Date:  10 October 08

Subject:  God Bless America?  

Title:  No, God is fucking over America!


Bush, Cheney, McCain, Palin, Kyl. Bee and Patton. God's version of shock and awe; the collapse of the American economy. Look who screwed America; greedy, wealthy republicans like Phil Gramm.



Dear poor bastard, stock market republican, SAHBA pukes,

The stock market has jumped off the cliff and the substituted paper wealth style pension era for dummies, 401K’s retirement gambling accounts, the ones that were created for the benefit of these past ten years of possible profits, have now vanished.  Puff, in an instant week stock market losses, the accumulation of potential wealth has disappeared in a week of fear as America realizes its economy is based on lies.  Wall Street is now known to America as a place where smoke and mirrors are manufactured. 

How is your 401K doing SAHBA members?  How is your culture of dishonesty/deceit, the culture of  a “maverick’ cultivated, non- transparent society and one that flourishes on the principles of casino style stock market gambling in America doing these days?  Greed kills trust, greed can kill the stock market and greed can kill the American economy

Yes the stock market is crashing, just like the gluttonous republican souls have crashed long ago for the greedy among us in America and the country is littered with the greed induced principles of people who only want more.  Greed is the worst of human emotion because so mush evil and pain can germinate from this one fixation of financially gorging yourself at the expense of others.  It’s a dog eat dog world of rat racing proportions. 

Maybe the religious concepts of heaven and hell are not in an afterlife type belief system after all, but instead a place right here on earth that we make for ourselves and fellow man.  Life is so short and you can’t take it with you, but what will people and your God say at the moment of your demise?  Boy, this guy sure had a lot of money but he did it by harming so many people for the God almighty buck.  There is a special place in Hell, no matter what the real concept of hell actually is, for people like SAHBA’s L.J. McCreary and others like him, who harm other families physically, emotionally or financially for money.

As has been said before in a book; “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven.”  The majority of wealthy people suck.  They live in a different world than you or me; a world where compassion for their fellow man is erased by their obsession with satisfying their impulse to embrace greed.  Why just look here on earth how many rich men and men that want to become rich create a scenario of hell for their fellow human beings today on this earth by the quest for wealth.  Larry Ellison, L.J. McCreary, Jim Click, they all have money, they all are greedy, and they all wish they had more money and will do anything and harm anyone to get more of it.

But don’t forget to contemplate that we are told that God is always blessing America.  Our politicians and preachers always invoke such fantasies for our entertainment necessities.  Surely, they would not be trying to fool us with such demands for the Almighty’s approval if it wasn’t true.  Doesn’t a blessing in fact, demand approval of the actions being taken by their country?  Is ever possible for a blessing to have been given and actually have any real meaning?  Do you think that your God really gives a shit about America and its penchant to hate and then lust over greed?  Why would someone, or some force ever give an approval/blessing for what this country solely stands for; greed?

Is it any wonder, after the criminal corporate fraud scandals of 2003, the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, the pitiful human response to hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Justice Department political scandals and the current investment bank, that the U.S economy is traveling at supersonic speeds to depression?  As has been said before; greed eventually kills everything in its path.  It was all just a matter of time, now wasn’t it?  I no longer believe that it will ever be appropriate gain for politicians to invoke their shallow, political prerequisite request to have God bless America.

God bless America?  Why would he/she/it ever consider such a thing for such a shallow, greedy nation?

I am now convinced that God instead of blessing America has decided inside to fuck over America!  Yes folks, God is fucking over America and he/she/it is going to bring America to its knees for its greed and sins.  Somehow God wants to get our attention and he can’t seem to do it by our involvement and conscience in Iraq, so he will get it by the only one and tried true method that Americans understand; the wallet.  But I can’t say that I am surprised that God is pissed with America and new Christian creed of not professing compassion, but instead one of promoting greed.  Thank you Lord, for bringing America to it knees; my prayers have been answered. 

When the Jeremiah Wright, pseudo political event for the undecided, was being broadcasted by the republican right for the benefit of John McCain, it struck me as so hypocritical for white America that God would ever think of blessing America.  But why would God ever choose to bless America?  Can the thought of a 19th century Manifest Destiny manifesto from the Christian church be proof positive that your white, male God is always on your side? 

Why would your God ever bless a country who promoted slavery in America?

Why would your God ever bless a country that promoted genocide against its host; the American Indian.

Why would your God ever bless a country who starts numerous wars around the globe in the deceptive notion of spreading “freedom;” corporate freedom.

Why would your God ever bless a country who decides to invade a country and then occupy it for its oil revenues?

Why would your God ever bless a country that swindles from its people their retirements, college tuition, 401K’s as if the nation was a gambling casino?

And why would your God ever bless a country that sits by in silence as it corporations, lawyers and government allow a good family to be financially raped for the art of pursuing greed.

I knew in late 2002 that something was terribly wrong with this country.  We were on the wrong path headed in the wrong direction, a direction hell bent on the accumulation of wealth at any cost.  It didn’t matter to anyone, including Arizona state government that many people were being harmed by their greedy, insensitive actions of people affiliated with the real estate and home mortgage industries.  Nothing mattered as long as people in these industries were making money and their politicians and government officials made sure the climate would continue for that to happen.  Unfortunately, it would be Arizona families that were being harmed in order for this criminal wealth, pyramid scheme to flourish and grow. 

Never, ever shake or try to stop a gray train in motion when profits are being tabulated, no matter how many good families are being harmed and churned by the actions of greed. 

No, I understand why your God would totally be in favor of fucking over this country and bringing it to it knees.  God is doing this to America to acknowledge its many sins of omission and commission.

It is time to repent America and choose to make restitution to the many among you that have been harmed by your fellow, shallow America in their shallowness of goal of wealth at any cost.  There is no forgiveness for America, no moving on for America as long of the sins of the recent past are allowed to proceed on, unexamined and with out reparations.   Never have so many, been so harmed, by so few.   

There will be no more prosperity or days of joy for this country until amends have been made to the many people that have been harmed by the American drive for wealth and accumulation at any cost of suffering. 

My family, was severely economically and emotionally harmed by the greed of corporations/ association like McCreary Homes, SAHBA and LONG Realty in Tucson, Arizona and its enabling state government, are but one example of the depravity that exist in women and men’s hearts when the almighty dollar is up for grabs.  Shame does not even begin to describe the basic foundation and soul of America.   There is no problem in making money but one should never harm another person or his/her family in order to reach such lofty, and soul less goals in life.

Thanks once again America for providing a 21st century environment that I am so ashamed for my children to be forced to live in.  Just think what type of message we send to our up and coming generations when the baby boomer generation has been so content at creating a legacy of a “me first generation,” soaked in greed and a very prevalent to hell with anyone else attitude.

Look in the mirror my fellow Americans and ask yourself without delusion or threat of dishonesty if have been part of the solution to end this problem on America, or if you were part of the group that threw gasoline on fire to create this toxic feeling of greed and loss which America now finds itself mired in. 

The eyes never lie!

So, do you really think that God would ever consider blessing this country in its present state and form of cultivated avarice America; hardly?


“The Arizona Refugee”

We are going out of business, because we, the real estate and building industry, got real greedy and we harmed the Golden Goose; the American consumer.
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