June 15, 2007

Subject:  Father’s Day in Tucson

Title:  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

May I please have another one of those American piss watered down beers on my very special day to get inibriated with?
Were these men fathers too in Iraq? Should these men be honored from their graves?

Dear republican SAHBA members:

Besides you, this letter is also being written to include references to L.J. McCreary, Ed Taczanowsky, Marc Simon, William Poorten III, Dennis Rosen, and every other father who was either a legal or illegal subcontractor or lawyer, that worked on our home or our case to help ruin it and our lives.

This Sunday, America chooses to set aside a day to honor the fathers of this country.  Once again the fathers of this land will be treated to copious amounts of American Budweiser piss water beer and then lay on the lazy boy sofa chair and fall asleep as Tiger Woods plays in the Sunday round of the U.S. Open.  Wasn’t it great on Thursday to see Woods hit his first tee-shot straight into the bunker?

Most republican fathers will never even remember that Woods is married to a white woman; but that doesn’t matter when the story is about the republican game of golf.   Everything is forgiven, even the dark past when the white man’s money interest and business ego are at heart.  Most white men will never remember that until relatively recently, interracial marriage used to be against the law in a number of states in this country; but then again slavery used to be in vogue in this country too.  I wonder if these states were considered red states and primarily in the south.  Some day you will be watching your republican heroes on the tube, in a NASCAR race or The Master’s Tournament, and your then hero will be gay and married.  Trust me on that one; you will cheering uncontrollably.  

And the wives of these Sunday honored warriors will be tickled pink as they scrub the floors and do the dishes while there husband awake and fart themselves across the living room and directly into the bathroom for a later day waterfall of fun and frivolity on a very rhythmic note.  Ah, Father’s Day; an American tradition where fathers spend an inordinate amount of time in the bathrooms across the land, extolling the virtues of American piss watered down beer.

My question is; how many fathers in America possess the character and integrity that deserves the act of honoring them in the first place?  

How many of you SAHBA fathers, like L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes, SAHBA’s Ed (Fat Head) Taczanowsky, SAHBA loving lawyers, Marc (Weasel) Simon and William (Billy Boy) Poorten, and Dennis(jewish republican, Head up his Ass) Rosen, are nothing more than an artificial copy of the human species, who happen to have a penis attached to their frontal anatomy.  These men still do not realize that it takes more than one inadequate republican sex act to be honored as a father in 2007, or in any year for that matter. Some of you might have just got lucky with your aim! 

Besides the placement of their miniature sexual organs, the most detestable attributes that these slimy individuals of the real estate prostitution profession possess, are the dedicated accomplishment to the art of lying, cheating and stealing from their fellow man?

I once used to celebrate Father’s Day in Tucson, Arizona, but I choose to no longer contribute my tax money or well being to a state that supports financially raping good Arizona families for the benefit of the building industry.  I choose not to live in a state where Jon Kyl and John McCain are the Senatorial representatives for a people who extol the republican virtue of greed.  Father’s Day for me will no longer be celebrated in Tucson since my children no longer live in this corrupted city that gave its approval to stripping away our home, our land, our credit rating and our dreams.  I can’t blame my children for wanting to exit the “Old Pueblo” and its vacant morals and back stabbing ways, because it offers absolutely nothing to guarantee a family’s security our future.

There is nothing for children to aspire to in Tucson.  Having your children choose to try and raise a family some day in this God forsaken community of Tucson, would also be the biggest mistake of their lives.  Celebrating Father’s Day in Tucson is like having a wet dream kissing match with an angry saguaro cactus that is diseased with the E-coli virus.  There is not much fun or redemption in either prospect.  I applaud my children and their exodus from such an evil place that would take away their home in order to satisfy the real estate community’s greed and lust.

Moving to Arizona was the worst mistake this father could have ever made to insure his family’s security and future!  If I had only known how evil the Tucson real estate community and businesses were, with their builders, subcontractors and lawyers that live for the sake of fraud and greed, I would have never have set foot in this phucked up arid state.  There are just way too many, two legged male paternal snakes in the heated desert to comfortably raise a family amongst.

And the biggest Christian professing snake that I met in this desert city of pain, was an Irish father, who also was a SAHBA “certified custom builder,” named L.J. McCreary, who lied to me and my wife about what a wonderful home that he could build for my family, if we would only sign on the dotted line. 

So does this little despicable man deserve to be honored in Tucson for his thievery and willingness to ruin our lives?  How about his morally bankrupt lawyers, Marc Simon and William Poorten III; do they also deserve to be honored as fine upstanding examples of fatherhood?  I do not think so.  What kind of children will these men spawn, like rabid salmon, on the unsuspecting city of Tucson, Arizona?  I am afraid their children will fit right in perfectly with the other moral rift raft of this corrupted city.

