Date:  08 January, 2008

Title:  A planned deceptive detour in name only; and oh so far from the truth!

Dear unsuspecting public and the McCreary’s

“Let us build your dream home.”

McCreary Dream Homes does not build your dreams; they destroy them.   For my family, the mantra of truth from the McCreary’s should have read; “Let us build your nightmare.”  To this day I cannot phantom to believe how phucked up an abortion that L.J. and Denise McCreary chose to provide me and my family with a home that was built so defectively and so incompetently.  And even to this day, they have never acknowledged their complicity and responsibility for why it turned out to be so totally phucked up.

Maybe it was the God damn septic tank after all that caused all of these defects to magically appear?  We’re sorry; surely it is our fault.  WTF?

If a person or company like McCreary Homes, cannot promise that 100% of the time, and on 100% of the builds that they choose to attempt, and unless they have all” been built to quality standards of a “Dream Home” advertised, promised and met, and this same company has never sued a client because of their incompetence or defective built fault ; then do not ever, I repeat, do not ever consider to profess your competence, your integrity and your willingness to provide the public their “Dream Home,” unless and until, you can meet those standards and are then  able to verify with your conscience that you have made every effort humanly possible to make amends to the people and institutions that you have so incredibly harmed from your previous past history of fraud, deception and corruption.

Unfortunately for the community, I do not think that the two christian moral douche bags, L.J. and Denise McCreary have the moral character and personal integrity to meet those simple professional standards of ethics and competence!  They will never take responsibility for their action since that would be an admission of guilt.  And we can’t have a couple of St. Michael’s Episcopalian christians running around Tucson feeling any remorse or guilt now?  Christians like the McCreary’s are only in the game to phuck over people for pain and profit;  yes or no?

But that is not why I am writing this essay for the unsuspecting public out there.   Lo and behold folks, L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes are building a new super secret website; shhhhhh...................................... please keep quiet and let’s make it a secret and do not let anyone know lest we ruin the big surprise for the ever incompetent McCreary’s and their big plan to provide more deception for public consumption again.   

Oh damn, that is right, the site is on the public internets; those Sen. Ted Stevens (republican crook) series of tubes.  Now everyone knows that they are once again up to no good.

I find it incredible that the McCreary’s are still so incredibly incompetent that they would allow their “new” secret website to be displayed for me to comment on.  Doesn’t your God work in mysterious ways?  Well thanks for the material, but maybe that is their sinister plan.   Maybe they just want me to edit and comment with an objective view point for them.  I know deep down, that the McCreary’s really do like me, at least for my tenacity to inform the public of their ever continuing fraudulent exploits? 

You see folks, until these two building scoundrels can admit and make amends for what they did to my family’s home and security, they will always be on the list as frauds and lying cheats in my book.  I will hound them by informing the public of their past home building construction fraud history and defective building exploits.  If nothing else, I have probably forced McCreary Dream Homes to build a good product again; well maybe.  Anyone that continues to lie to the public can never be trusted.  But there is incredible pressure on McCreary from this website and the market to keep his nose clean.  But I will still like to hear from the horses mouth, McCreary why he allowed my family’s building project to become so phucked up and why he still continues to lie about it?   But no amount of “septic tank excuses” will ever absolve them from their responsibilities and culpability for their actions in 1999 through 2003.  But their lying ways have continued on, even as recently as their Rip-Off rebuttal letter of December 10th, 2007.

Many times, once a person begins to tell a lie, they cannot stop themselves from telling even more and bigger lies.  Now you know who the McCreary’s really are; certified public liars! 

The McCreary name in Tucson is synonymous with the terms of lying, deceit, defective building, fraud and corruption. 

But it is especially heartening to see the words that qualify as meta tags that the McCreary’s are planning on using to snare unsuspecting potential home buyers to their new website.  Words and “misspellings” like “luxury guilders, Arizona lukury homes and mccrary homes” are all such fine examples of McCreary Dream Homes excellence in spelling and in building along with their plan to keep trolling the internets for the cream of the crop in educationally challenged people that L.J. and Denise McCreary are trying to pursue as clients. 

But it does seem like the key words for McCreary Dream Homes, are “luxury” and “custom home builder” and they are the main emphasis for this new website under construction to cultivate competence and luxury.  I am sure that people after they see our website pictures, and the over 220 defects that McCreary Homes allowed to happen in our home, they will surely have forever impregnated upon their minds the terms luxury and custom as a gross misnomer for their company.  I wonder how McCreary explains to a person his profession of competence and luxury and the pictures of the 220 defects on our website.  Can it all be explained McCreary by the client’ management style and septic tanks positions?  How pathetic!

I do admit that I am fascinated in some what of a moralistic sick way, that even after seven years after we last talked, back when you refused to do any more work to fix our home, which by the way was over four months after we moved into our new home, I am still left incredulous by your tenaciousness to continue to lie about the truth as much as I am committed and will remain tenacious to expose the facts and truth about your corrupted and avarice prone operation in 2000.  Do you ever tire of lying McCreary?  What the phuck were you thinking in 2000?  Why were you so greedy in 2000; was it all about making a killing, getting rich and then retiring. 

But now again, your new goal, just like a bad case of recurrent herpes, the gift that just keeps on coming back, is to go back once again after the money in the custom home and luxury home market.  I will make sure that your potential clients are made aware of your past history in 2000 and the God awful quality and defects that you provided for my family’s home and their eventual foreclosed and lost home. 

So is it still today McCreary, a luxury or custom design of McCreary Dream Homes to have water infiltrating onto your garage floor?  Is it a luxury or custom design of McCreary Dream Homes to have water coming down through your garage walls?  Is it a luxury or custom design of McCreary Dream Homes to have an unstable kitchen island installed in your home?  Is it a luxury or custom design of McCreary Dream Homes to have your great room ceiling built with inferior wood and then have it sagging down?  Is it a luxury or custom design of McCreary Dream Homes to have a damaged heat pump lifted onto your roof?  Is it a luxury or custom design of McCreary Dream Homes to have insulation gaps of eighteen inches apart in your ceiling?  Is it still a luxury or custom design of McCreary Dream Homes to have a defectively built front door installed that you can actually see through middle of the door?  Is it a luxury or custom design of McCreary Dream Homes to have three fireplaces that did not draw properly?  And was it a luxury or custom design of McCreary Dream Homes and L.J. McCreary, “the self professed premier Tucson custom home builder,” to sue us in a court of law for his mistakes and incompetence in home construction building? 

So just go ahead McCreary and take another look at those pictures on our website!  How do you explain the defects McCreary?  You cannot explain truthfully the pictures unless you admit your responsibility for the defects.  The only other option to explain the pictures; is to choose to lie again about them.  What will you do!  What will you do!
I will hound you McCreary with the truth until one day you finally admit your responsibility for my family’s pain and loss.  I will hound you for begging to trust you with your Mid West Values and christian values professions.  I will continue to scream bloody murder, for the rest of my life, you phucking ass hole, for the rest of your phucking life for what you did to us.  Its okay, I have the rest of my life to wait for your confession; you self professing christian Mid West values spouting man child.

