Date: 23 December, 2008

Subject: Elizabeth Claiborne

Title: Was it all worth it for you?

Don't most lawyers go bad when money is involved? An artist impression of attorney Elizabeth F. Claiborne seeing the sight of her first dollar bill after law school.
This is not a picture of a shark smelling a blood stained dollar bill, but instead, it is a picture of attorney Elizabeth F. Claiborne getting the scent of the almighty buck. This is a picture of a two legged snake lawyer, Elizabeth F. Claiborne, biting my family in the face (heart) for the benefit of her almighty bank account.


Mrs. Elizabeth F. Claiborne
Triumph Builders
3366 North Dodge Blvd.
Tucson, Arizona 85716

Forgive me Mrs. Elizabeth F. Claiborne, legal counsel for Triumph Builders of Tucson, Arizona, for having to have used your Triumph Builders e-mail address to contact you. Unfortunately Mrs. Claiborne it seemed like the only way on earth to reach you this Christmas season of giving. I have now given and you have decided to receive and Christmas has now been publicly consummated. I hope that you will not consider suing me for such a lack of social forgiving graces to beg permission to address your legal highness? Oh please Mrs. Claiborne, promise to not scare me?

On a personal note Mrs. Claiborne, what exactly does the “F” stand for in your middle name; that “I will fuck your family over for the smell of money?” I could believe it. Doesn’t it all feel like such morally repugnant, despicable sociopath type behavior that you exhibited during deposition and court appearance? Has your conscience ever been bothered by the financial rape of my family and your role in participating in that event?

–noun Psychiatry.
a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

And Mrs. Claiborne did you know that Sociopaths and Psychopaths that lie like L.J. McCreary do in fact lie, cheat and steal for money without regard for the harm that it does to its victims? These kinds of people have no conscience or empathy for the crimes that they commit against humanity. What type of person does that make you Mrs. Claiborne?

I am so sorry Mrs. Claiborne but I can’t help but thinking that your pursed anal pained look and ultra conservative appearance of induced pain exactly exhibited the traits of a sexually frustrated woman that hasn’t been laid in the past decade. Could this be so Mrs. Claiborne? Would you agree Mrs. Claiborne that money and the destruction of good Arizona families are not the only things to pursue in life? Tisk, tisk Mrs. Claiborne; such skewered values of a missing, atrophied heart.

Maybe at a later date Mrs. Claiborne, if you decide to repent for your lawyerly sins we could become internet pen pals; wouldn’t that be so nice? On second thought Mrs. Claiborne, maybe this will be my first and last letter to you since I normally choose to not communicate even indirectly with such duplicitous, two legged snakes like you and L.J. McCreary. Then again Mrs. Claiborne, I have quite a few things on my mind that I would like to surface. We will see how it goes for the future but do stay tuned for your search engine legacy of comments concerning your lack of integrity, character and penchant for justice.

As you see Mrs. Claiborne, on my website, I can express my true feelings concerning your past actions against my family and the loss of our home, land and dreams. Do you have any idea the amount of damage that you, L.J. McCreary, Marc Simon, William N. Poorten III and SAHBA members caused to my family? Why you fucking ruined us! How does that make you feel inside Mrs. Claiborne; all warm and fuzzy? And you did this Elizabeth F. Claiborne, all to protect a criminal building skunk, L.J. McCreary for the almighty love of the buck. How special can that be Mrs. Claiborne? So what type of person does that make you Elizabeth F. Claiborne?

I will attempt to be somewhat civil in this letter even though the pain that you helped cause us was anything but civil itself. Do you have any idea the harm that you have done to my family and almost 29 year marriage Mrs. Claiborne; such conservative family values that you exhibit with such actions. May you rot in hell for your sins against my family; you greedy ass daughter of a bitch?

Isn’t wonderful Mrs. Claiborne, such wonderful things like making a family lose their home and dreams so that you can pad your bank account with your lover boy builder husband, Andrew Karic and buy another BMW so that even your dog can drive? How special can that be Elizabeth?

As you recall Mrs. Claiborne, I never did get a chance to have my day in court. There was so much information and numerous facts that I wanted to extol into the public record but again I was cheated by forces beyond my control before that was allowed to occur. I am sure Mrs. Claiborne that the facts of this defective building case would have been something that you would have preferred not to have been heard. But obviously Mrs. Claiborne, you had great trouble dealing with facts and the concept of justice. And how does it really feel Elizabeth F. Claiborne to wear the past moniker of female legal prostitute for hirer?

