Date:  29 August 2007

Subject:  U.S. Senator Larry Craig (R) Idaho

Title:  Hookers are good; tap dancers are bad!

Bathroom at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. A date night for republicans. Yes, we met in the White House bathroom and we both enjoy a good tap dance routine. Yeah Dick, we sure phucked up Washington, the country, and the world didn't we?

Dear republican SABA members:

Last month I wrote extensively about the self advertised virtues of republican politicians and the then current saga of the month, Senator David Vitter (R) Louisiana and his infatuation with Washington D.C. and New Orleans hookers.  Some people have forgotten about Senator Vitter, but I have not.  Americans just love a good story about elected officials and hookers in the same title.  I remember Sen. Vitter’s press conference with such moral clarity that it made me puke for what this country has turned into; a bunch of lying, sleazy, douche bags!

I only write about such individuals like Senator Vitter because they try to portray themselves as sanctimonious conservative men of virtue, who vote against issues concerning same sex marriage or hate crimes against gays, who profess there support for the sanctity of marriage and family values when in fact they are nothing more than lying perverts who are busy doing the very same things that they vote against and say they are for.

I cannot stomach anyone that lies, cheats, or steals.  Evidently, that includes millions of republican constituents and present day SAHBA members.  You people lie, cheat and steal just like L.J. McCreary, his sub contractors, his lawyers, and the hypocritical members of Congress that you choose to elect with wild abandon; just like your sex scandals.  Do all republicans enjoy phucking over other people for the fun of it?   You hypocritical phucking morons!   

Why does it seem that is mostly the republicans, just like Catholics that are the ones that stray into objectionable behavior because of their self imposed deprivations?  Sooner or later, human emotions seem to escape and leak out from the republicans among you.   

Did I mention Florida State Rep. Bob Allen (R) FL, a republican, last month was caught trying to give an under cover cop a blow job and willing to pay $20 dollars to the guy that he was going to blow for the privilege of doing such an act?   Where do you people find such scum to put into elected office?   Rep. Allen’s excuse was that there was a scary black guy around and that threatening thunderstorms also had an effect on his behavior.  God, you have to admit, these hypocritical republicans are very creative when it comes to fantasy excuses about their sexual perversions. 

And what the hell was Rep. Bob Allen thinking of when he decided to provide blow jobs with pay?  Oh, there is a black man.  I think I am getting very afraid.  I know how to diffuse the situation, I will give this black guy a blow job and twenty bucks on top of that and my fat white ass will be saved; phucking A, I am going to live!  Sure that all makes a lot of sense you phucking republican moron. 

Now, who do you believe; the black under cover cop or a sleazy, douche bag republican politician?  Rep. Bob Allen, just another lying republican perverted politician.  God, can you people stop scraping the bottom of the barrel and stop from picking up people from the gutter to run as your republican politicians?  Unphuckingbelievable! 

Now on early Monday morning, the progressive blogs, which I had been reading intently, had just discovered that on the website titled Roll Call, it had just been published that another one of your illustrious republican U.S. Senators had tried to engage in illegal sexual activity.  And of all the places to have illegal sex as a United States Senator, this person chose a disgusting location; a public airport bathroom.   Jesus Phucking Christ a phucking bathroom; why didn’t I ever think of doing it next to a public toilet?  Honey, let’s go to the nearest public bathroom and have sex!  Okay dear; what a wonderful idea.  Thanks for thinking of me in such an unusual venue.  Oh, just wait and see what I have planned for our anniversary; sex in a public dump at midnight. 

Something is terribly wrong Arizona and something is terribly wrong in the country that is called America. 

So what’s the next republican Senatorial sex scandal going to involve; sex in a “Johnny on the Spot” portable bathroom!  God, you just can’t make this shit up.   Republican reality is stranger than fiction.  Republicans are sexual phucking perverts; period!  And why is that; because they are all white men.  White men in general; lie, cheat, steal and are just bonefied perverts because they can.  White people are nothing more than later day albino mutant weirdoes of humanity.  Only a very few white males have escaped the scourge of the white albino phenomenon.

