October 23, 2006

An Open Letter to Attorney General Terry Goddard

During this current campaign for your 2006 re-election as the chief law enforcement officer for Arizona, I find it incredible that that your campaign slogan professes and displays the words; “Protecting Arizona Families.” I beg to differ with your assessment of your performance.  I did not realize that your re-election campaign would choose a strategy based on three worded comedy jingles?  Who ever does your P.R advertising should be fired for fraud?   You do not protect Arizona families.  You allow Arizona families to slowly and methodically twist in the desert wind.

Protecting Arizona families should be taken as a serious policy concept, instead of using a make believe, public relation enhanced, fantasy slogan.  You Mr. Goddard have protected no one except the building industry’s multi-millionaires against the interest of Arizona families.  Why do you want to prevent Arizona families from their one hope of owning their own homes, which by law, should be defect free?  The percentage of defect problems in Arizona’s new housing industry is increasing at an alarming rate.  What are you doing to prevent this from ruining Arizona family’s lives; absolutely nothing?  Why do you want to be re-elected as Attorney General if you are willing to let Arizona families be harmed?  In fact it is criminal when families lose their dreams and are threatened with the loss of their civil rights from protesting such injustices.

Mr. Goddard, do you really believe that you have given a 100% effort in protecting Arizona families?  You wouldn’t lie to me Mr. Attorney General; now would you?  Did you protect my family from a predatory home builder?  Did your Democratic ally from the Registrar of Contractors, Israel Torres, help protect my family?  Israel Torres was already bought and paid for by Ed Taczanowski and SAHBA lobbyist.  Do any of the politicians in Phoenix care about Arizona family’s welfare?   I do not think so.  Have you looked into the building problems in your own back yard of Anthem?  

Arizona is such a corrupt red state for developers, builder and politicians to operate in such an open environment that lacks and promotes any kind of judicial impunity!

Considering politicians and their concern for Arizona families, not one of you, including Govenor Janet Napolitano have done a single thing to help families like mine to escape the Arizona building nightmare that you help protect in this state.  And isn’t protecting Arizona’s main economic engine, the building industry, with its developers, builders, contractors and lawyers, your main reason for not protecting Arizona families? 

Arizona government corruption knows no bounds and it acknowledges no shame of its activities!  Arizona government promotes builders and developers incredible profits over families and their lives.

Over three years ago we contacted your office and begged you as Attorney General to do some thing to help ex-military and regular families like mine from going through the building nightmare in Arizona.  Your office,  just like Janet Napolitano did before you, in her short tenure as Attorney General, you both chose to give lip service and do nothing about our or others plight in this state.  Since that time there has only been the deafening roar of silence on the issue of building defects coming out of your office and the Registrar of Contractors.

Israel Torres, another incompetent bureaucrat, political climbing lawyer, and who at the time, was head of the Registrar of Contractors, was big on making sure contractors were licensed in order for the state to collect licensing fees.  Can fees be used to run for a Secretary of State campaign?  What did Israel Torres know about the building trades?  I thought Torres was an ex- school teacher turned lawyer and who was appointed by Napolitano to climb the political ladder. 

Torres sound just like the experience level of McCreary’s supervisor, Ray Quintero who had been a diesel mine mechanic with five months of building experience at McCreary Homes.  But hey, don’t worry as Mr. Torres says, because everyone is licensed and because of this great feat of building experience expenditures to the Arizona piggy bank, everyone is considered competent.  I know better.

No matter what field you pick, and I mean any, the majority of “professionals” in Tucson are anything but competent.  When I lived in Colorado, I saw the effects of the environment on individuals psyche.  In Colorado because of the altitude, I saw people who easily surrendered their morality because of a lack of oxygen to their medulla oblongata.  Oxygen deprivation is a terrible thing to waste, especially for evangelical republican’s brains and their religious off springs, like aborted fetuses of Tom DeLay’s character.  Is Tom DeLay French?  Oh please, give me those freedom fries so I can have an American, McDonald’s induced premature, heart attack! 

When will a pharmaceutical company produce Viagra, for the republican brain?   

