August 28, 2006

Crawford Texas anniversary; Bush still hiding!

Cindy Sheehan being interviewed by the press.
Crawford Peace House

Earlier this month, Crawford, Texas’s most infamous and one and only born again, Christian evangelical, alcoholic prone, prodigal son, George W. Bush, returned for his summer solstice salmon run, through his make believe, photo-op conceived ranch. 

Whew, what Karl Rove won’t do to choreograph, promote and project the Bush myth and façade for all Americans to be mesmerized with?   

Bush’s return to Crawford insures his and the Media’s participation in the customary round up and the marathon brush like clearing chronicles for the sake of repeated vagina shavings of the land; all for dubious purposes at best. 

Generations of historians will one day ponder over and ask the simple but relevant question; WTF?  Rumor has it that they will be stumped on this son of a bitches motives for an incredible long time to come.  We all hope that Bush will be one of a kind.  We can’t handle another one.  Thank you Barbara Bush; mother of the year anyone? 

And there will be questions such as; why was Bush really doing this shit to the poor brush?  Why does Bush think that he has to cut brush?  Is Bush deep down really just a cut and runner?  Does Bush maybe have a problem with advanced stages of ADT?  Should Bush substitute Ritalin for alcohol?  Maybe it’s nothing more than genetics; like Bush cutting strips of paper instead of brush, and keeping himself occupied, while reality passes him by, in a string theory blissful moment.

Who in the hell knows for sure except Barbara Bush and she is not talking while those free loading, black hurricane Katrina victims, are still shacking up in Houston, Texas and still trying to celebrate their incredible good fortune of being homeless!  Bushie; you’re still doing a heck of a job, in spite of 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Katrina, North Korea, Abu Grahib, Enron, Halliburton, Immigration, Corruption and yourself.  It is amazing that you got this far without imploding sooner.

Texas has never looked so clean and no, I am not talking about the election process.
Diebold will take that and corrupt over the concept forever of Jeffersonian democracy!  Hey, but don’t worry there is going to be some wealthy people and corporations that are going to make out like bandits from the fraud and eventual looting that will once again occur from this election. 

Does abstention from the “sauce” mean a man is relegated to a life of clearing dead brush and having hundreds of thousands people killed, at his king like discretion?  What is it about death that he is unable to comprehend?  

War; what is it good for; absolutely nothing!

Does Bush think all of these dead people will come back in another life?  Does Bush believe that if he puts another quarter into the slot machine, everything will reset back to normal, like an old outdated pack man game.  Why does Bush’s brain operate in such a delusional manner?      

Does Bush really believe he is on the right track to Heaven?  I don’t think so; just the opposite.

Let us pray!  Dear God, help us from President Bush and his delusional ideas!    

Bush’s Crawford antics have been choreographed for the Media’s pleasure in order to give the appearance of both parties looking busy while doing absolutely nothing at all.  Media phuck ups and a president, who is also a phuck up, are dime a dozen in 2006.   

Bush has spent over 27% of his presidency on vacation doing almost nothing, except for the additional harm that he has caused to the American people.

Does anyone remember Bush’s response to the Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) given to him in Crawford, Texas on August 6th, 2001?  The PDB was titled, “Bin Laden determined to strike in the U.S.”  Must be time to go and cut some brush Laura!

What did Bush do about this imminent national security warning; absolutely phucking nothing.  Maybe he and Congressman Foley played with themselves.  Excuse my irreverence but it is exchange for hypocrisy.  I am so ashamed!

Maybe Bush went out side later that afternoon and did indeed cut brush in a defiant gesture to protect Americans against Osama Bin Laden and the future war on terrorism!  Nah… bullshit; Bush doesn’t have the balls to be defiant, except for show!

Bush will travel to Vietnam this month, and has been said by Ben Barnes, “it will not be as dangerous for Bush as compared to the first time Bush decide not to visit Vietnam; in the midst of their little civil war.” 

Sounds like Iraq and Vietnam are about on the same level from which American leaders beg to have their country’s young men involved in a civil wars to which there is no solution that America can provide.  America is so arrogant in their belief that they can control a situation that has long, long been out of control.  And George W. Bush catapulted ourselves into this quagmire and believes that it is all worth it, at our expense.

Of course just like Vietnam, Bush will not to sacrifice himself or the wealthy in order that others, less fortunate, may invited to step up to the plate on their behalf and die!

There is fundamental difference between wealthy investors for profit and politicians that have been bought to sacrifice our children, and the good people of America are beginning to realize that all of this is so very ugly and oh so very wrong.

The latest estimate is that over 654,000 Iraqis have died in the last three and one-half years.  No wonder General Tommy Franks said, “We don’t count bodies.”  Yes, Franks would not count bodies because there are just too many!
Freedom is not on the march in America.  Freedom has chosen to be hi-jacked by a subterfuge and cabal of politicians that are committed to the principles of lies and profit.  And our politicians do this in exchange for a wounded democracy that our forefathers fought and died for!  Treason is such a kind word for such genetic scoundrels.   Do the words high crimes and misdemeanors ring a bell for anyone?
Thirty five days later after the Crawford PDB, Osama bin Laden attacked Washington and New York City, while Bush read a book titled, “My pet goat.” Was there anything on earth that Bush could have done to act on threats that were relayed to him during July and August of 2001?  You bet your white ass he could have.  He chose not to.

Why do you not hold Bush and the republican war mongers accountable ?  Why were so many black men held accountable in Texas while George Bush gave his Evangelical blessing for the fatality invoking, death penalty?  Is there racism in Texas because of republican, Caucasian decree? 

Hasn’t George Bush done exponentially more harm and death to this country than the entire Al Qaeda terrorist network has combined?  Maybe, just maybe, we are wrong if you examine our Middle East foreign policy and our love and addiction with oil? 

