October 9th, 2007

The following updated e-mail was sent on 01 October, 2007, to numerous accounts at and the Discovery Home network.

Is she an honorable person or
just a "Tool Belt Diva Prostitute?" 

Date:  01 October, 2007

Norma Vally
DCI World Headquarters
Discovery Home Channel
One Discovery Place
Silver Springs, MD 20910


Dear Ms. Vally,

There is something terribly wrong taking place in the building industry in Tucson, Arizona!

Yes, something terrible is happening to even good ex-military families in the red state of Arizona.  Some Arizona families are now like refugees after losing their homes to substandard defective building practices in this state and SAHBA, the (Southern Arizona Home Building Association), supports these practices.  Ms. Vally, as the Discovery Home Show’s, “Tool Belt Diva,” would you like to know more about SAHBA and the home show event that you are about to support?

On October 12, 13, and 14th you will be attending the Tucson Arizona Southern Arizona Home Builders Associations (SAHBA) Fall Home Show as their special featured guest.  I thought that you just might be interested in the type of organization that SAHBA really is and the people who represent it and how they operate to hurt the Arizona consumers and their families.  SAHBA supports incompetent builders and the use of illegal alien workers and unlicensed contractors to work on projects.  Everyone at SAHBA, and I mean everyone, turns a blind eye to the accumulation of money and the promotion of greed.

On SAHBA’s Home Show website, there is currently text promoting your appearance, by offering descriptions given by yourself that help to describe you.  Ms. Vally you say:

· Norma describes herself in 3 words as: real, funny and caring
· Norma’s legacy? “To impact people in a positive and loving way – and that includes family, friends, fans and strangers.”

During your appearance at the SAHBA Home Show, you have a chance to show your “caring” and “to impact people in a positive and loving way.”  I wonder with the information that you will now posses about SAHBA, will you still continue to promote a building association this weekend that makes a conscious decision to harm consumers and their children in Southern Arizona without choosing to say a word to confront these injustices? 

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to stay silent in the face of evil!

Maybe I will be wrong about your concern toward people because of your contractual association with SAHBA, since it is possible that your appearance is one that is based solely on additional exposure and money.  I hope I am wrong.  Even if this is the case, I would still like to ask for your help in confronting and exposing SAHBA and their rip-off agenda not for me, but for the Arizona consumers and their children.  There is not much hope for what happened to my family, but you can choose to prevent other consumers from being sucked into this horrible financial trap that SAHBA supports through their “Certified Custom Home Builder Program.” 
SAHBA has now become a protection racket to shield incompetent, negligent and greedy builders and sub-contractors to offer immunity and legal protection, from taking responsibility for their negligence and refusing to fix their defective building practices in Southern Arizona.

After reading our ordeal with SAHBA and L.J. and Denise McCreary, of McCreary Homes, please ask your self why SAHBA, still promotes McCreary Homes as a member of their “self described” prestigious classification of “Certified Custom Builder Program?” 

Even McCreary Homes to this day uses a deceiving, untruthful, advertising testimonial by a person exported from the California “prison building industry,” Bruce G. DuPont, the person who bought our forced foreclosed home.  The testimonial is only used to lure unsuspecting consumers on McCreary’s Homes current website and hopefully suck them into their deceptive trap.  Why would Bruce G. DuPont ever provide a glowing testimonial to such a defective home unless money or services were exchanged with McCreary Homes or First United Realty/ Salero Ranch?   And SAHBA to this day, still supports McCreary Home’s practices and deceptions as a member of their self proclaimed, prestigious, “Certified Custom Home Builder Program.”  Why are deceptions and lies able to flourish in this association that chooses to deceive?

Is there a plausible reason for such deceptive promotion by SAHBA and McCreary Homes?    No association or builder should ever choose to hurt the consumer physically, financially or emotionally.  Why is SAHBA and McCreary Homes in Tucson, Arizona allowed to do this?

SAHBA has become an organization that promotes ruining good Arizona family’s pursuit of the “American Dream” by defective building practices and the hiring of illegal aliens that result in sub-standard work in order to insure its members continued profits.

To make a long and nightmarish story short, I will try and be brief in my description of our SAHBA/McCreary Homes custom nightmare.  