In Tucson, it is a completely different story and it has something to do with the intense heat of summer.  I believe it has something to do with humans spending their summers in Tucson and having their cerebral cortex and the rest of their brains fried, like over done, day old eggs!  Under intense heat, the BTU’s that are propagated and subjected towards the morally republican weak faithful, are always the first character attributes to be sucked out of their skull and clockwise flushed down the toilet.

But I should not worry because McCreary and SAHBA advertise McCreary Homes as a SAHBA, certified custom home builder.  Everything was going to work out perfectly; don’t worry about a thing.  Just dream about your new SAHBA certified custom home. Well, my dreams are all dead now and I am living in the void and aftermath of a certified nightmare.  So what will you do Mr. Goddard to rectify this situation?

Does McCreary Homes and SAHBA offer marital counseling on there certified custom home nightmares?  Does the state of Arizona offer to pick up counseling services to families that they have been allowed to be devoured by corrupt builders?

I have to laugh when I see pick-up trucks with bumper sticker that reads, “Licensed contractors; build with confidence”.  What an incredible joke!  We only had one contractor that McCreary Homes hired to work on our house that was unlicensed.  Isn’t hiring a contractor that is unlicensed against the law?  All of the other contractors were licensed as was McCreary, and they still managed to ruin my house.

I guess it didn’t help that Terra Cotta Framing and the McNary Company used illegal aliens to work on my house.  I guess it didn’t matter that Terra Cotta Framing workers had been seen drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana on the job.   Oh…….but, it is okay these companies were licensed.  I will just pretend that everything turned out okay.  I am so sorry for complaining about my house being ruined by a bunch of illegals, drunks and drug heads  that L.J. McCreary decided to hire.  So much for McCreary’s touting his quality build.  Does the Attorney General’s office prosecute anyone that dabbles in fraudulent advertising? 

Who protects the innocent, from the guilty?

Mr. Goddard, it seems like you are more interested in stories about Warren Jeffs and the sensational polygamy issue than you on real issue that affect voters.   A big collective yawn is on order for the Warren Jeffs saga.  Who really cares?  Your re-election website even promotes Colorado City, second hand body amour and domestic violence as important issues.  There is not one mention of builder fraud and defects; what a collective coincidence! 

Do you have any idea of what it is like for a family to lose their home because of building defects?  No, you couldn’t. You would have to care to feel any sense of empathy.  Let me tell you from personal experience that it tears a family apart to the core.  We have been married 26 years and we have verbally fought more in the last three years than all of the previous 23 years combined.  The innocent become the victims, and the victims are portrayed as the guilty.  Will you promise to save my marriage?

Do you think domestic violence occurs when families are feeling good about their situation in life?  Why don’t you help protect Arizona families from predators and I bet your domestic violence issue will dwindle away.  If you want to protect a basic right of Arizona families, let them have their homes! 

Maybe if Governor Napolitano ever decided to marry, she would have empathy to also protect Arizona families, just like you profess.  Maybe if Napolitano had her own defective built home, she would have compassion for our plight.  Maybe if your new home was defectively built you would be more willing to understand our situation.  Would you be willing to lose your home because your builder built your home defectively?  Where is your line in the sand for your family future security?  Is my family no less important? 

I served in the military for twelve years and all for what?  Did I do it for this?  I lost everything because of Arizona approved incompetence.  Arizona has so let my family down.  This state stinks if it decides to turn its collective head, and turn away from this injustice!   This will not stand!   

But no, for Napolitano, Torres and you, silence is the order and builder code for the day.  

Because of a fraudulent and incompetent custom home licensed builder, SAHBA promoted McCreary Homes, we have lost our land, our house, our credit rating and our dreams in the state of Arizona, and you say, you protect families from all predators.  SAHBA even has a custom home builder program in which they promote custom builders, just like L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes.  So I beg to differ.  You have protected no one.  My family’s dreams have died at the foot of Arizona approved politics.    What or who do you profess to protect Arizona families from; the acts of polygamist?

