.  L.J McCreary was never reprimanded for any of his actions that resulted in our losing our land and home.  I understand.  It is so bad what SAHBA and McCreary Homes did to my family that they have to ignore and continue to lie about it.   

SAHBA’s program is designed to lessen your investigative nature about a particular builder because this program begs to advertise their so called competency and integrity, but after all, they are fine SAHBA members, now aren’t they?  Surely SAHBA’s goal is for a family to trust them without further inspection or to delve further into a member’s records which might have to be located at the county court house.  

Do not trust the ROC, Arizona Department of Real Estate or the Better Business Bureau to tell you the truth about Tucson and SAHBA building companies.  You are better off with reading websites like this one that are here to protect people from the nightmare that SAHBA provided my family.  Unlike these crooks at SAHBA, I am not looking for money.  I am searching for justice.  

There are no definitive quality standards that SAHBA upholds.  SAHBA’s custom home builder program is only a marketing and advertising gimmick to lower your guard and sign on the dotted line.  Once the building begins, anything is possible when it comes to quality control.  The lies from advertising are oh so cheap to produce in Arizona. 

Arizona, the state of sunsets and where all of the lies about real estate begin!

One of the first “Certified Custom Builder Certification” program members of SAHBA was L.J. McCreary.  How did that member turn out?   McCreary Homes advertises to this day on his company’s website, as a SAHBA, one of a kind builder who states:

A meticulous and coordinated approach to building only the finest custom homes is the premise on which McCreary Homes was established.
Recognized as Southern Arizona’s premiere builder, McCreary Homes is truly unique to the building industry.

So how come this builder L.J. McCreary of McCreary Dream Homes, who is recognized as “Southern Arizona’s premiere builder” and one who is uniquely qualified to build only the finest of homes, is not among the builders who built million dollar houses that were constructed for the wealthy to buy?  Is it just me, or is there a discrepancy here?  If L.J. McCreary is so phucking good and the premiere builder of Southern Arizona, why isn’t he here?  Could it be once again that someone or some organization is not telling the truth?

My family knows what type of building standards that SAHBA builders are capable of constructing when no one else is watching.  Please look at the work of a SAHBA builder who is designated as a SAHBA premiere member of Southern Arizona “Certified Custom Builder Certification Program.

Some times actions speak louder than words, even when talking about perfect million dollar homes that are built to fool people and take way their money.  Is SAHBA’s goal to build properly constructed homes or are they to protect the interest of incompetent builders and their undeserved corrupted profits?

There is an incredible price that the public may have to pay for using a builder from the SAHBA “Certified Custom Builder Certification Program.”  My family tried this route and it was the worst mistake of our lives!  Moving to Arizona and trying to set up roots for my family was the second worst mistake of my life.  As far as the SAHBA Parade of Homes is concerned; no thank you please.  My family does not need to be fooled and swindled again by a “SAHBA Certified Custom Builder Certification Program builder again;” does yours?

“The Arizona Refugee”

P.S.  McCreary Homes to this day is still a member in fine standing with SAHBA’s “Certified Custom Builder Program” and he has enjoyed that status ever since he attempted to build us our custom dream home abortion that was reportedly completed in late  2000.  Choose to be extremely careful when dealing with SAHBA and their certified custom dream home building sucking snakes.  I would never build again but if I did I would not choose SAHBA.  SAHBA lies like a dog!

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