But I do happen to recall how incredibly upset you became that I used blue masking tape to point out the many defect in our home. Surely I did not possess the civil right to advertise however in the fuck I wanted to, the 222 defects that your squirrelly faced, beady eye client that you sucked up to support for money. Was it all worth it Mrs. Claiborne?

I am sure Elizabeth F. Claiborne you would without comment forgive me for pointing out the 222 defects that McCreary left in our home in which some were small and some were...ah how do you say; incredibly fucking huge. No Mrs. Claiborne I did not have the right to protest our given examples of individual fraud however we damn well wanted to; fuck you! But never fear Mrs. Claiborne, you being the corporate legal prostitute for the almighty buck would come to L.J. McCreary’s rescue and save the day with such great legal injustice towards my family. Was it all worth it Mrs. Claiborne? Yes, Mrs. Claiborne you got away with it all because some people, unlike yourself and L.J. McCreary are not so God damn slimy in character.

I never did get my chance to respond to your nasty, bitchy ass tone during the deposition hearing that you performed so brilliantly for to just increase your billable hour total for that day and that I do regret. You and your client, L.J. McCreary cost us thousands of extra dollars on that wasted day, a day that produced nothing by design than a fishing expedition that was only held for nothing more than to waste and cost us money to add to your personal bank account benefit. Yes, Mrs. Claiborne you shook us down for money as if it was an episode of highway robbery.

Yes Mrs. Claiborne, I will now have my turn at speaking since you afforded me no time to express my views on this matter in deposition. Lawyers like you Mrs. Claiborne are nothing more than monetary shake down artist for the American buck and it is nothing more than stealing from a person. Oh it might be okay if you are pilfering a despicable corporation bottom line but it is more beyond criminal when you are intent on swindling a good middle class family for your bank account and they then lose their home and dreams because of your greed. Elizabeth F. Claiborne can always be counted on by me to tell her to go fuck herself and her empty integrity missing, deficient character.

You Elizabeth F. Claiborne are such a legal whore; do you feel it in your legal loins? I bet you do. A leopard and a whore do not change their spots or their desire for money for morally repugnant acts; just like a lawyer like you does. Would you agree with my assessment of you Elizabeth F. Claiborne of Tucson, Arizona? Tucson, Arizona sucks and so you do!

First of all Mrs. Claiborne is it any wonder why the majority of lawyers, especially one like you are so hated and considered to be a lower form of life than a blind used car salesman performing an anal root canal on a patient without anesthetics? Perhaps Mrs. Claiborne it is something that your profession has been doing all along to invoke such strong emotions of public discourse on the subject; your members are so corrupted for their own self interest?

Mrs. Claiborne, when entering law school at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA, was there any attempt at weeding out the filth minded, corrupt prone and non-ethical students like you who were only there to insure they learned how steal a quick buck from a future unsuspecting public? How did they let you in and not vomit? Now surely it wasn’t from an interview concerning your overloaded conscience of ethics; was it? Why did you choose to become a lawyer Mrs. Claiborne; the bogus reason to help people? Please Mrs. Claiborne, you and I both know that you did it for just money; you legal whore!

But this letter Mrs. Claiborne is to acknowledge the great harm that you participated in against my family from the year 2001, all the way to this present point in time. You Mrs. American “Justice” Lawyer, just like L.J. McCreary may have thought your actions from the public knowledge would have been kept secret from the public, but everyone knows that this has not been the case. How does it feel Mrs. Claiborne to have the public understand what kind or a morally deficient, legal trollop that you have chosen to be? How do you think L.J. and Denise McCreary feel about there peers and the public when they think about the actions that they took against my family? You declared war against my family and you financially destroyed us with judicial forced payments. You will find no sympathy from me for your given fact of being a couple of self chosen moral douche bags. You have earned every accolade that both of you have strived for in your shallow moments in striving for greed.

As you know, websites have been created to tell the evil story that you participated in with this infamous example of a nerdy, beady eyed, lying prone man. I want everyone to know what type of person you really are; an incredible female louse who helped tear apart a good family for the mere fact of making extra money. As a female and as a mother Mrs. Claiborne, how is it possible for you to have such lack of empathy, such a lack of integrity, such a lack of character, such a lack of being a real human being? How Mrs. Claiborne?