Democracy demands that questions be answered truthfully and without partisan spin. Who will judge George W. Bush, if you will not?

Couldn’t Bush have read that wonderful classic book, “My Pet Goat” during his freshman year at Yale?  Yes, Bush held America’s security in the highest regard and projected his fabulous leadership skills upon the nation with his “deer in the head lights look” that paralyzed his face and a nation, for over seven minutes on 9/11.   

Bush looked like a guy who had just been suckered punched and couldn’t help but project the image from the Led Zeppelin I album, and the song entitled, “Dazed and Confused.  Yes, dazed and confused for so long it’s not true was so apropos for Georgie Bush’s demeanor.  There was no evidence of a smirk on his WASPy face during the seven minutes that ensued.  There was only terror and the frozen passage of time present in Bush’s face and soul! 

Not the best attributes for the leader of the free world to exhibit?  What do you think?

This is the center of Downtown Crawford.
Close up of the Yellow Rose in Downtown Crawford Texas.

America, how could you have elected such a buffoon to the highest office in the land?  The election of Bush revealed more about us, than it did about Bush.  Everyone knew that Bush was not the brightest bulb in the bulb factory.  Hell, he wasn’t even considered a bulb by most knowledgeable people that were paying attention in 2000. 

So what does this tell you about the American corporate political machine and how they have America figured out?  Politicians and corporate America know that the American electorate in general, are pampered morons at election time; in other words, gullible.  Why do you think corporate America gives so much campaign money to the republican party?  The thirty second attack adds are so effective in confusing the voter that has not read a bit of information, concerning the issues. 

If you wait to the last month to pay attention, it is too late baby; yes it is much too late, though you really did try to make it.  Why be so lazy with your country and democracy? 

Did you think that Bush Man could simply be changed like a woman thinks she can change a bad boy image guy into a wonderful father and husband?  What was everyone thinking?  Look at the mess Bush has made of the world and we now have this incompetent fool dealing with nuclear threats with countries that he has provoked.  

All aboard; the great Decider has now decided to derail.

Forget about invoking God to bless America, let’s ask God to have mercy on us for we know not what we do!

George Orwell was only 17 years off with his warning of “big brother” watching you in order to “protect” you from your freedom.  Freedom is slavery!

I am scared shit less for this country; aren’t you?

You elected Bush based on your perception an image which in fact was one of self deceit. Bush tried to hide his deficiencies in a program of secrecy, just as we as a nation adjusted our political, rose colored glasses, with a breath of arrogant contempt for the facts.

All it takes for evil to exist is for good people to say nothing.  Hell you did not speak up because quite a few of you (58 million) were still sleeping through the facts. 

Yes, as a nation in 2000 and 2004, we said nothing, we heard nothing, we saw nothing, we felt nothing and we voted for nothing.  America received exactly what it wanted; a Cinderella, fairy tale story that is now unraveling apart.

Concerning our security, maybe Bush should have played a few rounds of country club golf, which could have been a much more effective way of combating the growing threat of terrorism, rather than cutting and run with strands of Texas brush.  Bush was more concerned with profitable missile defense technology during his first eight months in office than he was with Osama bin Laden and inexpensive box cutters. 

I guess we will “never know for sure” if Bush was asleep at the wheel in respect to the gathering threat?  We will just have to accept the obvious facts as reality; as it should be.

Oh boy, what hot damn fun now!  Should we watch Bush in Crawford, cut more brush or can we instead just watch  individual blades of grass grow at warp speed that have been “nuked” with Miracle Grow?  Decisions, decisions! 

How about instead we watch Iraq’s civil war and its promise of self immolation come to fruition?  Yes, freedom is on the march; all the way to the phucking Iraqi morgue and grave yard.  Anyone for a bullet or maybe a 3/8 inch Black and Decker drill bit screwed into your head? 

Iraqis love Bush for their perceived “freedom” but they also hate them for the death and destruction that his civil war is causing.  It would be nice for Iraqis to go out-side and enjoy their “freedom” except for the fact that they might get killed doing so.  Freedom is on the march; all the way to the grave!

There will be no film at eleven.  It wouldn’t be prudent to show the American people the facts or the truth about Iraq.  We insist that you just continue to listen to the man behind the curtain and remain silent.  No question please; we will not answer.  

Just like the new irritating drug Head On, Iraqi insurgents apply there civil war inducing bullets, one by one; directly to the forehead, and multiple times.

On August 3, our incompetent, lame dick, corporate enhanced, republican president, decided to arrive in Crawford, just like the locus that arrives in Texas each year.  It is sad to think that the Texas locus has caused much less damage than the Bush’s presidency has to the America’s people and their children’s and grandchildren’s future. 

Bush, the pre- manufactured and packaged president, the one who was invented by the Texas Ranger baseball sweet heart for profit deal, sprinkled with a little bit of Eminent Domain, now uses his tax payer financed, photo-op “ranch” to hide from his 39% approval rating and the American people.

I wonder if those bales of hay behind CNN’s Dana Bash are placed there as an artificial prop; just like Bush.  I bet Bush sells his imaginary “ranch” shortly before or just after he leaves office.  Who will by the props?  It was all for show; conjured up for a gullible, American television, brain drained, electorate. 

Television, greed and the obese American couch potato are the worst combination of factors for the continuation of American democracy.  How many morons will be influenced by thirty second drive by television “swift” boating ads?  Worst yet, how many morons will just not vote at all.  The majority of Americans are too lazy to give a phuck.  How do you think we got stuck with Bush, “The Marlboro Man?” It was deception, ignorance and apathy?

