Date:        02 February, 2008

Subject:    The SAHBA Easter Parade of Homes (The SAHBA Bajada at the Frittata)

Title:        Is this “Nick Smith’s” idea of a MILF?

"Where are the self recognized Southern Arizona premiere custom home builder L.J. and his wife and company president, Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes/ McCreary Dream Homes?  Do you mean that McCreary Homes is missing in action at the SAHBA Bajada Parade of Homes?"


Meet the president of McCreary Homes Denise McCreary.  Denise McCreary is a co-conspirator with her husband L.J., in the new pyramid fruad game called McCreary Dream Homes rip off sweepstakes. "Is this the next piece of clothing apparel that Denise McCreary, president of McCreary Homes will model for the camera?  Even Borat says; hey Denise, let's make sexy time together!"



An open letter to Denise McCreary:

Oh my God, where do I begin to comment on this one?  Jesus Christ, this is just like a snow day in the Midwest for a seven year old second grader.   I am very pleased with my good fortune to comment on such self proclaimed public sleaze.  This is going to be just a bit too easy.  There is no need to throw me a bone or any more softballs while at bat.  I can gnaw on this little puppy until the cows come home in the year 2020. 

And a heart felt thanks goes out to your daughter Abby McCreary, for the social ammunition against her prostituting for the almighty buck dressing mother that she post on under the heading of heroes; really?  And if I might, I would like to comment just a bit on your adult daughter who once yelled obscenities at me.  I never forget about the people who have tried to harm me or my family.  It pains me to think that while I had already been flying attack jets for six years with the U.S. military, your daughter Abby was just being put into her first diapers after being brought home from the hospital. 

The McCreary’s are reported to be such a religious and patriotic family.

Searching through the MySpace sights was very enlightening to me.  I didn’t realize how lonely, disenchanted and out of touch that the generation that grew up with computers has become at the age of 21years old.   I think back to my wife and when we were married.  My wife was 21 years old when we married in 1980.  There is no doubt in my mind that my wife was so much mature than Abby exhibits at the very same age.  What should account for this disparity; lack of drive?  Could it be a party, don’t give a shit attitude?  God forbid if Abby becomes pregnant this year.  I cannot imagine how a McCreary grandchild would turn out in another 21 years.   

My wife has always been a very strong and mature woman.  In 2003 after 23 years of marriage and three children, and after what you Denise and L.J. did to us, our home and our land, my wife considered for just a single moment in time the thought of putting a loaded gun in her hand and contemplating her immediate future.  Incredible pain has a way of bringing people to their knees and contemplating the meaning of life when such pain is inflicted upon them.  You Denise and L.J. hurt my wife really bad in 2002 and 2003.  The hurt has continued for my family to this day.   I will always remember and never forget the pain that the McCreary family inflicted upon my family and all for the pursuit of greed.  And to think Denise, your spoiled 17 year old daughter at the time had the audacity to swear at me and my wife.  Your daughter Denise is an immature little girl that knows nothing. 

Why does it seem that the so called 21 year old “adults” of today are so immature and insecure?  Why are they so lonely?  I wonder why?  Your daughter Denise is obviously homesick and her best friend Bethany seems like a Tucson religious nut job that emits the personifications of loneliness also.  It seems like a very unusual relationship between these two girls, because they each say in their blogs that they need each other so badly.  Were the fathers ever around for these two love sick females or were they too busy trying to make money to show any attention to their lonely daughters?

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Here for:

Networking, Friends


(I miss) Tucson, AZ

Body type:

3' 0" / More to love!




Christian - other

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College graduate


Mind Freak Consultant


$250,000 and Higher


To Bethany:

Nov 4 2007 1:51 AM

SO SOON!!! I can't wait. I need you more than you know...


To Bethany:

Feb 11 2008 10:40 PM

soooooooooooo alone

Who I'd like to meet:

Hometown:(I miss) Tucson, AZ

i need to go home.



Well, the time has officially come. i have to leave my fantasy world in rochester and return to the reality that is los angeles, california. im really fucking bummed. if it were up to me, id stay forever.

i had an amazing time. i couldnt have asked for a better trip or better people to meet and spend the last 12 days with.

thanks for teaching me the art of beer pong, feeding me mcgang bangs, chicken wings, and sparks, and for introducing me to trees and deer.

im sure i will return saying "mad," "son," and "watchu know about it."

seriously, ive never had more fun out of town than i did the last couple weeks.

thank you for taking care of me so well and making me feel like i was part of a family! i consider you mine.

i love you.
i love you
i love you!!

jeremy, you are some kind of wonderful.



