December 23, 2005

An open letter to Fran Epsen,
Real-estate agent, Long Realty

Subject: Your integrity and “un-biased” recommendations as a real-estate agent

During a recent visit to your real-estate website, I was dumbfounded to read a personal quote from you promoting your personal integrity. I once again beg to differ strongly with your erroneous assumptions.

In order for a person to promote their integrity as a selling point, an individual has to maintain their integrity one-hundred percent of the time. If you can't make that threshold, then you are creating a false advertisement, which is based on an offering of a false sense of security. Do you believe in your heart, that you treated us with integrity when you recommended McCreary Homes? Obviously, your idea of what integrity means and the concept of truth in advertising is nothing more than a pathetic oxymoron that is propelled by fictional drivel. As consumers, can we ever believe what an individual or company advertises, since individual self interest promotional greed seems to take over, at the consumer's expense?

If you recall Ms. Epsen, through our mutual Christian association of Our Mother of Sorrows grade school; we first met through an introduction by my wife. In fact our children continued on together to Salpointe Catholic High School.

For the readers benefit, Salpointe is chosen by parents for their children's education, for a number of interesting reasons; morality in my opinion, not being the top choice. Parents are concerned about quality of education, safety, like minded students and somewhat by a racially homogenous peer group and some parents even opt for religion. Yes there are students from all walks of life, but the predominant economic theme of the institution, is upper middle class. If you see children driving into the parking lot in a BMW, you can bet the parents have more money than brains.

A prime example of the type of parent who supports Salpointe is Thomas L. Doucette of Doucette Home, who is a lifetime SAHBA board member, is another fine specimen for the advertisement of Catholic morality! Mr. Doucette is a SAHBA lifetime board member that seems to have a lot more money than morality and integrity. We tried to contact all of SAHBA's board members, including Mr. Doucette about our nightmarish home building experience, but like all other SAHBA board members, Mr. Doucette was silent. As Dr. Martin Luther King said; “There comes a time when silence is betrayal”. So what does this say about Mr. Doucette's Catholic moral clarity when money, profit and conscience are involved?

Back when we first met, I gave you an unconditional welcome and a certain amount of undeserved trust, since you were a Catholic parent from Our Mother of Sorrows. I have since learned when so called “friends” solicit talk about religion during the course of a potential business situation, they are trying nothing more than to snow ball you with their false morality for profit. Unfortunately, you performed this technique on us and later, so did L.J. McCreary, with his false profession of Christian morality.

Since our building nightmare, I have chosen to abandon organized religion. The fact that there are so many hypocritical and disingenuous people like you, McCreary, subcontractors, lawyers and politicians; this allows the Christian religion to appear as nothing more than an organized group of hypocritical degenerates. I do not profess to be a saint, but I would not lie to you in order to portray myself to you as one; no matter what I might gain or lose monetarily. I may no longer be religious, but I will not become a hypocrite; no matter what the cost. Nowhere does it say that you must be religious in order to be moral. In fact, I have seen so many immoral Christians that profess their perceived holiness; that I care never to remember their faces or their names. Such moronic hypocrites! But please, fold you hands and look holy this Sunday. Don't forget to play the game, because it is all about perception and nothing to do with the integrity of your deceitful thoughts.

I understand that former ambassador Joe Wilson and Republican hatchet man, Karl Rove attend the same Washington D.C. area church. Who do you think the hypocrite is among the two? Do you think Bush became a born again Evangelical Christian for piety sake, or political purposes? I'll bet on political purposes. Yes, it is just like the cowboy image that Bush, who was born in Connecticut and “somewhat” educated at Yale and Harvard, attempts to portray. Dick Cheney flunked out of Yale not once, but twice! Which person do you think is running this country into the ground? Which people in this country are enabling this to happen?

Sure, Ms. Epsen, you can say that you are against abortion, but at the same time, do you support the death penalty and all the killing that is taking place in Iraq on your behalf. And oh yes, you probably thought that the death and destruction that the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition brought were moral and kind of cool. Sorry, I have a big disconnect on these issues, since your so called arguments are so duplicitous! Did you happen to notice Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis who brought out the abortion and communion issues during the 2004 elections? Yes, he performed brilliantly in diverting the public's attention away from the priest/child abuse issue. I wonder who ordered this swift boat like attack on John Kerry? Do you think it was the future Catholic enforcer Pope Benedict XVI? Do you think your Pope enjoys the same attributes about power that Dick Cheney possesses?

My first impression of you Ms. Epsen was one of a slightly neurotic, former Jewish ice “princess”, who was confused about her spirituality. I remember you telling us about your conversion from Judaism to Christianity during our initial real estate searches. I thought to myself, I bet there is some kind of story there, but I did not press it. Unfortunately, you should have stayed in the Jewish religion since the Catholic Church is so incredibly screwed up (pedophilia, women's rights and religion in politics). On second thought, you will perfectly fit in!

So, were you challenged in your development as a child? Did you have a difficult relationship with your father? Did you feel like a subordinate female to your father's wishes, trapped in your born rite Jewish faith? Sorry to pry, but inquiring minds would like to know and besides, we paid a hell of a price for your “royal” discontent. Also, did you realize that our Republican Lawyer, Dennis Rosen is also Jewish? Does it seem like there could be a reoccurring pattern with the two of you? Maybe both of you could get together and discuss the merits of honesty and integrity in the real estate business world. Oops, I forgot that using the words honesty, integrity and business in the same sentence could be construed as another oxymoron; shame on me.