The stench and slime that you have acquired Mrs. Claiborne from supporting L.J. McCreary and his fraudulent and defective building techniques, all with the use of illegal alien labor cannot ever be washed away. Sometimes there are crimes that have been committed that are so evil that amends can never be made or forgiveness ever granted upon. You Mrs. Claiborne have been tainted for life with this McCreary homes case and I hope you have enjoyed the bounties that you have received for you morally tainted efforts at monetary gratification. Remember Mrs. Claiborne, you had a choice in this matter and you chose the path of enabling evil. I so pity your absent, missing soul.

Maybe your soul Mrs. Claiborne has already found its place in Hell?

This injustice and the harm that you caused my family Mrs. Claiborne is something that you will also have to live with the rest of your life. Perhaps one day Mrs. Claiborne on your death bed, you will you consign yourself with great regret that there were so many Arizona families that you could have harmed but did not have the time or effort to accomplish such additional task? Will your God Mrs. Claiborne, be so proud of you? When you take your last breath Mrs. Claiborne will you grant me just one wish and see my face and my family’s past life that you violated? You could have made a real difference for justice and a family’s life, but instead you decided to punt on first down for the almighty buck. Shame is much too good of word to describe you Mrs. Claiborne

Somehow Mrs. Claiborne, I feel that a soul less person like you will probably not lose too much sleep over the fact until a day of reckoning has arrived on your life’s doorstep. I will pray and curse for such an occurrence to someday soon happen to you. Evil people like you Mrs. Claiborne also deserve there time to suffer to. It’s the Karma thing Mrs. Claiborne; you will reap what you have sown. There will be no exceptions!

And it sickens me Mrs. Claiborne to think that I gave twelve years of my life as a military officer to defend and protect the constitution and the right of companies and individuals like you to financially rape and pillage Americans just like me. What the hell was I thinking? Why would anyone choose to protect American corporate interest when a corporation will employ a lawyer to financially ruin a family and then lose their home and even their futures? Do you have any fucking idea Mrs. Claiborne of what a fucking incredibly incompetent lawyer like you can cause to a family? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist legal mind to stall. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to sit on the pot and decry diarrhea and not step up to the legal plate; you fucking whore!

Lawyers that defend clients for money and not on the content of the facts, be they male or female are nothing more than monetary whores. You Elizabeth F. Claiborne are a legal prostitute and legal whore beyond compare. I wonder if whores like you Mrs. Claiborne ever fuck themselves in moments of extreme wanting. Maybe you could tell us the answer to that question Mrs. Claiborne?

Why would anyone today risk their life to defend a country, corporations or individuals like L.J. McCreary and yourself when you have been hard at work to financially ruin the same families that have risked their lives for this very country? I have never felt so used. How can anyone Mrs. Claiborne believe in this country or any of it institutions when so many among you are lying, cheating and stealing from your fellow countrymen with such wickedness? How can one believe in anything that this corrupt country has to offer its citizens anymore? How about the Wall Street, banks, real estate and the construction industry; everyone is fucking lying and cheating like it is going out of style. Former trust of American businessmen and corporations has only been replaced with deceit, distrust and dissatisfaction. No wonder the American economy is so fucked up Mrs. Claiborne, there are so many people out there just like you.

Mrs. Claiborne you have been an enabler to such corruption and harm to Arizona families through foreclosure; shame on you Mrs. Claiborne and the greed that fuels your desire to help such scoundrels steal. When will you decide to repent Mrs. Claiborne; on your death bed? Just remember please that it will not count. You have the rest of your life to make amends for your actions and you along with so many others, will not receive forgiveness and in turn perpetual eternal bliss until you have Unlike John Sydney (Keating 5) McCain, I will follow you to the gates of Hell and then beyond. I will do whatever it takes. If there is one thing consistent in my personality Mrs. Claiborne it is one that I do not give up. How will it feel to be hounded in prose, until the day of your death by such a harmed individual that you have created? Who would God harm next; maybe you?

But I see Mrs. Claiborne that congratulations are quite in your order for your 2003 promotion to legal counsel for Triumph Builders. Wow; a legal prostitute decides to pimp for her husband’s construction company. Is this Mrs. Claiborne, why State Farm Insurance “used you for money” to represent L.J. McCreary’s company? And to think Mrs. Claiborne, you chose to represent a scoundrel prone company versus a mother home and her three children. There are no words to express the contempt for such individuals.

