October 8th, 2006

Fall 2006 SAHBA Home Show

Dear SAHBA members and consumers,

I regret to inform all of you, and I apologize in advance to the very Nth degree, that I will not be able to properly protest your Fall, consumer deception based, home show this weekend.  Please enjoy your little advertising deception that you will attempt to buffalo on the unsuspecting consumer public.

Will you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?  Would you please have President Ed Taczanowsky personally forgive me since I will not be able to sleep again peacefully unless I am forgiven by a man that possesses such incredible integrity and love for the almighty buck and false police reports that he is so famous for!

Tell Mr. Taczanowsky that the next time we meet; he must diligently try again to have me arrested for peaceful, civil protesting.  Could you also ask Tazanowsky to tabulate how many of his corporate members use illegal alien help in their building companies?  The illegals that worked on my house through McCreary Homes helped ruin it.   

To this day, it was so worth it after our first protest,  to see Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes, come racing down the Tucson Convention driveway and scream her head off at my family’s protest of her little company’s incompetence.  It was so precious.  Evidently her husband L.J. McCreary was too afraid to confront the moment of protest reality himself.

Lounge lizard, “want to be” jazz singers like Denise McCreary, are always perform such rookie performances in their quest for public exhibition of their recreational, amateurish skills.   Please, give it up and spare us all.

Imagine the audacity of an individual like myself to spoil their little home show, over three and one-half years ago, just because  SAHBA connected lawyers (Marc Simon, Bill Poorten and Elizabeth Claiborne) and a SAHBA custom home builder ( L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes), raped a good ex- military family dreams and forced them out of their home. 

But of course you will all forgive me since your sustained silence has only emboldened me on my quest for some simple measure of justice; however small in this day of republican governmental and corporate corruption.

I will achieve my goal; you can bet Taczanowsky’s fat ass on it! 

Please do not think even for one moment that I have given up my crusade to enlighten the nation wide public about SAHBA’s and McCreary’s Homes planned ideas of deception and fraud.  I may stop and I may retreat, but I will never ever quit!  SAHBA picked the wrong family to phuck with!  I will not go away quietly.    

You do not take away a man’s home from him and expect him to go away quietly; do you now?  Just go and ask the Palestinians how they feel when a U.N. sponsored jewish state is forced upon them and they take over their land and homes!  Fight, they will, and oh for such a long, long time. 

I had to make the tough decision to protest your phucking deceptive home show or choose to take my daughter to Munich and Oktoberfest and then on to Paris; I chose Munich and Paris.  I do declare, I did make the right decision.
We just returned to Tucson late last night and I am too jet lagged to protest today but I will recover for future protest.  In fact I came up with a brilliant plan for future promotions.  You greedy phuckers need to be stopped.  I was once a military attack pilot. I am not afraid to peacefully engage to promote public awareness against SAHBA.  As I said before, I may stop or retreat, but I will never, ever quit my protest against your incompetence and fraudulent promotion of builders like McCreary Homes.

In Munich we were on the northwest side of the Hofbrauhauss where Hitler made his initial balcony speeches to the German people to follow him and his personal agenda for national destruction.  For me, it was a very pensive moment.  Just like Hitler, SAHBA has an agenda and it is not good, in fact it is destructive to the consumer public. 

SAHBA executive management has no problem ruining families because of their propensity to support builder’s fraud and greed.  A good Arizonan family was incredibly financially damaged by SAHBA’s promotion and harboring of incompetent and fraudulent builders.  SAHBA even provides legal advice and defect liability insurance for these crooks. 

Anyone that decides to have a spec house or custom built house in Arizona has to be foolish or very crazy to continue with the amount of incompetence, defects and fraud that are allowed in this state.  Your state officials, if they are Democrats or republicans, do not care if you are raped by this corrupt system of pseudo justice.  There is no justice in Arizona.

Governor Janet Napolitano does not care.   Attorney General Terry Goddard does not care and Secretary of State Candidate and former Registrar of Contractors, Israel Torres does not care.  Senator Kyl (the quack) does not care.  Senator John McCain does not care has now started to kiss ass to run for president.  God help all of us!

In Arizona, there is very little difference in political parties.  In Arizona, 95 percent of politicians are fraudulent bums!  They choose to not listen or work for the people.  Our politicians work for corporations.

The building industry in Arizona has already bought everyone out; up to and even including our politician’s morality and conscience.  I am not surprised any more at the lack of interest our elected officials extend to the voters.  Candidates that lack courage and a sense of justice are a dime a dozen in this crooked red state.  SAHBA fits in perfectly with this type environment.

SAHBA does not care about the consumer that it is supposed to cater to; no it chose to placate to the filthy greed of builders.  Hitler did not succeed in Germany and neither will SAHBA in Arizona. 

The truth eventually has a way of bypassing the lies that men always need to tell.

Arizona has become a terrible state to live in.  I first came to Arizona 25 years ago.  I came here permanently in 96’ because I liked the quality of life.  The quality of life that I experienced then no longer exists.  The quality of life in Tucson since 2000 has begun to suck and it is now sucking badly! 

