Date:  05 August 2007

Subject:  The new FISA law – “The Protect America Act.”

Title:   The day the music died; R.I.P America!

Our commander chimp. Protecting America by spying on Americans. Torture or wiretapping; what's your choice?


Dear republicans and cowardly blue dog democrats:

It is now no longer morning in America but instead, America is now in mourning.

Yesterday, on a late Saturday night, the essence of American Democracy was finally laid to rest with non-military honors in the U.S. House of Representatives.  A majority of the representatives of “We the People,” were reported by CNN to have been pronounced brain dead just before voting on this bill.  Why even Don McClean was present for the death music of Democracy as he sang the processional song in tears as the politicians left the gallery, with their heads hanging in deserved shame. 

The occasion for such American despair was the passing of the four little worded jingle, “The Protect America Act,” to enhance the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) bill which in effect has now gutted the American Constitution and Democracy as we have known it.  Ah...... the four word slogan is just what ignorant Americans need to hear; the KISS principal.  Keep it simple stupid or they might wake up and take notice!  Thank you so much Sen. Mitch (Nerd Face) McConnell (R) of Kentucky, the sponsor of this rushed bill down, for the ignorant American people to ignore. 

God, do any of you republican really feel anything but good ole American patriotic ignorance and apathy at this point in your lives?

America could never be taken over from foreign enemies of conquest, but only from within by enemies that are bent on profits and uncontrolled power.  And I never thought that it could happen so quickly within a span of less than seven years.  My hat is off to the victors that have killed our Democracy in such a short period of time.   Even Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini couldn’t accomplish what you republicans have in just over six painful years.  It will never amaze me what the power of greed is capable of doing, even if it involves ruining a two hundred and thirty one year democracy into the ground.

American apathy has finally let corporate Fascism final takeover of our country and they still don’t even know it yet because Friday night Joe Six Pack is too busy drinking and chasing women while watching American Idol in his rear view mirror.  Isn’t all just a phucking hoot?  Now that is true professional apathy for the ages.  I have tried with my own personal lone voice in the wind about the impending death of American Democracy, but no one would listen to logic and reason.  Now, you have a catastrophe before you.  Will you continue to stare straight ahead, like President Bush did on 09/11, pretending to read your very own version of “My Pet Goat is giving me a hummer?”  I do not have hope for much else.

Your new FISA bill, the simple slogan described for morons with a need for a sixth grade education, “The Protect America” bill, was passed with a contingent of (44) scared blue dog democrats from southern conservative states.  Did the United States make a mistake in fighting the South to preserve the Union?  Maybe we should have let them go!

Now, any American that steps outside of the United States and calls back home is now subjected to being wire tapped without a warrant or judicial oversight.   Any American that calls outside of this country, which is everyday with the act of globalization, is now subject to monitoring. Any American that calls a person in another country is now subjected to warrant less, uncontrolled wire tapping.   If you call Dell Computers for tech service which is located in India, you will now be subjected to warrant less wire tapping.  If your Dell Computer specialist is a potential terrorist, you will be subjected to continuous wire tapping and maybe even an all expense paid rendition trip to Eastern Europe.  But how could you have know? 

Remember, Attorney Alberto Gonzalez, the most deceptive, the most deceitful, the most lying prone attorney general in history will be the one to administer the wire tapping program.

Let me get this straight; we are now going to give a president that has lied us into an illegal war, and who has been breaking the FISA law and spying on Americans for over six years, and now we are going to give him expanded powers, along with his torture and U.S. Attorney scandal politician advisor, Alberto Gonzalez, to administer this non oversight program. WTF?  Are you politicians phucking ass crazy to allow such an assault of democracy to happen on your watch?  Did any of you scared ass politicians even care for a second about the American Constitution?

What I find so fascinating is how this bill came out of nowhere to be rushed into voting just before the summer recess.  Sounds like a Karl Rove/ Dick Cheney plan to have a bill passed with the help of fear.  Bush has been breaking the law for over six years and now he wants the law changed.  But maybe there were other reasons why this bill was brought up by Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) KY at the very last moment.

And some of you even try to make the misplaced and juvenile argument that you have nothing to hide, so go ahead and let my government monitor my calls.  Do you not think that corporations will not be privy to information that the government obtains by spying on you?  You do remember what the definition of Fascism is don’t you?  Fascism is the marriage between corporations and government, for the sake of unchecked power. 

Remember, there is no oversight of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. Well how about letting your insurance companies know every detail about your medical records?  How about your insurance company canceling your home or auto policies because they have learned of information that makes you too much of a risk?  How about your political representatives being monitored because they could be a national security threat?  How about using information to blackmail people for money or political gain?  How about your vote being electronically monitored or altered?   It is an incredible slippery slope that you have just approved of your government icing down for further modification.

Big Brother has arrived!

If you recall, your tele-communication companies after 09/11 were illegally turning over phone call and e-mail information to the government without court warrants or congressional oversight.  There were numerous law suits against these tele-communication companies over the issue of invasion of privacy.  The “Protect America Act” had inserted language that the tele- communication companies like AT&T would be retroactively immune from prosecution because of their cooperation with the Bush government.  So in fact, the law suits that are now pending will be terminated because of the provision to protect the tele-communications companies and their liability to law suits. 

“The Protect America Act” does not protect Americans as much as it is to protect the American Tele-Communications companies from prosecution.  It will be interesting to see if the additional lawsuits that will be filed, which will eventually reach the republican Supreme Court blockade.  How can the Supreme Court rule against the U. S. Constitution; but they will?   

Whatever the Supreme Court eventually decide, I will not hold my breath with the Scalia,  Allito, Roberts and the remainder of the Uncle tom’s cabin corporate quartet of Thomas to make a correct judicial decision concerning a pro- corporate deceptive bill to only promote continued tyranny against the America people.  Benjamin Franklin and the rest of our nation’s forefathers would have wept to see into the future of what you have allowed to happen to their creation of American Democracy.

And what is totally incomprehensible, is that the majority of Americans do not know or do not even care about what has just happened to their democracy.  Where is the outrage, where is the protest, and where is the revolt?  The terrorist have won.

As Benjamin Franklin once said; “Those that are willing to give up a little liberty for the exchange of security, deserve neither.”

So America, enjoy your republican politicians who have now made it law to invade your privacy at will.  The Party that says they are against Big Government is now the Party of Big Brother watching your ass at every moment.  I would rather deal with the infinitesimal chance of a terrorism act than deal with a for sure thing of republican Big Brother Government that will one day probably have cameras in my  phucking bedroom.

Thank you so much you republican phucking assholes for totally phucking up this once great country in the very short span of twenty-seven years of republican conservatism.  And in the end, it only took just under seven years of a republican neocon pro- president in the image of George W. Bush to drive the final stake into the heart of democracy.

God bless America; from the “Declaration of Independence,” July 4th, 1776, to “The Protect America Act,” August 4, 2007.   I think it’s now over America!  It was a good ride while it lasted; before the greed enveloped you and choked you and our country to death.

And on a distant shrouded place in time, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin in a darkened pub, nurse a warm glass of aged bourbon and weep for the fact of our collective ignorance and apathy.

R.I.P America!


“The Arizona Refugee”

But what will your wife say about us? July 4th, 1776 to August 4th, 2007. Bye bye Miss American Democracy.
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