May 4, 2008

Subject:  The “F” word

Title:  The moralistic midgets among you

Everybodys doing it; so what is the problem


Dear SAHBA members:

It has been brought to my attention that some among you out there in internet tube land, like former First Magnus employee Anna Stark, LONG Realty’s Christine Hawley and even four legged little piglet, are a bit upset with my use of the “F” word.   I am hurt.  I have even tried to spell this powerful word with the letters (ph) in order to soothe the nerves of the many moral midgets among you.

Please view the following video and let’s see if some of you out there are able to learn something here.  Remember folks, why even your Darth Vader like Vice-President, Dick Cheney, has even used the “F” word on the floor of the US Senate in anger towards Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont.  Everyone in the world has said the word at one time or the other so please choose to not be so sanctimonious and pious in your critiques.  Aren’t we all adults out there folks or do some of you still need to grow up from your virgin ear afflictions?

After viewing the video I am sure that you will agree that the “F’ word is quite a versatile word and it fits perfectly with SAHBA’s little jingle as Tucson’s very own, the association that describes itself as “The Community Phuckers.”  Isn’t it interesting that SAHBA and its members choose to use it as a non sexual, action type verb.



“The Arizona Refugee”

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