Why did Tucson’s very own, Linda Ronstandt decide to leave her native city last year for her move to San Francisco?  Tucson has changed for the worse in the past ten years.  My move to Tucson coincided with Ms. Ronstandt return to Tucson in 1996.  Ms. Ronstandt is right; Tucson has become a city of strip malls with builders and developers building on every square inch of the city.   I envy Ms. Ronstandt moving to San Francisco since Tucson and Arizona is a state that no longer cares about its people.  Tucson, Arizona only cares now about growth for the profit agenda of its local corporations, like SAHBA, Jim Click Automotive, and Long Realty.

A good example of the Tucson agenda was the RTA transportation bill that passed this past May.  SAHBA, Jim Click Automotive, Long Realty and every other builder and developer in this city and even out of state developers helped push the RTA transportation proposal past the vegetable, “don’t give a shit” electorate.   Only twenty-five percent of registered voters even cared to vote.  The measure passed since the above people contributed 10 to 1 to get the bill advertised and passed. 

It never ceases to amaze me how the very wealthy are always able to buy their way into the dance.

The RTA bill is a band aid approach to Tucson’s uncontrolled growth.  The RTA bill which is planned over a twenty year period, “promises” to alleviate the Tucson’s traffic condition; bullshit!  In twenty years the traffic will be worse.  Just look who were the movers and shakers in this town that contributed the most money to pass this bill.  It was the auto czar Jim Click, SAHBA, Long Realty and out of state developers that bought this bill.

In the span of twenty years, there will be more people who have moved here, there will be more houses built, more SUV’s sold and the inevitable more traffic.  During the next twenty years, Tucson will be worse off that it is now with its current traffic problem. 

The reason that I once used to move to Tucson does no longer exist.  Tucson’s quality of life will continue to erode during the next twenty years at an accelerating rate.

So why would anyone want to move to Tucson now?  I do not know why.  Just like a stock that is over priced, word about Tucson will get around that it is no longer a good place to settle down.  It is not worth the price for the quality of life.  In order to have a successful community, it has to have more going for it than just climate.  I place my bet that Tucson will continue to warm with increased housing density and asphalt, along with the threat of global warming.  You could not pay me to buy a house in this city.

How about the growing crime problem in this city?  Let’s just pretend that everything is okay!

The Jim Click’s, the Long Realty’s, the SAHBA builders and developers will all have contributed to ruining this once nice place to live.  Greed ruins everything!  Greed is the root of all evil. 

And what does your republican Mayor Bob Walkup do about the situation; absolutely nothing.  Walkup is a just another part of the problem that supports the uncontrolled growth and greed of builders and developers!  Walkup is just another Arizonan politician that has sold out the people!

The Home Show this Fall, should have fewer people in attendance since the Tucson housing bubble has burst and there will be less people building.  This country is heading for recession. The incompetent scumbag contractors and builders that were able to stay in business during the boom times will suffer financially now since there will be fewer new housing starts.  What goes around, comes around; boys.

Hopefully if you went to this advertising promotional show you had the chance to ask SAHBA officials like Taczanowsky and SAHBA builders if they still support harboring incompetent and fraudulent builders in their custom home builder program.  Why does SAHBA still endorse the hiring of illegal aliens by its members, through its silence on the issue?

Do not believe any of the slick advertising and talk that builders and contractors will tell you about at the show.  If the SAHBA person you are speaking to is white and a republican, there is an incredible chance that they are lying to you.  If you are talking about money, they will lie to you.  It is all just standard procedure here in Tucson, Arizona.  I would not recommend ever building in Arizona because it is just like Florida swamp land except the swamp is in the building structure. 

Please, do not believe anyone unless they have been thoroughly vetted and even then, they could still be lying to you.  People in Arizona choose to lie at incredible rates.  If the SAHBA member brings up there religion and how Christian they are; run!  Money and profits bring out the worst in human behavior for builders, developers and real-estate people. 

Truth in advertising and the SAHBA Home Show is an incredible example of an oxymoron.  Remember, you are dealing with people that cannot help themselves from lying, cheating and stealing.  As an Arizonan consumer you are in incredible danger if you deal with a SAHBA member!  SAHBA and SAHBA members only think about profits and not you family’s welfare.  Look what they did to my family.

Living in this city and state was the biggest mistake of my life.  I wish a thousand times that I had never decided to raise my family in this city and state.  Tucson, along with its corrupt building associations (SAHBA), corrupt builders and incompetent and fraudulent lawyers, resulted in this family losing their home and future.  And who said that two legged sharks do not exist in the desert?

Buyer be incredibly aware!  Think twice before you ever sign on the dotted line of one of these crooked SAHBA builder’s contracts.  I would not do it ever again a million years.  Trust no one!     

God, how I wished I had never moved to this phucked up city and state!

P.S.  Do you think that my next post should be how republican’s support gay pedophilia? And not to be confused, but I am not talking about the Catholic Church and its right wing, faith based, republican supporting priests?  SAHBA members, can you tell me how many of Tucson’s Catholic priests still support pedophilia?  Just like SAHBA’s executive board, I expect silence.  

Vote Yes on Proposition 201!   We don’t need to kill any more of our people in Arizona’s restaurants and bars; we are doing such a fine job of killing people and having our people killed in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Thanks for the memories or should I say, thanks for the nightmare!

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