Date:  June 13, 2008

Subject:  Father’s Day

Title:  Do any of you deserve this honor?


Oh boy!  The fraudulent and undeserved SAHBA profits from construction fraud that I received from pilfering another arizona familiy was used to buy me this barbeque


Dear republican SAHBA member,

Once again SAHBA boys, we approach a yearly tradition this Sunday to honor the fathers of this country and their contributions to raising responsible children that become a credit to society.   But in Tucson, Arizona though, the perquisites among SAHBA members for inclusion for this day of remembrance and honor are suspect. 

I wonder how many of you fine upstanding individuals really deserve a day, let alone a single minute to honor the remembrance of your actions?  Is choosing for you to intentionally harm families or continue to watch other members of your SAHBA protection racket association harm even one more family and then remain silent an honorable act?   Can it really be acknowledged that you possess honorable attributes and intent of actions in order for SAHBA father’s to be remembered in a positive light on this coming Father’s Day?   

I do not think so.

So as a group of SAHBA fathers, how do you think you have done?  Have you taught your children by your actions and inactions about what it takes to raise honest, compassionate young adults of integrity or have you taught them instead how to pilfer and lie to people?  I fear that the children that you have chosen to bring into this world will develop the same corrupted attributes that fathers like you in SAHBA approve of. 

The legacy of your actions or inactions will only be more harm and pain for good Arizona families that make the nightmarish mistake of using a SAHBA member company to perform possibly deficient work on their homes.  If a person will lie or stay silent when fraud is being perpetrated, then I believe there is a better than average chance that this person will also be tempted to act in the very same way when money and additional undeserving profit clouds his character and judgment.

How can you as a group of supposedly honorable deserving fathers watch and approve with your silence while some of your members such as L. J. McCreary of McCreary Homes deceives and defrauds families into foreclosure and bankruptcy.   How can you stand by and watch in silence and not say anything about such types of deviant behavior among your members?  Does this mean as a group, that SAHBA members are just as corrupt and despicable as L.J. McCreary has proven himself to be?  What else can explain your silence and inactions?

Without guidance buy honorable examples, will your members continue to turn out individuals like “former” LONG Realty employee Kyle Hayes (aka) Robert Kyle Hayes?  Mr. Hayes or Robert Hayes, main penchant in life seems to be one of owning exotic sports cars and living in a gated community.  What fine goals that Mr. Hayes possesses.  Mr. Hayes a 19 year old professed greedy moron and “former” employee of LONG Realty, has publicly stated in the Arizona Daily Star that he has no problem with public corruption because it is according to him and I paraphrase; “everyone is doing it.”  Isn’t that special?  I wonder if the father of Kyle Hayes will be honored this Sunday for his exceptionally wonderful influence on a son that seems to be well on his way to becoming another real estate predator for profit at any cost.  I wonder what fine examples Mr. Hayes gave to his son in order for him to become such a materialistic striving, moralistically challenged midget of conscience.

But how can past presidents from Carol Pawlak, John Shorbe, Chris Kemmerly, Greg Miedema, Art Flagg, and now Randy Agron standby and give their silent approval with their perceived ignorance or is the issue instead just one of planned silence?  How can new SAHBA president Randy Agron of AF Sterling Homes choose to be just another ceremonial stooge in addressing the deafening silence on this corrupt issue?  Did the Catholic Church solve their problems in Tucson with predatory pedophilia priest by their silence Mr. Agron?   

How can the senior leadership of an association like SAHBA, whose only reason to exist is to buy political influence, by the purchasing of politicians, like former lobbying whore, Arizona state Rep. Jonathan Patton (R), still lead you SAHBA sheep along to ignore your conscience?  How little honor do you possess as men and women in an association that is built upon a foundation of purchased corruption and builder/real estate fraud?  And you believe that Father’s Day is a day that you should be recognized and honored with; why? 

Would it be better if the Tucson community decided to honor you correctly, the many fathers of SAHBA, by choosing to set aside a day that instead will be called; “Men who approve of Fraud and Corruption Day.”  Why SAHBA members do you still choose to remain silent on this issue?  Could the reason for your silence possibly be greed?

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to say nothing in the face of such evil.   

So with so many of your members that follow this evil creed of approval; how can you look in the mirror and say that you deserve a day to be honored?  How can you look your children in the eyes and say that you are an honorable person when such evil exist in your community because of your approval?  How can you look your wife in the eye and profess that you are an honorable man when you let families be financially raped by your greedy for profit at any cost money grubbing members?

No, on retrospect, you do not need a day that honors members from your association for being a father; instead you need a day to dishonor the many men among you. SAHBA members like L.J. McCreary, Marc Simon, William Poorten III, Ed Taczanowsky and now Randy Agron are nothing more than integrity deficient individuals, just like the many among you that support these despicable people who pilfer for profit the community and Arizona families at any cost.  Is there not one among your hundreds of members that possesses an ounce of courage or integrity to acknowledge and engage this issue?  I think probably not.

No, there is no need for honor or honest recognition of your characters or integrities because you have none of these attributes to acknowledge except your deficient behavior of silence that reeks of approval.

On this coming Sunday, SAHBA members, please keep in mind that the fathers among you do not deserve a day to be remembered or honored because of your silent approval of the real estate and construction evil that exists in your community.  There has been no honor in your silent actions and no honor should be given to men that harm or approve of harming Arizona families.  But as young Kyle Hayes has so brilliantly stated; “everybody is doing it.”  I am sure that fact about the Tucson building and real estate industry along with SAHBA guidance has justified at least in your minds your silence and actions.   

Sincerely disgusted with respect to your non-existent characters,

“The Arizona Refugee”



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