24 February, 2007

Subject:  God?

Title:  Did God visit Tucson last Friday?

SAHBA republican members:

Wasn’t it such a pity and a down right shame that the republican poster golfing boy for corporate wealth, Tiger Woods, was eliminated at the Accenture Match Play tournament on Friday?  The corporate festivities were all being performed at the white supremacy themed golfing event, hosted at the Gallery Golf Club, near Tucson, Arizona?

His eminency, Tiger Woods, was unable to complete the Friday match.  WTF happened?  Did Tiger boy really lose?  Is there still an all powerful God present for corporate America’s interest?  I thought robots and computers do not make mistakes.  Evidently the non-emotional android robot boy was concentrating so hard at the prospect of sinking a four foot putt and padding his already enormous bank account that he forgot to fix a minor green defect, which resulted in his missing a putt and losing the match.

Channelized attention in any endeavor that does not acknowledge the reality of the moment can be so very humbling.  Does Accenture really know “What it takes to be a tiger?” I don’t think so.  No, Accenture knows what it takes to be a patriotic, promoting, pussy.  Accenture advertisers and Tiger Woods, are out of there baby.  Non cha-ching!  No more having to promote chasing pseudo golfing streaks.  See ya Tiger!

If one really examines the supposed streak that Woods was pursuing, it really wasn’t that much of a streak to begin with.  Woods did not win four other tournaments during this period of the “supposed” streak since they did not qualify as PGA sanctioned outings.  Were the four club houses at these golfing events not stocked with enough Dom Perignon to qualify? 

Byron Nelson’s memory and streak have nothing to worry about, including the one win which would have made it twelve in a row.  Nelson’s win did not qualify for the streak because of then current PGA minimum money standards.  Whoever heard of a win being discounted because of a minimum purse?  Republican greed was alive and kicking, even back 1945.

So Tiger Woods picked up his ice cube cooled cajones and gold plated golf clubs and boarded his corporate jet to that red and voter chad challenged and corrupted state of Florida.   Did Tiger Woods cry during the trip back east while he simultaneously licked his mental wounds and pondered the lack of addition to his bank account of $1.35 million dollars? 

In 1945 Byron Nelson’s streak netted himself just over $30,000.    During Nelson’s golfing streak of eleven tournaments, Mr. Nelson returned to his home after his wins by driving his pick up truck for transportation, unlike Tiger Woods who jets home in his own personal biz jet from various tournaments.  How did Tiger do in Dubai; did he decide to buy the port?   After hearing about the Tiger Woods dilemma, I was in such a state of shock for him that I broke down and cried all late day Friday afternoon.   Oh the shame of it all!

God can be so cruel with his oversight and fate for millionaires.  What is this world coming to when you can’t get your money for nothing and your chicks aren’t free; even by robotic republican golfing standards in Tucson, Arizona? 

Maybe Tiger Woods was just too busy jetting off from Tucson to Washington DC and planning on visiting Walter Reed Army Medical Center to see what his republican support and tax money are doing for our troops.  Is it maiming them for life?  And to think, they get to recover from their wounds in such splendid republican induced squalor.

It is all so thoroughly disgusting that republicans like Woods have the nerve to even say that, “they support the troops.”  How about Walter Reed and those troops that lie in foul squalor?  Yes, we support our troops with yellow shit based, phucking car ribbons, but do absolutely nothing else to show our allegiance for these warped values of war support, except to vote for George W. Bush and his rubber stamp republicans!  You lying hypocritical republican moronic minds of minutia.  You do not support any kind of troops.  Republican support for our troops are nothing but slogans of lies; all God damn lies!  And how many times have Bush and Cheney used the forced backdrop of military troops for their photo op propaganda television spectacles?   Is this how Bush/Cheney and republicans thank our troops; by bitch slapping them and using them like throw away whores? 

Republicans are incredibly supportive idiots!  Just look at what you have allowed to happen to this country?  You have ruined America.  But then again, that is what republicans excel at; greed and phucking over people for the pain and profit of it all.  And yes, that does ruin America.

