October 17, 2006

Military Detainee Act (“The Lose Your Civil Rights and Torture Act”)

FIRST CITIZEN.—So they've been after suspending Habeus Corpus, have they? An' what fur did they do that?"
SECOND CITIZEN.—"Oh just nothing, only he wus a poor man had no friends, I suppose."

Today, an overcast, rainy day Tuesday on the East coast, has become the first American day in history to be chosen by a president and a majority republican Congress of politicians, as an intentional day of selected infamy.  How fitting can it be that God and his mistress, Mother Nature, would accommodate this sense of gloom and impending constitutional doom over this whole regressive presidential signing affair?  How sad!  Did you notice the strained smiles on the republican leadership’s, self tortured faces?  Priceless!  Could there be mid-term elections approaching?  Yes, God can work in mysterious ways.

President Bush, today officially signed into law the Military Detainee Act; the very same Act that now strips away the 217 year old American civil right of Habeas Corpus that was implemented in 1789, as part of the Bill of Rights.  Did Americans call their Congressman to protest?  Did Americans call their Senators to protest?  Did Americans call the White House and protest?  Did Americans riot in the streets in a show of protest? 

No, Americans were as silent as the night!

So what did the average American actually do to protest the outrage and rape of our hallowed basic civil right to question are accusers and the protection that the Geneva Convention affords us against torture; absolutely nothing?   As Bush signed the historic republican backed, infamous bill into law, America scratched its petrified constitutionally shriveled balls, and then offered up a collective yawn, by finishing swiftly with a loud belch in the direction of our Constitution and Democracy.

How many indolent American, life escape artist, will watch intently “Dancing with the Stars” tonight, while the ink from Bush’s pen is still drying on the parchment paper of our dearly departed rights?

All it takes for evil to exist in this world is for good men and women to stay silent!  We as a country have been incredibly compliant with the Bush administration wishes.  The American media and the people’s voices have become masters at the art of silence.

Apathy is the most deadly of diseases for a Constitutional Democracy.  When people no longer care about their civil rights and they have allowed apathy to invade their souls, it is then time to put away our toys children, because the game is over, and it is time for sleep.  But, how long will your Constitutional sleep last?  This is all so very sad, especially since it did not have to happen this way.  You could have voted for change, but fear and apathy begged for you to stay the course.

Habeas Corpus has been an accepted part of our Constitution for over two hundred years.  The basic civil right of Habeas Corpus allows its citizens to answer their government and accusers.  All president Bush has to do is to conjure up a fictitious charge against any American and decide to rubber stamp and label them an enemy combatant.  And we all know that Bush will have no qualms about labeling countries or individuals as the next axis of evil, or labeling an individual as enemy combatant.  No, our infallible, perfect President has a faultless record of not arresting and renditioning innocent people to far away lands where screams are produced. 

According to our Commander and Chief, anyone and everyone can be labeled an enemy combatant; if as your King, he so desires.  Your government will know torture by decree and if a mistake is made, they will not even acknowledge they have tortured you let alone apologize for their barbarian acts that have been done to you.  Think of it as an early Fourth of July freedom party for you; not without memories, but free of charge.  

We are indeed living in very scary times!

Also, Bush as the ultimate ‘Decider”, now has the sole power, (or his designee) to use torture as he sees fit.  When is Bush’s date with coronation as the King of America scheduled for?  What would Jesus Christ think of the American policy of condoning torture?  What would Jesus say to Bush and his approving supporters?  Why are Christians such hypocrites when its beliefs and principles are in direct conflict with one another? 

Rendition and torture are now the accepted forms of imprisonment and interrogation that the Bush administration alone controls.  God bless America?    

Even Senator John McCain gave his elderly pre-campaign blessing to this bill.  What kind of man would allow his name to be associated with a torture bill after he had also experienced torture?  John McCain is no longer a man but instead, he has metamorphosis into a mere soul less politician?  Politicians within can be such ugly people; even during their perceived golden years.

And my other Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, also voted against every American principle that young military men have been asked to protect and die for since shortly after the American Revolution.  And to think this politician might be re-elected by the electorate for such Constitutional bravado.  Re-election if it happens, will say more about Arizona constituents character than Jon Kyl’s. 

Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl, our Fore Fathers and Lady Liberty are so very proud of your actions!  But why are they weeping?

Historian and Americans will one day agree to hang their heads and express belated shame for what they allowed to happen on their watch.  American have allowed this stain upon our Democracy by their choice of politicians and the chosen politics of Party loyalty above all else.  As a nation, how will we feel when innocent Americans are renditioned and tortured by the administration’s profession of innocent mistakes?

We are now no different than the German people of the 1930’s that allowed Hitler to build and take over power with the people’s concurrence.  What were the German people thinking in 1930?  Historian s will ask the same question of Americans.  What were you thinking on 17 October, 2006 and why were you all so silent? 

Every time one of you looks in the mirror, you will not escape looking into your soul.  You can lie to every single person on earth, but you cannot lie to yourself.  Will you ever hear a persons faint tortured screams in the middle of the night?  How will you ever know what the sounds mean; let alone the pain?  Oh, we have seen and heard the enemy and the enemy is now us.

Although it was a tragedy that almost 3,000 Americans died on 9/11, the real human tragedy is what 9/11 has turned this country into; a bunch of Constitutional pussies.  Over 600,000 human beings have been estimated to have been killed in the aftermath of our invasion of Iraq.   Our Constitution and Bill of Civil Rights our still under attack by insurgents from the Bush Administration and the leadership of the republican Party, and a segment of America still quivers with delight when George Bush speaks.

Be afraid America; be very afraid!
We have allowed 19 Muslim hi-jackers to not only hi-jack U.S. airliners, but we have allowed them to hi-jack our U.S. Constitution and Democracy through the gravitas of fear and greed.  President Bush has fulfilled the hi-jackers dreams by proxy. 19 hi-jackers were all it took to erase over 200 years of Habeas Corpus and our civil rights.  I never realized how easy our Democracy could be cracked by fear.  As FDR once said about the Depression; “All we have to fear, is fear itself.”  I am afraid that I am now forced to fear for my country’s government. 

The terrorists did not win on 9/11, the terrorist belatedly won on October 17, 2006; on our nation’s pre chosen day of shame and infamy that so desecrated our cherished civil rights.

And on a distant shrouded plane in time, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin in a darkened pub, gingerly nursed a glass of warm bourbon and wept at the idea of our collective apathy.

- The Arizona Refugee

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