Surely Mrs. Claiborne, you could have continued to harm a great many other Arizona families through forced foreclosure over defective home building schemes if you had stayed at McNamara, Goldsmith, Jackson, and McDonald, PC and continued your continued efforts to help soul less corporations like State Farm Insurance. Why did you leave Mrs. Claiborne? Did the cat bite your tongue? With over 30 years of building experience in the family, surely Mrs. Claiborne, it would have been easy for you to see when a builder was swindling a client with defective construction? You Mrs. Claiborne sold out a family from the concept of receiving justice and remaining in their home for your thirty pieces of silver. There is such great shame that is cast upon you Mrs. Claiborne for your God awful, appalling actions.

As Triumph Builders states in their mission statement, fantasy ethics advertisement which begs for the reader to hand over trust; “To always do the right thing” and “These are the values you can expect from Triumph Builders.” Oh the humanity Mrs. Claiborne; oh the absolute rubbish with the concept of truth in advertising that your company tries to deceive with. I know how you have acted Mrs. Claiborne, just as a leopard does not change its spots; no matter how sugary the prose becomes in moments of deception you will fuck another person over because that is just what you do!

But have you ever really done the right thing Mrs. Claiborne? Do you remember those pictures of defects in our home Mrs. Claiborne? Those pictures unlike L.J. McCreary, did not lie? Why did you support L.J. McCreary’s many lies of deceit and deception? You understood what the truth was Mrs. Claiborne but you turned away as if you saw no evil, heard no evil but instead defended evil against my family. No Mrs. Claiborne, you did not even attempt to do the right thing. What type of person does that make you Mrs. Claiborne; a legal whore again?

But as I said before Mrs. Claiborne, what goes around does indeed come around. Just look at the many people from Lute Olson, to John Edwards, Jim Click to L.J. McCreary that have been included into our story have all fallen on very hard times and taken awful turns that changed their lives. It really is too bad. Once again; it’s the Karma thing baby that is working its magic. I think it is so.

If you feel Mrs. Claiborne that I am questioning your ethics, your morality, your integrity and character, then you are correct sir. Mrs. Claiborne; why didn’t you do the right thing for justice sake in 2002? What made you so weak in character that you could not stand up for the concept of right versus wrong and justice versus injustice. Did a win at any cost attitude have a beneficial affect upon your life Mrs. Claiborne? Do you happen see the sleaze factor Mrs. Claiborne exuding and staring back at you each and every time you look in the mirror in the morning?

Mrs. Claiborne, could your “new” Triumph Builders assignment simply have been financed through a legal quest for more money by taking this case from your previous firm of McNamara, Goldsmith, Jackson, and McDonald, PC (MGJM)? Did you take any case that MGJM had come there way to support your husband’s, Andrew Karic, coming new building company? You fucking whore. Did you do all of this so that you could work at your husband’s company? You fucking legal lawyer whore bitch! Is this why Mrs. Claiborne you engaged in such legal shakedowns of good Arizona families like mine in 2002? Did you shake down my family for the extra money for your husband’s new construction company or did you just buy a new home with your Judas like, thirty pieces of silver proceeds?

Mrs. Claiborne, hasn’t this all become just like an “All in the Family” reunion tour for you and to think that some people said that nepotism was dead in American business. But obviously Mrs. Claiborne, deep down you don’t think very much about the concept of family, family values or the sanctity of marriage now do you? Is it conscious less Mrs. Claiborne for you to have helped take away a home from another family’s home, one with children present, all in order for you to build a more expensive home for you selfish interest? You Mrs. Claiborne are the personification of the word evil but deep down I realize that you do not care. Psychopathic personalities like yours do not recognize empathy or conscience. You Mrs. Claiborne have exhibited both.

I predict very bleak times Mrs. Claiborne for you and your husbands business in commercial real estate. I will curse and pray that triumph Builders will fold in 2009. As you know Mrs. Claiborne with the present credit crunch that it will not take much for this to happen. I have cursed people involved with this story such as L.J. McCreary, Fran Epsen, Lute Olsen and John and Elizabeth Edwards and look how things have turned out for these people personal lives. Karma and “what comes around” are certified forms of revenge.

Just look; Lute Olson has taken a year off, been divorced and then the old ass hole, lying ass son of a bitch now retires; what a year of being a pussy!

