June 17, 2006

Father’s Day and the Abortion Issue

Congratulations to the hard working fathers of this country, you know, the ones who bring respect upon themselves and their families with their noble attributes of honor and integrity.  No folks, I am not talking about George Bush’s lying promises during the 2000 election to bring those very same attributes of honor and integrity to the White House.  If I recall, he failed on that promise the moment he took the oath of office.   What a lying piece of shit!  Another lying phucking politician took the stage of pseudo American democracy and pissed all over the vegetable electorate with a concoction that he called fertilizer for democracy.  Yes folks, democracy in this country is a spectator sport of multifaceted illusions based on lies!  

As you ladies might know, in order to be a good father it takes more from a man to be a father than just some alcohol induced sex romp in bed after the Super Bowl.  Just because a man can get it up in this day in age with the help of ex republican Senator Bob Dole’s pill pushing Viagra, it does not mean he possess the intellect or courage to be the type of father that is a teacher of morality to his children. 

From the year 2000 there just seems that there are way too many father’s that are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to chase that imaginary pot of lustful gold on the distant horizon.  What do we teach are children by such actions?  Do our children learn from what we say, or do they learn from us by watching what we do?   Oh, why are you such liars?

Father’s Day and the issue of abortion also have an unlikely connection with morality and the start of life.  Even though a woman will be considered the incubator of life, a man can be considered the spark that generates life.  What an awesome responsibility this is!  Alright, so most men do not think this way, but they should.  Most white guys think that all they have to do is get it up and Walla; I am a super stud father of the year.  Why are white republicans such morons?  Yes, just sit back and wait until the little bastard is 18 years old and you can boot them out of the house or maybe you will just file for a divorce when the little shit is 2 years old?  Either way, you are a sorry ass piece of shit for a human being; but you might do very well in American corporate management or the Bush administration!  Human identities and souls are bought for very cheap in America under the pretense of corporate loyalty.

American society and culture is such an oxymoron and at the same time it is all so very phucked up!  America, take a look at what you have produced!  How pathetic!  Helen Keller could have done a better job of visually directing America’s course than you pathetic morons who have allowed this once great country to spiral into a moral and financial abyss.  Thanks to all of you for not giving a shit and allowing our country to be flushed down the toilet of anti-democracy and tyranny!  Not one of you will ever admit to your approval of this malaise.  Were there any fathers out there that taught their children the meaning of integrity and respect for democracy? Unfortunately, so very, very few have cared.  Tears are on order for America. Let us now weep!   

How many warped men turned out this way because of the influence of their emotional distant fathers?  When it came to morality, their fathers were choked in semi silence.  “Father, should I have compassion for my fellow man, Ah…. son, what the phuck does compassion mean? On second thought, I don’t give a phuck!”  Now tell the truth you white Caucasians out there, isn’t that the truth?  How many of your fathers were pro civil rights for blacks?  How many of your fathers were whipped up with hate for their fellow man?  How many of you fathers today have been warped by your fathers hate, racial insecurity and greed?

Most Fortune 500 executives exhibit social characteristics that could be considered psychopathic behavior.  Do you think lying, cheating, stealing, greed, contempt for employees, and an absence of conscience could be considered enviable socialistic behavior?  Most societies would consider behavior like this to be psychopathic.  Only in American could corporations find these attributes to be an enviable trait for management potential.  What do you think these men’s fathers were like?  Were there fathers filled with nothing but contempt and hate?  How did they learn to be so cold toward their fellow man?  Could these men even spell the word conscience?  I think not, would be an appropriate response. If you are a republican, hate is a terrible attribute to not pass on to your children!  Why not poison the little bastards while their bones are still soft?

During this past century their have been many men that fit this mold and should never had been fathers.  Men like Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush have typified the class of men who should have never been fathers and it would have been better for mankind if they had never been born.  Obviously their fathers and mothers had no beneficial effect on their offspring’s development.  Although there have been far too many fetuses aborted over the years, the world would have been a better place if their mother’s had aborted.   Look how many millions of innocent humans have died because of these men’s actions.  Yes, there is a good reason for an abortion.  Maybe a woman has a premonition that what is growing in her womb is evil.  Why should white, old phuck, politicians tell her what to do; so much for the land of freedom?  Yes, freedom (corporate control) is on the march in Iraq, but real freedom it is no where in phucking sight in WASPY America.  American freedom is based on corporate control!  