You lied and phucked us over McCreary and it was totally your fault; period

And one must ask, why do the McCreary’s feel compelled to build a new website?  Are they trying to hide something again; maybe their self respect?  Could it be the URL address McCreary Dream Homes versus McCreary Homes is a bit problematic?  Has McCreary Homes name become such a liability on the internet for you?  And do the ignorant and computer illiterate McCreary’s know that meta tags will not work on the most popular search engine on the internet; “Google?”   How about the McCreary consider learning just a little bit about “spiders” versus meta tags?  But then again, maybe the McCreary’s are just too old school academic learners and maybe they are just too old school professed liars.  God you people have sunk so low with your continued lies and deceptions; have you no shame to squander anymore?   But please, let us move on and examine the exploits of Tucson’s premier luxury custom home builder once again.

Please do not mind that you and your cheap ass webmaster, who has no moral ethics and must only must care about money and cost, is putting the test site on the internet for people like me to examine and ridicule because it is being developed on the cheap; just like “my actual McCreary Dreams  Home” was.  Don’t incredibly bad things begin to happen, when people like you McCreary, decide to do things on the cheap?   You have such great christian and Mid Western value; no?

It is always nice to see how the enemy, L.J. and Denise McCreary are planning to continue after five years to deceive the public.  It is obvious that these people will go to any length, any amount of words to deceive, to lie, to provide half truths and to provide cover for themselves from their terrible recent past.  I hope the public is not stupid and gullible enough to fall for slick, deceptive websites that entice you to enter their trap and gamble your family’s future and security away in a moment of misdirected awe at graphics. 

And I must comment just a bit on the new McCreary’s monthly woman’s talk news letter home page on the McCreary Dream Homes website.  Obviously Denise McCreary, the latter day cultural sexy time, jazz begging look at me, insecure performance narrator, is responsible for orchestrating this Martha Stewart based juvenile drivel.  An educated person might get the impression that she is writing for a phucking two year old special ed student or maybe just a mentally challenged, elderly paraplegic invalid with an enhanced proclivity for uncooked McDonald’s happy time meals.   But then again, maybe Denise is just choosing to write such babble to soothe her tortured conscience for practice.  No, on second thought, Denise McCreary is a cold blooded snake who is only writing to disarm and then deceive people.

Please Denise, tell the public why my home project was so totally phucked up.  Was it that septic field change order that changed everything?  Give me a phucking break.  My goal in life now is to get you and your husband on the witness stand to answer that question under oath.  And then to watch you both squirm and lie like a dog with the threat of perjury/jail time hanging over your republican laden head.

So the topics that are covered during this evangelical laden Sunday school lesson from your website that include menopausal female idle chatter shit based topics, which by the way were meant for backward facing, frontal lobotomy challenged home buyers, which includes the fake McCreary community “do good shit exercises” and phucking make believe imaginary paper mountain lions being assembled behind the manufactured silicone breast that stroll through Sabino Canyon.  Mountain lions should be so lucky. 

Lions and tigers and bears..........oh my!     

Sure Denise, let’s go ahead and scare the phuck out of the old people that are coming here hooked up on oxygen and planning on dying in peace in their geriatric beds.  Do you think that is really smart from a business and marketing stand point?  Come on Denise,                    you know that fear, old age, immobility etc...  do not lend it self to elderly calisthenics before violent animals that can kill them in a nano-second, by biting scare crow invalids on the neck. 

Come on McCrearys’s as the Tucson’s self professed “premiere custom home builder” (bullshit), one has to foresee these complications.  It is kind of like building a home without any defects because of foresight and experience.  These elderly back East Coast phucks will never come out of their defective built McCreary homes now if they are just too scared.  Not that they would be able to do it normally anyways, since they probably cannot open their defective Architectural Traditions / Southwest Door Co. doors, just like the defective door that you provided me.

And the very same little Fido and his Caucasian owner could not possibly open and go out to scratch their collective balls and relieve themselves on each other, because their McCreary Homes septic field failed.  Didn’t our septic field fail its one year inspection on December 24th, 2001?   Yes, sure it did.  This after all, was a custom premiere McCreary Dream Home; our Dream Home!          

I just love how you tell old retired people who move here to get out of there belted in wheel chairs and practicing doing jumping jacks in front of an imaginary hungry mountain lions.  WTF?  Such fine public service announcements of drivel that you choose to provide the community to laugh about.  How about a red hot, Denise McCreary, one woman jazzy saxophone, sexy time concert instead?

But maybe your clients should just do all this planned hooping and hollering when they see your two nappy asses coming down the trail of life to defraud them.  Please I beg you and just like your previous God awful cool jazz based music website, please stop this phucking hoky poky and pure garbage laden newsletter for the public’s bathroom need considerations. And thanks for getting rid of that God damn music on your earlier website; God did that nauseate me that every time I went on your sight and I had to turn the phucking volume off and pretend I was a deaf mute.  But it is still so absolutely nauseating to see you write such foolish pandering subjects and lines to sell homes.  Denise, haven’t you prostituted your overweight middle age body enough for the almighty buck already or are you content to just screech for it?

And please do not continue your lying professions, pulling it out of your real estate ass figures, to buffalo brain, buffalo hump potential clients about made up figures in the home sales market.  Everyone knows that the Tucson home market has tanked.  Quit bull shitting the public with you fictitious figures to deceive.  Are you building any homes (God forbid) or does the self professed “Tucson premiere custom home builder,” McCreary Homes, just do remodeling jobs on the side these days for spare change?  You are not building shit except for remodeling jobs; right?  Without even thinking too hard about your claims, I just know from your previous behavior that you are lying like dogs.  You two people lie about everything; now don’t you?   This is what the McCreary’s do for a living now; they lie. 

And as far as the home building bubble collapse meltdown goes, every article and expert that I have read about says that you haven’t even begun to see where the bottom is yet.  People that say they know different are deceiving you.  There is a long way to go, but go ahead and keep telling any brain dead clients to just pretend that everything is okay!  God forbid, can you imagine that, a real estate professional, be it a lawyer, agent or mortgage broker that could possibly lie about issues that involve money.  Who could ever think of such a thing; Denise McCreary? 

I read about this coming housing mortgage problem almost two years ago.  I have heard that this housing slump will last for possibly another five years; that is, after the coming recession is finally over by then.  You Denise, along with your big dog friends (Christine Olson, Vicki Click) voted for republican candidates that allowed companies to get rid of pensions and use the 401 stock market based pensions that will begin to tank like a rock while the US dollar continues to dive with massive US debt, and a God damn phucking war in Iraq that is sucking $12 billion dollars a month from this country. 

No, I don’t think that many American middle class people will have money to buy a home to retire on.   I know that it is a fear base psychology thing that you are trying to disarm, but lying and half truths about statistics and facts will not change a buyer’s intent to purchase when the US economy is ready to fall on its ass.  People are choosing to stay on the sideline for good reasons.  Yes, you better try and go after to those luxury phuck individuals, because no one else will have any money except them.

No, people like you McCreary’s have voted to totally phuck up this country and it is going to take many years to fix it.  You greedy phucks have killed the golden goose; the American consumer.  2008 and beyond are going to be a blood bath for the building industry and home prices in Arizona.  2008 will be the end of McCreary Homes.  Do you think that with your reputation in tatters, that you will be able to withstand the carnage?  You are dreaming; right?  You are only fooling your potential customers and yourselves now.  Isn’t this again just like lying?  Didn’t you lie about building my family the luxury custom home of our dreams?  It was some dream home that sold for less than 1/3rd of its true value because of all of the defects and water infiltration.