The Bush’s August vacation was originally conceived and annually orchestrated to escape the growing inquisition from the American public’s concern and outrage over the Bush road map for peace; the Middle East quagmire.  We will not cut and run from the road map to peace, but we will surely derail our country in the process!

Bush has entered this Iraqi quicksand armpit in God’s name for freedom and the 21st century version of the Middle East Crusades.  The man is now the new official encyclopedia Britannica’s, definition for the word delusional.

The Iraq fiasco will shortly have had lasted longer than WW II.  Let the religious wars continue and drag on; but for how long?  How many decades?  The year 2010 is just the beginning of the extended sleep over to honor and exploit Middle East oil.

America, known throughout the world as the country that no longer exports goods and services, has chosen to become the undisputed master at exporting war and terror.  We as a nation excel at death and destruction for the glory of foreign natural resources!  We also now do torture and secret wire tapping of all American; free of charge.  What kind of country have we now become?  Jesus phucking Christ, give me a phucking break!  Please, I beg of you!    

You should all be so proud of our nation’s new exports by hanging an American flag and placing the magnetic bull shit ribbons that profess “support our troops” on your SUV’s, and then declare victory for the dual purpose of insincerity and insanity.  

Gas has dropped 60 cents a gallon in the last two month; just in time for the mid-term elections.  What a phucking gee whiz coincidence!  Why don’t we all go out and drag race in our gas guzzling SUV’s to celebrate this mid-term election good fortune!  I bet the planets are all aligned in a sign of the cross or maybe the letter (R) for republicans.  

What happened to all of the media and oil experts a few months ago that professed the world wide demand for oil was increasing because of China and India?  Did China and India disappear?  Did China and India give up their autos that quickly or was the previous price run up and demand from oil companies, all an oil company public relations myth? 

Would Exxon, Chevron and other U.S. based corporations with names like American Phuckron, ever lie to us?  No, please do not call me cynical.  Call me once again to say we have not been taken!  Why do honky Caucasians and the corporations which they run, always seem at will, to lie, cheat and steal from the American people?

How much would you like to bet, that no matter what the outcome of the mid-term elections are; gas prices will rise.  You can count on the administration, the oil companies and the bull shit brained media, to pull some obtuse reason out of their collective asses to explain the price hike phenomenon.  Just wait and see.  Make believe never had it so good.

How will we ever know the truth?  We won’t!  Don’t even think of listening to Tony Snow.  Tony Snow could try and spin the solar system out of the universe if it would further the Bush agenda.  What loyalty to the American Constitution for a meager fistful of dollars?  The Truth will be classified as Top Secret; No Forn Intel!  Any time the Bush administration wants to keep something from the person, which is all of the time, they classify it as secret.  In other words, we don’t want you to know how we are planning and implementing to screw you and your democracy.  You are traitor for ever doubting us!   

Why did the republican Congress just vote to slash in half the budget for severe brain trauma for American troops?  What is the number one reason for severe brain trauma in Iraq?  Could it be IED’s?  So tell me Senator McCain and Kyl, how are we supporting our troops by letting young men come home with brain damage? 

Iraqi IED’s and American depleted uranium will become the agent orange of this generation and everyone will deny there is a problem.  We have over 2,700 soldiers killed and 20,000 soldiers that have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Why would anyone sign up for IED cannon fodder duty for the America’s military and Bush’s war?       

Even though Bush was born and some what educated in Connecticut, Bush has played the Hollywood role of the western cowboy mythic façade, to a political hilt.  Small minds are easily and completely fooled by manipulative illusionist.  Did I mention Karl Rove?

The Bush “ranch” in all fairness, cannot officially be categorized as a “real” ranch since there are so few animals present except for a few elderly ground squirrels, a blind field mouse or two and a moldy clump of month old hay.  The hay is used as a “good ole boy” prop for the lap dog, comatose media to stand in front of, while their video cameras film the entire charade for the easy to fleece, American people. 

Again, how could 52% percent or 58 million of the American people in 2004, be so God damn stupid?  I will always ponder my countrymen’s ignorance concerning such a monumental decision with the future and fate of our country.

The Bush presidency has been concocted with a smoke and mirror like, Madison Avenue style PR campaign, and promoted by a corporate controlled, fourth estate press that is anything but free.  Our press is no longer free and it is costing us all, dearly.  Your once free press has been self neutered by the fact of their impotent complicity in this on going charade.  Shame on the so called “television journalist” for letting their country and its democracy disintegrate into a corporate theocracy.  Today’s TV reporters are anything but journalist!

During Bush’s 2000 and 2005 Crawford expeditions, Bush stayed in Crawford cutting brush for almost five weeks?  What kind of ranch produces brush as its main product; WTF?  Why has Bush chosen to have spent 27 % of his presidency on vacation?  Unphuckingbelievable!  Nice work if you can get it. 

Yes, you are paying the bill for this buffoon.  Bush even decided to still stay on vacation during 2005, while over 1800 Americans, black and white, were drowning in the streets of New Orleans by hurricane Katrina. 

One can decipher Bush’s thoughts if they only look into his eyes and “hear” the tortured rationale of; “no matter what, I gotta clear that brush and pretend like I give a phuck about the American people. Only three and one-half years to go until I get the big bucks for my incredibly dull memoirs and corporate board memberships!  Whowee, Its hard work, I’m working hard, I’m working Saturdays baby!  Remember 9/11, terror, duct tape, freedoms on the march and don’t forget, be very afraid during this November mid-term election!”

How can you people be so stupid to buy and swallow this shit?   Do you think God admires stupidity?  Do you think God admires hate of your fellow man even if he or she is gay?  I know, God provided the religious right hierarchy with a hate waiver.

When did this country commit to becoming a bunch of make believe, terror pussies?  I am sick and tired of going through airports and having the Bush administration (Rove and Cheney) and TSA trying to scare the hell out of me and my fellow Americans. 