God, I feel like such a phucking idiot to not have discovered such romantic passion places by myself!  Yes Idahoans, you must be so proud of your republican Senator Larry Craig, the same lying, cheating, and stealing son of  a bitch that you have elected three times to the U.S. Senate; thank you very much, you Mark (The) Fuhrman, Idaho morons!  But don’t feel bad Idaho, Arizona has elected the conservative idiot Jon Kyl three times too.  Is senator Kyl due for a sexual scandal in the next couple of months?   Could it be anything to do with gerbils?  God how I hate rumors!   

Sorry Idaho, but you are the phucking laughing stock of the nation.  Maybe Idaho will immediately start a nation wide campaign promoting same sex rendezvous in their public restrooms as a boon for the state tourism industry?  Sure, come to Idaho and experience first hand, or maybe with both hands holding the “Dumb Phuck Mountain” mantra feeling in their public restrooms!”  And if you can’t get it here, we have outsourcing arrangements with the state of Minnesota and their airport bathrooms. 

The United States Senate today is nothing more than an evolving group of pimps and whores for corporate America and their own sub group of perverts that chase their never ending goal of sexual perversions at the expense of the American people and their Democracy!  But I fear tomorrow that we will all be crying.  It is much too late for me; I have been crying for our country for the past six years of the Bush administration!

Thanks republican voters for allowing our country to be ruined by Bush and his rubber stamped Congress for a generation or more to experience, and all for what; greed!

I begged you people to talk to the republican politicians that you people vote for, and tell them to stop phucking around; but none of you listened.  So please go ahead and continue to profess your support for politicians that say they are for family values and the sanctity of marriage bullshit, yes the very same politicians that perform the Texas two step monkey rub in public stalls. 

I would just like to know how a guy at Craig’s age, gets excited enough to have anal or oral sex in a public restroom.  Could it be the availability of Pfizer Corporation’s drug Viagra that fuels these over the hill geezers to seek sex in all the wrong places?  Was Pfizer a campaign contributor to Senator Craig with money and free samples of Viagra?   Only Senator Craig’s lobbyist knows for sure.   What if Sen. Jon Kyl (R) AZ, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) KY and Sen. Liddy Dole (R) SC were exposed in ménage de trios, lover’s triangle?  With republican politicians, anything is possible!

I wonder if former Kansas Senator Bob Dole (R) who probably hasn’t lived in Kansas for decades, is having sex in Washington D.C. public restrooms.  Doesn’t Bob Dole live in the Watergate Hotel?  Isn’t Bob Dole married to a United States Senator?   Wasn’t Bob Dole a former spokesman for Pfizer Corp. Viagra?  What do you think the chances are that the next Senate sex scandals involve Sen. Liddy Dole (R) of South Carolina?

We have become such a sicko type society!  Can any one say; “The Rise and fall of the Roman Empire?”  And how about “America; the nose dive society, that chooses to not give a phuck for its people or its future!”  And why is that; because America only gives a shit about the wealthy and powerful in this country any longer?  

And just look at the type of incredibly incompetent and perverted assholes that we have running this country; unphuckingbelievable!   The majority of our politicians are moral midgets, just like L.J. McCreary and the rest of you SAHBA pukes.  Why are the majority of perverts on the republican side of the aisle?  Please take your bank accounts and get the phuck out of this country because you have ruined it with your uncontrollable greed!     

This sex act by Senator Craig will not in any way change my view of our male U.S. Senators since the majority of these men have been lying whores and pimps for years for corporate America.  Even your two whore/pimp senators in Arizona, Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain voted for the Iraq War and for the confirmation of Alberto Gonzalez as Attorney General of the United States.  Alberto Gonzalez should not have been put in charge of cleaning the national zoo, let alone the Attorney Generals position. Can two senators be more wrong in their elderly judgment of a man that is a total Hispanic disgrace?  I don’t think so!  When it comes to republican nominees, it is always a vote for Party unity and power, versus a vote for competence that drives these Senate men that are supposed to have acquired wisdom.

Republican Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is, and always will be, a national and Hispanic disgrace!  It will be generations before another Hispanic is afforded the honor of such a position or higher.  And if the Hispanic community continues to sanctify the past reign of Alberto Gonzalez, then the time will only be longer!  Alberto Gonzalez, what a terrible man for the rule of law, Habeas Corpus, Geneva Conventions and illegal domestic wiretapping.  There will not be a Hispanic president because of his actions for generations to come!