And if Tucson ever recovers and the building boom continues like you say it will with retiring baby boomers, Tucson will be so totally phucked up by then that you will not be able to pay people to come and see your shit hole city.  By the way; Tucson is already phucked up because of the builders and developers!  Tucson is just another miniature characterless LA prototype city that is on life support in its dead day, dusty desert, bath tub desert environment.  You builders and developers are so capable of even phucking up a wet dream with your greed.

But still, I can’t exactly put my finger on it why you need the new website and why does your wife Denise have to sing like a little horny school girl with a red hot phallic symbol saxophone in her mouth to make ends meet McCreary.  So McCreary Homes is having a Brownie type, helluva year.  You lie about your finances, but it is the truth about Brownie and your type of year!  The only thing strong with McCreary Homes is the stench of its rotting integrity and character.  Don’t try to fool the public any longer with your lies.  I know that you are so beneath that, but please try to at least raise yourselves out of the gutter please for just a moment. 

When it comes again to mountain lions, maybe Denise can just stick her fat lying ass out in the open and let the big bad pretend mountain lion take a piece of her once again, massive stout republican ass and just let the lion be killed by the act of eating a poisoned substance.  Surely the lion after biting just one little bit of your portly butt would spit it out and vomit from tasting such toxic virgin less vermin.

And it is so nice that your wonderful soul less prick prone husband can volunteer for miss goody two shoes drivel shit, all written to try and rescue his totally phucked up reputation for phucking over my family’s home.  Every time some douche laden scum bag like your husband gets his moral tit in the public ringer, they always come disingenuously to the community and advertise there fake wholesomeness for praise and picture.  Go phuck your fake volunteerism for the community.  It must be time for the McCreary’s to fold there hands to look holy and go to church at St. Michaels.  Go phuck yourselves!  God, is it time to puke yet from all of the sugar shit bullshit commentary?  

Oh my God!  Please as a potential future home buyer (after I sue for the incredible damages) please allow me to just go outside and shoot myself Denise.  Jesus Christ, can you come up with something just a bit more interesting that will not put my hemorrhoids to sleep?  Oh, the humanity that is at stake.  I promise to use only one bullet for myself on behalf of globing warming.  God you people are such boring ass morons.  Stop it!

But I must admit that reading your monthly news letter was really a phucking hoot!  I have never laughed so hard at inconsequential drivel that you write for emotionally brain dead potential clients.  But I do look forward to your future monthly newsletter.  It will give me incredible ideas to comment about your fledgling home building business and comment on Tucson and the fine people like yourselves that have totally phucked it up because of greed.  Thanks again for the material.  What is on the agenda for next month Denise; watching cactus grow?  How about writing on the subject of the different shape pack rat shit droppings that you have personally found on your travels around Tucson?  How about knitting with pine needles? 

God help us; please just shoot me again!    

So what is this new McCreary website that is called; McCreary Dream really all about.  Well folks, it about deception, re-naming and re-direction folks.
Is McCreary Homes now becoming McCreary Dream Homes?

It is really simple; L.J. and Denise McCreary made a conscious decision to defraud our family and not only did they not provide us with our “Dream Home,” but instead they provided us with the continuing remnants of a never ending thoughts about a “Nightmare Home.”

No person should let these two morally depraved scum bags profit any further by making a future cent until they make amends for what they did to me and my family.  You deal with L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes Inc. at you own risk.  And oh my God; the incredible risk that lies before you!  You have no idea.  Let’s roll the dice!  Are ready like me to see snake eyes for your home building project in your future?  How does one know what kind of build that they will get from L.J. McCreary?  Why does McCreary’s home building consistency run from; “It’s a great home to live in, to.......... I can’t believe what a piece of shit abortion that my home is.  God could they have phucked my home up any worse if they tried to?”

The opening paragraph seduction line (“Let us build your Dream Home”) from L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Dream Homes is the latest marketing campaign enticement being offered by these two despicable people to deceive the public and their horrid record.  The McCreary’s are also advertising their offerings on Craig’s List as a way to derail people from just typing McCreary Homes on a search engine like “Google” and discovering the unadulterated truth how McCreary and his Southern Arizona Home Building Association (SAHBA) lawyers took our plans for our dream home and financially fire bombed our hopes and dreams and crushed them into the ground.

People that read our story are utterly amazed at the financial, emotional and spiritual devastation that L.J. and Denise McCreary have provided to my wife and children.  They declared war on my family and they took no prisoners.  And I thought this was just about money? 

But we have come back from the ashes and know the McCreary’s will have to deal with their actions and how they treated my family.  Now it is our turn for the assault.   We are not ever going away because the truth needs to be told over and over again about McCreary Dream Homes.  It’s kind of like a Jewish Holocaust survivor who becomes an investigator to track down German officers and enlisted soldiers that committed war crimes atrocities using ovens.  Some things a person never ever forgets.  McCreary’s fraud and deceit are one of these atrocities that I will never forget. 

And the blessed state of Arizona is completely in a corruptly made bed with builders and developers that allow McCreary to drive the streets instead of doing time in the Big House; jail.  But after all, isn’t this allowed to exist, because in the end, it is all about money for republicans and politicians.  Is republican Rick Renzi running for Congress again?  No, oh that right, he is under investigation for real estate fraud.  Damn, how could the mind ever imagine such an impossible concept such as real estate fraud by republican politicians?  I am so shocked! 

The McCreary’s have totally ruined the life that we once had.  Don’t let the McCreary’s choose to ruin your life also.  Do you feel like gambling with your family’s future?  You could be in incredible financial danger if McCreary decides to defraud you like he did to us.  Be smart and investigate from as many other people, but what ever you do, do not ask the McCreary’s to answer any question since they will only lie to you and tell you want they want to hear. 

Remember unlike McCreary, I am not trying to sell you anything for profit except that I do not want to see McCreary get away with murder  (almost literally) and have anyone else get burned by his intermittent career, scam building defective exploits again.  No one should be subjected to the emotional and financial torture that these two soul less devils subjected us to. 

From what I have been reading on the McCreary’s website testimonials, the McCreary’s display evidence of distinct builder like, split personality syndrome when it comes to home construction.  Why is there such great disparity in our stories?  Maybe both of us (except for Bruce R.B. DuPont testimonial) are telling the truth.

On this specific testimonial about “our former home,” McCreary is lying like the proverbial dog again.  Surely, the McCreary’s coordinated with Bruce DuPont on the letter.  How much did it cost you? The Bruce R. B. DuPont bull shit letter, is something that both L.J. and Denise McCreary are both incredibly stupid about because both of them know the true story of our home.   But both of these scoundrels will continue to lie about the facts, rather than come clean.  Evidently the McCreary’s, no longer have any kinds of defense for their actions, except to try and just lie through them with wild abandon.  The McCreary’s do give new meaning to the words pathetic and calculating liars.  The McCreary’s have no where to go now, except to lie again and again.

And no one can tell me, that L.J. McCreary doesn’t still choose to be incredibly stupid when using this testimonial to advertise his sinking home building business.  What an idiot!  But still, reading these testimonials felt to me like I was reading a piece of pure fiction.  Who are these people and what are they talking about.  I wish I would have had the very same L.J. McCreary person that constructed their homes.  But why did I not have this same person or service and why did he choose to defraud us and not Mr. De Grazia?