Even now I have to now worry about carrying liquids.  I carry liquids.  I have liquids in my bladder.  Who will really know?  Will the TSA decide to check the liquids in our bladders? Will the TSA one day milk us and our bladders like cows?   

On second thought, concerning all of this fear mongering; piss on it.  I am so sick of this fear mongering bullshit.  How about you Mr. and Mrs. America?  Are you sick of it?  I would rather deal with the real Al Qaeda terrorist than the Bush administration form of terrorism that it performs daily on its people!  At least we would have a chance with terrorist.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

I will not be influenced or controlled by fear.  I have had enough!

During this past month, Bush hid out in Crawford for only ten days and then quickly left on August 13th.  Bush by design, was trying to give the false impression that he is working hard for the American people, during this time of manufactured “war on terror”, corporate managed, media campaign.  

Our foreign policy is what fuels Arabs and Muslims to revolt, be it religious or sectarian issues.  Iraq if anything is a complete distraction from any perceived war on terror.   Why has Bush allowed the entire Middle East to become so enflamed?  Is it by design?  After all, Henry Kissinger is advising Bush on how to handle Iraq.

Henry Kissinger…. oh shit!  Are we now going back to the failed Vietnam exit strategy of “Peace with Honor?”  U.S. causalities in Iraq in Afghanistan are sure to increase exponentially.  Nixon and Kissinger sacrificed another 25,000 plus Americans to be slaughtered in the jungles of Vietnam for the hallowed concept of honor? 

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, simple words can kill; lies also kill!  

If Bush is listening to jewish neo-con republican like Kissinger; we are all so phucked!

American presidents should never listen to Jewish advice; they should listen to American advice.  Kissinger is not a real American; he will always be jewish first.  Religion or ethnicity has no business in American politics!  Israel cannot be our first consideration as a nation.

If you recall Henry Kissinger was Bush’s first choice to chair the 9/11 commission; yes, the very same commission that Bush did not want to take place.  Kissinger did not accept Bush’s request because Kissinger would have to turn over the names of clients that his consulting firm works for.  How many Saudi Arabian and Middle East clients do you think Kissinger’s firm has on their hourly booking list?  The public disclosure of this list would have been embarrassing to say the least. 

As I said before, Kissinger is not a real American and America is not his first choice.  Israel and the smell of money are his first choices.

Israel should be considered expendable and stand by itself without American support; if we want peace in our lifetime. Let’s treat Israel like a stock.  Let’s buy low and sell high.   It is time to cut and run on Israel since they are incredibly high maintenance and such a burden.  We are Americans first and not just Israeli sympathizers because of our jewish community.  Now doesn’t Wall Street like peace; peace when profits are involved?

Another reason for Bush’s quick exit from Crawford is that Cindy Sheehan once again was in Crawford to protest his Iraq War policy and the death of her son.  Bush will not meet with Sheehan but has no problem scheduling a phony, photo op session with republican Rockey Vaccarella and his delusional praise for Bush and his “excellent” Katrina response. 

Mr. Vaccarella recently waltzed into Washington DC with a replica FEMA trailer and met with Bush at the White House for one of those legendary Karl Rove photo-ops moments.  Vaccarella praised Bush for his competent response to Katrina.  WTF? 

Obviously Vaccarella did not take his medication on that day of Bush praise.  Maybe he couldn’t afford them because he didn’t have insurance. 

Bush was left alone by himself in Crawford during the last week of summer in 2005 without any adult supervision.  It must have been terrifying to be alone by himself with only his thoughts. 

Just like the “deer in the head lights look” with 9/11, Bush didn’t know how to try or lead a response to Katrina.  Leadership involving comments like “Brownie your doing a heck of job” for a photo-op scenario cannot be considered competent leadership.  Bush is not a leader of any kind!

By the way, when are the Bush twins, Barbara and Jenna willing to sign up for their patriotic duty in Iraq?  Oh that is right, wealthy, politically connected sons and daughters of politicians and wealthy phucks alike do not participate in such self acclaimed patriotic bravado.  Leave it for the poor and middle class Americans to fight the rich mans wars.

Cindy Sheehan is now part of Bush’s female ownership society.  Sheehan recently purchased land in Crawford, and is now a part of the community.  Do you think Bush could even welcome a new neighbor to the neighborhood?  Nah…., wouldn’t be prudent!

August of 2005 will be looked upon by historians as the beginning of the end, a crack in the facade of the illusionary Bush administration.  One year ago on August 6th, I believe the true beginning of the decline of the Bush presidency began.  Some could argue that the decline began with Bush taking the oath in January 2001, but why argue about a downhill, brake failure prone, train wreck when fluff excuses like bad intelligence can prevail and lead us into war? 

Why was George Tenet given the Medal of Freedom for “slam dunk,” failed intelligence?  Why reward obvious failure?  Maybe there wasn’t an intelligence failure after all?  Maybe Tenet received the Medal of Freedom for being a team player and fall guy by keeping his big fat mouth shut?

Camp Casey, Katrina and the civil war in Iraq were exposed to the America people as a testimony to the Bush and Brown congenital ineptitude.  “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job;” and so has Bush!  Did you really expect anything different America, because if you did, you were dreaming?  America, when will you ever wake up?  You have let a complete buffoon run this country into the ground!

I was in Washington DC in January 2005 when Bush stumbled into his second term and began his promise to spend his political capital.  One year later, Bush is bankrupt in relation to his perceived political capital.  Sheehan’s protest, followed by hurricane Katrina and the never ending occupation of Iraq and its civil war, has chipped away at the foundation of the Bush presidency and its razor thin facade. 