And Tiger Woods being the conscientious player and human being that he is, contributed to global warming by burning thousands of gallons of jet fuel so that he might sleep in his own bed Friday night.  How very nice. 

And how about the millions of gallons of water it takes in the very dry desert to provide a living carpet for his hallo highness hostess to travel upon in walking splendor.  Why didn’t Tiger hang around the golf course for two more days and cheer on his contemporaries to victory.  Tiger was only in it for the money.  How greedy can a millionaire be?  

No, Tiger owes no one anything, even himself, because the game of professional golf is designed as a greedy, solo self serving and conceited form of entertainment for corporate executives and lawyers. It is only about the concept of self and no one else matters.  The game was invented to satisfy the competitive lust for sport, for the man who is white.  Tiger; what are you doing here?

Poor Accenture corporation, they spent millions of dollars to entice the “C” players, you know, the relatively few corporate CEO’s, CFO’s, and COO’s who were probably all “C” students in college anyways, just like George Bush and Dick Cheney were.  In the end, Accenture was going to lose viewer ship because their hand picked golden promo boy, Tiger Woods, couldn’t make the third day cut.  Oh well maybe Tiger can still go out in his Nike jock strap and drive around in a dilapidated dildo like Buick automobile, in near nude splendor, cavorting around the Tucson metro area this evening in a near economic celebration?

And remember folks, the Accenture Corporation is such a fine specimen of a company.  Accenture is unfortunately an American company that offshores and caters specifically to corporate CEO’s that are willing to have their employees jobs exported to third world countries for a non stop wage race, to the bottom of the economic gutter barrel.  How patriotic can that be?  Why defend pseudo patriotism in light of these actions?

Does Jim Click try to sell those Tiger Woods special Buick automobiles that he hawks on television, with incredible discounts to aspiring Accenture CEO’s boys of greed!  At one time, I used to drive a 69’ Buick LeSabre, which was a hell of a good car back then; but it isn’t now.  The new Buick’s suck the big one, just like republicans do with a small sprinkles of Viagra laced, artificial hypocrisy to increases the size of republican lies that they choose to participate in.

I think that I have finally acquired the entrepreneurial spirit from the Accenture Corporation, and oh boy, do I ever want to start my own company now because of Accenture advertising sponsorship that is projected to the corporate CEO’s of world.  I will make sure I contact Accenture sales division tomorrow about purchasing their services this week since they are the pros at starting off shore Bermuda tax shelters and getting rid of American jobs at accelerating rates for the good of working class Americans. 

God, what a patriotic company Accenture continues to be!  I bow down and prostrate myself in acts of mental perversion to honor the genius of Accenture and its outsourcing of people lives for profit.  Go Tiger; convince another American company to outsource their employee’s jobs to communist China.  I salute your American patriotism. 

I will choose to be like Accenture; when I am dead!  That is exactly what it would take for me to have absolutely no empathy like you have, except for the almighty dollar.  

The China wars are coming Tiger but will you let your Asian blood lines in you and your children someday participate in all of the festivities of human carnage?   If you are getting a little patriotic twinge Tiger, you can still sign up for the Army or Marines until age 42.  What are you waiting for Tiger?  Why don’t you just sign up and join in on all of the “fun?”  “Come on go ahead, be a Tiger!”


On my previous post involving golfing laden maidens of disgust, which was respectfully presented on February 20th, I offered the statement for your public pleasing pleasure viewing, and for the contemplation of thought and question; if there really is a God present, would he, she, or it, not let a wealthy war enabling republican millionaire win the tournament.  I only advocated this position since the rest of the field was probably composed of other war enabling millionaires?  Whew!  Isn’t time to let another poor republican millionaire win this Accenture tournament of disgusting playful human endeavor, rather than let the robotic enhanced Tiger Woods win one more for the corporate Gipper and his pursuit of his pseudo golfing streak accolades? 

It is such questions of scruples and morals that keep men like Tiger Woods and republican golfers awake, late at night.