If given the option to choose between the issue of polygamy and defective builders; give me life, give me liberty, give me my home, or give polygamy, but do not give me the nightmare of having to deal with licensed, defective builders.  At least, I wouldn’t have got screwed so badly if I had to deal with a polygamy issue!  Sexual issues do not bother me.  Losing my house to scumbag, douche bag lawyers do!  If you lost your home, how would you feel?  Something is terribly wrong in this state!  Will you choose to care?  Will you fight on behalf of Arizona’s families?  We cannot fight alone.  Will you choose to be honorable?

I have been threatened with an anonymous e-mail letter and even with arrest from SAHBA president Ed Taczanowsky.  Obviously SAHBA officials, builders and developers feel so confident with their position on fraud that they are willing to advocate my arrest which would be a direct violation of my civil rights.  We do have civil rights still in this state; don’t we?   Arizona is truly a wonderful state of “we the people.”  Excuse me while I laugh to death over such a frivolity based statement of fantasy!

My family has been devastated and not one of you politicians, republican or Democrat in Phoenix even cares!  Arizona is a rubber stamped, do nothing government, for the corporations and not the people!  How could politicians care when you have State Representatives like Jonathan Patton who has been lobbyist for builders and SAHBA.  What a great idea, let’s have a lobbyist become a politician.  Can you say political prostitution?  Can you say government corruption? 

I love how corrupt politician can profess that the inclusion of money from corporation and PAC’s, has no effect on how they vote.  What honesty and chivalry!  I am truly in a state of shock and awe from our state politician’s professions of integrity.  Yes and the earth is flat, the sun revolves around the earth and a bear never, ever defecates in the woods, even when possessing organic weapons of projectile diarrhea.  Some truths just never happen in Arizona.  Let the facts be damned.  Where did we find such saints of tribute and piety to be our elected representatives?  God has truly blessed America and especially Arizona with its honorable servants.   

The history of man’s lying, has never been so easy to exemplify!

My family has been handed a certified nightmare with you and your office’s indifference of our plight.  Why do you choose not to care?  If I was a wealthy constituent that provided tens of thousands of dollars to your campaign, would you then choose to care?  What is the price of access to your office in 2006?  How can I buy Democracy or justice from you or your office this November 7th?  What is the going price for justice?  What is the going price to buy Terry Goddard?  Do you offer discounts for bulk votes?

Why are Democratic politicians like Napolitano, Torres and you, so afraid of the building lobby and their powerful minions? All that you have to fear is fear itself.  Are you that beholding to the industry for campaign contributions and support that you are willing to personally look the other way in the face of evil in our state?  Why are you so silent?  Are you so afraid of confronting this evil in our state? 

There is very little difference between political parties in Arizona.  Democrats in Arizona are really “republican lite” candidates that can’t keep from sucking up like little piglets to corporations and their mother’s milk of money; just as the hard core republicans also do.  Republican lites do so little for the people of this state except to promote expensive and distracting lip service about consumer protection.  You protect no one except your self and corporations.

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to remain silent and look the other way!  Mr. Goddard, your neck is straining in the exact opposite direction of evil in our state.  The words and deeds from you against these builders exporting their injustices are, non-existent.   Will you choose to hear our cries for justice?

How can middle class home owners go up and fight against builders, developers and their insurance companies?  David at least had a chance against Goliath, with the hope of a sling shot; we had no chance what so ever.  You could make a difference in our lives but you choose not to; why?  Why will the people’s government not help their people with the basic right of housing?  Where are we to cherish our traditions and rituals if we lose our homes and have to live like gypsies?  In the face of such injustice, why does the Arizona government, which you are an integral part, insist on only helping the corporations and insurance companies profit at your constituent’s expense? 

We tried to fight this fraudulent lawsuit about building defects, but the greedy lawyers, and incompetent judge and the soul less insurance companies wore us down to the point that we had to let the house go to foreclosure.  The realization of this event was incredibly devastating.  I will never give up this fight for justice!  Can you even spell justice, Mr. Goddard? 

Did our lawyer Dennis Rosen even care for even a moment about our predicament; no, he worried how he was going to be paid?  I lost my house for the simple fact that I did not have an extra $15,000 dollars.  And to think, I had already wasted over $50,000 dollars on incompetent legal advice.  Our lawsuit should have never had turned out this way.  The 200 plus pictures that I presented Rosen with should have been a slam dunk case.  The lawyers seemed to take the facts and change them magically into billable hours. 