Senator Larry Craig (R) of Idaho, earlier in June 2007, pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct from an incident that occurred in the Minneapolis airport bathroom for propositioning a police officer to indulge in same sex male bonding.  And to think, I have been in the Minneapolis airport many times throughout the past twenty years and I might have even visited the same men’s bathroom as Senator Craig said he always visited.  God, I feel so naive!  We will never know if Senator Craig was slated to be the recipient for another quickie in the rear or just a provider for another everyday sixty second republican enhanced blow job that is done in a stall. 

And just think if Senator Craig had decided like the Bush Administration to outsource this whole deal to a private contractor like Halliburton, then we would have to include corruption and overcharging to the whole issue.   The cost of a $20 dollar blow job would have sky rocketed to a sum exceeding $2000 dollars.  

God, I will never think of public restrooms in the same manner ever again.  Thanks Senator Craig for the memories and future nightmare; I am now squeezing my buns tightly to avoid inappropriate penetration in my sleep.

And this is not the first time that Senator Craig has been rumored to be a political closet homosexual or is he just a heterosexual that likes to have sex with men near public toilets.  There should be no secrets of our elected officials lest they be black mailed into voting a certain way by their controllers.  Call it what you want, but it still an image of disgust to have sex near or in a public toilet or any toilet for that manner.  Anr I could care less what your sexual persuasion is.  It would be equally disgusting for any heterosexual to have sex under these extreme unsanitary conditions.  How about the kitchen or a bedroom?  How about the living room or the garage?  How about the back of the car or the dog house; anything but a public toilet! 

Senator Craig’s history with same sex meetings goes all the way back to 1982.  And is not that I have a problem with same sex interludes, but the problem that I have with Senator Craig, just like I have with Senator Vitter, is the incredibly hypocrisy that these elected officials exude.  During the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, Senator Craig was interviewed and quoting as saying that “President Clinton had been a bad, naughty, and nasty boy.”  This was very unusual and playful language for a U.S. Senator to be describing his thoughts on the Lewinsky scandal.  Now, Senator Craig is now the politician that is the bad, naughty, and nasty boy republican Senator of the week. 

Those of you that have not sinned cast the first stone!  God, don’t you just love a good pay back?

And to think when Senator Craig was first caught red handed, he tried to play the power card by whipping out his business card and showing that was he was a U.S. Senator and then having the gall to ask the arresting officer; “What do you think about that?”  So Senator Craig was trying to intimidate this police officer because Senator Craig believed he is above the law and deserved special treatment.  If I had been the arresting officer I would have insisted that Senator Craig take his republican, K street, corporate door opening business card and jam it up his phucking ass.  There, no more sex for Senator Craig if he has his anal cavity plugged up with his senate business card.  The arresting officer can be considered a patriotic and American hero for upholding the rule of law; unfortunately which so many congressmen this day refuse to do.

 So now, it is all blow jobs, now, all of the time for Senator Craig; phucking hooray for republican perversion!  Come on people, you know deep down inside that the republicans don’t give a phuck about sex, be it homosexual or heterosexual encounters; republicans care about the emotion of minority gay sex.  Republican care about the wedge issue of same sex encounters.  Why do you phuckers even care what Americans are doing in their bedrooms?  The problem is when you republicans want to bring sex out of the bedroom and into the public restrooms and you have been insisting on expressing values that you do not possess.

Earlier this afternoon, the tapes of Senator Craig’s police interrogations were made public and the release was like an orgy of sexual energy.  Senator Craig was very feisty. Usually I like that in a politician, but unfortunately, Craig’s feistiness was subdued by the fact that he was full of diarrhea rhetorical bull shit.  I sympathize with the arresting officer with his insistence that Senator Craig tell the truth.  The police officer was flabbergasted that Senator would not even respect him enough to tell the truth.  But we all know that republicans rarely tell the truth.   Republicans love to lie, cheat and steal their way to their imagined prosperity.  L.J. McCreary is just like Senator Craig; he will not tell the truth.

