June 7-14, 2007

Subject:  Paris Hilton

Title:  The Rule of Law is finally confirmed dead; but then again, you already knew this!

Paris (SAHBA) Hilton, acting like any other rich little Catholic schoolgirl would
I want my rich mommy to bail me out now

Dear republican SAHBA members:

Greetings to the compassionate conservatives among you, the ones who continue to lie, cheat and steal because you are a part of the greedy money sucking republicans of the building industry of Tucson Arizona.    

So how is your city, state, and country doing these days?  Do you think that you and your country are on the wrong course, headed toward disaster?  Do you get the notion that your whole balloon is about to collapse, just like the Hindenburg?  Should we change the name of America to the United States of Titanic?  Why are we now a country that is based on the premise of addiction to the incompetence of blunders and the questing for non-stop corruption?  Does Iraq, Katrina, the CIA scandal, the U.S. Attorney scandal, Jack Abramoff, Tom (K Street) DeLay, etc....... sound any silent alarm bell in your heads; none at all? 

Why is this so?  

This week, the remainder of America and its wealthy constituents finally decided to mirror your drought induced moral less, character attributes that you possess.  God, please help us!

Do you people always feel that you deserve special favors, special treatment, special rulings and special legislative and government non-action from the judges, politicians, political appointees and state government officials that you purchase?  Have you got your moneys worth from former lobbyist, turned State Representative, Jonathan Patton, or with your future aspiring national congressional representative want to be; State Senator Tim Bee?   

June 07, 2007 will go down in history as the confirmation that the Rule of Law is now dead in America.   Laws mean nothing when you have money or influence to negate the inconvenient fact that you have been caught and convicted from breaking the law.  And just think, we still have the corrupted and incompetent, not to mention, a brain dead man that cannot recall anything of importance, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, who is still in charge of the political scandal that he has brought to the Justice Department.  Why in the phuck is this moron still in charge of this Department, or any other government department for that matter?  Oh that’s right; it is George W. Bush’s decision along with just about every republican enabling senator like Jon Kyl that is not up for re-election in 2008 to decide.  

Loyalty versus competence is a must for the Bush Administration. 

To some of us that have experienced the two kinds of justice in America, the confirmation death certificate for the American Justice System had been delivered by certified mail, a long, long, time ago.

On Thursday, June 07, Paris Hilton, the poster girl for republican trust fund baby estate tax elimination, was given an early release from jail after serving only three days of a thirty day sentence.   

And what is Paris Hilton’s claim to fame; her parents are wealthy, her name is taken after a city in France, and she made a video that has her getting her brains phucked out on the internet.  Boy, Paris gets to jump to the head of the class for importance; right in front of the memory of Mother Theresa.  This is what republican men find important in life.  You have to be tall, thin, blonde and rich like Paris Hilton or Anne Coulter and then they will support your behavior for the slightest chance that they might fantasize on getting a wet dream blowjob from their make believe ice princesses of unrequited imaginary love.

Some media reports have alluded to the fact that Hilton was credited with five whole days of service since she arrived at jail on Sunday night at 11:00PM and was allowed to leave at 2:00 AM on Thursday morning.  I was always pretty good in the higher math department, but to me, that adds up to just three days and three hours of time in jail; not five days.  Oh, but what the hell does it matter when wealthy rich phucks are treated different than the rest of us peons in the America.

I guess it doesn’t hurt when the L.A. police sheriff that let Paris Hilton go to her lovely swimming pool equipped Hollywood home, has collected campaign contribution from Hilton family members.  No there is no conflict of interest, or quid pro quo going on here.  Do not pay attention to the man behind the curtain because there is nothing but us chickens in here.

Doesn’t this sound so much like you and the SAHBA way of operating?  Do you really think that most of us are that stupid to believe these media lobby excuses and garbage dump montages of deceit that you and Paris Hilton offer alike to the general public?

