Date: 18 January, 2008

Subject:  New Home Starts Down 40% in Tucson

Title:  You’re lying once again Denise!

Dear SAHBA members and the public: 

I noticed in your January blue print news letter that there are no stories about the current home construction meltdown and overall home building industry implosion that is presently raging through the Tucson market.  As a matter of fact, there are even no updates on the SAHBA news link that is available on the website at all that covers this very pertinent subject of a home building recession.  It was probably that you are so busy building all of those houses and besides, there is always that let down after the holiday season is over; right?

Surely, SAHBA is not afraid to tell your members the whole truth and nothing but the truth about what is happening in your current building implosion?  Maybe it is all just a coincidence that you are choosing to remain silent on the subject.  But I must report that one company, McCreary Homes, owned by L.J. and Denise McCreary are reporting wonderful news for the Tucson market.  Could it be possible that the McCreary’s offerings are so correct or are they just lying once again to the public? 

I think they are lying!  

In the new McCreary Dream Homes website newsletter, Denise McCreary is in total denial and is still fanaticizing about the good old days of old in 2005.  Would someone kindly wake up the republican lying bitch and tell her to stop writing such deceitful drivel on their overly deceptive website that is only written to fool the public.

In case L.J. and Denise McCreary don’t already know, the Tucson building industry is in an uncontrolled and ever accelerating nose dive and it isn’t coming out of it at any time soon.  And besides the Arizona unemployment rate has now worsened and people are choosing not to spend money because they are afraid.  Even I am no longer spending or buying anything and if I am not spending my hard earned dollars, you can bet the economy is going to tank.  Yes folks, if I am afraid to spend, the economy is in real trouble!  Talk to me in a couple of years about spending again, that is, if the American economy is still around.

The December McCreary newsletter is made up of fictional, make believe accounts of please spend your money statements, that also implore to state the following;
Here at McCreary Homes we are nearing the end of our fiscal year with a strong financial outlook and a bright future for 2008. McCreary Homes turns 20 this year! We are currently completing a home in the Tucson Mountains, and chugging along on two other projects, including one very cool modern home in Sabino Mountain Estates.

The Tucson Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service (MLS) reports an improving real estate market in their monthly Statistical Digest.
For the fifth consecutive month, new contracts opening escrow in '07 exceeded the same month in 2006. The October 2007 shows 993 new pending contracts, and the October 2006 shows 782. This indicates there are more buyers in the market finding their dream home and making offers and sellers are more receptive to these offers.

This consistent monthly increase in new contracts pending is reflected in the increase in the October 2007 total closed units of 790 units, an increase of 107 units over Septembers' number.

Let’s see, does McCreary Homes build newly constructed defective homes or are they planning on selling existing homes as a real estate agent company.  Who knows for sure what these two Bozos are capable of in order to turn a buck?  Denise McCreary’s pleadings are all so confusing.  She must be trying to hide something.  I wonder what it could be; the truth?

Does Denise McCreary infer that since a new contract has been signed, it means that people are going to now buy their “Dream Home?”  Denise McCreary is delusional.  Denise McCreary fails to mention that housing market has been down for two years and now the ECONOMY IS HEADED FOR A DEEP RECESSION.   How long do you think this little home building and escrow deal killer recession will last?  A contract does not mean that a person will actually buy.  I predict that many of the people will simply walk away from these deals in the next month because of the credit crunch and rethinking being sucked into debt during a sinking economy.

In fact I wish Denise McCreary will take a look at the December 2007 new home permits and actual existing homes that were sold.  But in the end, can a person trust what L.J. and Denise McCreary say?  If a person lies to you once, they will lie to you a thousand times.
God Denise doesn’t real estate reality suck in 2007!

Denise McCreary is also quick to tell the reader the number of homes that they are working on, but can you believe her?  Are any of these homes that Denise McCreary says that they are working on really home remodeling jobs?  It seems that the later McCreary testimonials on there website hint at remodeling projects rather than new home construction.   You really can’t believe anything what these two snakes will say when it comes to money.

During this past week, there have been numerous state and national articles that tell just how really bad the home building industry’s implosion really is.  God it is bad.  But Denise McCreary tries to give the impression of; “Just Pretend That Everything is Okay.”  Hey, just look at all of the wonderful upward trend indicators that we have provided you to influence the psychology of the American real estate investor.

During the past week there have been numerous newspaper articles to refute Denise McCreary’s fictional good tidings of a recovering Tucson market.   I can’t wait for the McCreary Homes January newsletter update.  Oh that’s right; it is January 20th and no update yet.  Is it possible that they are afraid to offer the public more of their fantasy drivel?