During 2000, we contracted for a custom home built by SAHBA custom home builder, McCreary Homes.  We never contracted for a defectively built home, constructed with illegal alien help.  The home was delivered to us a year later and late, and it was riddled with over 222 defects.  Some of the defects were small and some very large ones like, water infiltration down walls,  great room ceilings that sunk downward, water infiltration into our garage because of negative sloping concrete pouring, a kitchen island that rocked to and fro, fireplaces that did not draw, etc.  I hope you get the idea; the house was built by incompetent, illegal alien and uncaring morons who only cared about pilfering us for profit.  Isn’t this so republican?  

McCreary Homes would not fix the mistakes that he and his sub-contractors made, except for the sagging ceiling, even though the Arizona Registrar of Contractors directed McCreary Homes to fix all of the defects.  Five months after we moved into the home, McCreary Homes filed a lawsuit against my family in January 2001, not just for the fully contracted amount, but an amount that was in excess of $78,000 dollars over contract.  Yes, I said this correctly; McCreary sued us. 

The lawsuit was filed by a lawyer named Marc Simon, a SAHBA life time director member. McCreary Homes and SAHBA’s lawyer sued my family because they would not take responsibility and fix their defective building mistakes.  Who in their right mind would ever pay the full contracted price for work that was not accomplished properly but instead in defective and obvious fraudulent manner?

After almost two years of bleeding money to fight this lawsuit at an average rate of two thousand dollars a month, where some months the bill was over five thousand dollars, we finally succumbed to the financial and emotional pressures which accompanied these proceedings.  We ended up losing our home to foreclosure and eventually had to file for bankruptcy protection because of the added cost of taking out a second mortgage that was taken out during to fight this lawsuit.   Obviously the borrowed amount was not enough to save us and actually contributed to our financial demise.   There was no way I was going to be able to pay for a second mortgage from a defective home that I no longer owned because of defective building practices and foreclosure.  If I ever had a chance from recovering form this imposed injustice, I had to file to protect my possible future recovery from this SAHBA promoted nightmare. 

I sometimes fantasize how different my family’s life would be if McCreary had just built us the home that we contracted for; free of defects that were performed by illegal alien workers.  My family and its life would be so different.  Someone needs to pay for this injustice! 

And what is absolutely so incredible, is that the three separate Registrar of Contractors (ROC) complaints that we made against McCreary Homes were wiped clean off the books even before our case even had a chance to come to trial.  How are Arizona consumers ever allowed to thoroughly research a company, when pro building legislators enact laws to protect the building industry and not Arizona families? 

In Arizona, (ROC) complaints are kept on the books for only two years and then they disappear as if they never existed in the first place.  This slate wiping feature of the (ROC) has been allowed to occur by lobbying effort towards the republican dominated Arizona legislature to provide cover.  This is one of the main reasons why SAHBA exist; political clout and cover. 

If you get a chance this weekend Ms. Vally, I hope you are introduced to state Rep. Jonathan Patton (R- Tucson).  If you do meet Rep. Patton, please ask him about his recent past history as a state legislative lobbyist tool for SAHBA.  Isn’t it wonderful that a former lobbyist for the building industry can be elected to office to continue to protect the industry’s agenda to pilfer the public with sub-standard buildings?  The fox is now guarding the chicken coop.  At the same time Jonathan Patton was elected to office, another former legislature, Stan Barnes was retained by SAHBA in its lobbying efforts at the state level.  I wonder how many times Mr. Barnes will wine and dine Rep. Patton for building industry favors? 

The revolving door in Arizona has never spun so fast!   Arizona is so corrupt!  

This whole SAHBA/McCreary Home fiasco has had a terrible effect on our health and marriage.  Unfortunately, my wife did not escape from being emotionally and physically scarred by this whole ordeal.   I too have been affected by this miscarriage of justice.   I now longer believe in many of the beliefs that I once believed about this country and its direction.  What kind of “family values” is one considered to have when they cause a family to lose their land, home and dreams for their greed and profit?

During our SAHBA/McCreary Homes nightmare, the health of my family suffered from such an imposed injustice upon us.  You will never imagine the stress and damage to our marriage that took place during this time.  Everything that we worked for, in our then 23 year marriage, was thrown by the wayside without any thought for my family’s well being or security.  My wedding ring to this day is still somewhere lost in the Tucson desert from being thrown away by me in one of our many arguments during that time period.  We argued and fought more during those first six months after we lost our home than we did during the entire time of our 23 year marriage.  We went to numerous marriage counseling sessions during the past four years to save our now 27 year marriage. 