I am glad I could be a part of, however small, of the chiseling away of the Bush façade and his creed of support for such a corrupt administration.  Ulysses Grant, you have nothing to worry about.  Bush will be anointed as the “worst president ever”!   I am not a betting man, but I would bet on this one; Bush will go down in history as the all time presidential phuck up loser alone because of his Iraq war of his choice!  It must have written in the stars.  What an incompetent, corrupt, phucking idiot!  Thanks America for electing such an outstanding candidate for wealthy America phucks to salivate over for tax cuts and estate tax repeal! 

Did I hear some one say Jim Click, Don Diamond and Lute and Christine Olson?  Why are rich people so greedy?  How much would be enough for you?  Is it possible for you to even understand the concept of having enough? 

You are like squirrels that gather every possible nut in sight as if you were planning to have enough food for a millennium or more.  The only difference between you and a squirrel is what (wealth) and how much (infinite) you attempt to gather at other human’s expense. 

On Monday August 8, 2005 I was traveling on a business trip when I read an USA Today article that a grieving war mother in California was camping out in Crawford, Texas at the Bush compound in an act of protest.  This mother’s sole purpose was to ask Bush to answer a simple question about nobility.  “What was the noble reason for her son Casey to die in Iraq for” The whole premise seemed simple enough to me? But Bush in his infinite chicken shit character, just like he advertised in his Air National Guard days in Texas, decided that acting like a chicken shit president, was the prudent way to go.  Once a chicken shit, always a chicken shit!

Bush and Rove only participate in photo-op opportunities that they can choreograph and control.  Cindy Sheehan probably would have had to agree at the very least to meet Bush at a military base.  Bush would not do that.                     

The part of this story that really upset and struck a nerve with me was that officials had said that Mrs. Sheehan would be arrested on that Thursday since Condosleeza Rice and Donald (old Europe) Rumsfeld were coming out to the ranch on that day.  The article stated that Mrs. Sheehan would probably be arrested under the charges that Mrs. Sheehan would be a national security threat.  At that point I said to myself; I said self, WTF!  Bush is such a pussy that he will even threaten a grieving mother with arrest.

Cindy Sheehan was labeled as a national security threat by the strongest military in the world.  How can a grieving mother with a picket sign become a national security threat?  Yes, maybe Sheehan would be a security threat to Bush’s manufactured image.

If Cindy Sheehan is a threat to national security, this country indeed has even greater phucking problems than we ever imagined.  Maybe Sheehan’s only real true threat was the concept of challenging America’s love affair with an authoritarian, pre-tyrannical evolving, neo-con fascist, republican government.

And now the latest White House rhetoric is that the Islamic “terrorist” are now fascist.  This all sounds to me like it describes exactly the Bush administration and corporate America in 2006.  Please forget the Islamo-fascist bull shit; as compared to America. There are few corporations in the Arab world and Fascism requires the marriage of corporate power with government power to develop a fascist regime. 

Fascism is the blending of government and corporate power to control the people of a country through fear and intimidation.  Do you not think that we are being controlled by the Bush government through fear and intimidation?  How are our civil rights doing?  How do you like your phones and computers being tapped?  How do feel about being renditioned to a foreign country and tortured if President Bush decides to label you an enemy combatant?  I will probably get my ass renditioned by this phuck up president. 

No, Ladies and Gentlemen, just pretend everything is okay in America!  You might as well sit your ass in a corner, suck your thumb and begin rocking!  Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, it is indeed going to be a rough ride ahead; turbulence anyone?  

On Tuesday morning August 9th, when I awoke, the plight of Cindy Sheehan was still troubling my mind.  I was troubled by what was happening to my country.  My personal life was already in a state of shambles due to neo-con supporting republicans in my state and hometown of Tucson, Arizona.  I wondered if any other American’s like me had a problem of what was taking place in our honor by right wing radicals in the White House. 

My imagination ran over time wondering what a mother’s grief and threat of her arrest would feel like.  I decided that if she was going to be arrested, I had to be a witness to this perversion and suffocation of American style democracy and the right to protest our government actions. 

I have a son that is about the same age as Casey was when he died in Baghdad on April 4, 2004.  I could not imagine my son giving up his life to sponsor another American corporate war in a far away land.  I will do everything in my power to discourage my children from joining the soul less corporate American war machine. 

Please, do not tell me or another American family about using their sons and daughters for cannon fodder duty.  Unless the soul less politician’s that approved this death game tango, along with the wealthy families like Jim Click, Lute Olson and Don (neo-con jewish) Diamond, that enable Bush to continue his wars, decide to sign up their own children and grandchildren to go and fight this phucked up, lying war; don’t even think of asking us.  Trust me, this Iraqi and Afghani war are both so phucked up!

Bush and Tony Blair should have read more about British history.  The British have already had their military defeats years ago in both Afghanistan and Iraq (Mesopotamia).  What is that slogan about “history repeating itself?”  Bush and Blair have shown their incredible ignorance by not examining history; but then again, oil has a way of influencing leaders to be delusional and stupid!  

I know that the wealthy offspring and their grandchildren will never enlist on their own for war.  Don’t hold your breath since it will not happen in yours or my lifetime.  How dare you try and tell me that your son or daughter is more important than mine or another middle class or poor family.  Go and defend your own beliefs first by your actions and not your campaign contributions, and then I will consider your offer to follow.   

Money is no sacrifice for the wealthy; is it just a form of legalized bribery?

How many of you out there would stick your nose into a killer bee-hive?  You would be considered crazy.  We have done the same exact thing in Iraq and we have nowhere to run and hide from the angry bees now.  I can understand why Cindy Sheehan wants an answer for why we are over in Iraq.  Why do our sons and daughters have to die for a lie?