During this past week of public uproar, and deservedly so, Paris Hilton, poster girl for little rich girls who want their mommies to tuck them in bed, has been forced back to jail and is now in the medical ward of the L.A. county jail.  I wonder if conditions are better in the hospital ward, than in the jail.  Yes, I would take the hospital ward rather than the jail cell any day.  And now, one week after this zoological expedition began, this cluster phuck condition now has Paris Hilton once again back in semi-normal, regular jail.  The wheels of justice are indeed slow, just like molasses in January on a zero degree, Kelvin scale, measured day.

Again, Hilton like SAHBA deserves special treatment because they own the local politicians and media circus brigade.  Why didn’t Hilton go to the hospital ward last week rather than being allowed to go home?  Is she really sick or is she just terrified of being in jail with the common people of L.A.; GMAFB!  Yes, Ms. Hilton is emotionally distraught by the idea of jail, but I bet just about everyone is emotionally upset by being incarcerated against their will.

Is anyone really happy being controlled by other people or institutions of human spirit suffocation? 

Isn’t America supposed to be about freedom?  No, America only supports the idea of corporate freedom to inexpensively rape and pilfer resources and labor at will.

The rich are different than most people; including both you and me.  Some among us want to be just like the wealthy and obtain their privileges of social rank.  The wealthy and celebrity anointed holy ones among us, live by different rules that the rest of us peons are forced to live under. The people in America, the same ones that buy the Enquirer or People magazine do not posses a life. Is any of this crap really important?  I do not think so, but evidently, you do!

Paris Hilton is nothing more than a circus zoo opera of what is wrong with America.  Why do the media choose to cover such a spectacle?  They cover this crap because you have chosen what you believe is important.  You need to be pampered with fluff and circumstance, as if you were Mark Anthony and Cleopatra, while a jester performed before you, at an Egyptian sponsored orgy.

So what should be important in our lives?  Never mind that twenty-one U.S. soldiers or a hundred and fifty Iraqi’s may have died during this past week, but hey, what the phuck!  Isn’t this America, the land of the free and the home of the brain dead, tabloid voter?  Never mind that republicans in the Senate, including Arizona Senator Jon Kyl voted to support the continued presence of a corrupted and bungling Bush Cabinet man.  This man is a person who has constantly chose to say that he was out of the loop, and maybe he is even out of our solar system loop, and he is the same person who can’t recall if he wiped his ass earlier this morning, our illustrious Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez; our leader in charge to represent the corrupted American Justice System.  Now Sen. Kyl wants to give amnesty to illegal aliens; what the phuck is next?  Will Senator Kyl support gay marriage this coming week? 

And the republican walls came tumbling down.

Unfortunately, Arizona Senator John McCain did not cast a vote on this issue.  Senator McCain no longer chooses to cast votes in the U.S. Senate for his dehydrated desert brain constituents.

SAHBA reminds me quite a bit of the Paris Hilton circus saga.  SAHBA acts like an eight hundred pound gorilla towards harming the consumer and when they get caught, they call in there chips with the local politicians, judges and media to get them what they want; off all charges.  They will scream and yell and tell the media, through their lobbyist and lawyer hacks how unjust they are being treated.  Doesn’t this sound exactly like Paris Hilton?  SAHBA deserves to be treated differently than you or me because they are players in collecting dues and pledges for campaign contributions to influence their local politicians.

As Paris Hilton and SAHBA continue their insistence on being treated differently than the rest of us, America and its system of justice, that is anything but fair and blind, will in fact spiral out of control and become an anchor of social abyss.  Some of us have had enough of these corrupted, dual standards to last us a lifetime. 

Yes, the rule of law was confirmed dead this week, just as Paris Hilton, SAHBA and the rest of corporate America and wealthy individuals have wanted all along.  And just wait for the neocon jewish hawk, CIA exposing operative, Irving Scooter Libby to go to jail.  Please don’t hold your breath or you will die.  Libby will get to play by another set of rules, the one s like Paris Hilton and other wealthy individuals get to enact. 

Is there any doubt that George W. Bush prizes loyalty over the “Rule of Law; any doubt at all?” Is there any doubt that Bush will grant his jewish republican, neocon Iraqi cheerleader, pro Israeli, and war enabling little hawk, a full an unconditional pardon in the very near future? 