Unfortunately, SAHBA and McCreary Homes has made sure that my family and our marriage will never be the same.  We have been permanently damaged by SAHBA/ McCreary Homes for forever!  What price do you put on ruining one’s family security and marriage?  Such family values and sanctity of marriage professionals. 

During the April 2004 Spring Home Show, my family legally and peacefully picketed the Tucson Convention Center (TCC) with the goal of advertising our first website,  Our protest was interrupted by SAHBA President, Ed Taczanowsky and Home Show manager Lyzette Felix.  Ms. Felix was kind enough to call my son and me, pathetic individuals, as she waddled away in lumbering, anti-anorexic disbelief at our audacity to protest her little home show venue.  But all was not over; Mr. Taczanowsky, a conniving republican association president, had other plans to deal with me dishonestly.  And Mr. Taczanowsky will never challenge me on this issue because the truth is such a potent remedy to counter perceived but incorrect slander.  

When it comes to ethics and honesty, SAHBA president, Ed Taczanowsky is pure scum of the earth, male, moral depravity!   

Mr. Taczanowsky tried to have me ficticiously arrested for having the audacity to exercise my civil rights and picket his home show.  Mr. Taczanowsky along with a TCC security conspired to have a fictitious charge made up against me for alleging that I ran into a TCC security guard with our auto earlier in that morning.  The security guard, Orlando Gonzalez, was now claiming back pain from the injury.  Was Mr. Gonzalez even a U.S. citizen?  

Mr. Taczanowsky was willing to have the security guard that he coordinated with, Mr. Gonzalez, file a false police report, all in the name to get me to stop my protest of the spring 2004 SAHBA Home Show.  God, it all sounds so like Lee Atwater / Karl Rove dirty republican politics, doesn’t it?  This was not the first or even the last show that we have protested, or will continue to protest about this crooked association that promotes fraudulent and defective builders and conjures false police reports.

There is no doubt that you will meet SAHBA’s president, Ed Taczanowsky, along with corrupted and incompetent builders like L.J. McCreary at the show on Saturday.  Will you have the social nerve to ask these men and the ones that promote the “Certified Custom Home Builder Program, “why they all choose to turn a blind eye to such injustice?  I have written these scoundrels many times, but all they are willing to profess is their silence on the issue.   Maybe as a cable television personality, you will be able to open them up a little bit to your “Tool Belt Diva” charm? 

It never ceases to amaze how certain people, especially in the building industry, will lie, cheat and steal to further their lust for money and power!
Please see our two websites for your truth discovering viewing pleasure,  and You may not agree with my cause or politics but how can a person support such abuse that is directed towards Arizona families and their children?  How can anyone support harming the children of a couple, just to insure corporate profits? 

No company or association or person should ever choose to hurt a family physically, emotionally or financially; so much for the profession and sanctity of “family values.” 

Please tell me Ms. Vally whatever happened to fairness, justice and community decency towards the families and the public in general.  Ms. Vally, will you choose on the weekend of October 12th to challenge SAHBA officials and McCreary Homes by asking why they support defective building, hiring illegal aliens and defrauding families?  Will you choose to help prevent this nightmare from happening to another Arizona family?

Please contact us by October 8th, if you are willing to participate with helping future Arizona families from experiencing such nightmares.  Please contact us on our McCreary Homes website contact e-mail account;

Ms. Vally will you please choose to help prevent other family’s in Arizona from experiencing the nightmare that we were provided by SAHBA’s participation?  Will you help us prevent another child from being foreclosed from sleeping in their very own bed during these next months?  If you need more information about SAHBA practices, you can clink on the link to SAHBA on the McCreary Homes Sucks website or try;  Please contact us and let us know that you care about the plights of Arizona couples and their children to these injustices.

We’ll see you at the show and I hope you choose to be an honorable person.  God knows, there are so many immoral douche bag personnel in the building industry in southern Arizona.  Please Ms. Vally, choose not to become an enabler of the Arizona builder corruption scheme cabal. 

It is now your choice to act or remain silent.

Once again Ms. Vally; “All it takes for evil to exist, is for good men and women to remain silent in the face of evil!”


“The Arizona Refugee”

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