The decision was quickly made to go to Crawford, Texas the following day.  If nothing else, we would support and be a witness to a grieving American mother, hauled off to jail, only because she needed an answer to the reason for her son’s death.  I did not want to read about this in the newspaper.  I wanted to feel the burning sensation of injustice, once again, in my very own eyes.

 I have also experienced the pain of injustice in Arizona.

I think what bothered me about this whole issue is that in America; it is now a crime to stage a lawful protest against the government and its enablers; corporate America.  I personally have experienced the outrage of being threatened with false arrest and police reports being filed on my behalf, all in order to make me disappear.

During the April 2004 SAHBA Home Show parade of corrupt members, I was personally threatened with arrest by Tucson’s SAHBA president Ed Taczanowsky.  I was participating in a legal protest that we had cleared with convention officials from the Tucson Convention Center (TCC) and the ACLU. God, you don’t know how much I wish I had been arrested!  My protest was based on a corrupt builder (L.J. McCreary) a corrupt organization (SAHBA), and the corrupt politicians that support SAHBA’s endeavors.

During a family picket sign protest, I was verbally ordered by the SAHBA Tucson furor, republican Ed Taczanowsky, to stay at my present position on this planet while he called the Tucson police to have me arrested.  This is how corporate America deals with their critics.  What’s next Taczanowsky, are you going to have me renditioned to Uzbekistan?  I bet you would like that!  You sick republican puppy. Would you like to be the person that would torturer me?  Would you like that Taczanowsky?  I bet you would.

I assume Taczanowsky was making an erroneous citizens arrest of an innocent American (me), who was exercising his constitutional civil rights while I still have them before they our outsourced to China.

There are always at least ten percent of people that are complete phucking idiots; in my opinion, Taczanowsky is in the top 1/10th of 1%; but I could be wrong if intoxicated.

During the pseudo arrest sequence, I raised my arms and hands above my head as if under arrest and thanked the overweight dictator for his fine civic performance of trying to deny my civil rights.  I also thanked Taczanowsky for the increased publicity that he was generating in my honor.   Thanks Ed, you are a real trooper; even if you are a public relations nightmare!

And who says Tucson’s local corporate Nazi’s and their self described and promoting movers and shakers in Tucson are nothing more than phucking idiots and morons?

And how about Tucson’s easily influenced republican mayor, Bob Walkup; how is he doing?  How is Walkup doing with that big box store and the lobbyist that were allowed to write the bill that supports the store?  How did that public financed fact finding trip to Hawaii work out for Walkup?  Did Walkup get sunburned on his fat ass in Hawaii?  No local government fraud, waste and abuse there?  How much do you think Walkup will profit by taking on the big box store deal?  Has Mayor Walkup signed up for his very own Swiss bank account yet?  Why do most republican politicians suck? Why do some Democratic candidates like Israel Torres suck?

Mr. Taczanowsky, the fall 2006 SAHBA Home Show is scheduled for Oct 6, 7&8; will you and LJ McCreary be there?  You both deserve your reputations for your fraudulent, custom home builder sham, adverting schemes that sucks people in through deceptive advertising.

Even though Taczanowsky tried very hard to get me thrown off public property, I was never arrested because even the Tucson police even thought Taczanowsky was full of shit.  The Tucson Police were correct; Taczanowsky was indeed full of shit.

Why did Taczanowsky have a subordinate convention worker lie in order to fabricate a false story of how I ran into a TCC worker with my car and caused him to have back pain?  I was not even driving that morning at the TCC.  The person that was driving my car with SAHBA signs on it was 74 years old.  I know, it was just an honest mistake but it all sounds like so many neo-con swift boat like, republican tactics that are used every day in this country.

I think I was swift boated before the concept of swift boating became fashionable for republicans.  In the end, it was all based on lies and the police allowed our protest to continue against McCreary Homes and SAHBA’s Home Show.

I sure miss the sight of Denise McCreary, President of McCreary Homes, screaming at me from her car in the Tucson Convention Center’s entrance.  God, I wish I had had my video camera ready for such lounge lizard, jazz induced, screaming antics recorded for posterity sake.  I promise to be ready next time with my digital video camera.   I wonder if Denise McCreary will ever consider performing for us again at the event. 

I do not like being falsely accused and threatened with arrest for exercising my civil rights.  How dare you!

So you see, when I heard Cindy Sheehan would be arrested, it kind of struck a raw nerve with me to fight against this injustice.  And to think, I used to be a mild mannered, non- protesting, minded his own business, and non-political professing type of guy.  I had never protested anything like this until I had to deal with McCreary Homes, SAHBA, numerous incompetent contractors who used illegal aliens, and a couple of soul less jewish attorneys that caused me to loose my land, home, credit rating and dreams.  All this was sanctioned and allowed in order to gratify their insatiable quest for greed.

On Wednesday, August 7, we boarded a flight to Dallas, Texas and with a subsequent layover in that wonderful city and former home of David Koresh, Waco, Texas.  We knew we were in “God’s country” and in potential trouble when the waitress at the local restaurant in Waco was loudly talking about her Christian Evangelical faith and praising the Lord while serving a customer a side order of steaming grits.  Oh…please, give me a phucking Hans Christian Anderson break!  Just drown me with those piping hot grits; please. 

As we drove west southwest bound from Waco to Crawford, we got a glimpse of two Marine helicopters in the distance heading for Bush’s photo-op “ranch’.  Sure enough, we found out later that it indeed was Bush on his way back from wasting the tax payer’s money with a day trip to Illinois, trying to sell his Social Security con job, sham for Wall Street.

Just north of Crawford, we were perplexed by the large billboard that depicts George and Laura Bush welcoming you to their fair town.  I immediately got out of the car and posed for a picture of me giving George the California salute; the finger.  Phuck you Bush!  It was the least I could do for American democracy.