Considering the release of the Craig police interrogation tapes; who do you think authorized the release of those tapes?  Who had the most to win by putting pressure on police officials to release those tapes?  I would bet a month of empty Christian Sundays, that it was the leadership of the republican Party who forced the tapes into the open.  Once this story broke, there is no way that the republican leadership was going to let Senator Craig to try and recover from an issue of gay sex in a public restroom.  Senator Craig was going to be assassinated by the republican Party as soon as this story broke.  The whole story from Monday, the 27th was choreographed to the eventual resignation of Senator Craig and his digressions.  There is no sanctuary for people that go against the rules of the people that are in charge.  Political death is the only antidote for a person that challenges the republican machine.

At Senator Craig’s news conference, he did not say that he was gay, in fact he said; “I am not gay, and I have never been gay.”  Isn’t that special!  So is this a new phenomenon where republican family men cruise public restrooms with the latest information from Craig’s List, looking for male on male sex?   I don’t get it.  Please explain!  I always new there was something wrong with the republican male but I never understood it had to do with confusion with their sexual identity.  Did you know that the church lady wasn’t really pious but instead a whore?  Oh, I know the truth is such a bitch to deal with!

The problem with Senator Craig is not that he might be gay but that he is an incredible hypocrite, just like many republicans are programmed to be.  Senator Craig has been a social conservative who voted time and time against protection for the gay community and professes his support for the sanctity of marriage and the family.  But when it becomes dark or he leaves the safety of his visible Senate duties he is busy doing all of the things that he has voted to stop and is not a supporter of the sanctity of marriage or the sanctity of the family. Senator Craig’s main crime is hypocrisy. 

So what is to happen the next time I go into a public bathroom?  Will I see a Nicholas Brothers rendition of a super tap dance routine choreographed in the adjacent stall, rotating and jumping from the toilet to the floor, as they touch shoes and tap dance to the rhythm of love?  Will the choreography continue, with a hand reaching under the stall barriers to pick up a person’s imagined toilet paper on the floor, and then caress hands with another fellow republican pervert?  WTF?  Please, GMAFB?

Don’t you think that this whole problem with Senator Craig is one of suppression?  Why would a man who was obviously created different than a heterosexual, not choose to expose himself to world as someone who is also a normal human being, just like everyone else?  What if God had designed man in his image and the image was one of homosexuality; what would you do?  What would you do?  Remember, deep down, everyone doesn’t know jack shit and it is all just belief on what is right and what is moral.  Most of America’s imagined beliefs are so immoral.  America became immoral when the first death of the American Indian was taken in order to secure rights to a new land.  We as a Christian nation were never moral; we were always a secular nation from the start.

Is anyone surprised by the behavior of your republican elected officials that hide in congress?  Don’t the people that you elect to congress from the state of Arizona and other western red states like Idaho mirror your own moral perversions of morality and fairness?  Or does the possibility exist that republicans do not care about their politicians morals as long as they vote to bring them more money, whichever way it takes, including the riches for the wealthy and defense contractors of the Iraqi War. 

SAHBA members are so much like Senators Craig and Vitter.  Please do not tell me that people like you are not capable and not willing to phuck people in the ass like some of your members, and your SAHBA elected officials financially phucked over my family.  What about our security, what about our sanctity of marriage and what about our family values?  How can you have any family values when you destroyed our marriage and our family?  The life I thought I had and strived for is forever gone because of you people at SAHBA and the protection like racket that you provide for people like L.J. and Denise McCreary, McCreary Homes and their fraudulent and incompetent sub- contractors. 

You people at SAHBA, just enjoy phucking people for profit and personal gain and you do not care who you hurt, or how many people you phuck in the ass to reach your agendas.  People at SAHBA are all little Senator Craig’s to one degree or another.  It is just a characteristic of being a republican or even a Democrat, like elected official Governor Janet Napolitano or Attorney General Terry Goddard in the state of Arizona.  Being a Democrat in Arizona is just like being a republican in any other progressive blue state in America.  Democrats in Arizona are like the dinosaurs of the Therizinosauroidea period; they have a long way to go to learn real Democrat values. 

There are so many years for Arizona “democrats” to choose to evolve into real, present day, 2007 American “Democrats.”  Presently, the Democratic Party is still in the hip pocket of the builders, developers and association like SAHBA that funnel money to lobbyist like Rep. Jonathan Patton, a former SAHBA lobbyist, to influence the sheeple based legislature to pass laws to screw the Arizona consumer.

