Date 12, October 2007

Subject:  Al Gore

Title:  Elections have Consequences

Dear republican SAHBA members

Yesterday afternoon my wife and I attended a fund raiser for Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) at the Westin St. Frances hotel in Union Square, San Francisco.  The special guest of the afternoon was former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore.  In recognition of Vice President Gore’s attendance, my wife and I decided to make the 15 minute walk to the St. Francis in honor of Mr. Gore’s commitment to global warming and energy conservation.  But even in San Francisco, it is still always depressing to see the few Michael Savage clone republican right wing nuts, who drive around this beautiful progressive city in their H-2 Hummer, lumbering, gas sucking GM tanks.  The Hummer slogan; “Like nothing else,” does not begin to describe the futility of driving this Texas sized ego, mobile abortion.    

The afternoon festivities began by Sen. Boxer’s son and grandson taking the stage for the formal introduction of the junior senator from California.  It was a poignant moment when a comment from her 42 year old son, on how his mother had told him that at the very same age as his new son, she used to take him in a stroller over to Golden Gate Park and march in the anti-war protest against the Vietnam War.  Barbara Boxer was cool then and she is cooler now.  And isn’t it a sad commentary that 42 years later, not much has changed for Barbara Boxer’s grandson’s introduction to America’s foreign war policy follies and blunders that are still taking place this moment in foreign lands. 

Another republican decade; another republican war!  Why are republicans so enamored with the idea of war and the credit card debt financing to create them?  Could it be that profit is the reason for the military industrial complex and corporate appetite for natural resource (oil) acquisition?  How can republicans be so stupid?

Four years ago Tucker Carlson asked Britney Spears on CNN, "A lot of entertainers have come out against the war in Iraq. Have you?" And Britney, who was chewing gum throughout the entire interview, answered, "Honestly, I think we should just trust our president in every decision he makes and should just support that, you know, and be faithful in what happens." 

First of all; what the phuck does Brittany Spears know about anything, and second; who gives a phuck what she knows or doesn’t know!  Obviously this Louisiana trailer trash doesn’t know much.  But after assessing that information; how is Ms. Spears doing today with her professional and private life?  I think enough has been said about little Ms.stupid republican brainless blonde bimbo, but let’s Move On to more important memories.

Yesterday, exactly five years ago to the day, an infamous anniversary just passed recalling how the United States Senate voted 77 -23 on October 11, 2002, to give President Bush the authority to attack Iraq.  Senator Boxer had the courage, intellect and judgment, as did some other twenty-two senators, to oppose giving Bush the power to be a correnated “king” and invade countries for no valid reason other than having oil resources.   And to think Congress is once again giving Bush the same tools (Lieberman/Kyl) amendment to commit the same disastrous mistake in Iran.

Sorry Arizona, but your two, pro military industrial complex, war mongering prostitutes, Senators McCain and Kyl, voted for Bush to invade Iraq for oil. Would you republicans be so pro-war if you had to write a check from your bank account, each and every week that we stay in Iraq?  I don’t think so.  I am afraid your checks would soon begin to bounce.  But it is okay as long as Bush and Congress borrow the money from Asian Rim countries and pass the debt onto our children and grand-children.

I hope your children one day vote to terminate your government benefits, like federal government pensions, state pensions, military pensions, social security and health care, etc. because of you non concern with bankrupting their financial futures because of wars paid with non negotiable debt.  Most republicans do not care for one single second about the legacy that they choose to pass on to their children.  It must be that Armageddon thing about the end of the world that they keep counting on. Isn’t that the essence of being a republican; greed, self serving and only concerned about themselves? 

And to think, Senator John McCain still has the audacity and gall to request our vote to run for the presidency of the United States; such lunacy.  If McCain is ever elected, God forbid, he like Bush will declare war again on the American people and then choose to attack Vietnam in a moment of flashback post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

And in comparison to the two Arizona republican, war mongering senators, John McCain and Jon Kyl that I once had, I am so proud to have Senator Boxer as my new United States Senator.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I hated being represented for the past ten years, by these two neocon enabling, war mongering morons, from the state of Arizona.  And Senator Jon Kyl has to be tied for first place with Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), as the worst example of a competent United States senator that possesses a morsel of compassion or empathy for his fellow citizens.  Both of these corrupted Arizona political prisoners of their Party and the Senate, have been many times over, bought and paid for by corporate America.   

After listening to Sen. Boxer and the featured entertainment which included Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne, Vice President Gore was introduced and took the stage to speak to the crowd on the global warming issue and the continued support of Barbara Boxer. 