The L.J. McCreary that we dealt with during the summer of 2000 was anything but or like the way these people have described him in there encounters.  In fact we hardly saw this man that they are talking about.  In fact we saw L.J. McCreary the same number of times with the Registrar of Contractors complaints (3), as we did for the number of times that he showed up at our home project once the construction began.  L.J. McCreary was missing in action during our build because he was more concerned with salesmanship prone marketing back in Tucson, than he was with correctly building our home. 

Before we even signed the contract and construction loan with L.J. McCreary, he had promised that he would personally supervise our build.  Months later after signing, McCreary told us that he would not be able to personally offer full time supervision because he was needed in Tucson in the sales office for potential clients.  I should have fired McCreary Homes right then and there.  McCreary’s going back on his word was a red flag that I didn’t realize at the time, would have serious ramifications of what would later happen. 

I do remember McCreary lying to us about how we were going to get better supervision and quality control since the next guy Curt Miller, would be out there more often than he would have been able.  As I have said; it was all a lie.  Curt Miller lasted until he suddenly he left on vacation in March and it was another month before another supervisor showed up.  McCreary when asked by us about the situation had no idea that Miller he was absent. 

The next supervisor was Ray Quintero, McCreary’s five month construction experienced McCreary employee, who didn’t know how to wipe his ass, let alone supervise the construction of a dog house.  I remember Quintero saying when I first met him that L.J. assigned him to our project because he was the guy that dealt with problem prone home building projects.  This comment made me feel that Quintero would be the top building supervisor on McCreary’s staff in order to get it back on track and on time.  I was wrong.  Quintero soon became more of the problem and the problems had been mounting through out the framing phase since no one seemed to care what was happening with the construction stoppage when Miller just went up and left for vacation.  And to think McCreary assigned this Bozo (Quintero) to supervise our home project; it was criminal act!

As I have said many times before, it is incredible what greed will do to ravage a man’s character to do the right thing.

Something happened to L.J. McCreary’s character in order for him to display this split personality phenomenon in relation to defective home building and builder fraud.  What really happened to L.J. McCreary and his personality transformation from one that supposedly a competent builder in1996, to one that chose from 1999 until today 2007, to scheme, lie, cheat, steal and deceive his way towards building bonanza profits?  Even to this day, L.J. and Denise McCreary cannot bear to tell the truth about our nightmarish project.  There can be no redemption, no forgiveness, no compensation, and no closure as long as the McCreary’s refuse to admit the truth and take responsibility for this defective building nightmare.

Greed will always ruin a once reported good man and his integrity!

A retired couple that moves to Tucson, Arizona, and who choose McCreary Homes to build their dream home and are then defrauded by the McCreary’s, like they defrauded my family, will not make it through their ordeal alive.  It would kill an older couple to go through the hell that the McCreary’s forced us through.  We almost did not make it.  What can I say about the thoughts that went through my mind when my wife, three years after the event, told me about the awful day that she sat on the bedroom floor with a loaded gun in her hand and thought about stopping the pain that L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Dream Homes had forced us to endure?  Please tell me as a spouse how one is to deal with information like this?  Of course the McCreary’s would have blamed even this event on the bogus change order delay to the septic field.  How do I ever get to return the favor to the McCreary’s?  I guess this website and the truth about our story will be one way for sure.  With out hesitation, we will invite a legal one also.   We shall see.  

The McCreary’s should never doubt my resolve because of what you put her through.  I can’t believe the ramification and actions that you have put all of my family members through.  No, it was never, ever a phucking “McCreary Dream Homes” for us; but instead it was a certified nightmare provided very expensively by the McCreary’s.  But the McCreary’s under estimated our resolve to fight.  Yes, I will fight for principle, no matter what the cost.  I choose to be able to sleep at night; unlike you, whose thoughts about your character should keep you up at night; that is if you possessed a heart and soul. 

But maybe that is exactly what the McCreary’s count on to continue to perpetrate their decision to commit fraud against any particular family; people who they think will not, or cannot financially fight back.  McCreary tried to force a damaged great room ceiling on us by delaying its reconstruction for over two months.  McCreary’s idea of customer service is to pressure clients to make bad decisions for them under duress.

McCreary cannot ever deny that he did not commit fraud and he also displayed incredible dishonesty and corruption when he dealt before, during and after our contracted “McCreary Dream Homes” that he eventually ruined.

Please remember that once you sign on the dotted line with McCreary Dream Homes; anything possible may happen to your family’s once secure lives.  Do not sign with these snakes unless you have the resources to fight them until the very end.  Today my resources that I now have and choose to fight with are an inexhaustible source of endless passion for justice and a bottom less moral fund; my words and just the facts!  And I understand that the facts about our case with McCreary Dream Homes, is becoming quite problematic for L.J. and Denise McCreary to deny and a business liability as it should be.

Once again L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Dream Homes have started another deceptive technique to try and circumvent the truth from you as a consumer.  Surprise, surprise, surprise!  The only way that the McCreary’s can counter our facts is to use half truths, deception and out right lies.  The McCreary’s penchant to hide, deceive and try to deflect the truth is based on the assumption that there is no way to defend the actions that they used against my family when we tried to build a custom home with these two snakes beginning in late 1999.  Our direct involvement with these two despicable people through 2000 to 2003 is a certified nightmare in the annals of corruption, deception, defective building and fraudulent material and accounting practices.

L.J. and Denise McCreary have been advertising a new URL website address called “McCreary Dream” to have many parts of their website information from McCreary available to the public on this new decoy site.  The reason that the McCreary’s are doing this deed, is to encourage potential new luxury home seeking clients to not use the name McCreary Homes or L.J. McCreary to be typed into a search engine and have them discover that McCreary indeed has a sorted past and that there are some very dissatisfied McCreary Home client customers out there.  Instead the McCreary’s are trying to brand the name McCreary Dream Homes to circumvent scrutiny.  They will not succeed.  

It wasn’t long ago that McCreary in 2001, during his lawsuit against us, began building spec homes and doing remodeling projects for a living.  But now McCreary has decided to find financial Jesus and is now planning on returning to the luxury home market while working out of his home/truck/ and corporate offices in a booth at Denny’s restaurant on Tanque Verde Rd., because the lower end home building boom and credit crunch has turned off the spigot for people that need mortgages.  McCreary has now decided to go after the rich phucks dollar because that is where the profit and money are now and besides, these don’t need a mortgage. 

It really all is very simple; the McCreary’s act like they do because they love and dream about the smell of money and privilege. They have built homes for many wealthy phucks and they want the same lifestyle to.  So of course sometimes, they might build a good home and sometimes they might destroy a family through fraud and defective building because they are still greedy and just love that extra money that results from fraud.  To hell what you think about your most important possession; your home, the McCreary’s got that Labrador money retriever smell imbedded deep in their souls.

The McCreary’s are also branching out toward other websites like Craig’s List to have the opportunity to gather new potential victims.  What is the matter McCreary, no more secret money kickback deals to real estate agents like Fran Epsen of LONG Realty to drum up business for you?

Meeting L.J. McCreary through LONG Realty’s, Fran Epsen (secret money kickback girl) and using him, will always be the worst mistake of my life.  I apologize to my family for ever choosing to trust these two legged snake like people.  I would trust a rabid rattle snake to not bite me at close range before I would ever turn my back on the McCreary’s and trust them again with anything.  A leopard never changes their spots and liars in turn, never stop lying.  That is just how it is.