My prediction is that Senator Craig will be forced by incredible pressure from the republican Party to step aside, because their plan is to throw him under the bus in order to keep the seat in Idaho republican.  Isn’t it interesting for Senator Craig to understand how fickle the republican Party can become when it gets down to numbers and a coming election year is approaching. 

I hope Senator Craig hangs on and decides to tell the republican Party to go phuck itself.  Why doesn’t Senator Craig say that if Senator Vitter (R) LA is willing to resign for his solicitation of hookers then Craig will resign for solicit ting sex in a public bathroom.  So if Senator Craig is forced out of office, does that mean that Senator Vitter and his Washington DC and New Orleans hookers are okay, but Senator Craig and his tap dancing airport Minnesotans are not?  I think Minnesotans have a right to be pissed about this issue. 

Should the neon sign of America’s moral marquis on the Statue of Liberty read; “Hookers are good; tap dancers are bad!  Such republican hypocrisy only grows by the day!

And to think, the republicans are going to hold their convention in the state of Minnesota where a bridge has fallen down and people have died.  But that’s okay, keep spending and wasting that $9 billion dollars a month in Iraq, which could be better used in this country.  Who would have ever thought our politicians would outsource our money and we wouldn’t give a shit about it?  Years ago, I could have never imagined such a scenario.

The republican Party only cares about itself and the money that it chases, and not about the people and their lives.  It is unfortunate that Senator Craig will only learn this truth so late in life.

Do enjoy the theatre and drama during the next few days; and they said August was a dead month in American politics.  That was before 2005 and Cindy Sheehan appeared, Hurricane Katrina arrived, and the republican Party decided to immolate and destroy itself under the pressure of its corruption and incompetence.  No, August is a month that is now rich in political information and debate.

Please continue to savor your self destructive behavior for the next year.  And I understand that SAHBA has waiting in the wings two of their nurtured underling politicians, Sen. Time Bee and Rep Jonathan Patton of Tucson to continue their climb up the ladder of political corruption and influence for your association.  My money is betting on they are going to fall like a rock in 2008, just like the rest of your morally and financially corrupted republican politicians that are slated for political slaughter.  Senator Craig is not the lone problem of your Party, it is just a terrible symptom of hypocrisy that you corrupt SAHBA members have in your hearts.

And as I end this letter, another republican rat, former FOX news pundit and White House Spin Secretary, Tony Snow has just announced his departure on September 14th from the Bush crime family administration.  Snow will now leave to start a show for FOX News titled; “How to lie to anyone with ease; just open your mouth.” 

Unfortunately I think God, who works in mysterious ways, has plans for Mr. Snow, as he did with Lee Atwater.  Mr. Snow, soon will no longer choose to hurt American with his untruthful rhetoric.  I am sure that Tony Snow has health insurance to help fight his disease; unlike the 46 million Americans in the United States. 

Dana Perino will become the new White House head of propaganda on September 14th; and I thought only white men lied to the nation!  Now we will have a female that will be doing the dirty work for the Bush administration; just another political prostitute that now has breast.

And I can’t wait to see what republican sex scandals evolve during the month of September.  You know, another one is just waiting to explode like a puss pack on a full term pimple.  You guys just can’t help yourself from tripping over your schwantzes; now can you?  Who is the next victim to meet his political fate?  I will be watching intently for the next casualty of his own piety to be thrown under the republican bus wheels.   That threesome with Liddy Dole might not be too far off. 

 Has Senator Craig resigned yet?   Why hasn’t Senator Vitter been asked to resign?
Why are hookers good for America and tap dancers are bad?  Why is prostitution permitted for a United States Senator, but same sex rendezvous for another Senator not permitted?   Why is one man still in the Senate and one man forced to resign?  Why is America; the land of republican hypocrites, buried within a republican hypocritical agenda?  Why is America so homophobic?  Why is America allowed to die such a slow death; choking along the way on its own hypocrisy?

Will the last one left in the Bush Administration, please turn the lights out on the experiment that was once called “The America Democracy Experience.”  Yes you won; you killed it.  Thanks; you can all go home to Texas now and celebrate your victory?

And the Statue of Liberty wept for a thousand years!


“The Arizona Refugee”

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