I tried to contact Mr. Olson by e-mail in 2004 but Lute was too busy fucking himself over with Christine as his new wife in 2003. 2003 was the year my home was foreclosed and I asked Lute to help out with his SAHBA connections but he declined with his silence. And how did things turn out with that neocon conservative republican bitch? I rest my case.

In 2004 we hand delivered a letter to Elizabeth Edwards during her Tucson campaign swing and she personally chose to ignore it. How did that turn out for Mrs. Edwards? If I recall Mrs. Edwards developed cancer, began getting $400 dollar haircuts and then started fucking an assistant and the rest is history. Again folks; what goes around does indeed come around.

Yes folks, my prayers and curses have started to be answered. People like Olson and Edwards can only be evil for so long and then Karma strikes them in the ass. I am so thankful for such reality clubbing over the head humbleness.

Supposedly good people that do not choose to speak up against the evils of evil people (SAHBA and McCreary Homes) are destined to be punished for their silence. I wonder how neocon Bush Ranger boy, Jim Click is doing these days with automobile industry sales. I have been praying especially hard and especially strong with curses on Mr. Click’s behalf. It is just a matter of time. Just remember folks, just look how some people lost everything (millions and billions) with the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme. God does indeed work sometimes in mysterious ways.

I think you both know at Triumph Builders what is coming down the pipeline in 2009. American corporations, state government and lawyers have swindled and pilfered the American people to the point that people like me will no longer be buying any unnecessary goods and services. Because of such low sales, business owners will default on loans and in turn commercial builders like you will go out of business. That would be so sad for another corrupt builder/ developer to disappear through the magic of the bankruptcy laws.

But it was completely okay when you were all biting the hand that feeds you, the middle class American consumer and you all couldn’t help yourselves from treating your fellow countrymen like so much dog shit. Would you agree Mrs. Claiborne, that turn about is nothing more than fair play?

In the final analysis Mrs. Claiborne, I would like to know why you supported and defended with your stalling tactics a fraud, a cheat, a liar, a corrupt and defective prone, illegal alien hiring builder like L.J. McCreary versus an Arizona family. Why did you choose Mrs. Claiborne to support a person that has scum as the foundation of his character and integrity? What type of person does that make you Mrs. Claiborne?

On another note Mrs. Claiborne; is Triumph Builders a member of that fine building association of crooks that are packaged as a commodity called SAHBA? Yes you know Mrs. Claiborne the same SAHBA good ole boy association that is operated as a political conspiracy group with so many of the other building crooks from the Tucson community. Yes as you know Mrs. Claiborne, the same ones just like L.J. McCreary which you so easily defend without qualms? So when exactly Mrs. Claiborne in your life, did you decide on supporting crooks like McCreary rather than families like mine.

Was the money worth it Mrs. Claiborne?

Although Mrs. Claiborne is has been over five years ago since this incredible injustice was forced upon my family by you, Marc Simon, William N. Poorten III, and L.J. McCreary, it all seems to me like it just happened yesterday. I find it incredible that in Arizona, it only takes just four evil people can change a family’s lives forever.

As you see Mrs. Claiborne, you never acknowledged, never said that you regretted or even said that you were sorry for what you let happen to my family with the forced foreclosure due to forced financial legal suicide measures on your part. You just disappeared after the destruction had taken place in our lives. All of the shallow based lawyers like you ran away like drowning rats jumping overboard on a sinking ship. Not even my fucking two douche bag, incompetent lawyers chose to say anything. You all bilked the golden goose and there was no more money for all of you to swindle so you all just went away to pilfer someone else. Is there any wonder why the majority of lawyers are such hated, wretched, soul less examples of human beings?

Our home Mrs. Claiborne was defectively built and had serious water damage inside the walls and water infiltrating into the garage but you still helped a crook and a conman get away with such actions. We eventually filed for bankruptcy because a second mortgage had been taken out to help in our legal struggles with McCreary Homes and when the home went, so did any chance at a future and along with that fact that a 2nd mortgage default/bankruptcy would now follow. Do you think I was going to pay back a 2nd mortgage when I no longer had a home? Some investor are just plain fucking crazy. If you take my home away I will not pay any further obligations through bankruptcy proceedings. You should never fuck with a man’s home. If you bight the hand that feeds you dumb fucks, you will no longer be fed and hopefully starve to death. God forbid if anarchy ever arrives in this country.

