April 22nd, 2006

Mon-yee Fung’s young republican America

Does Tucson Magnet High School senior Mon-yee Fung have a reality based grasp on international human rights and republican based politics?  Who knows for sure, but her choice of venue to air her opinions leaves me questioning.  Fung used the Bill (“loofah”) O’Reilly show last week to air her “perceived injury” of being forced to listen to criticism about her political party.  Ms. Fung you may otherwise be a fine person, but your grasp of the effects of republican politics on the American people, sucks!   

It seems that Ms. Fung was upset that respected labor activist Dolores Huerta, co-founder of United Farm Workers of America, came to her high school to speak about the plight of Latinos and illegal immigrants. Ms Fung insists that she was interested in hearing about the other side and that is why she attended Huerta’s speech.  Ms. Huerta in her remarks stated that; “Republicans hate Latinos”.  Ms. Huerta is correct and Ms Fung needs to explore her party’s record and look at reality.  Republicans hate Latinos but they love their votes.  Republicans love exporting what they perceive to be expensive American labor while importing “cheap” Latino labor.  Last year, only 3 U.S. companies were fined for hiring illegal aliens.  So who is using who?  All of these actions are accomplished at the expense of middle class Americans.

Republicans are the Party of wealthy white WASPs, racial bigots, fundamentalist Christian nuts, and at least one token Chinese American teenager; Ms. Fung.  Wealthy white republicans could give a rat’s ass about any other group of people, except when it is around election time.  This means they don’t care about religion, gay rights, family values, border security, national security, abortion, jobs, pensions, retirement, Blacks, or Latinos.  All of these wedge issues add up to a crock of shit.  They care about one thing and one thing only; money!  After all, we are talking about soulless people, like Lute Olson, Jim Click and L.J. McCreary. Wake up young America and smell the Starbucks!

Ms Fung’s appearance with O’Reilly must have been illuminating for the president and founder of “The Teenage Republican Club”.  After all, O’Reilly espouses such wholesome family values.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Bill (make-up shit) O’Reilly show, it is a FOX fair and balanced program that primarily exploits republican white male insecurities about race and money.  Although not as fat as Rush Limbaugh, O’Reilly is equally repugnant.  Mr. “Loofah” is best described as a good old fashioned pro-sexual harassment, bully.  Is it any wonder that O’Reilly had no idea who Dolores Huerta is?  Remember FOX news, always fair and balanced, but not very intelligent!  Ms. Fung, do you really have respect for FOX news and O’Reilly; why?

O’Reilly’s recent claim to fame was a sexual harassment lawsuit that was filed by a female co- worker at FOX.  O’Reilly made repeated and unwanted sexually provocative phone calls to Andrea Mackris, concerning what she should do with her” loofah”, while showering.  O’Reilly’s narratives included comments about “Caribbean shower fantasies” and “sex shows in Thailand”.  I will leave it to the reader’s imagination what O’Reilly said to his co- worker.  Hint:  It didn’t have a single thing to do with religion or family values!  Mr. O’Reilly currently has a book out for children; unbelievable chutzpah!

Ms. Fung, if you were seeking exposure by agreeing to appear on O’Reilly’s show – I guess you achieved your goal.  If however, you were seeking credibility, you lost it by appearing with someone who does what you say you abhor – O’Reilly tells only one side of the story.  You were exposed all right – as an inexperienced teenage fraud.

Enough said about Bill O’Reilly, since he is nothing more than a republican douche bag that prostitutes himself for the almighty buck.  If you would like to watch a politically entertaining show and one that continuously slams the lies of people like Bill O’Reilly, please watch Keith Olbermann on MSNBC at 5 P.M. local time.  Olbermann writes his own material and he is the best political newsman on television.   Besides, O’Reilly is too afraid to challenge Mr. Olbermann’s intellect and political use of satire.  O’Reilly compared to Olbermann is a childish amateur.

Ms. Fung, are you possibly from Chinese descent?  Did you happen to see a Chinese protester at yesterday’s White House reception for China’s President, Hu Jintao?  Did you know that protesting is not allowed in China?  Did you realize that the Chinese television feed was blacked out while the protester, Dr. Wang Wenyi screamed at Bush and President Hu?  It seems that one country’s freedom fighter is just looked upon us as another’s trouble maker; such hypocrisy. 

Instead of reading about republican politics, you might consider reading about Tiananmen Square and the true meaning of what little freedom exists in China.  For that matter, try reading about the true meaning of freedom in America (NSA wire tapping, rendition, secret East European prisons, domestic spying, Diebold voting machines, tax payer funded Pentagon and educational propaganda. etc.)  Why would you support a political party that wants to emulate the non-existent civil rights of communist China?  We are not as free as one might think.