Did you ever stop to think what this world would be like if these individuals had not been born?  Is there any doubt that Barbara Bush made a mistake by giving birth to her oldest son, George W. Bush?  I think Neil Bush was also a mistake.  Maybe it has something to do with the Savings and Loans scandal with Silverado and those lovely Thai slutty prostitutes that “knocked” on his door.  So where was George H. Bush after he started all this mess?  George H. Bush was missing in action trying to steal his fortune.  Yes, George was some distant father and Barbara was some cold ass, distant bitch of a mother and together, they created a phucking nightmare for mankind.  And what does George H. Bush get for this entire endeavor?  George got to be president and had a phuckin airport named in his dishonorable honor.  One has to wonder; WTF why?  God please answer my prayer, why have we become a pathetic purveyor of this once great nation destiny?  Did it only take six short years for our democracy to unravel under republican control?

Yes, there are many dreadful fathers out there in the world, although not quite as heinous as the previous individuals but if they were given the power, who knows what could happen.  L.J. McCreary is a prime example of the black hole morality that these fathers possess; how pathetic.  Every father and mother that worked on our dream (home) from developer (Richard Schust), Builder (L.J. McCreary), contractors like (Mike McNary and Mike Clark), lawyers like (Marc Simon, William Poorten, Elizabeth Claiborne, Dennis Rosen and Alice Milton) had the opportunity to work in an honorable and just way; most chose not to.  Would you teach your son or daughter to act like a psychopath?  Yes, I know, most of you would submit to do the devil’s work to make an extra buck, even if it means hurting your fellow man.  Do you think the world would have been a better place to live if your mother’s had decided to abort you and you never were?   No matter what the right wing Christian nut jobs say; abortion does have advantages for the greater good of humanity.   

Greed is the most sinful of the seven deadly sins since everything other emotion can be derived from this awful human condition.  Was your greed such a powerful aphrodisiac that it conquered all conscience?  How hollow are your souls?  Maybe you can sleep now, but will you sleep when you die and there is no conscience less reality to protect your soul?  Did you consider the ramifications of your actions?  Would you bet that there is no consequence for your greed induced actions?  Will your God save you from hurting other people from your greed?  I don’t phucking think so!  I am not a betting man, but I would wager everything that you and your compadres in the fifth and sixth dimension of your after life are going to experience the true meaning of hell.  So do you punks feel lucky?  Well do you?   I will now roll the dice!  Will it be snake eyes for eternity? 

Happy Fathers Day to the honorable and truthful fathers that consider integrity an honorable virtue. To all the rest of you scumbags, just like the ones that worked on my home and totally phucked it up, go phuck yourselves!  You may have gotten over us on this one, but let’s see how well you do when you stand before a black female God who is gay and she ask you,” how did you treat the least amongst you, let alone you peers?”  You scumbags don’t have a snow balls chance in hell of proceeding onto your pre-conceived vision of those “white pearly gates”.  Good luck to you FATHER PHUCKERS, yes the politicians, developers, builders, contractors, and legal whores (lawyers), because you are going to need it, every soulless bastard, each and every one of you!


Go phuck yourselves, that is if you can do it without phucking that up as you do with your custom homes!

P.S.  On June 14, Flag Day, we reached our 2,500th American killed in the Middle East; phucking wonderful!  Thank you to all of you chicken shit chicken hawks!  Why not go sign up for your first class ticket to Baghdad and report for corporate America’s cannon fodder duty?  What are you waiting for?  Forget about flag desecration and worry about our country and our civil rights.  Remember Bush personally challenged the insurgents to “Bring It On.” Yes, they did bring it on. What a lame dick, cowboy facade president!  Such false bravado, just like the Bush presidency!  Can any of you people say corruption and incompetence?  Consider using your vote in November to change the course of this country.  Vote and vote Democratic. It is the right thing to do!

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