Do you still feel so proud of yourself Mrs. Claiborne?

The defective prone building supporting people that L.J. McCreary hired, people like you Mrs. Claiborne, to swindle my family, were no better than L.J. McCreary himself. In fact, Mrs. Claiborne, you might be considered quite worse than even L.J. McCreary is. Did you believe in what you were doing Mrs. Claiborne or did you do it simply for the money? You have been slimed by your monetary association in support for such a conman promoting, fraud artist. Why Mrs. Claiborne did you participate so readily in the financial and emotional rape of a good family. Do you feel Mrs. Claiborne that you are such a big person now because of your past history in forcing families into foreclosure? Do birds of a feather really flock together Mrs. Claiborne? Look into the mirror Mrs. Claiborne and answer these simple questions of character if you can.

The ramifications of that forced foreclosure and the eventual bankruptcy that we filed due to obligations connected with the second mortgage, on what was taken out to pay legal bills to have our home fixed, continues to have negative effects upon my family to this very day. All this family ever wanted were the 222 defects to be fixed in our home. How would you have felt Mrs. Claiborne if this had been your custom built home and water was leaking through the walls with the definite possibility that mold would exist? Would you have said to a builder like L.J. McCreary that substandard work was okay and to just forget about the safety issues concerns? Well would you have said this you legal bitch?

As you recall Mrs. Claiborne you greedily invited yourself to another hour of undeserved wages by having me take the time during deposition to date and sign our pictured defects for your billable hour, income party? Did you happen to see anything wrong with the pictures of the defects that we provided you? I am sure that everything in your professional opinion for the almighty buck was just “A” okay. Just in case you have forgotten Mrs. Claiborne, please see the 222 defects that you felt a family should be forced to put up with by a corrupt and defective builder. Even though are attorney Dennis Rosen stated that you were such a bitch; I could not believe what a bitch you really were Mrs. Claiborne. It was the only thing that the very uninvolved and incompetent Dennis Rosen was right about during our case.

Please choose to get laid Mrs. Claiborne. Does your husband have problems Mrs. Claiborne? Does your husband’s construction hammer have a permanent limp? There are chemicals available for people with you such disorders. Please get laid Mrs. Claiborne so that you do not remain a permanent bitch!

But seriously Mrs. Claiborne, what a first class bitch you were during this whole incredible mess for my family. What a waste of time and money that your law degree became when it resulted in selling your soul to the devil and ruining a good stable family for a few dollars? You could have chosen to stop this man, L.J. McCreary from harming any future Arizona families but instead Mrs. Claiborne you sold out and gave L.J. McCreary a new lease on life to harm another family.

After all Mrs. Claiborne you have to keep those clients coming through the door in order to get paid with all of those inflatable billable hours; now don’t you? What better way to keep getting paid than having a cheat and fraud like L.J. McCreary back on the streets doing his magic again against another innocent family? You could have made a difference for justice Mrs. Claiborne and you sheepishly punted as morality chicken shit person of none integrity.

How do your live with yourself Mrs. Claiborne?

Did your hear Mrs. Claiborne that my wife of almost 29 years put a loaded gun to her head during the month following the realization of our coming forced foreclosure? Wouldn’t agree Mrs. Claiborne that this act that you indirectly helped participate in, was such a very special occasion? My wife just wanted the pain and effects of a nightmarish ending to this unjust case to just go away.

May you please rot in Hell Mrs. Claiborne for your sins against a once good and stable family.

Do you relish Mrs. Claiborne in having caused another woman such pain because of your actions? You and L.J. McCreary should thank your lucky star that my wife did not pull the trigger. You arrogant, bitchy ass, greed seeking lawyer, just like a drive by street shooter, has no idea the pain and havoc that you provide your victims after you leave the scene of the crime. No Mrs. Claiborne, when it comes to money, there are no ethical lawyers, there are certainly no indications of justice and certainly there is no remorse for the harm that you can bring upon Arizona families. Shame on you Mrs. Claiborne!

How do you live with yourself Mrs. Claiborne?

Do you have any idea Mrs. Claiborne of the incredible harm that a lawsuit which results in a family’s home foreclosure does to a marriage. Would you feel obliged Mrs. Claiborne, if I asked to pay for our marriage counseling bills? Silly me Mrs. Claiborne; there I go again asking another Wizard of Oz type, scare crow figure without a heart to actually feel something that resembles a human emotion.