And why do these two snakes try to fool and circumvent you to their other website?   They are so afraid that if you see our website, and SAHBA, that you will be horrified and never considering doing business with these two legged snakes of Tucson, Arizona. 

The McCreary’s until this day continue to willfully deceive the public about the past recent history of their company’s record of home building atrocities.  You as the consumer have a choice if you are going to roll the dice and do business with these two, St. Michael Episcopalian Church, christian scoundrels, or instead protect you and your family by running away from their building dream professions of enticements as fast as you can. And by the way if you ever hear a builder like McCreary talk about “his” religion, just reach and hold on to your wallet, if it is still there, and then choose to turn around and run away like you have just seen a ghost!  At that point, no more question need to be asked.

If a company is willing to go to these lengths to avoid you from seeking the truth, then what kind of integrity, honesty and candidness can you expect from these two people and their sinking home construction company business?  If a man or company will lie to you even just once, will they not lie to you a thousand more times?

I find it fascinating that the addresses of McCreary World Empire headquarters, along with the address of McCreary, McCreary Dream and Denise McCreary, all , have the same mailing address;  McCreary Homes Inc., 7049 E. Tanque Verde Rd. #25, Tucson, Arizona 85715.  In fact I personally investigated the location of their mailing address and I can tell you that it is not in a building that functions as a home construction building, and it is not in a building that houses Denise McCreary’s struggling lounge lizard hot saxophone jazz act.  No, the location is a mail box in a strip mall about three miles from their home residence.

And what is the address for the World Headquarters of Denise McCreary productions; Denise McCreary Productions Inc., 7049 E. Tanque Verde Rd. #25,Tucson Arizona 85715.  This is the same exact address as McCreary Homes Inc.

And the address for the World headquarters for the McCreary’s family dog is; Fido McCreary Inc., 7049 Tanque Verde Rd. #25, Tucson, Arizona, 85715.  Once again, the same address as McCreary Homes and Denise McCreary productions.  I must admit, I do no know if the McCreary’s have a dog.  If the McCreary’s do have a dog, I bet they skimp on its healthcare and food to save/make money. 

You see, the McCreary’s are offering to build you a multi-million dollar custom luxury home with a company that is located on paper, either in their home or in a meeting place parking lot of Denny’s, McDonald’s or just maybe the local public restroom at a self service gasoline station (watch for Larry Craig toe tapping).  Who actually knows what type of operation that they are trying to deceive you with.

And just to show the public that I am becoming a business man to,  I am going to incorporate my website and have an official mailing address and it will be; Inc., 7049 E. Tanque Verde Rd. #106, Tucson, Arizona 85715. 

Wow, I feel like a major anti- custom home building corporation now, complete with a strip mall address; almost exactly like McCreary Homes.  Can I call myself a legitimate consumer protection business now?  Hooray; by following the McCreary’s example of getting a strip mall mail box, I am going to be rich, just like the McCreary’s! 

But what is a builder who gives the impression that he builds many multi-million dollar homes doing, by working out of his home office and using the parking lot or booth table at a Denny’s restaurant with a big bad mailing address that is co-located in a strip mall with his other company; Denise McCreary’s, one woman, red hot saxophone review show  .  Jesus Christ, this is more deception than any one man can handle.

Oh my God; deliver us from evil, amen!  

My goal is to protect you from these two people and companies like theirs since the state of Arizona does not provide any type of protection from this advertising deception and fraud.  In fact I believe that Arizona actually promote companies to deceive the public because they do absolutely nothing to discourage or prevent it.  You proceed with these people at incredible risk for your family’s financial, emotional and spiritual health.  Your marriage will be tossed on the proverbial rocks by these people.  Please read my 2008 (Manifesto letter), in response to

McCreary’s rebuttal letter on Ripoff report .com.  You will be provide with the whole truth about what this custom home building fraudulent couple did to financially rape my family’s hopes and dreams away from us. 

Let me just summarize that L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes caused us (are you ready for this now; because you won’t believe it), we lost our home, almost eighty acres of land, our perfect credit rating, our hopes, our dream, our then 22 year marriage went through hell, my wife considered committing suicide and we have lived like rental gypsy’s for the past five year, moving five times in the past five years.  Now please tell me that no matter how many glowing Pravda like testimonials about McCreary Homes that you may read on his website, would you consider gambling your family’s security, serenity and futures by signing on the dotted line with this corrupt weasel like couple.  The McCreary’s cared absolutely nothing about my home or the ramifications of their actions and what it would do to my family.

And just a moment of reflection on the carnage that was forced upon my family, by supposedly fine, upstanding good christian and jewish people.

I am a changed man from the one that I was in 2003.  I no longer believe in any American institutions anymore.  Why believe a prolonged lie?  This country only believes in satisfying its thirst for greed.   But I do believe that incredible evil exist in the hearts and minds of men in Arizona and in this country.  We have changed so much in the last forty years that I can no longer recognize my country.  The last seven years of change have been mind boggling numbing.  If a state and country can permit this injustice to happen to its people, then I no longer can consider myself to be a believer in what this country professes to stand for anymore.  Everyone and everything has lied to me. 

I no longer choose to believe in this country’s elicit creed because it has also lied to me so many times about its true intentions. That all men are created equal and that we have certain unalienable rights given to us by our Creator that include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The pursuit of happiness?  What does that mean?  There is no happiness in the pursuit of destruction, the pursuit of rape and the pursuit of pillaging.  How do I have liberty and pursuit of happiness when a corporation is allowed by its people and legislators to insist on its people becoming the victims and when the victim pursues justice, the victim is further emotionally and financially raped into oblivion. 

How is my pursuit of happiness enhanced or even protected when a man is forced by legal binding actions to open his wallet to third party chicken hawk warriors maggots, in order to satisfy another man’s quest for fraudulent and undeserved riches for services?  No, there is no pursuit of happiness with that scenario in Arizona or for that matter, America.  Why have the people been abandoned in favor of corporate power and abuse?  Who will ever again protect the least amongst us?  The tyranny of the majority should not affect the few. Good men have shed blood and died for this country and it’s once hallow creed, but all for what in today’s reality; to watch the lies and corruption of the present day politicians to pillage and harm its people!  No, there is no creed that this country subscribes to except the creed of endless and immoral greed.

No, The McCreary Homes debacle has changed my look on my life and my country forever.  The McCreary nightmare was my internal 9/11 horror story that shook my being and forced me to watch the carnage and now states that a few people that you meet along the path in life can change you life towards a terrible direction.  All it takes is one corrupt builder and a couple of greedy lawyers and that is all she wrote.  I feel so alone in my thoughts of introspection.  That is okay, I will survive on different beliefs and different interest, but the very same morals.  I will watch closely for the charlatans to reappear in life.

My state and country have now abandoned me.  I am now left to either lick my wounds or fight back with words, ideas and facts.  You can lick your balls, but I will choose to fight you.  Never trust your government that is only made up of the least qualified and most corrupt among you.  Are we really that surprised with the results when the majority of our politicians are lawyers?  Men lie.  Lawyers lie more than just mere men do.  It is an exponential type of explanation.  Something is terribly wrong in America.  Something was terribly wrong for my family in 2003 in Arizona.  But did anyone really care?  Did anyone call for support?  No, my state of Arizona threw us out of the life boat, next to the rushing waters of a water falls and with our hands tied we quickly sank.  We could only go down.  I once had been asleep but now I awakened as the victim. 