Just wait until Tiger Woods has been married for a number of years and has the marital bitch ass, seven year itch syndrome invading his consciousness.  Let’s see how well Tiger Woods Inc. does on the PGA tour after his wife develops symptoms of early PMS?  How about a couple of spoiled, snotty, screaming children running around the home to ruin the golden boy’s calm.  How about a little marital infidelity spat to invade his emotional equilibrium?

Why do republican white women and men pay incredible sums of money, to watch with bedroom like eyes, the professed adulation for a sport and individuals that mean absolutely nothing for the good of society, except to stroke the ego’s of white men?  How did some of you people that paid over a thousand dollars for tickets for the weekend finale feel when you found out that your Tiger hero decided to skip town on the early side of your gambling bet?  I bet Jim Click and Dennis Rosen were not the only water sucking fairways participants with Tiger less tickets in their possession.

So could it be possible that God visited Tucson on Friday and decided that Tiger needed to eat some fresh saguaro desert, humble pie and not win this little golfing slumber party for the wealthy?  I have to even question this assumption.  If there was a God, he or she would have made it snow for the entire five days of this wealthy elite picnic epic of arrogance and cavalcade.

Would a benevolent God allow people to die and be tortured in Baghdad with a Black and Decker 3/8 inch drills into their heads, while wealthy white men prostrate themselves before millionaires hitting balls into a small rodent like holes in Arizona?  Would a God allow women to be raped in Darfur while women in America attend the Oscars dressed in diamonds, pearls and the latest designer fashions and only to walk along the red carpet treatment for the sake of awe and no shock?  What kind of God would allow this to happen on his or her watch?  Could God after all really be republican?

The God of the Americas sounds just so much like the American people and their indifference to Democracy.  Everything is based on the concept of hypocrisy.  Why would your God not care about human suffering?  Why would your God let poverty exist in the midst of the richest country in the world?  Why would your God accept hypocrisy and allow it to be tainted and be used as his middle name?  

Colin Powell was once considered by some, to be politically, like a God.  Now look at his shattered integrity and tell me if you still think he is a God?  But Colin Powell was always a good little soldier and followed orders, even if it meant sending over 3,100 good men to their deaths in Iraq for the sake of his military pension.  Maybe Powell’s decision making capabilities concerning morals and conscience were influenced by the whisper of corporate boardroom slots that awaited him?  Such a fine man he once was.

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to stand in the face of evil and say nothing! From the poorest person on earth, to Colin Powell, and all the way to the wealthiest person on earth, no matter who you are, the truth of this statement does not ever quiver.

From my past nightmare experience with the two legged snakes of Tucson, Arizona, I have now questioned everything that I once believed in.  I used to believe my United States Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl, but I do not believe in them anymore since they have chosen to lie to me.  I used to believe in my Federal government, but I do not believe it anymore since it has also chosen to lie to me.  I used to believe in my state government, but I do not believe in it anymore since it has chosen to lie to me.  I used to believe in the American legal system, but I do not believe in it any more since it has chosen to lie to me.  I used to believe in professionals in the building industry actually doing a professional job, but I do not believe them anymore since they have chosen to lie to me.  I used to believe in trusting my fellow man in Arizona, but I do not believe in doing that anymore since they have chosen to lie to me.   

Lies and the aftermath from their repercussions have cost my family dearly.  Is there anyone in Arizona that does not lie, cheat or steal; anyone?

But what I think is most sad of all, is that I used to believe in religion and God, which after all, are man made concepts.  But now, thanks to such Tucson made scoundrels, I do not believe in man made religion anymore since I believe they have been based on lies, created by flawed men of greed.  Man’s one true volition in this life is to lie, cheat and steal as much as possible from their fellow man.  It is the epitome of true ugliness and the DNA of basic human nature.  As Voltaire once said, and to paraphrase, “religion is a coping mechanism of device, for the majority of poor, to prevent them from killing the minority of the wealthy.”  Could it be that the wealthy invented the concept of religion to insure their protection from harm?

What if everything that you ever believed in, was one day proven to you to be a myth; how would you feel?  What if the miracles in Christianity were proven to be all a hoax in order to get people to believe in a certain way of organized and controlled thinking?  If the miracles were removed from the “story,” Christianity would crumble in a moment.  What really is the truth behind the greatest story ever told?  Are stories always true? Most people like Americans just love to be entertained by magicians and stories. 