Our lawyer, Dennis Rosen was only too happy to negotiate a settlement in his favor, where he received $15,000 dollars from State Farm Insurance; you know like a “good’ republican neighbor, State Farm is there, to screw you!  And the $15,000 dollars was the same amount that I lost my land, house and future over.  I bet Rosen in his moment of greed, chose to sleep like a baby that night.  Why did I have to pay with my home, land and credit rating for a builder’s and a lawyer’s incompetence?

Something is terribly, terribly wrong in the state of Arizona!    

The never ending proliferation of lawyer hate was self promoting by Rosen’s manipulation of our situation during our time of incredible personal horror.  And what did Rosen do; he manipulated our trust for his benefit.  We should have never been drawn into such a futile situation.  Our house should have been built correctly. 

And who was the person that said, “That it is a shame that 99% of lawyers give the other honest 1%, a bad name.”  Why do lawyers have to cultivate the culture of deceit and greed?  Why are most lawyers Caucasians?   Can it be deduced that Caucasian lawyers have a propensity to lie, cheat and steal from their clients?   

What an interesting and depressing observation of such a despicable segment of our society.  Lawyers are such shallow human beings that do not care about anyone, except themselves.  How long have you been a lawyer Mr. Goddard?  Do you consider yourself honorable; why?

Does the almighty dollar shed a man’s integrity and honor in their silent, decision based moment of greed?  When a lawyer looks into a mirror, does the mirror shatter into a thousand pieces of instant, metaphysical suicide?  Some people and objects cannot handle such upsetting encounters with horrible events or with the persons from the legal profession.  The suicide in the mirror’s case could be considered the much lesser of two incredible evils.

And please, do not ever confuse the legal system as the justice system.  There is never any form of justice when the souls of greedy men are in session. 

I could have paid my mortgage and saved my home and land if I was not embroiled in a merit less and fraudulent lawsuit, but the lawyers and judges and their good ole boys club network, would not allow any such options. Why even Rosen and Judge Christopher Browning are republican golfing buddies.  So you see, once you are forced into the legal spider web of corruption, you have no chance to back out for your family’s security. My home was so damaged.  There was mold and termites growing because of the water infiltration.  But, it doesn’t matter.  You are forced to stay and play by a network that promotes billable hours to the guilty parties that pretend to promote justice.

A lawsuit by a builder and insurance company is like playing poker with a Russian roulette gun pressed against your head.  It is now time to ante up or the trigger will be pulled in your legal honor.  The system is so corrupt and in favor against the little guy.  We didn’t stand a chance against such legal corruption.  The fix was in, even before we started the spiral like, alligator death dance, to home loss.  It was just a matter of time before we succumbed. 

God, how many ways are there to hate lawyers that are focused on greed?

Later, we were forced to file for bankruptcy protection when our defined benefit pension was stripped from us.  We would not have a chance at long term recovery unless we started from scratch.  So after 23 years of marriage we filed to start over just like brand new, newly weds; starting out with nothing.  Imagine that Mr. Goddard, starting over at 50 years old because you made the simple mistake of coming to Arizona with your family and you decided to build a house with a state of Arizona licensed builder.  

Something is terribly wrong in the state of Arizona!

Chapter seven Bankruptcy was probable the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life.  I knew in my heart that I didn’t belong there, but unscrupulous people had forced me down this road.  This was harder than burying both of my parents who had died earlier; and my mother who died during this lawsuit of shame.  Everyone understands death and it passes, but corruption continues in your mind for a lifetime. And to think in the end, all I wanted was to have a house built for my family and grandchildren to live and visit in. 

Silly me, I should have realized that I was stepping into financial quicksand, quagmire that my red state’s republican legislature readily approves of when you use an advertised SAHBA certified custom home builder.  Thanks Arizona, you really screwed me and my family.  As an ex-military family, I feel so God damn patriotic! 

Tell me where to sign up and die for America and Arizona values that make you lose you home!

And when it comes to lawyers, who say that the poisonous, slithering snakes that reside in the Arizona desert do not possess legs to walk into court and lie upon?  Is there an honest lawyer in Arizona?  If there is, I would like to meet her.  The majority of men only become lawyers for the honor to lie, cheat and steal from there fellow man. 