How do you live with your pathetically character missing self Mrs. Claiborne?

Do you have any idea Mrs. Claiborne what a foreclosure to a family’s home at what it does to the chemistry and family cohesiveness by such an event? Please don’t tell me that you do not feel a sense of responsibility about what happened to us Mrs. Claiborne? Do you even care what happened to my family Mrs. Claiborne? Do you practice you religious faith with such contempt for treating your fellow human beings of such a promoter of family values?

How do you ever live with yourself Mrs. Claiborne?

This Christmas Mrs. Claiborne, as you jet off to some sub-tropical Hawaiian vacation or perhaps a fur filled Aspen ski get away, just remember that you were directly responsible as one of the hired guns to help a fraud based, corrupted Tucson builder swindle away the security of a home from a very good family. You should be so proud of yourself Mrs. Claiborne for such evil actins on your part.

Do you understand Mrs. Claiborne what the loss of a home does to a family and its future opportunities in life? We ended up moving from Tucson because I no longer could stand the thought of living in the same city with two legged snakes like you, Simon, Poorten and McCreary. Do you understand how your actions directly affected my children’s psyche concerning their idea of family and living in the state of Arizona? Do I mean that Arizona approves of such depravity against families? Yes it does. Arizona is a very sick state. In Arizona, business comes first while families a thrown by the wayside; how fucking republican can a state get?

In the end Mrs. Claiborne, it wasn’t your great legal skills that you did not possess or even now ones that you do not have now that helped you to “triumph” over right and justice; but instead, it was your stalling tactics and the breaking of your word to uphold a settlement agreement that I had agreed to with L.J. McCreary on getting our home fixed. After agreeing to a three way expert team to examine our home and fix it, not a single item was accomplished that eventually led to your “success.” You and your employer, State Farm Insurance lied to me Mrs. Claiborne and my family suffered the consequences of such deviant behavior.

As you know Mrs. Claiborne, ten months before our home was forced into foreclosure mode, a settlement agreement was agreed to by both parties but L.J. McCreary and you never attempted to honor it. Well so much for good faith bargaining effort Mrs. Claiborne. I trusted you, my lawyers, Dennis Rosen, Alice Milton and the Court for honest settlement and in the end everyone involved just lied to us again and again. It would have been real nice if our home had been fixed ten months earlier and then so much money would have not been thrown out the window to incompetent, bill sucking attorney’s fees from the likes of you and Dennis Rosen. Just think Mrs. Claiborne if my home was fixed I wouldn’t have missed a mortgage payment in late 2002? But it was all a game for you lawyers to suck and pilfer as much money as you could from a client that could not afford a long term legal engagement for your bank account profits.

Fuck you until the day you die Mrs. Claiborne.

With the incredible numbers of forced foreclosure that have been occurring in Arizona and across America, how doe is it really feel Mrs. Claiborne to be the person responsible for taking away the home from our children? You have been part of the greater problem of construction defects Mrs. Claiborne instead of being a community provider and catalyst to fix the problems that so harm families.

Did you ever contemplate your actions when defending L.J. McCreary and the hallowed interest of multi-billion dollar backed State Farm Insurance that contracted your law firm? I am sure you did not. Does a shark ever have mercy on a baby seal prey before eating? I am sure as you being such a poor example of a human being you choose to not see, hear or feel any kind of evil in your legal endeavors.

Is their a course in law school Mrs. Claiborne where they just take you heart out of your body, free of charge for a lifetime? In this particular case Mrs. Claiborne, the hallowed idea of morality and integrity in it self Mrs. Claiborne would have taken at least a woman that possessed a conscience; let alone a soul to have persevered. It is unfortunately too bad for my family that you had neither.

This holiday season and with the coming New Year, I wish for all of the bad Karma and bad wishes that the universe could possibly bestow upon you and your family. What goes around Mrs. Claiborne does indeed come around. You will one day be forced to pay for the harm and sins that you have propagated towards your fellow man by events that will be beyond your control. I will continue to pray and curse each and every day for your coming date with justice and day of reckoning. It is just a simple matter of time Mrs. Claiborne.

Didn’t I once read Mrs. Claiborne where a wealthy woman on a trip to an Aspen horseback riding engagement ended up falling into a river and was then swept down stream, a whole 20 yard too her death and her body found three weeks later under a submerged tree branch. Yes, Mrs. Claiborne shit can happen to evil people like you.