Please tell me who says that Jesus walked on water?  The Bible said so?  Who is the Bible?  The Bible is comprised of the written word of men that cannot be questioned.  What proof or witnesses to you have of these deeds?  Men lie and cheat for profit, pleasure and power.  Sure, Jesus was an honorable human being, but you choose to worship his deeds and actions and profess to believe in them while you backstab your neighbor and covet his wife.  So few of you professed Christian people even contemplate practicing what you preach.  And I can never fathom how women allow men to court them, when they know deep down inside, that it is just a matter of time before they break their hearts by the deceptions and lies that hide behind their characterless actions.  Women must be quite lonely and afraid or just enjoy the pain to endure such ingrained and sure promised deception from the male species.

What if our whole concept of time, universe and God are nothing more than a third grade science experiment that is being performed in a different dimension and on a different time scale than ours, and by a different type of being and life?  What if the Big Bang Theory did indeed happened in a nano-second by an explosion conducted by a being that does not look anything like man?  What if this was just all a science experiment?  What do ants think when they look back at you, while you observe their ant colonies?  Could they start up a religion based on your face and then you could be their exalted God?  Would they then kill for your professed pleasure?  Would that tend to blow your shit away; just maybe?    

What if the earth’s age could be measured in weeks, in another form of time and measurement, rather than the billions of earth years that we can only currently conceive?  What if all time is compressed?  What would you think?  What if an intelligent being from a distant string theory reality was looking at our earth and universe under a microscope and scientifically recording all of our actions down for the upcoming local planetary science fair.  Wouldn’t another being marvel at the deceit that human life mutates into, in order to perceive its identity and continuation?  Wouldn’t another being marvel at the concept of religion and how humans cope with life with even more deceit and fantasy than is really necessary?  Maybe the one true Pulitzer Prize in some universe will be given for this research about humanity.  The thought is indeed fascinating except to the religious right and people like George Bush who are still stuck with thinking about creationism and the earth being only five thousand years old. 

God blessed the idiots of the world!

Tell me, who in the hell knows anything for sure?  We profess to know so much but we actually know so very little.  And some of you think that you know everything because you say your knowledge is based on faith.  I just know what I see from others and their actions, rather than concepts and words that they profess to believe in, that the universe of man thrives on survival out of respect for the continued lies of men.

So was God at the Gallery Golf Club north of Tucson this past Friday?  I doubt it.  There is just too much death and destruction, too much poverty, too much deceit, too many lies and too much incredible minority affluence and indifference in the world, to discount the theory of religion and even God.  I hope some day to say otherwise, but my fellow man points me in the direction of truth and reality.  I will never again subscribe to the litany of lies that men manufacture. 

I believe Tiger Woods was rewarded simply with a human moment and he couldn’t handle it and so erred.  As Woods gets older, he will physically error more, but mentally he may sharpen up a bit and learn from his mistakes.  But at some point in time, even he will have to abdicate his thrown to the onslaught of age and Father Time.  But from which measurements of time will Tiger choose to use; mans conception or a totally different dimension?  Who really knows! But please, do not tell me that you know the very one truth; it is only your opinion!

A man can be a moral man without the slightest hint of religion being involved in his life.  Some of us were just taught by our parents about the concept of right and wrong and how to act and treat our fellow man, and all without any type of miniature mental midget crutches like organized religion to hang onto or make excuses to.  Some of us paid no attention to our parent’s teachings and learned nothing from them; how sad.  And some of you paid very close attention to our parents and learned to be such ugly human beings by emulating their thoughts and actions; how sad   

I wonder where L.J. McCreary’s learn to act like a thief in the night.  Was it his religion or was it his parents?  Do you think Big John McCreary would say to his son L.J. McCreary; nice con job son.  I am so proud that you have turned out to be a lying douche bag, just like me.

Teach your children well because the apple does not fall far from the tree!


“The Arizona Refugee”


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