Bethany's Interests:


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

i need to vent...
So I figured I could write a blog on here about how I really feel...because not as many people will read this blog as they do my xanga blog.
I am having a really hard semester...i miss how my life used to be before all this crap came up.  I know that now I have learned so much and have grown so much and I am thankful for that but life just seemed easier before.  I guess that's not true though.
I am so lonely all the time.  I feel like no one understands me or even cares to know how I am feeling.  I have been realizing that friends come and go and I had never viewed a friendship like that before.  I always pictured that a good friend was a friend to the end and now I am seeing that not everyone believes it.  How can someone just end a friendship that has had so much effort put into it.  How can someone just stop caring about someone and continue to hurt them over and over again.  how can someone convince you time and time again to trust them, just to avoid you. 
I am okay with friendships ending if it happens naturally and you have no control over it...but it sucks when you want to keep a friendship but the other person wants it to end.
I know that I need to just move on and I have made some amazing other friends but it still gets to me every once and a while.  How do you get over a friendship that you've had for almost 10 years...
I am so tired of being upset all the time...while everyone else is happy and has no worries.
it gets old.


Last week, Abby’s bio stated that she was in a relationship.  This week Abby’s bio first stated her status as divorced and then today its status has changed to single.  So what gives with your morally challenged daughter, Denise?  Is it possible to go from being in a relationship, divorced and then single in less than one week?  This is all very strange for a normal heterosexual of an older generation to understand.  Life indeed has not gotten better for our children.  I hope these children get the help they deserve.  Hopefully, their parents are not one of the 47 million Americans that republicans insist on being without healthcare.


Jesus. friends. prayer. praying for people. spiritual warfare. freedom! releasing spiritual bondage and oppression in the name of Jesus. walking in the victory given to me by Jesus when he conquered death. i could go on...

Yes, that is all so very nice to be so brain washed at 21 years old by organized religion; now isn’t it.  But isn’t Tucson the religious Mecca for people like you and L.J. who publicly profess their religion and then proceed to hurt their fellow man?  Ah..... you just have to love those 60 minute Christians like you that slither along in the community.

Maybe in the long run it would be better to have these two 21 year old children to come back to Tucson since it would be such shames to have them dispense their acquired morality and problems on other parts of the country.  I believe that avarice and greed can best be corralled if it stays in the world capitol of greed, Tucson, Arizona.

On a note of common ground, I like Abby’s choice of music on My Space.  I have quite an eclectic collection of music that I have acquired over the years.  In 1973 and at the peak of their careers, I saw Led Zepplin from the 3rd row from the front center at Cobo Hall in Detroit.  I was and will always be the best damn concert that I have ever gone to or ever will go to.  It is nice to see the younger generation appreciate the great music that existed from 1964 to 1974.  It would only be another 14 years after this concert before Abby McCreary would make her presence on this earth.  It is too bad that conversations about music can not exist with a McCreary but unfortunately, the irrevocable damage has already been done to my family. 

As I mentioned Denise, I saw a picture of you on Abby’s MySpace page and it was the most shocking and embarrassing picture that I have seen in a long time.  It is so touching that your daughter Abby’s idea of a hero is non- other than her lying, cheating and stealing ass mom.  You did such a great job Denise raising your daughter while you were absent trying to make more money in the real estate business. Were you ever home on weekends Denise while Abby was teenager?  

So a person that lies, cheats, steals and causes good families to lose their home, land and dreams is such a real hero for Abby and who else?  This sure says mountains about the type of person that Abby McCreary has chosen to become.  Yes, the apple does not fall far from the tree.  But I knew what type of person that Abby McCreary was when she shouted obscenities and took pictures of my protest in 2004.   But then again Denise, didn’t you yell and swear at me to that day also?

Obviously, Abby McCreary was never taught to show respect for her elders.  It seems that you Denise were never taught by your parents to refrain from lying, cheating and stealing from people.  Shouldn’t children like yours be seen and not heard uttering profanities?   At least a person should become a tax paying adult before they think they have the right to swear at ex-military veterans who are the victims of defective building and corruption by their parents, you Denise and L.J McCreary.   It makes me want to comment to no end when a punkish, out of touch 21 year old party girl, has the audacity to swear at my family at 17 years old for objecting to this injustice when her parents were the ones that cheated us, lied to us, and financially raped us into foreclosure. 