We found the Crawford Peace House which is located just north of the main intersection in Crawford.  To say Crawford is small is an understatement.  At the main intersection is a four way stop light, the restaurant that Bush has his local photo-ops taken, a bank and then on the southwest side of the intersection is a gift shop called the Yellow Rose, that is dedicated to Crawford’s first couple, minus their spoiled children.  I guess that Crawford wants nothing to do with Barbara and Jena, since they can be a little embarrassing.

In front of the Bush gift shop is a replica of the Liberty Bell, or as it is called in Texas intellectual circles, the Taco Bell.  Also in front of the store was a five foot tall replica of the Ten Commandments that are left outside the store, since Crawford does not have a public court house like Alabama to store them in.

I have found out when people profess their religion in public that they are usually full of shit.  They are anything but moral and religious.

In a recent newspaper article, Cindy Sheehan was quoted saying that she gets a little upset when people say bad things about Crawford.  I am sorry Cindy, but I can’t help my contempt for a town that 80% of its citizens still support Bush’s policies.

Crawford needs to get over their pseudo celebrity worship factor.  Bush is a buffoon.  Why support a psychopath that is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people?  Where are the WMD’s? Are you comfortable with Bush lying to you?  Why?

I also have problems with how the town projects its holier than thou official attitude, along with the “let freedom ring” and the Charles Heston, NRA endorsed, Ten Commandments illusions that have been marketed to the American people behind the curtain of deception.

At the Crawford Peace House, we met good hearted people that had come from around the country, just as we had.  There is something about supporting a grief stricken mother that still affects most human beings that still possess compassion and a human heart.

I met a married woman from the red state of North Carolina that traveled by herself to be a part of Sheehan’s support.  I knew exactly how she felt and a couple of years earlier, neither one of us could have imagined being part of a presidential protest.  I guess democracy and patriotism is really a grass root, personal kind of thing.  Karl Rove would never understand the concept of true democracy since he would not be able to control or influence it.

We learned that Cindy was located about five miles from the Peace House and she was recovering from flu like symptoms from sleeping outside in the rain.  I admired her courage. Since there is not a hotel in Crawford, we returned to Waco and chose a Motel 6 to sleep at.

On Thursday, we arrived at the Peace House about 8:00 AM and parked our car in front of the house.  We both joked to each other that the FBI and Secret Service had probably already recorded our license number and we were already on someone’s government shit list at least for people who still give a damn about their once great country.  

Little did I realize that my government was already in the business of wire tapping and monitoring phone and e-mail communications.  After learning in December 2005 about the governments wire tapping of domestic phone calls, I bet the FBI already had our name and address in their data base and they were probably searching our house back in Tucson as we spoke.

We reached Camp Casey at about 9:00 AM and we joined about two hundred people that had showed up to support Cindy.  My wife began her stay at the camp by volunteering to write deceased soldiers names on white crosses that would later be lined near the Camp Casey tent and along the county road.  After an hour of writing men’s names on the crosses, my wife had made it only through the first three states in the union; how sad. It was a very sobering experience to realize these men and women were no longer with us on this earth simply because our president made the decision to lie to the American people  

Unfortunately these same crosses on Friday night were deliberately run over by a republican, red neck Bush supporter in a pick up truck.  If only the individual could have written some of the names on these crosses, he might have behaved differently.  It was a disgrace to desecrate the memory of our soldiers, no matter what red neck feelings that one might possess for Bush.  Wrong is wrong, no matter what your moral and political agenda may be!

Cindy Sheehan gave a speech at around 10:00 AM before the crowd and media that had congregated.  I knew this movement was increasing in momentum when the person next to me that I was talking to was from a news corporation in South Korea. 

During and after Cindy’s speech, other mothers who had lost their sons in Bush’s war also spoke.  It was a series of multiple gut wrenching moments.  I was at a loss for words.  I can’t even imagine these women’s losses.  It was only a problem if you were indeed a human being!  Even as a former military attack pilot that was trained to rain death and destruction on a politically designated enemy, I felt the conscience of life beckoning me to examine my own perception of what life means to me.  Stem cell research anyone?  Anyone heard of genocide taking place in Sudan?  Why do Americans nonchalantly approve of death?

Why do the Evangelical Christians like Bush cheer about the sanctity of life mantra when they so easily approve of death?  Who would Jesus bomb next?  Would Jesus choose a Mark -82, 500 pounders with daisy cutters or would he just choose CBU-58?  Would he consider delivering low or high angle to maximize killing?  How about Napalm being put into the equation?

Do you really think Jesus would register with the republican party?  I don’t think so!  Jesus would not be accepted into the republican party since he could never be consider wealthy or WASPy enough for the powers that be.

After the speeches we met Cindy.  There are only few people that I have met in my Life, and I could count them on my fingers as people I would consider saints that I have met on this earth.  These people were good people, they possessed good hearts.  There was no animosity, no greed, and no malice in any of these people’s hearts that I would consider. Cindy Sheehan is one of these people. 

How dare the hired gun media pundits like Bill (Loofah, Thai hooker) O’reilly, Sean (homo- phob, racist) Hannity, Michelle (she devil bitch) Malkin and Ann (anorexic prostitute brain) Coulter, dare slander Cindy Sheehan’s good name. 

What have these millionaire pundits ever sacrificed; absolutely nothing.  They have made money from Sheehan’s sorrow.  How dare they question her integrity when they have absolutely none!  These hacks do not deserve the honor to even scrub Sheehan’s bath room toilet.  

Why do republican women like Malkin and Coulter always project a look of harshness; a look that is oh so un-feminine?  Underneath the bra, nylons and dress, they look and act like men.  A woman should never sacrifice her femininity for the almighty dollar, otherwise she becomes a prostitute for her own pursuit; in other words, a whore.