You had also told us how you were new at this line of work, and we took you at your word. At that time we had no reason to doubt you. We cut you a lot of slack, since you were “new”, a friend and a Catholic mother. We wanted to help you by giving you are business. Surely, you would not deceive us, since your religion surely would not permit it. We did look at numerous pieces of land and houses with you, but unfortunately, you could not provide what we were looking for. Regrettably for us, the only thing you provided us with was an introduction (referral) to L.J. McCreary. We should not have trusted you; it was the biggest mistake of our lives!

During our lawsuit with McCreary Homes, we learned that you had been in the real estate business for many years. A recent look at an ad of yours on a real estate website listed your experience at over ten years. I guess we have to understand the meaning of what your definition of “new” is when it comes to being a realtor in the Tucson area. We know for a fact that you and your late husband started the Property Guild in Patagonia in 1978. So which is it, were you a new real estate agent when you met us, or did you already have years of experience? Please don't bother, we know the answer.

Ms. Epsen, you were the agent that drove us to L.J. McCreary's office and personally introduced us to a potential builder. In retrospect, you introduced us to a con man. You introduced us to a snake. Prior to meeting McCreary, you promoted McCreary Homes' quality and proficiency as a builder.

As fate would have it, we did choose McCreary to build our dream house for a number of reasons, one of them being your recommendation. Later during our lawsuit with McCreary in late 2002, we discovered that you had been paid a kickback fee from L.J. McCreary for our referral and signing with McCreary Homes. You never divulged that you had a scheme with McCreary Homes for a kickback or finders fee. Who do you think paid for your little kickback from McCreary Homes? We paid for that referral, not McCreary. Your fee was well hidden in the original contract under commissions. When asked about it McCreary told us it was standard commission for his office salesman Carl, since he had set up meetings between us and McCreary. As one can see, McCreary lied to us about where this money was going, since it would expose you and the kickback scheme to which you had negotiated with McCreary. We only learned about the kickback, during the lawsuit proceedings, when we saw a copy of the cancelled check with the name of Fran Epsen written on it. Neither one of you had the nerve or integrity to tell us the truth about the scheme you had developed behind our backs.

Ms. Epsen, you received over three thousand dollars for the simple act of introducing us to a con man. How do you feel about that? How long did you have this little agreement going on with McCreary? This type of kickback arrangement does not seem to be the work of a novice real estate agent? Do you promote this same kind of kickback scheme with other Tucson builders? Do you feel your recommendations were biased by the smell of money? Who taught you how to be so conniving and greedy when it comes to the lust for money? Did you declare this fraudulent income to the IRS? Does Long Realty know about your payment from McCreary? Are you happy with your Christian faith? If you would have stayed in your Jewish religion, we would have never met you or McCreary and our lives would be so much different.

One of Christianity's enduring stories is about Jesus and how he was arrested and sold out by Judas Iscariot for thirty pieces of silver. Judas after finally developing a last minute conscience and seeing the pain and suffering that he had caused Jesus, later hanged himself. Judas could not accept the shame he had bestowed on himself and the pain that he had caused to Jesus. I guess you have not read that part of the bible or maybe, you just forgot.

Ms Epsen, we have an appreciation of how Christ felt concerning the act of being sold out behind our backs for thirty pieces of silver. In our case, you sold us out for $3,446.00 in a biased attempt to pad your personal coffer. Do you think Ms. Epsen that the thirty pieces of silver equate to the incredible sum of $3,446.00; if you take two millenniums worth of inflation into account? How do you feel in your heart about this situation, that is if you possess a heart? We lost our house, our land, our credit rating and our dreams because you introduced us to a snake for the gratification of your greed.

Two years ago, I experienced an epiphany concerning the connection between politics and the corruption and greed that is rampant in the Republican Party. You contribute money, directly to the Republican Party. Why do the majority of real estate agents, developers, builders, contractors and real estate lawyers prostitute themselves in the name of the Republican Party? How many more corruptible politicians will people like you be able to buy tomorrow and the day after? Is the thought of a limitless pay check enough to sell your soul to the devil?

Deep down, don't you all feel like ravenous prostitutes when it comes to the almighty buck? I really should not say that. Although prostitutes perform a sex service for money, at least they have may have other morals. In my humble opinion, your group possesses absolutely none!

You are all such fine white Christian people! Do you think your God is proud of your actions on this earth? I think one day, a God somewhere will be incredibly harsh on your example of humanity. If you get a chance Ms.Epsen, please stop and read the Beatitudes in the best selling book, the Bible. It is quite unfortunate that most of your brethren do not read the bible. Seems like so few of you Christians seem to practice its lessons in your daily lives.

So Ms. Epsen, go ahead and continue your pathetic support of the Republican Party; its corruption like label fits you and your followers, oh so well. I know you support more growth, more housing, more noise, more pollution, and more of everything so that you can sell more houses, and have the best possible chance of more profits for your worldly bank accounts.

Just remember, in the end, none of you, no matter how wealthy, you may or may not become, will not take even one dime with you, on your continued journey. I feel that at times, that some of you Evangelical morons forget that little bit of human reality.

Please remember in the end, your lying, your cheating and your stealing will only go so far on this earth. One day, you will all be held accountable by your God for your actions, and you will be required to pay your bill in full. God will ask for no checks or credit cards, only moral “cash” please!

As always, have a nice life in spite of yourself!

P.S. This is will not be over until justice is done. We vow to see you in Court, along with the other perpetrators.

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