Our policy with China is to look the other way while human rights violations continue.  China has the highest incidence in the world of convictions resulting in the death penalty.  Why does this happen?  Why is China ruled with an iron fist?  Why do we support China; is it because they lend us money for our deficits and the Iraqi war?  We do incredible business with a communist country, China.  Why do we not trade with Cuba?  What is the problem?  So who is fooling who? Perhaps Google, Micro-Soft and Yahoo could tell a thing or two about censorship in China.  Corporate America’s interest in cheap Chinese labor and exploding profits dictate that we continue our self-imposed blindness to censorship.  There is no cure for our blindness other than choosing to open our eyes.

I do not understand how Ms. Fung could object to the idea of humanity.  Ms. Fung, are you a practicing “compassionate conservative?” Are your parents practicing conservative social bigots?  It always amazes me how American’s with generational ties to countries like China (with their repressive human rights violations) could even consider supporting civil rights abuses in this country.

I understand Ms. Fung that you are the founder of the “Teenage Republican Club”.  How nice!  I did not realize that such an animal existed.  What is next on the agenda, “the young junior high republicans, the young kindergarten republicans, or will it just be the young pre-schooler republicans”?  Even better yet, why don’t republican trophy wives   start on their little darlings while they are still gestating in their plastic wombs?  How about “young fetus republicans”?  Let’s hear it for little republican fetuses complete with megaphones strapped around their mother’s stomachs and audibly being indoctrinated with the republican mantra of greed!

Isn’t capitalism and Barry Bonds on  super secret steroids, a truly wonderful phenomenon?  By the way, Barry Bonds is a republican. Let’s thank Bonds for screwing up America’s favorite past time, baseball.  That is okay Barry; nothing in America is sacred anymore, including apple pie, Chevrolet and American lives!  Greed has ruined everything!

I must admit, corporate America has done a very good job of recruiting the next generation of “Hitler Youth” to rape and pillage the country?  Corporate America funds their agenda very, very well.  Are your parents republican and if they are, did they approve of your starting the “young republicans’?  How long has this been going on?  Shouldn’t your parents be questioned by Homeland Security Thought Control Police about political child abuse?  I kid, I kid!  Perhaps that would not be a good idea since a top republican security official, Robert J. Doyle, was recently arrested for an on-line child porn sting operation.

Soon Ms. Fung you will have the chance to join the “young college republicans”.   What an honor!  Shortly, you will join the rarified air and be in such a select group of exceptional former human beings.  What an exclusive club; I bet you can’t wait to join. Former “young college republicans” include Jack Abramoff, Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed, all such fine specimens of human decency and character.  Let see, Jack Abramoff will shortly be on his way to jail for shaking down American Indian tribes, and Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed are under questioning for money laundering millions of dollars from the gambling industry.  Jack Abramoff, a republican Jewish lawyer along with convicted partner, Michael Scanlon, are such special Americans for shaking down Native American Indians.  How patriotic!

Wonder boy, Ralph Reed, is making a valiant and vain attempt to run for lieutenant governor in Georgia.  If Georgia elects Reed to this position, they will jump to the head of the class in the tabulation of the worse red neck states.  Ralph Reed is another one of those professional and professed republican “Christian holy men”.  Everybody look out for your wallets!  So these are the types of people you would like to emulate; why?  Does your question of emulation ever involve the concept of character?

Even elected official Rep. Jonathan Paton(R) Tucson, could not help himself from trying to get exposure from this imaginary wedge issue.  It must be election time in Arizona.  Mr. Paton is a former lobbyist for SAHBA, the Southern Arizona Home Building Association.  Where do you think Paton’s loyalties lie when building legislation comes up for a house vote?  Do you know the definition of political prostitute?  Why does Paton now decide to jump into the political fray?  Ah shucks… you guessed it, he is up for re-election.  Sound like it is time for another republican wedgie issue forced upon the voters butts. 

Now follow the swinging watch; you are getting sleepy, you are getting very, very sleepy!  You will vote republican, you will vote republican, you will vote for us!  Yes, a person’s brain has to be hypnotized from reality in order to vote republican.  

Ms. Fung, you insisted in your newspaper article that you want to understand the other side.  I will tell you my story, but what is there to understand about corruption, tax welfare for the rich, outsourcing jobs to China, missing WMD’s, war in Iraq, Valerie Plame, lies, addiction to oil, gas prices through the roof, and deficits for your children to pay.  No, there is nothing wrong with the republican party.  Let’s pretend that everything is okay!  Do you read newspapers?  Republicans control the White House, the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court.  Let’s see, whom should I blame for such gross incompetence?