Please look on the McCreary and SAHBA websites that I write for, and see if you have the courage to choose and read the many future public letters that will be forth coming about what I really think about slimy ass lawyers like you. A lawyer that defends a guilty as hell, criminally negligent fraud like McCreary, is no different than any other criminal that he or she has chosen to defend for the souls selling price of money. And to think Mrs. Claiborne, you caused all of this misery for the simple smell of the almighty buck. How long Mrs. Claiborne has your nose been bent and your heart been missing in the direction of such evil producing scents?

My, my Mrs. Claiborne, I am sure your ethics at McNamara, Goldsmith, Jackson, and McDonald, PC or your new an improved ethic’s declaration at Triumph Builders which states; “To always do the right thing,” has been nothing more than a pathetically hollow attempt at sincerity. Did you “do the right thing” Mrs. Claiborne for my family’s security and peace of mind? No, Mrs. Claiborne, you did not do the right thing in fact you failed at any attempt at justice and succeeded splendidly in the category of moral depravity.

How do you ever live with yourself Mrs. Claiborne?

If you had been honest and ethical lawyer Mrs. Claiborne, would have responded like the attorney that preceded you on this case? This young lawyer that I talk about, the one with an English accent, looked at our many construction defects and turned to L.J. McCreary and said; “why don’t you just fix these things?” This event of honesty happened at our home during an inspection meeting and it was the last time we saw this lawyer for State Farm/ McCreary Homes/ Snell and Wilmer. I must assume that this morally, integrity intact lawyer was replaced by you Mrs. Claiborne; a person that knew how to compete and complete the game of injustice with the simple price of selling her soul for the buck.

You Mrs. Claiborne must possess such incredible integrity to take a family down in support of the soul less goals of a greedy insurance company like State Farm Insurance. Bravo, bravo Mrs. Claiborne; what an incredible job that you have accomplished to prove your worth as a credible example of what it means to be a real human being that possesses even one ounce of compassion or empathy.

I hope Mrs. Claiborne that you thoroughly enjoyed your Judas blood money that you accepted on behalf of such personal moral depravity. Did you buy something nice with it, like a Hummer? Maybe that will satisfy your inherent needs.

And please Mrs. Claiborne whatever you do, do not tell me that you were only defending your client’s interest. That sounds so much like a politician who is being investigated for corruption and prostitution and then retires early to “spend more time with his family.” Your client was and still is a crook, one that you helped continue his fraudulent ways and instead you took down a pretty good, stable family instead; shame on you Mrs. Claiborne. I must assume in more ways than one, through your professional association with such crooks in the building industry as McCreary, that you to are nothing more than a crook in character to.

Merry Christmas and have a very Happy and interesting New Years Mrs. Claiborne! Do remember Mrs. Claiborne that it would not be in your best interest to ever forget about that Karma thing and if I was you, I would play it safe and not do events like riding horses near streams. In the final analysis Mrs. Claiborne, was it all worth to family sell your soul to the devil, harm my family and then risk the wrath of Karma, all for a few more bucks; what a pathetic life that you have chosen to live?

Shame, shame, shame on you Mrs. Claiborne! How do you live with yourself?

Without any hint of true sincerity for your many shallow examples of integrity,

“The Arizona Refugee”

PS. Please save your legalese return breath Mrs. Claiborne and don’t bother responding with puffed up threats of legal retribution. Fuck you Mrs. Claiborne and blow it out of your sphincter laden ass and just decide to move on with you perverted life of evil undertakings. You Mrs. Claiborne suck at being a human being.

Fortunately Mrs. Claiborne you can no longer try to scare me or harm members of my family any further due to the great amount of harm that you have already provided my family with your legal defense scheme of stalling tactic incompetence. You must be so proud Mrs. Claiborne of your sexually frustrated accomplishments. You, Mrs. Claiborne helped kill a family’s security and spirit. May your God take pity on your pathetic soul; that is, if you have ever had one.

Just remember Mrs. Claiborne that the lies are all written around your very pained face. Do look in the mirror this morning and tell me what you see? Mrs. Claiborne, you and I both know that you are nothing more than a supporter of a liar and a liar yourself about the truth to an exceptional degree!

Was it all worth it for you Mrs. Claiborne?

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