Haven’t the McCreary’s been such fine examples of good Christian members of St. Michaels Episcopalian Church in Tucson, Arizona?  Who could possibly ever think that Denise McCreary, all made up in a sleazy dress, along with her low life husband L.J., would ever try to rip-off another family for the pain and profit of it all?  Isn’t sleaze the parent of dishonesty? 

First, please cover up Denise; God help all of us males that were unfortunate enough to view this picture on your daughters MySpace page.  I remember the words from L.J. McCreary’s mouth when we were looking for a honest and ethical builder to build my family’s home and how he said that he believed and professed that he had such a strong Christian faith based family.  Yeah sure, in your husband’s wildest wet dreams, or was this profession just the first of many lies that were uttered out of L.J. McCreary’s mouth?  Yes, they were all calculated and manufacture lies for my family’s financial demise.

But please Denise, I beg of you.  Ask your daughter Abby to take this “Christian” promotion sleaze picture off her website to protect American men from any further harm.  The female body in its purest form is a work of art but you are ruining the whole idea and concept of art.  Are you trying to promote “something” with this picture Denise?  Is Abby McCreary really proud of her mother trying to look like a two bit prostitute?   Does the apple fall very far from the tree or does the fruit just remain and rot on the McCreary tree of morals?  

I have so many questions to ask of you Denise, but I realize there will be very few, if any answers except the obscenities that are uttered as you read this.  But still, I must ask you for the record; how long have you and your husband L.J. sucked as human beings?

Jesus Christ, why does the world have to put up with this type of sleaze from such an everyday commoner?  Have you no shame?  Do you think that your next move is that you are going to be asked by Playboy to disrobe for a full color pictorial shoot, just like that great Christian Tele-Evangelical mistress, Jessica Hahn did with television preacher Jim Baker and his Tammy Fay substituted perversions?  Wasn’t this brilliant Denise to allow your daughter Abby put this sleazy picture of you on her My Space page?  Come on; you know you like it.

So Denise is your 21 year old daughter Abby, really proud about her mother’s projection of values and implied vice in this picture?   Are you in turn Denise, proud of your daughter; another Tinsel Town values inhabitant?  Does a recent promotional quote on her MySpace front page entry describe Abby McCreary; “you smell like barbecue chips and look like shit.” My, how very cosmopolitan!  Does your daughter think that you look “hot” and “enviable” in your saxophone smut looking picture? Does little lying L.J. still find you “hot” or does lying substitute as a Caucasian form of foreplay for both of you?  Do you dress like this still for L.J. as a “turn on” for his little boy fancy?  No wonder L.J. is so screwed up as a person.  Has your daughter Abby learned from you to possess such low standards and morals for ideas of normal acceptability or did they just come naturally to her?

What ever happened to that moral Christian family that L.J. McCreary told us that he was so proud of raising in 1998?  What happened Denise?  As Jacqueline Kennedy once said; “you can win at everything, but if you fail at motherhood; nothing else matters.  Denise McCreary, you are, and will always be considered a loser as a mother and as a business woman!  You suck morally as a person and you equally suck as a business person.  You know you do!   So who started the downward business and moral cycle of sucking in your family?  Was it you Denise, or was it L.J?  I think it could have been your call.

Denise, did you promise (L) ittle (J) ohnson some of that kinky sex if he would just bring you home more money into your bank account to live that good life?  What kind of incredible kinky sex did you promise L.J.?  Hey Denise, did you promise L.J. a copy of Playboy and a jar of Vaseline to make “Little Johnson” into a bigger man?  You Denise and L.J. are nothing more than Christian promoting hypocrites and incredibly poor examples of what a good and honest human beings are supposed to be like.  But aren’t you Denise and L.J. McCreary, just a couple of self promotional good honest Christian people; my ass you are?  Do all white devil Christians lie so much as you do?

On Abby’s My Space page last week, Abby says that she is divorced, of Asian ethnicity and that she makes more than $250,000 a year?  Where did Abby learn to deceive like this Denise?  I wonder who taught her.  Isn’t Abby of Caucasian descent?  Has Abby ever been married?  Has Abby ever been Asian?  It sure looks like it to me from the pictures that she has posted of herself that she looks Caucasian.  I heard she was of Caucasian descent from eyewitness accounts.  Why does Abby lie so much Denise?  Again, where did she learn that from? 