As a victim, I was awake when they forced me before a loaded judicial gun pointed at my head,  and  to either put the gun to my head and pull the trigger or instead choose to give everything up and just walk away from everything and every thought of justice that I had ever possessed.  We were the victims, we had justice and truth on our side, but we lost because our incompetent lawyers were indifferent to our plight and putting another coin into the juke box justice system was now cost prohibitive. 

We did not loose our case for the merit of its content but instead for the content that was no longer in our bank accounts.  One can only bleed for so long, but turnips were not yet in season.  Justice may be blind, but the legal system is too expensive for a mere mortal like me to obtain justice.  And walk away I did.   But I will not be silent on the issue of legal rape.  I will say what is in my heart now.  I will always speak out against the injustice that we forced to accept.  I will speak out against incompetence; legal and professional.  I will always pity and detest the people who worship greed.  I will always choose be the little guy; the good guy.  I do not want the spiritual draining trappings of wealth to any longer put a noose around my neck.  Let other kick, scratch claw and bite; I will not become an animal like them.  I will always detest wealth and the actions of greed that perpetuates its continuity. 

In the hearts of men lies a place where a man needs and wants to be secure; a home.  A man needs to have his family secure in order for society to flourish peacefully.  Our part of society was forcibly evicted from its rightful place in the community.  We did nothing wrong but we paid an incredible price for a few people and their petitions of avarice.  I never imagined that supposedly good people could be so cold, so cruel, and so incredibly ugly, inside and out.  But everything else around you is just clutter to occupy one’s time in life.  I now have much time to contemplate my life while sitting amongst the ashes.  I will continue.  I will survive, but I will be changed. 

When McCreary and his lawyers forced my home from my mind and being, something happened that made me question everything that I ever believed in.  Nothing was sacred anymore, nothing was taboo.  Nothing would be off limits again.   All issue would be laid on the table and examined in the light of day.  No more lies would ever be accepted by me or any one near me for convenience or necessity.

If there is one thing that McCreary has forced upon me it is to examine my beliefs and determine if they have been correct beliefs and question any of them for being not rational in this point in time in the life that I have left.  And the only thing that a man has left when everything is taken away from him is the love from his wife and family.  No one or no other thing really matters.  Everyone and everything else are just non-descript human spectators sport extras, who watch a play that they cannot possibly understand without crying for days long gone by.

I thank the McCreary’s profusely for my forced awakening.  Now let us continue. 

It is imperative that potential home buyer thoroughly investigate a builder or contractor that they are considering doing business with.  Tucson, Arizona is a Mecca, a magnet for defective builders and contractors to operate in.  But hopefully folks, people are smart enough in this day in age, that they would independently investigate a builder and his company by “Googling” their builder names and seeing what may or may not come up.  If you “Google” McCreary Homes, L.J. McCreary, Denise McCreary or Tucson + Home Defects, you will be provided with the truth about these two despicable business people.  Do not believe what state or local government information about builders that might be provided to you.  Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureaus are a waste of time.  (Example); The Registrar of Contractors complaints against McCreary Homes were “erased” by law, two years after we made the formal complaints in the fall of 2000.  But no matter what the outcome was, the erasures were a total of four month before we were scheduled to have our day in court.  This fact hardly seems fair to protect the builders reputation instead of you bank account.  That is why this website exists.  The local and state government regulations and laws are written to protect builder and developers and not you the consumer.  Arizona is a very unforgiving state of its people and their rights. 

And please do not believe the testimonials outright that the McCreary’s have put on their two URL addresses without much further inspection.  Some of these testimonials are from long ago; one as far back as 1991, a full.  One expanded testimonial by a Mr. Jerry De Grazia is from a home build that occurred almost 14 years ago.  A rational person must ask the question; why McCreary does not include testimonials about his defective building projects from 1998 to 2002 time frame when his company was building for us, the Collins or the Van Dan Elzens who by themselves lost over $300,000 dollars from L.J. McCreary and McCreary Homes.

After this website was established and my family physically picketed the 2004 SAHBA spring Home Builder Show, the McCreary’s began calling past customers in order to put up a new website that would tout their customer’s satisfaction with their past building exploits.  The McCreary’s chose to begin their deception by offering these glowing testimonials of clients that were willing to oblige there request for approval.  As can be noted through tax records, there are many comments about home owners that built homes quite a few years ago. 

How many home testimonials are listed from the building period that included 1996 until 2002?  How come no dates are given by the McCreary Home builds.  The deception is hidden very well.  Why do L.J. and Denise McCreary willfully choose to continue to deceive the public consumer with building information that happened a long, long time ago?  I concede that McCreary most likely always used to build a good home back before 1996, but my point is that McCreary was building garbage in 1998 through at least 2003 which includes my home period time.

One cold call by Denise McCreary to the Collins of Tucson did not elicit the response at testimonial that the McCreary’s were intent on securing.  McCreary Homes did not contact the Collins for almost six years and their comments along with the letter from the Van dan Elzens, were very enlightening on how we found out that we were not the only ones that the McCreary’s had performed a defective build on.
I now believe that McCreary Homes used to build a good home.  This is why McCreary heavily relies on testimonials from homes built in his distant past.  Somewhere around 1996 to 1997, McCreary decided that he was going to get wealthy and the way to do this was to increase the number of houses that he built and also sign up with the Amway corporations fraudulent Quickstar company to enhance builder profits. 

During the 1998 to approximately 2001 time frame, L.J. McCreary also financially lost his ass with his Amway Quick star investment charade program.  It is possible that this is one of the many plausible reasons why L.J. McCreary was so bent on defrauding my family and our custom home with inferior and fraudulent accounting practices during this very same time period. 

With McCreary expanding his business right at the start of our build, and no longer coming out to supervise the build as promised because he was now intent on being the face that sold clients the idea to sign on the dotted line, and once that was done, the mold was set for our impending building disaster later in 2000. 

Obviously, McCreary did not care about our build and instead cared more about accumulating money.  McCreary used incompetent sub-contractors on our job and illegal alien workers that spoke no English but knew how to drink beer and smoke pot.  McCreary even hired an unlicensed contractor on our custom home, John Ruiz and he then tried to pawn him off on us by having us directly pay him because he could not locate his license.  L.J. McCreary only visited our home project, once it began construction, only three times that I can recall.

One testimonial that we know about with first hand information is the fact that the very same home that we lost because of McCreary’s merit less and fraudulent lawsuit against my family is used in McCreary’s testimonial advertising.  What incredible chutzpah or just incredible stupidity.  The home in question, “ours,” was subsequently bought by a builder California transplant, Bruce R. B. DuPont, whose main claim to fame is that he used to build prisons in California.  I think because of Bruce DuPont’s lying testimonial letter, I think Mr. DuPont should some day spend some time in one of those jails he built because of his complicity to deceive and defraud the public along with L.J. McCreary.

Another testimonial by Jerry De Grazia is a glowing recital of envied competence.  Does L.J. McCreary have a split personality when it comes to building defective homes?  Who is this builder that Mr. Jerry De Grazia talks about from 1993/1994?  I wish I would have had this “character” building my home in 2000 and not his Mexican Morenci mine diesel engine mechanic, McCreary Home supervisor, Ray Quintero doing the blind supervision.  Ray Quintero had five months experience with McCreary Homes before L.J. McCreary decided to assign him to our home project.  McCreary outsourced everything and it showed in the illegal Mexican aliens that worked for him through Mike Clark’s Terra Cotta Framing.     