New Homes Down 40%

Sharpest Drop in Homes in 27 Years

Arizona Unemployment Rises

It is a fact and not the usual McCreary conjectured drivel, that new home construction in Tucson during 2007 was down by a whopping 40% as compared to December a year ago.   Let me repeat that again.  New home construction in Tucson for December 2007 was down 40% than it was in December 2006.   It is the worst decline in new home sales in Tucson since 1996, a full twelve years ago.   Was there some kind of plague in Tucson in 1996 that affected the consumer?  Oh that’s right, it was worse.   L.J. McCreary decided to expand his operation in 1996.

The country as a whole is showing the worst decline in building permits for the last 33 years.   2008 is already set to be another dismal year for Tucson builders and I predict a bloodbath of company failures for builders like McCreary Homes who have cheated the public in the past.  And isn’t it a fact that some of the builders like L.J. McCreary, have no one to blame except them selves for the way that they have chosen to swindle the consumer during the preceding boom years.  It is now time to pay the piper.

The latest figure for existing home sales in Tucson is that December figures were down 35% as compared to December 2006.  And folks the housing market was already on its downward slide a year ago.  Will Denise McCreary provide these figures to you, or are they just too inconvenient of a truth to discuss, just like the fact that they still remain silent on the real reason why our illegal alien, defectively constructed home was allowed to be built this way.

Excuse me, but would someone ask Denise McCreary where she is getting these deceptive and misleading figures from?  Is she choosing to pull them directly out of her fat ass?  As I have said before, L.J. and Denise McCreary will lie to no end to deceive you into signing with their corrupted company.  I would believe absolutely nothing that you may read on their website or anything that you might hear from these two lying scoundrels.

I find it very interesting that it was around 1996 when L.J. McCreary decided to expand his business into the custom home building market.   Was there a downturn during that period also where McCreary schemed to increase his company’s size to increase profits to survive?  Isn’t this what McCreary is doing again today except he is going after the more profitable wealthier market of new luxury built homes.  You have got to hand it to the McCreary’s; they are always trying to figure out a new ways to scam their clients and the system. Now twelve years later, as the new home building market has all but dried up, the McCreary’s are trying to make a futile comeback with their emphasis on the possibly lucrative (that is if they don’t phuck it up), luxury home building market.

Well I have news for the McCreary’s, anyone that is considering using them as a builder will eventually get to this website and once they read these offerings and see the pictures of the McCreary luxury built home abortion that they built my family, they will choose to look elsewhere if they possess even an ounce of intelligence.  What is that saying folks about “making your bed and now having to sleep in it to?”   And just think, the McCreary’ get all of this advertising, free of charge.  Just look how much “money that they have saved in the long run” by choosing to scam and defraud my family?  I wonder how smart the McCreary’s feel at this moment.

Could it be that the McCreary’s are still absolutely mortified at the fact they built us a defective home, sued us for more than full price, responsible for driving us into the financial gutter and then having to let our home and dreams lost to foreclosure heaven.  No, I do not believe they are mortified because of building a home like this; instead they are mortified that the public is now aware of their fraud and defective prone building tendencies from 1998 to at least 2003.   How can a person even trust there two douche bag, Arizona snakes just even once, after what they did to my family?  

Is it worth to die once for integrity and conviction, or die instead a thousand times for fraud and deceit by the art of internet miniature paper cuts?  Oh, such incremental suffering for the McCreary’s is now taking place; day by day.  I will always have time to watch the McCreary’s financial condition slowly and permanently bleed to death for their sins.  What goes around does indeed come around.   It’s the Karma thing baby!

But how do the McCreary’s counter such an inconvenient truth; well of course, they choose to make more lies about our aborted home project?  Now they are choosing to lie about the rosy picture that they paint for Tucson and their fledgling company.   Just remember, whatever fictitious drivel that you read on the McCreary website, just think the total opposite. McCreary Homes is really such a sad excuse for an honest, moral, ethical and competent company.

So folks, if you are reading McCreary’s website for honest information you might as well be reading a New York Times Best selling book on fiction rather than reading Denise McCreary’s nonsensical drivel.  Do not be fooled my fancy slick websites that have no reason to tell you the truth when money is involved.  Read as much as you can and do not be seduced by the two legged McCreary snakes that will only suck you and your family dry.  I should know. My family was one of their victims.

“The Arizona Refugee”
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