Someone should have to pay for all of this misery that has been unloaded upon us.  You could not pay me enough money for all of the misery that you have caused me, my wife, my marriage and my family!  I never thought a state could be so heartless towards its people.

Arizona is a terrible place to raise a family!  I will shout this belief for the rest of my life! After all, isn’t Arizona the dumbest state for education in America?  Doesn’t Arizona look the other way for families to lose their homes?  I promise to be the worst ambassador for Arizona that anyone has ever heard or seen.  And Senator McCain plans to run for the presidency in 2008.  I can’t wait to tell my story of how Senator McCain’s home state treats its people and families like dirt.  You don’t take a man’s home away from him and expect no repercussions; now do you?  Republican and republican lite values at work and in theory are just priceless for America’s character.

We did nothing wrong, but we were forced to pay an incredible price for the ineptitude and fraud of builders and lawyers that the state of Arizona supports.  But the economy is doing just wonderful for the incredible wealthy and I should not rock the boat of builder’s greed.  We should all just pretend that everything thing is okay.  

No, on second thought, there is something terribly wrong in the state of Arizona!  I bet Mr. Goddard you have had the chance to own your own home.  How come I do not get the very same chance to own my own home in this corrupted state?

There is something terribly wrong when our state government decides to turn its back on the people that they work for. 

There is something terribly wrong when ex-military families have to lose their land and homes because of fraudulent and incompetent builders.

There is something terribly wrong when a republican judge insists on continuing a merit less case, because they are pro-corporation.

There is something terribly wrong when the Registrar of Contractors, Israel Torres is in bed with SAHBA officials and not on the side of home owners who he is supposed to protect.

There is something terribly wrong when Israel Torres professes his crack down on unlicensed contractors, while the licensed contractors are allowed to build defective houses.

There is something terribly wrong when the Attorney General’s slogan for re-election is “Protecting Arizona Families”; and it is nothing more than a lie.

There is something terribly wrong when Arizona families have to succumb to foreclosure and bankruptcy because of corrupt builders, developers, lawyers and politicians!

There is something wrong when unlicensed contractors are allowed to work on my house.

There is something wrong when illegal aliens were allowed to work on my house, and they were permitted to sleep in my unfinished house only because they were afraid to travel through the border check at Tubac.

Again, something is terribly wrong in the state of Arizona and I will promise to not go away quietly!  People have to be warned about this corrupted, convoluted state ethics of greed.

Maybe Mr. Attorney General you should read Sarah Fenske’s article on “Cracked Houses” in the Phoenix New Times.  There is such incredible fraud that is taking place in Arizona that is ruining countless Arizonan’s lives.  Why Mr. Goddard, do you not want to help residents like us?  Are we worthy of your offices promise to protect from fraud?  I came to live in this state ten years ago and I currently have nothing to show for it except my grief.  I never thought I would become a gypsy rental person.  Why do you remain silent in the face of such injustice? 

My state government has allowed me and my family to be incredibly financially, physically and emotionally harmed by your approval of such actions.  Why? 

So Mr. Goddard you can run your re-election run with hollow slogans like “Protecting Arizona Families,” but in the end, it will be nothing more than a pre-election lie.  You have chosen not to protect us.  And just like your republican president’s idle slogans, it is always useful and correct to expect the opposite of what the slogan is professing.  The slogan that says, “I am a compassionate conservative” and uniter, not a divider,” translates into; “I am compassionate to no one and you can consider me the ultimate divider.”  It is all nothing more than just additional, deceptive lies.

It would be wonderful that if you win re-election, that you decide to get off your derriere and finally do something to protect Arizona families.  There is no justice for us in this state against corrupt and fraudulent builders and developers like First United Realty, Richard Schust, Ed Taczanowsky of SAHBA and L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes.

Will you choose to finally speak up and protect our families and their right to have a home or will you continue to remain silent for political prostituting purposes?  I await your reply, but I will not hold my breath.



A “Real” Democrat that still cares about right and wrong and still cares about justice!

P.S.  My McCrearyHome

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