Jerry De Grazia is a wealthy developer who on the 1995 tax bills, listed his home as being worth $399.000.00.  Not too bad for a Tucson home that was built twelve years ago.  Tucson real estate has ridden the bubble climb in real estate prices during the last five years.  The home is probably worth over a million dollars today if he can get it.  Now I am not sure if McCreary and De Grazia have a business relationship outside of McCreary’s home building a home for him.  During the end part of our build we heard from a contractor named Jim Grosshein of J&G Tile Inc. that McCreary had some type of investor that was funneling money to him when he needed it for home building investing.  Was Mr. De Grazia this investor?  Who knows?  Only L.J. McCreary can tell you; but will you believe him.  

One might ask the question of why is there such a discrepancy between our build and Mr. De Grazia’s glowing remarks about McCreary Homes.  Something happened to L.J. McCreary that altered his home building quality control in 1999 to 2003. 

There are four possible explanations. 

  1. Did Mr. De Grazia have his home built for him out side of the McCreary Homes disastrous building period from 1999 to 2002?  In fact, Mr. De Grazia’s home was built around 1994.   From the local public tax records, Mr. De Grazia’s home in 1995 appears on the tax records valued at $399,000 dollars without the land.  That sum of money in 1994/1995 would have bought a very nice home.  That home today is probably worth over a million dollars considering the bubble blow home run up pricing in 2005. 


Also in the recent McCreary Dream Homes expanded testimonials, Mr. De Grazia states that his McCreary Home was bought fourteen years ago which would have put it in the 1994/1995 time frame.  Homes constructed by L.J. McCreary before 1996 were most likely built well.   McCreary was only six years into building up his company’s reputation.  I am sure that he would have not gambled the integrity of his company like he did six years later in 2000. 

After the 1996 – 97 time frames, homes built by McCreary I believe started to drop in quality, because even L.J. McCreary told us that he plans in 2000, which was based on trying to get rich quickly and retire early.  The Collins home was built in 1998 and there were numerous problems with that build that L.J. McCreary did not fix.  The Collins did not hear from the McCreary’s until after our SAHBA Home Show protest in April 2004 and our website was now being advertised to the public.  It had been almost six years since the Collins had talked to L.J. McCreary.  The Collins were not happy with McCreary Homes and the problems that they had to endure with their home.
By 1997 McCreary had the big fancy office when we first met him in September of 1997.  In fact the vast majority of testimonials are words from the distant past that have no relevancy today once McCreary decided to cross the line into his defective building agenda that was based on growth and greed.  I find it interesting that McCreary has only two homes that were built after this 1996 time frame that are listed in his testimonial section that were both built in 1997.  Remember the Collins had trouble with McCreary Homes in 1998.  Why does L.J. McCreary have so few homes if any listed after 1997?  We believe that McCreary was trying to build anywhere from 7 to 12 house per year in 1999/2000 time frame.  This was way above the amount of homes that he had attempted to build from the 1988 to 1994.  May I ask, where are the homes and testimonials from the 1998 to 2004 time period?  This is all so very professionally deceptive; is it not?

  1. Also McCreary advertises that he has been in business for almost 20 years now.  At an average of seven homes a year (that is the number that he said he was building in 2000) that comes out roughly to 136 homes. The Testimonials on McCreary’s Dream Home site comes out to a grand total of 14 homes with one testimonial by Bruce R.B. DuPont that I will not even count because it is an outright lie and vicious lie that McCreary knows to not be true.  McCreary must continue to display the DuPont letter since it was our home that we lost and it is McCreary’s childish way of trying to get back at me.  All it has done is fueled my passion and made more people aware of his deceptive company.    

Please remember that Bruce R. B. DuPont is the jack off that bought our home in foreclosure.   I know the defects that were still present when DuPont bought our home.  Please see our pictures on this website.


The total number of testimonial on the McCreary website is 22.
The total number of testimonials and its percentage equals 9.5% of the total of McCreary homes built homes.  The total percentage of homes from the McCreary website equals just over 16%.  How about comments McCreary’s from the other 90.5% and 84% of the homes that McCreary Homes built? Why the deletions? 

Is the reader to assume that all McCreary built homes would be given such glowing testimonials?   I know that there are other people like us that are extremely unhappy with McCreary’s work.  Why all the deception by McCreary?  Also there are no dates on the McCreary testimonials.  When were these homes built; which might help to explain why these people are providing such glowing testimonials?  How many homes did McCreary put on his website from the 1999 until the 2004 time frame?  Why weren’t the Collins and Van dan Elzens projects listed with their testimonials?   How come our “glowing” testimonial is not listed?  Were the majority of McCreary homes used for his testimonials built from 1988 to 1996?  Let’s have some percentages McCreary and don’t bother to lie about them.

  1. It is also possible that L.J. McCreary would choose to provide exceptional service to only the wealthier client’s homes, but choose to skimp and do less competent work and minimal attention to detail work on homes that were less expensive.  I believe this a true statement besides extra money available for McCreary Homes, L.J. McCreary would probably not screw up a wealth clients home since the client could easily have his ass in court.  Do you think McCreary had his “A” team working on our project or was it his “F” team, the “Failure Team,” the “F Troop” team of supervisors and sub-contractors that McCreary used to skimp on the less expensive McCreary Dream Homes.

Our home, the Collin’s and Van Dan Elzen’s homes were all built defectively.  The Van Dan Elzens build started just before our in early 1999.  Why then do we have this case of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde variation personas in the McCreary Home product before 1996 and the homes that were built after 1996?   The pictures and text about our defective home do not lie.  The letters from the Collins and the Van dan Elzens do not lie, unlike the McCreary’s.  I will swear on a stack of bibles that L.J. and Denise McCreary are true liars in this terrible escapade of deceit.

  1. Is it possible that Mr. De Grazia is lying about his quality of construction like McCreary and Bruce R.B. DuPont do and could it be providing McCreary cover because he is a wealthy developer and might have a financial interest with McCreary?  It is possible but I doubt Mr. De Grazia needs to make up stories.  I believe that Mr. De Grazia’s home in 1994 was probably constructed correctly.  McCreary’s business had just started in 1988 and McCreary was only building about three homes per year in that time frame.  Later after moving into his high priced, secretary greeted, marble table building in the 1996/1997 time frame, McCreary had to increase the number of homes that he was constructed in order to pay off all of the new overhead charges.  I am sure that this is exactly the time when McCreary Home’s quality began to suffer and decline. 


McCreary has already lied to you and the public at least once with his testimonials of an outright lie about the Bruce R. B. DuPont testimonial which in fact was our defective home.  I can’t believe that McCreary is so stupid to keep using this testimonial.  Yes I can!  I believe that McCreary had to go back that far in time to scrape the barrel to find any past clients in the early ninety’s that might help him bolster his non-existent integrity and terribly defective and corrupt building record from 1999 to 2004.  How about some dates on these testimonials McCreary? 

Remember folks, if McCreary will lie to you once, he will lie to you a thousand more times.

Does L.J. McCreary build a wonderful home and then on his next build, he builds a monumental tribute to the concept of poster child construction nightmares?  There is something almost psychopathic about how L.J. and Denise McCreary choose to lie about their perceived competence.