As Mr. Gore spoke to us, I couldn’t help but wonder how different and better off the country would have been under a Gore presidency.  Of course Wall Street lobbyist, corporate CEO’s, the wealthy, and Tom DeLay would have been disappointed with a Gore presidency, because they would not have been able to pilfer the country so readily.  They would have been worse off, but everyday Americans would have been so better off.  The country as a whole would have been better off.  I have never seen the country so divided.  Maybe a person would have to go back to the Civil War days to see the country so separated.

During the 2000 campaign, former president George H. Bush even referred to Mr. Gore mockingly as “Ozone Man.”  I wander if Mr. Bush Sr. refers to his son (W) as “Psychotic President Killer Man.”  Maybe George H. Bush should be referred to as “Military Industrial Complex Man” or “Carlyle Group Man.”  I think Mr. Bush owes Mr. Gore an apology.  Mr. Gore was right about everything he said and his son, (W) has been dead wrong about everything he has imagined or said.  Inphuckincredible!

And what is there to be patriotic about when President Bush has allowed us to be spied upon by Verizon, AT&T and Bellsouth tele communications companies, as far back as February 2001; only one month after Bush/Cheney took office and 7 months before 9/11. Oh, there goes that 9/11 terroism/ Patriot Act argument going down the shitter.  What is there to be patriotic about when President Bush even vetoes children health insurance?  So now we have illegal domestic spying, illegal invasions, promotion of fear, erosion of Civil Rights, no healthcare and the country continues to fall apart at alarming rate.  “Is our children learning yet?” And how about “childrens do learn?”

Something is terribly wrong in America!   

And to think, George W. Bush in 2000 ran on a platform that professed; “I am a uniter, not a divider!”   George W. Bush is an incredible pathological liar!

I couldn’t help thinking during Mr. Gore’s speech, as I looked around the entire gathering of people in the Grand Ball room.  At it occurred to me, the people in that room must have been so different from the fund raiser that Senator Jon Kyl held in 2006, called the “Kyl for Women” campaign fund raiser.  In the room at the St Francis, there were men and women dressed from various socio economic backgrounds. 

The fund raiser that Senator Kyl held for women in 2006, was primarily held for white, wealthy women to enable a neocon agenda to continue for Arizona and the country.  The list of the republican elite as well of names of people who only can strive to become included on the real list of elite, like Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes is pathetic in its scope.   Look at the list of “Women for Kyl,” and see if you can locate the names of disgusting, war mongering morally bankrupted republican women on this list of white privilege.

And as I woke up earlier this morning, logged onto my computer and began to sail those “internets” and onto the Huffington Post blog, I was happy and heartened to see that the Nobel Peace committee in Oslo, Norway had this morning awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Mr. Gore.

I hope Mr. Gore considers running for the presidency one more time.  The American people were so wrong and greedy in 2000 to give George W. Bush and Dick Cheney the power to hurt the vast majority of the American people.  But who could blame Mr. Gore if he chooses to not jump into the insanity and corruption of American politics again.

America had its chance and blew it!

America; you could have chosen an Edsel, and instead you bought a Chevrolet.  America; you could have chosen an eight track player, and instead you chose the cassette.  America; you could have chosen to rent an apartment, and instead you chose to buy a home.  And America; you could have chosen Al Gore for president, and instead you chose George W. Bush, a non treated alcoholic, incompetently arrogant, elitist frat boy, not once, but twice and now look what you have.  America, you now have a certified disaster on your hands.

As Sen. Barbara Boxer’s slogan says; Elections have consequences!”  Oh my God; do they ever!

And how many of you slopped up that good ole cowboy/rancher image that Karl Rove dreamed up for you to take place in Crawford, Texas.  I have always said; that the Crawford “Ranch” was bought for Bush in 1998 as a campaign election prop.

Is there any buyer remorse among any of you that pasted Bush/Cheney stickers on your autos in 2000 and 2004?  I haven’t seen a Bush/Cheney sticker since shortly after Hurricane Katrina decided to visit the republican Party and begin its immolation in New Orleans.

Mr. Gore was right with global warming and he was also correct in his assessment of not invading Iraq on a premise of presidential lies.  Iraq will go down in history as America’s most arrogant and biggest foreign policy blunder of all time. 

Mr. Gore is a patriotic and courageous American asset.  And to think, the right wing, nut case section of the republican Party vilified this man, just as they have just done this past week with a 12 year old SCHIP boy.  When republicans have no defense on issues, they attack with swift boating attacks on the truth with deception and lies to confuse an already ignorant America.  Republicans will lie, cheat and steal to obtain their agenda of greed, money and power.    

But for now, I will hope and pray that this man decides on giving America, one more chance.  America so desperately needs a person of Gore’s stature and judgment to lead this nation out of its moral and foreign policy bankruptcy.  

It is a good morning to be a “real” Democrat.  It is a good morning to be a “real” American again.


“The Arizona Refugee”

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