Isn’t it special that your 2006 Fashion Institute of Design and Merch –LA graduate daughter who majored in visual communications actually works in a used clothes store called Wasteland?  Why did Abby need to go to college since I bet she communicates quite well with giving the finger and yelling obscenities?  Do clothes stores in L.A. like Wasteland and the Salvation Army pay new, associate degree college graduates over $250,000 a year?  Why Denise is Abby lying about her salary?  

Hasn’t telling the truth always been a challenge for the McCreary’s of Tucson, Arizona?  Are you proud of your self Denise for raising a daughter that cannot begin to tell the truth let alone attempt to spell it?  Isn’t this such a fine example of motherhood that was raised in your image Denise; one raised on how to lie?  I believe firmly that some couples like you should not have been allowed to have children, all in order to permit future generation to not be harmed by the lies of your offspring.

Was Abby ever friends with University of Arizona poster child, law student Kumari Fulbright?  Does the U. of A. Roberts Law School have classes in kidnapping and torture?  No you most likely did not meet Ms. Fulbright since she was a few years ahead of Abby.   I guess there was probably enough slime saved upped in the McCreary home to corrupt their children, let alone outsourcing people like Ms. Fulbright to corrupt their children’s tainted idea of morals any further.  Isn’t it too bad Denise that you failed at having a more positive and moral influence on your morally challenged daughter? 

I just adore the picture of Abby with her five guys named Mo in Rochester!  Maybe Abby can take up the saxophone like mother.    

I guess this explains quite a bit about Abby McCreary; now doesn’t it?  Is this whole issue so easily explained as a simple; “like mother, like daughter” scenario?  That apple Denise did not fall off the tree at all.  Doesn’t this say a lot about you and L.J. as parents?  You have raised such a fine daughter Denise, one in your very own image.  The McCreary clan continues to be such a fine example of St Michael’s Episcopalian faith and morals with such strong Christian, family values on display 24/7.  Will Abby and your son Connor choose to continue the fine McCreary tradition of lying, cheating and stealing for a lifetime like you and L.J. have done?

Wasn’t it Abby McCreary, four years ago this April, who drove by our family while we were protesting the Spring SAHBA Home Show, taking pictures and swearing obscenities at us out her window like a little spoiled brat? 

Why did Abby as a 17 year old; not search for the truth herself and learn what you and L.J. did to our family in 2003?  Did you tell your daughter another lie about what you did to us?  Has our website helped Abby to know the extent of your depravity?  Why is Abby the type of person who would not investigate and come up with a valid conclusion on her own about what you and L.J. did to my family and how wrong it was?   Where are Abby’s Christian morals; MIA? 

Was it too painful for Abby to admit that her parents are a couple of moral douche bags or instead did she choose to see you as greedy heroes?  Does Abby believe like you, that it acceptable to lie, cheat and steal and cause a family to lose everything because of deceit and fraud.   No, instead your daughter Abby chooses to remain ignorant of the truth and stay so little of character, just like you two do as adults, with your continued refusal to acknowledge or speak the truth.  

It is so incredibly sad that another lost generation of McCreary children will now go out into the world, morally programmed to harm other people for the pain and profit of it all.  I wonder from whom the McCreary children learned these shallow attributes and traits from.  You see Denise, that picture of you allows the reader to understand quite a bit about you and why you are the person that you are today; cold, cunning, calculating and creepy.

But just remember about your smarmy picture Denise, some of us have to sleep at night without having such disturbing images projected upon our consciousness.  Please I beg of you; remove this picture and burn all the negatives so that it can never cause harm again.  There are enough chances to experience nightmares with McCreary Dream Homes with out resorting to this sexual violence and horror upon the male psyche; cease and desist please.

But seriously Denise, doesn’t McCreary Dream Homes provide enough nightmares to their dwindling customer base without having your body splurged before the public to view in such horror?  You are anything but an example of Kazakhstan sexy time.  Borat in a thong looks better than you have ever been, even on the best day of your life.  Is it just about putting your lips on something like the saxophone or is there something more to it all?  So what’s it all about Alfie girl?

If I could have seen a picture of you like this, when I first was considering using your  nerdy little husband to build us a home, I would have run in horror from a builder who chose to marry such a saxophone looking aspiring public money prostitute.   Sure, let’s go ahead and meet the president of McCreary Homes with her smutty dress and holding so closely that saxophone.   I wouldn’t have given L.J. McCreary, (a.k.a.) as “Little Johnson,” the time of day if I had seen such a picture of such public induced sleaze from the wife and president of his company, McCreary Homes/ McCreary Dream Homes. 