Is it possible that McCreary built one good home in late 2004 to 2007?  Sure it is possible, but if a person built with McCreary and had a good build, you were pretty damn lucky not to experience the hell and nightmare that he provided u; unless you were wealthy.  I still do not think that the McCreary’s would phuck with a wealthy client, but I could be wrong. We are talking about the McCreary’s now.  How come we can’t find any custom home projects from after 1997 on in his testimonial records?  Since some of this information was lifted from the McCreary’s Homes which was re-done in early 2004.  in spite of all of these facts about the McCreary testimonials, we have demanded that McCreary and his company be accountable for their actions. 

If anyone has had a good experience since 2004 with their home building, it is because we have dogged McCreary with our story and website since 2004.  Remember the state of Arizona will not protect or regulate defective builders.  McCreary has had to clean up his act because of this site, but do not ever forget what McCreary has done to families and that just below the surface lies a heart of a cold blooded destroyer of family dreams and security.  

McCreary and his wife Denise, to this day continue to lie about how they defrauded us by building us a defective home with incompetent supervision and illegal alien labor. The McCreary’s believe if they just tell one more lie about our story that everyone will forget and it will all be erased from the public’s mind.  The McCreary’s are delusional; it is never going to happen!  A person must see that we have been so devastated by McCreary’s actions to ever forget.  I will never let them forget!

And if my words and passion are not true, L.J. McCreary has had over four years to sue me again, just like he did over our home and over this website and its content.  McCreary will never consider such actions again, because like my defectively built home, he knows the story is true.  Even McCreary is not dumb enough, even today to know that he cannot sue the “truth” about his corrupted company. McCreary will never choose to have himself put on a witness stand and raise his hand to swear to tell the truth because he is not able to tell the truth.  But I believe somewhere, there must be a greedy lawyer who would love to do it, just for the money involved.  Where is SAHBA’s Marc Simon when you really need him again?  

As I have said before, L.J. and Denise McCreary have to be the most dishonest, deceptive and worthless character people that I have ever met.  L.J. and Denise McCreary may act so nice and audition there religion for you at first, but is nothing more than a con-game developed skill to get you to like them so that you will lower your guard and trust them.  Once they gain your trust, you are ripe for swindling.  I pity any older retire couples that might even think of dealing with these two scoundrels.  Jus look at L.J. McCreary’s beady little eyes.  Such chance; such risk!

As I have said, I do believe that there is a combination of reasons for the discrepancies between the De Grazia’s build and ours.  I believe that building homes by McCreary before 1996 were most likely done in a correct manner.    After 1996 the quality of McCreary Homes was headed down hill and it was probably because he wanted to expand his company rapidly to insure increased building profits.  Later during 1999/2000 during our build McCreary used sub-contractors that he hired who must have been at the bottom of the barrel and he also used and employed illegal alien workers without English speaking skills.  Also, I believe that the multi-million dollar homes were more paid attention to.  Regardless though, the pictures of our home show many defects and incredibly sloppy work that was performed on our home by legal US citizens and illegal aliens.  The Collin’s letter also makes reference to defective work/products and penchant for inattention to detail.

Regardless, if you would like to take the chance of L.J. and Denise McCreary building your dream home, please ask them at your own peril for the truth, why our home project turned out so horribly?  It was reported to us that the McCreary’s in public, still says that they have no idea why we are so angry with them.  I will not go into all of the details and defects, but they are listed on this website and the lying ass McCreary’s are both well aware of them all.

But the bottom line folks are that L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes terribly constructed our home and then sued us for their incompetent work.  No quantity of glowing cherry picked early 1990’s aged testimonials or beautiful pictures of God knows what and whose home, will ever prove that McCreary can build and construct anything more than a dog house today or in the year 2000, and it will never erase the fact that our home was terribly, defectively and fraudulently built.

We were never prepared for the amount of dishonesty, deceit, fraud, corruption, defective building, drawn out lawyer tactics and indifferent lawyers and money that it was going to take to defend our home and family against these robbers.  We unfortunately did not make it through the whole process.  L.J. and Denise McCreary are probably only a few of the select group of American’s and Islamic Jihadist that were actually thankful for the events that happened on 9/11.  Because of 9/11, L.J. and Denise McCreary were able to get away with corruption, fraud and financial murder on my family.  I could have afforded a home or a lawsuit, but not both at the very same time.     

McCreary should never be accepted again as a competent and honest builder until he and his wife make amends for the fraud, defective building and oh so much financial and emotional damage that he and his wife have caused to our lives and our marriage.  To this very day both L.J. and Denise McCreary have not offered or even shown one bit of true remorse for what they did to me and my family.

Yes, Mr. De Grazia, I am envious that I did not receive the same kind of build and satisfaction that you experienced in 1994.   I am upset that my home was left to us with hundreds of major and minor defects for us to contend with.
I am upset that I was not given a brand new home to walk into during our 22nd wedding anniversary that week and begin to live the next part of our lives in peace.  I am incredibly angry that I was not afforded the very same courtesies and respect as a home building customer as you were Mr. De Grazia, to have my home built correctly as you did, and it was all because L.J. McCreary decided that it was time for him and his wife to get greedy.  I am incensed that L.J. and Denise McCreary, SAHBA, LONG Realty, the Tucson community, the Arizona state government and the “hallowed” legal system of Arizona all turned a blind eye to our consumer and family predictament.  

Greed ruins everything in life.

The Sir Edmund Burke quote that states:  “All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to say and do nothing in the face of evil,” has never been truer than in the blind minded community conscience of justice in Tucson, Arizona.  But as I have said before, I will never give up in my quest for some measure of justice. I will never accept that as victims of fraud, we were the ones who were then forced to be raped even further by the judge and jury of Tucson legal conscience.  Thank you so much Tucson for such a system of corrupted justice.  And thank you to our incompetent and indifferent lawyers, Dennis Rosen and Alice Milton who left us in the desert wind to dangle with a financial noose around our necks.

But this will not ever stand!

And just like the war that America created in distant land for obscene military industrial profits, I will never end this range war, this long war that will continue until the day you are dead and gone from this world.  Enjoy the life that you have created.

Remember to always be vigilant of fancy websites that you cannot ever independently verify.  The fancier the website is, the more careful that you should be in your internet purchases.  Do not make the same mistake that we did with McCreary Homes.  Do not be fooled by imaginary and unverified quality.  People in America business today, lie with a vengeance.

The best of luck in you home building endeavors people.  Please be careful and maybe reconsider why you are even thinking about moving to this phucked up neocon supporting conservative republican backed state.  Moving to Arizona was also one of the worst mistakes of my life.  There are just so many two legged snakes that choose to walk upright in the desert southwest.  Living in Arizona among so many evil people because of the building industry is not anything that you believe the place will ever be like.  We lived here for ten years and we have a pretty good idea how corrupt and back stabbing the people of Tucson can be. 

“People do not choose to come here to live; people come to Arizona  to die!”


“The Arizona Refugee”

P.S.  Tucson largest numbers of unnatural deaths are caused by suicide and that is a fact Jack!  I wonder why?   Maybe the reason why this is so, is because of the hopelessness that grows when one realizes all of the potentially wonderful people of Tucson that will try and stab you in the back while you are asleep in your bed.  Did you check into the growing Tucson crime problem?  Tucson, what a wonderful place to see your family just shrivel up and die!

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