April 7, 2006

SAHBA Home Show 2006 - ask about illegal workers!

During the  April 07-09 2006 SAHBA home show, please ask the builders, sub-contractors, and other home improvement businesses if the employees that work for them, are all legal U.S. citizens?   Specifically, ask Ed Taczanowsky, Greg Medima or any other useless SAHBA board member if any illegal workers are employed by SAHBA members?  Also ask them if they support an ex-military family from Arizona losing their land and home because of a SAHBA supported defect prone builder?  You will find Ed Taczanowsky wandering (over by the buffalo exhibit?) around the home show looking for ways to stop honest debate and protest.   Ask him why he violated our 1st Amendment Rights at the April 17, 2004 home show!

Our construction nightmare courtesy of McCreary Homes was compounded by subcontractors using illegal workers under their licenses.  We didn’t realize that our contract requiring all contractors to be licensed meant that licensed sub-contractors could use illegal aliens under their licenses to complete our home.  Workers from Terra Cotta Framing were seen smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol while on the job. They even slept in our framed house rather than drive through the border crossing in Tubac. Workers from McNary Concrete could not even speak English.  Water flowed from our driveway into our garage because of incorrect sloping. Is it any wonder that our house was so screwed up?  The sub-contactors do nothing to insure that competent trained employees are working.  Any warm body will do.

So before you sign up with a SAHBA member, ask the important questions and hope that these businesses will not lie to you about their hiring practices.  We paid an incredible price for a SAHBA supported custom builder to outsource work to sub-contractors that had no problem hiring illegal workers.  What incentive do these workers have to do competent work when they could be gone the next day?  Why would anyone care in this day in age if the work done on your house is even done to minimum standards?  SAHBA  board members didn’t care about my house, do you really think they will care about yours?  Please, don’t kid yourself!   They won’t.

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