Denise, do “real” people actually pay you “real” money to perform; why?  I guess there are some real lonely republican men out there.  What do you actually do to “perform” for this money?  Is this some kind of front or racket for the republican rift raft in Tucson?  Do republicans like Sen. David Vitter R-LA and other drunken white guys have a corner on the market that begs to say; “me so horny for smutty looking dressers?”  What and who were you exactly trying to reach with this picture?  Do your sleaze based clients just believe in going ugly early?  I wouldn’t let you perform for me if you paid me to watch you do whatever you do with that saxophone.   A man has got to posses some type of honor; no?  Oh, that’s right, I forgot that you do not subscribe to that ideal since you are married to L.J. (Little Character) McCreary.  

You Denise McCreary are such a lame looking, republican lying dog.  But I know that I should be lenient with your deceptive behavior because we all know that it comes from deep within your DNA to lie as much as you do.  I bet you and L.J. were a match that was made not in heaven by God, but instead, it was made in hell by the Devil himself.  You both compliment each other well at your sinister plots to steal money from clients like my family.  Surely it would be a crime of the highest order if you passed this wonderful trait to your children.  I thoroughly believe that some parents should never be allowed to have children.  You see Denise; it only exacerbates the problem of promoting ethics and integrity for the next generation.  Unfortunately the bad genes and behavior are passed into the future to harm even more people.

But one has to admit; doesn’t the above picture say it all?  Not only does little nerdy ass L.J. McCreary try to act cool on My Space, but you his wife try to act so young, hip and cool on My Space also by looking like a bar maid floozy that has been ridden extremely hard on a Texas desert, Chisholm Trail cattle drive.  I wonder how any of the cowboys on the trail of life could tell the difference between the cows on the trail and you Denise?   Aren’t they both in reality just animals not as much for how they look, but instead for how they act?  A MILF you are not.  Please do not even try to go down this road because you are a total embarrassment to the female form.  God, have you really no shame.  Oh I forgot, you can never show shame after what you and your little dick head husband did to my family.  I wonder how long have you chosen to be enamored with little dick head guys like your “Little Johnson” man, who possesses zero amounts of character and integrity, just like you do?  

No Denise you do not look cool; you look like a drug induced prostitute out for money.  But then again Denise, haven’t you forever had that hard gazing republican look of a woman who has always been out for monetary conquest?  What is it about republican women that erases the signs of any femininity and replaces it with the hard edge look of a person that will deceive anyone, steal from anyone and do hurtful things to a family, just like a republican man will do for money? 

Republican women like you Denise are just so testosterone induced for acquiring money.  Do republican women wish that they had been born as a part of the male species?   Aren’t you the very same republican woman who chooses to prostitute and harm your fellow men, women and children in order to acquire yourself the holy grail of American lust; the almighty buck?  I thought the Steppford Wives were supposed to be just a movie based on fiction?  You Denise McCreary revive the part of a robotic woman of greed with an Academy Award winning performance with that vacuous sneer that lies just behind your ever lying eyes? 

Denise McCreary must be so busy these days as the “real president” of McCreary Dream Homes, a real estate agent with Realty Executives, and a bar hopping, lounge lizard saxophonist who is still trying to be “discovered” as a middle age, never has been or never will be!  Boy, things must just be going well for a person to have to work herself to obscurity with mundane jobs, just to afford the finer things in life; a new phallic symbol saxophone.  Have the McCreary’s ever thought of using their hard earned stolen dollars from the public to buy the more desirable attributes in life; like honesty and integrity?  Please pinch me.  Am I dreaming again?   Forgive me, yes I was momentarily dreaming again to believe that the McCreary family would ever choose to show compassion and character in their daily lives, especially toward another human being or their families.

But it is all starting to make sense now with the beginning of the SAHBA Parade of Homes that starts this weekend, your McCreary Dream Home absence and your floozy picture on MySpace.  Surely there must be a logical reason why the great master custom home builder of Southern Arizona, L.J. McCreary will not be represented at the almost quarter century appearance of the SAHBA Parade of Homes. 

There are two possible reasons why L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Dream Homes will not be show cased at the SAHBA charade from February 2- 17th.   I am sure there is a relevant and plausible reason for the McCreary Dream Homes to be so missing in action during this make believe SAHBA home show charade.  Surely it is not possible that McCreary Dream Homes is not present at this SAHBA, Bajada home show parade charade, because he builds junk homes and sues clients that object over his fraud and deceptive practices?  Oh no, that could not be the reason at all.