We are now such a sick country to allow this all to happen!  Why are you letting this happen to our country on your watch America?  Are you afraid to speak up, or are you just working on perfecting a straight line, brain dead image to please yourselves?

Let’s wake up America, quit watching the Paris Hilton circus shows and choose to take your country back from the republican neocon morons that are financially and morally raping it to death.  I never knew that Americans enjoyed being mentally and financially raped so much.  SAHBA and corporate America supports letting illegal immigrants to enter the country to keep wages low and at the same time export even more middle class jobs to India and China.  Let see if you can keep your home when your job has been re-located to China. 

And why did this all happen; because you let them do it to yourselves.  You never chose to stand up and fight since you were too busy enabling them, by being a captivated audience for American Idol and Survivor brained shows of mental ignorance and apathy. 

There will be no survivors amongst the poor and middle class; just lemmings.  The middle class like the American buffalo will disappear within the next generation and you did nothing to stop either; why?  Why do you not choose to change what is taking place in this country, since you are on the on the path to becoming one of its future victims?  Are we really that ignorant as a combined nation of people?  Is there something that is being placed in our water?

Why wait for the ensuing train wreck from the Iraqi war and the crushing national debt that your politicians have manufactured for you; the same Amtrak like train wreck that you and your children are going to experience if nothing is done.  This country along with George W. Bush and Paris Hilton are on the wrong course for America’s good.  Do not enable them or people like them any longer!

I have never seen the direction, the mood, or the perceived future outlook of this country so totally and firmly phucked up beyond possible repair.  Only true visionary leadership and sacrifice can lead this ship off the rocks of apathy and greed.  America in 2007 is now in the second coming of the robber baron age.  Raise your hands over your heads and let them take your wallets and self respect while you watch your flat screen television.  You will never notice that anything is missing.

What happened to that Ronald Reagan feel good country that sits upon a hill and shines?  Where is morning in America; America?  What a bunch of Peggy Noonan, rhetorical bull shit for the ignorant masses to grovel in!  If it sounds good, we must choose to believe the lies that our politicians dream up for us.  But then again, that is what five years of complete republican control did for this country; it totally phucked us up beyond belief.  We will all one day be crying from the lack of concern that most of you projected during this time.  You will have no one to blame except yourselves.  America, like the “Rule of Law’ is dying and on life support.  Deny all you want and pretend that the sky is not falling, but you are only fooling yourselves.

China, the country for the last ten years that we have empowered financially and because of this, now militarily, lies patiently and awaits are economic and moral collapse.  With Bush in the White House for the past six years, they will not have to wait much longer.

No country can continue with such corruption and mismanagement indefinitely!  Will you choose to ride this country all the way down into the black hole abyss or will you speak up and choose leaders who vote for the American people and its way of life first?  Sure, you will choose to stay silent, because no one gives a phuck about anything or anyone in this country anymore.

Trust me; just like the once hallowed belief in the “Rule of Law,” the train wreck really is coming to a city and home near you.  Your home might not remain in your family’s possession for very much longer!  We are all little islands that are sinking in the rising seas of avarice and apathy.

America is now on copious amounts of rapacity induced steroids that only promotes denial from the reality of the present situation and blinds us towards recognizing a situation that will ensure a bankrupt and morally deficient country.  Please enjoy the American opera entitled, “A Coming Fiasco,” as it is sure to unfold in a city near you!

Paris Hilton and SAHBA, both poster children for republican ineptitude and greed, who are raised from compassionless parents and associations of privilege, who promote the rich bitch children of baby boomer benefit and building association greed, and who now captivates and control American’s moral compass on a locked course for destruction. America; enjoy the fiasco that you so want and deserve! 

No wonder this country is so totally phucked up; no one cares about anyone or anything, anymore!

A tear is shed; but only wasted!


“The Arizona Refugee”

Paris Hilton in her next life as an American mascot, for promoting unnescessary wars for profit

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