And to think Anne Coulter went to the University of Michigan.  I am so ashamed they let her nappy ass into my former home state!   Yes, we need immediate border security so we can prevent stupid neo-con bithches like Coulter from attending progressive liberal university’s across state lines.  Please stay the phuck out of Michigan, Coulter; we don’t need your skanky ass to skunk it up.

We returned to Tucson that evening feeling that we had made a small contribution to our democracy.  Even though Condoslezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, and even the prince of darkness himself, Dick Cheney came to the ranch, Cindy Sheehan was not arrested for national security reasons. The Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld caravan had sped past us on a county dirt road at over 45 mph, in a cloud of dust.  God, I was so impressed with their fast paced procession of perceived importance. 

Considering everything, going to Crawford was a unique experience. I truly believe that that Sheehan was not arrested because there were too many people present to witness a perceived miscarriage of justice.  I truly believe Cindy Sheehan was the beginning of the end of the Bush presidency.  In a little over three weeks, the facade of the Bush Presidency would begin to accelerate and crumble under the weight of the arrival of hurricane Katrina.

In the span of ten months, I have witnessed Bush’s Inaugural in Washington when he bragged about his political capital that he now could spend.   I have witnessed and traveled to Crawford, Texas to be with and support Cindy Sheehan in her moment of protest.  And finally, on a September evening, I traveled from Paris to Tucson while hurricane Katrina lined up on approach to New Orleans. 

After ten months of praying, my prayers were answered by the collapse of our psychopathic president’s arrogance and bravado.   The true incompetence of the Bush administration was revealed for all to see. 

The warning to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, finally landed upon deaf ears.

Yes, God works in mysterious ways and pride does indeed cometh before a fall.

I encourage everyone to consider going to Crawford during Bush’s next stay at the “ranch.”  You might want to hurry since next year might be your last chance.  It is conceivable that Bush will be impeached next year for war crimes that include detainee torture and the cessation of Habeas Corpus; our civil rights. 

Habeas Corpus has been in effect from the Magna Carta (1215) until now (2006); a total of 791 years.  You gave up 791 years of civil rights protection which means you gave up your Bill of Rights which was ratified in 1787.  Republican Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain have given up your Bill of Rights.  Maybe you should write them a letter or e-mail and tell them how happy you are that your rights have been taken away!

In January 2005, Bush swore under oath to protect and defend the Constitution.  Do you think for a moment that Bush has defended the Constitution?   Bush has not defended our Constitution; he has raped it!  Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin would be screaming at the loss of Habeas Corpus.  What did Americans this past week get all upset about the Mark Foley sex scandal?  Incredible!  We do not cry out about the loss of our civil rights but we get excited about gay pedophilia sex scandals. 

I fear for my country and countrymen, because they are so stupid!
Bush has lied us into an Iraqi quagmire and a majority of you have approved of this.   The republicans and Bush have saddled your children and grandchildren with perpetual war and debt as far as the mind can imagine. 

Whatever happened to this country?  We used to be a hell of a lot better than this!  You all have rolled over like a bunch of French poodle dogs.  Please do not tell me, that it doesn’t matter to you!

Democracy although at times appearing to be on life support; is still alive.  If the heart beat of democracy quivers any further, I fear we might be at a loss to recover from this spiral into an abyss.  

Please vote Democratic on November 7th in order to change course and save this once great country from the Bush neo-con mad men. 

America, please wake up before it is all too late.  Change is blowing in the wind.


Republicans = Incompetence
Politicians are like soiled diapers, they need to be changed
Let’s just throw the bastards out!

Crosses laid out on the side of the road - Iraq's War Dead honored by Bush's ranch.


Capitalism and Globalization American style in 2006 is like playing a combination of musical chairs and Russian roulette together as a ten year old child.  The rules involve a mandatory one million dollar ante, playing while blindfolded, having ear muffs over your ears and Kleenex shoved up your nose, just for effect. 

Round and round and round and round you go, until you can’t take going around anymore.  Someone wants to make sure you experience altered states; but who and why?  You keep going round and round until the perverted purveyors of the music decide to stop you in your moment of anticipatory fate, and then slowly but assuredly, they decide to shut your world down. There are no chairs left.  In fact there was only one chair left for ten people playing the game and a CEO from Halliburton got the chair because he was never blindfolded.  Management always reserves the right to play by different rules. 

Somehow, you get the uncomfortable feeling of what it is like when a trusting female realizes that the man that she has just met tonight on the street, after a half hour of small talk, decides to rape and kill her, and her life will soon be over in the mater of few minutes.  What incredible horror in the realization of the reality.  How is this happening to me?  Why is this happening?  Who will hear my prayers?  Who will care?  After all, you do live in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave; that is if you think that some of the brave haven’t become entranced and tempted with ideas of sexual perversion at your expense. 

Sounds like corporate America to me!

Why did you ever trust your life with a Caucasian repressed republican male?  They are always so possessed and perplexed by money issues, that they know absolutely nothing about sex; let alone love.  They are infants in their pursuit of human relations.

Unfortunately, you do not realize that the music and your life stopped a long time ago.   You decide to keep going around and around, feeling blindly for your equilibrium in your life; but it is not there.  It is nowhere to be found

In corporate America today you are just a name and a number.  We used to expect and receive a lot more.  Today we receive so little by design.  Our politicians are in compliance with corporate America’s wishes.  Our politicians have been bought for such a pittance.  Welcome to America in 2006.

On November 7, 2006 remember to throw the bastards like Jon Kyl out of office.  Most politicians like Kyl do not deserve a second chance to screw their constituents.

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