Will L.J McCreary’s children, Abigail and Connor, and the rest of your SAHBA children, grow up learning the finer points of republican real estate attributes.  Will these children learn to fraudulently scheme to do whatever they can, by whatever means possible, to lie, cheat and steal from their fellow man, on their Holy Grail journey to padding their bank accounts and profit statements?  Who will teach them anything about compassion, fairness and justice towards their fellow man and their families, if parents like, L.J. (Little John) and Denise (Screeching) McCreary, are the finer Tucson examples of human character darkness and depravity?  What chance does this city, state or country have if you and the McCreary children are trained to act like packs of ravenous dogs for profit; that feed upon unsuspecting families in need of shelter?  God help us all!

I fear that in a distant future tomorrow, we will all be crying for the sins that you have committed yesterday, today, and so many more tomorrows to come!

This past May, we celebrated the devotion of our women who are mothers on their own special day celebrated as Mother’s Day.  All of the same issues that apply to fathers also apply to mothers of this country.  It is a terribly important undertaking that a majority of parents take for granted and they fail miserably at it with a terrible consequence for their children’s future lives.   

The quality of life in the year 2007 is a shallow comparison to quality that existed thirty years ago.  The fathers of today, spoiled and pampered in the easiness of the baby boom era, pail by comparison in honor to their fathers before them. The last thirty years have seen an acceleration towards the concept of greed over people lives. 

For many of you; greed is now good.  It is an honorable attribute to strive for.   Up is now down and black is now white; does it matter to you that wrong is now considered right?  We now have so many more hollow electronic gadgets to amuse us with, yet we have never been further away from one another on a human level.  Why care about your neighbor or your fellow man’s concerns when you can escape these questions by turning on the big image manufacturing box?

I watched my wife on that past Mother’s Day type a letter to Denise McCreary that expressed her incredible remorse for the simple fact of ever meeting her husband and the devastation that she and her husband have caused to her, her marriage, and her family.  From across the living room, I watched her tears stream down her face to the point that it could have shorted out the computer key board and electrocuted her emotions away.  But that’s okay, we both died inside a long time ago.  It could have been a surreal moment to watch smoke, sparks and flames shoot out of the key board as a tribute to the life that we once had and to the evil and corrupted people that did this to us.

No family should ever choose to hurt another family’s hopes and dreams, just because they enjoy lying, cheating, stealing and can’t help themselves from acting on their personal greed.  

Mothers and fathers, you have an incredible responsibility to teach your children to become honest and trustful adults; since they are the future of this country.  I couldn’t have imagined a state or country where the McCreary’s family behavior was considered common or their morals considered normal for a society of a city or state.  But in Tucson, Arizona, that is now normal for people to act just like the McCreary’s.   Do you really want the future of this country to be led by people that are so shallow in their morals and in their souls?  If you lie, cheat and steal from your neighbors, your children will in turn, lie, cheat and steal from their neighbors.   It is all such a continuous and vicious cycle.  Is this what you want and strive for; such a shame?

Fathers of this country and especially the republican ones that are located in the SAHBA infested community of Tucson, Arizona, stop this Sunday and pause for thought.  Take a moment to reflect on your role in society and its consequences that it has by your actions.   Do me a favor and try to muster the courage to and make an honest effort to look in the mirror this Sunday morning and stop and stare at the reflection that gazes back at you.      Please force yourself to ask the question if you really deserve to be honored this day for the actions that you have performed during the past years of your life.     

Parents and especially fathers on this day, choose to teach your children well.  I feel nothing but pity and sorrow for your children because of the examples you have set for them.  You as SAHBA parents have failed miserably.  You Denise McCreary have failed miserably as a mother.  You Little John McCreary have failed miserably as a father.  You, Ed Taczanowsky have failed miserably as a father.  You, Marc Simon, have failed miserably as a father.  You, William Poorten III, have failed miserably as a father.  And you, Dennis Rosen, you have failed miserably as a father. 

There is no honor in stealing from a good family in Arizona or any other state.  Do not embellish in your awaited glory this Sunday, because it is so undeserved by your actions.

There will never be a need to honor you again on this day or any other day because of your actions of immorality; only sorrow and tears are in order for your future Father’s Day commemorations and your children’s legacy.  Don’t be tempted to go through the Father’s Day motions because you don’t deserve it.  This would be exactly like a person that boasted about fighting in a foreign war, receiving the Medal of Honor, and then being discovered that they were never in the military to begin with.  Don’t attempt to fool anyone; we all know the consistency of your characters.  Your reputations will always be in the gutter for what you did to us. 

You had a chance to do the right thing, and you choose to make another family suffer because of your greed.  No matter what you do or say, no matter what think or act out, you cannot change the despicable aura and stench that surrounds your character and being.  

And always remember; the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and then it turns and rots, just like your one dimensional money grubbing souls! 


“The Arizona Refugee”

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