If you approve of what is taking place in this country, then I fear for my country’s future.  If the youth of this country is content with what is happening in this country, the game is over children.

Rep. Paton supports Arizonan Ex-Military families losing their homes to defective and fraudulent builders; like McCreary Homes.  I lost my home and land because of lobbyist like Paton who lobbied the state legislature on behalf of SAHBA and other Tucson builders.  Paton did nothing more than to protect developers and builders from their corrupt and fraudulent ways of fleecing the consumer.  Paton performed this service for one reason; money.  Do you think he cared for one moment about my family?  Paton is nothing more than the 21st century reincarnation of the hired gun.  What kind of person does it take, whose loyalty to a cause, is based solely on who is providing the gold?  Some job descriptions in life never change, only the characters names are changed to conceal the artful dodge of innocence.

SAHBA is a republican dominated Super-Pac; whose main purpose is to influence legislation.  Ms. Fung, who protects the home owner?  Do you care?  Trust me; it is not the republicans trying to protect anyone.  Republican’s primary goal is to protect corporate America.  My defined benefit pension program was taken away from me, simply because the republicans control all facets of American government.  Ms. Fung, try working for a corporation for over 20 years and receiving only 20% of what has been promised to you.  Try it some time and you will see my contempt for greedy republicans.  God forbid if you ever have to go through a nightmarish sequence as my family has.  Yes Ms. Fung, you are very young and naive.  Perhaps if you had been brought up in poverty, you would have a different perspective on American greed.  Hopefully one day you will grow up and see the light, only if your heart has not been corrupted by the intoxicating dreams of power and money.

Next year as you are roaming the campus of some private American university, take time out from your young republican power dreams and consider signing up for military duty.
I understand republicans are perceived to be so supportive of military might.  You do support our troops?  Do you drive a huge SUV?  Iraq did not have anything to do with 9/11.  Do you feel Ms. Fang that as a country, we have killed enough Iraqi’s yet? If that is not the case, why don’t you recruit all those “studley” republican young males that you will meet in your “young republicans” meetings?  Sure, go ahead, you know you can do it.  Republicans enjoy killing.  It is genetic.  Be it the battle field or the boardroom, republicans just love to ruin lives and kill people!  Collateral damage is just the cost of doing business.  Why don’t you report for I.E.D. cannon fodder duty and have your guts sprayed around Baghdad, if you are so convinced of your republican ideals?  Would it not be an honor to bleed for corporate America and its imperialist ideals?  Surely with such convictions, you are not afraid of dieing for corporate America?  All blood is the same when it is spilled on the ground in Iraq.  Your blood letting sacrifice will be duly noted in the corporate financial yearly reports, under the patriotic tax deduction heading; miscellaneous expenses!

So you won’t join the military and give your life for corporate America?  I didn’t think so.  Most college republicans are frauds.  No matter what is said, most chicken hawk republicans are in the Party for the money.  Most republicans are just plain sissies when it comes to fighting.  The following individuals ducked out when there chance came up to show how brave they were:  George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Irving “Scooter” Libby, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, David Frum, Richard Perle, Elliot Abrams, Tom DeLay, Dennis Hastert, Roy Blount, Bill Frist, Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist, Trent Lott, John Ashcroft, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Britt Hume, Joe Scarborough, Sean(make me puke) Hannity, George Will, Dennis Miller, Bill O’Reilly, etc. etc, etc…… The list just keeps going on and on!  Please make it stop!  Find me a Democrat or Independent, please!

Do you really want to associate with cowards; why?  How can you ever justify sending the poor and middle class men and women to their deaths for a lie?  Will you ever make enough money to satisfy your conscience for even one more American life?  Is your character based on these same kinds of assumptions and lies?  Is the pursuit of money the most important facet of your being?  Why?  Did your parents have any influence at all on how you turned out as a human being?  Why, or why not?

Ms. Fung, you probably are a very smart individual who will go very far in corporate America’s, wide world of business.  Obviously you are motivated to achieve monetary success, but one day you will find out that running over your fellow man to do it, is a hollow victory indeed.   I hope you achieve everything that your unchallenged mind can comprehend.  Please remember in the final analysis, no matter how much education you have, no matter how big your bank account, no matter how much power you accumulate, in the end all of this will mean absolutely nothing if in the process, your heart has grown cold by hurting your fellow man to achieve all of your earthly trappings.  Why do this?

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