I feel cheated and I know that many out there among you feel cheated because Southern Arizona’s premiere custom home builder will not be participating in the prestigious SAHBA Bajada Frittata Parade of Homes Show.  Oh, how will the masses in Tucson ever recover without the great Southern Arizona premiere custom home builder, L.J. McCreary not being represented at this self professed prestigious showing; oh, the humanity? 
One possible reason that “Southern Arizona’s premiere custom home builder” will not be offering a home at the make believe and prestigiously absent for the last twenty years, the SAHBADA,  Bajada, is that the McCreary’s would not be available to personally show their custom home offering during these next two weeks because of a previous contractual engagement.   

Could it be possible that Denise McCreary has a previous contracted saxophone engagement gig at a local biker bar in Tucson that will run nightly for the next two weeks?  Has Denise McCreary been booked for over a year in advance and would not be able to make the SAHBA Easter Home Show Parade?  Surely Denise McCreary would not give up such a prestigious gig for a chance to build at the prestigious SAHBA Bajada Charade of Home Parade Show that has been as dormant as an extinct volcano for the past twenty years.  Why does SAHBA attempt to resuscitate this Parade Show now which has been missing on life support for so long?  Are builder profits for your lower end homes non-existent now with the Tucson housing meltdown?  Why does SAHBA really have to promote soaking the public with fraud and deception as long as they still have L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Dream Homes in their fold?

The second possible reason is that L.J. and Denise McCreary were tapped by SAHBA to be the “professional entertainment” for the SAHBA Bajada, frittata, La Encantada, rodeo hoe down.   I can see it all now.  In one corner we will have little L.J. McCreary potato peeling the largest saguaro and  lubing it up with KY jelly as Denise McCreary in her slinky low shoulder cut mini skirt in the other corner serenades the old out of town folks, while blowing her saxophone up some white wealthy phucks unsuspecting ass.  It is all such great family fun; no?  But that is what you get with a McCreary Dreams Homes; you get it in the ass, over and over again.

Will L.J. McCreary attempt to show the SAHBA BABA Bajada Frittata Parade of Homes crowd how to expertly mount a huge peeled saguaro and hump that baby until the cows do not come home? Will L.J. use his expert technique that he developed in Indiana as a little boy to amaze the crowd of what he is capable of doing with such a little Wang when a man of little character really puts his mind to it?  Can one imagine with how L.J. can phuck up a home, how bad he can phuck up a two hundred year old saguaro by attempting to have sex with it?  L.J. McCreary will never be lonely in Tucson as long as he has a big old saguaro standing in his yard to mount and pleasure him self whenever he tires of screwing good ex-military families.

One would have thought that L.J. and Denise McCreary would have learned their lesson to keep their mouths shut after their RipOff report rebuttal in December 2007 and their “third party” threats to us in the fall of 2005.  But I guess, opening their mouths to continue to advertise more lies and having “third party people” threaten us with harm is the way that they choose to fight back.

Go for it!

L.J. and Denise McCreary started this war against my family, but I will engage with them until justice in some form has been served to them for what they did to my family.

The laws in Arizona our meant to protect corporations and not the consumer.  In California, it is just the opposite.  All threats against us will be forwarded to the California Attorney General’s Office and the FBI.

As Gandhi once so eloquently said; first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.  My protest against the corruption in Arizona and against these two legged snakes, L.J. and Denise McCreary will not stop until justice or Karma has been served.   I await your coming “going out of business fire sale” at the McCreary Dream Homes corporate headquarters, which is located at a commercial post office box on Tanque Verde Rd. or the parking lot of a nearby Denny’s restaurant.  Will you be selling your saxophone and dress Denise in order to make ends meet?

Denise and the rest of your SAHBA members do please enjoy the remainder of your little Bajada thing shin dig next to the Tortolita Mountains in Marana, Arizona.   I know like me, that you will all be saddened by the non-appearance of Southern Arizona’s premiere custom home builder at the SAHBA BABA Parade of homes nonsense.  Maybe next year, that is if the Parade of Homes charade doesn’t take another twenty years to reincarnate itself again, can force L.J. and Denise McCreary to build an example of the defective homes so that the unsuspecting public can finally see what a SAHBA/ McCreary Dream Home is all about; pain, suffering and heartache.


“The Arizona Refugee”

P.S.  Hey Denise, I know it is February already, but where is your McCreary Dream Homes January newsletter material for me to comment on?  Please, do not take my fun away from me since it is all that I have left after signing a contract with your stinking husband to build my family a McCreary Nightmare Home.

"Like mother; like daughter....Asian?"

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