June 11, 2007

Subject:  Immigration

Title:  “The Bill of Rights to allow Amnesty for U.S. Corporations and Illegal Aliens.”

Dear republican SAHBA members:

The issue of illegal immigration workers is a subject that every SAHBA employer in Tucson, Arizona should be very concerned with.  The question that begs to be answered is how long the companies that comprise SAHBA are going to continue to hire illegal aliens to work in the Tucson building industry.  The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that thirty-four percent of workers in Tucson are illegal alien labor.  Would it be fair to say that the number of illegal aliens that work in the Tucson building industry will now approach forty percent in the near future?  Why have you and your Tucson companies chosen to continue to consciously break U.S. Federal law?   

Unfortunately, for most Americans, they do not understand the hidden cost of illegal immigration.  My family only understands it all too well the incredible cost of illegal immigration and the use of these low skilled labors in the Tucson building industry by.  The use of illegal aliens by Tucson companies played a major contribution along with building fraud and corruption in our home building project disaster.  Because of illegal immigration and the Tucson building industry and the companies that hire them, we were forced to lose our land, our home, our credit rating, and our faith in the American Dream and Justice System.  Thank you McCreary Homes and specifically L.J. McCreary for hiring sub-contractors that consciously chose to employ illegal aliens.   

Illegal alien workers might do a credible job in low skilled work at hotels and meat packing plants, but they are not competent in construction trade construction skills that involve reading and building from plans which are necessary in the American building industry.  I am sure that construction standards in Mexico are far from anything that is acceptable in the United States.  But time is money and so are defective builds.  

Illegal aliens are too afraid to speak up if something is wrong on a building project if fraud and corruption are involved in a project.  I am firmly convinced that most illegals could care less about the quality of their work since they realize they are being paid minimum wages or slightly above and employers are taking advantage of them.  If an illegal loses his job he realize that there is another greedy employer around the corner that will probably hire him.  There re no questions asked at these Tucson low end wages. 

The building industry in Tucson is based on the above principles.  Do you think for a moment that an illegal worker would speak up versus looking the other way when it comes to builder fraud?  Worker silence and apathy is a cherished personal trait for the illegal corporation hiring of illegal aliens. Will illegals be encouraged to mind there own business or risk the threat of being fired or deported?  Don’t most illegal aliens come from countries where fraud and corruption are rampant?   It is so odd that illegal aliens must feel right at home in this country with all of its political and legal corruption. And besides, when all is said and done, the act of hiring illegal aliens is just plain illegal and against the law; period!  What does the U.S. Justice Department not understand about this?

Isn’t just a pity, and every  little bit of a crying shame that your very own illegal alien loving senator, Jon Kyl, and his Immigration Bill for Amnesty, met a timely and sudden death demise in the U. S. Senate this past week?  Isn’t just amazing how Senator Kyl can go overnight from ultra neocon conservative, to a present day champion for authoring the Amnesty Immigration Bill?  Did Sen. Kyl lie to the republican Arizona voters in 2006?  This is exactly what happens when a politician doesn’t have to worry about his job for the next five and one-half years; he becomes the ultimate flip flopper, whose character is based on whims of corporate profit.

What were you everyday republicans thinking when you voted in November to give Kyl another six year term to rape and sell away America?  Of course Kyl was lying to you in 2006; that is what republican politicians do for a living.  Please look in the mirror folks and tell me who you see.  Is it you or is it Kyl? 

Why just this morning I watched your twice elected arrogant, but always ignorant president, George W. Bush profess in his most Texan supercilious way, that he will arm wrestle GOP Senators on reviving the all ready dead on arrival, immigration bill that promotes the concept of amnesty and the very one that he says will sign into law.  George W. Bush the very first president that does not realize in his second term that he looks, sounds, and acts like a phucking lame duck. 

So what is the big deal about amnesty?

Obviously one of the staples of American law is that someone should not be rewarded for choosing to willfully break the law.  I agree with this concept because it is just like McCreary Homes and the builders and sub-contractors in the Tucson building industry.  The problem that I have with this immigration bill is that besides giving amnesty to illegal aliens, it also provides amnesty  to all of the law breaking U.S. corporations, small and large, that have specifically chosen to break U.S. law for the last twenty-one years, and all done because of pure unadulterated greed.  Why should company officers and owners be given amnesty for breaking the law?  And how many SAHBA companies in the Tucson area are guilty of hiring illegal aliens, purely for the interest of profit?  How patriotic can it be considered for Arizona companies to choose to break U.S. federal law?  Maybe we need a new ‘pledge of allegiance” to the flag tune. 

“I pledge allegiance to the flag, to the government that promotes U.S. companies breaking the rule of law for the interest of their greed.” 

If you recall, in 1986, President Ronald (Iran Contra- “I don’t remember”) Reagan signed into law an immigration bill that was supposed to protect our borders and give amnesty and citizenship to 4 million illegal aliens that had already migrated to this country illegally.  And how did that piece of legislation turn out?  Let’s see.  Now we have anywhere from 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in this porous country of ours and many more are coming.  If this corrupted Jon Kyl Amnesty Immigration Bill ever passes in the future, you might as well kiss America good bye, since every foreigner that ever thought of trying to come to America will be on the next bus to the border.  And shouldn’t we thank the American companies that have promoted this program and the mounting problems that they have chosen to make for the rest of the country?  Let corporate America and not the American people pay to clean this mess up at their expense.

The true cost of illegal immigration is something that most Americans do not consider.  If you have stayed in just about any U.S. hotel in the last ten years you might understand that illegal alien hiring by corporations is a monumental problem.  If a person cannot speak English, what do you think the chances are that they are possibly in this country illegally?  I thought you had to be able to read and speak the English language as prerequisite for citizenship?  

It is unfortunate that companies will not pay more than minimum wage, the same minimum wage that Congress has refused to increase for the past ten years.  Americans would work in these jobs if it paid a living wage. How does a person try and support a family under these draconian wage conditions?

Let’s face the truth SAHBA folks; the reason for this Amnesty Immigration Bill is to provide amnesty for American companies and at the same time supply legal cheap un-skilled labor to all areas of the U.S. economy in order to drive down middle class wages even further.  American companies have been breaking the law for so long, and there are so many unknown illegal aliens in this country that the issue can no longer be ignored.  

Do not believe for a single second that this Amnesty Bill has anything to do with illegal alien family issues or compassion for anyone.  American companies have no compassion for anyone or anything except for the gratification of the almighty buck for corporate compensation.  Why else do you think your phucked up, corporate, corrupted senator, Jon Kyl has flipped flopped so easily on such a contentious and socially flammable issue?   Kyl has always been in the hip pocket of corporate America for even longer than he can remember the length of the Arizona border with Mexico.
So what does this say about protecting our borders and America’s future security; what a joke.  Everything and everyone is for sale in America.  Hell, I bet even the border is for sale in profit prone America.  There are no more sacred cows. Why are Tucson companies and SAHBA members selling out America?  How many more times will you break federal law by hiring another illegal alien?

My family had to pay a terrible price because of builder fraud, defective building and illegal alien workers.  I would like to know how many of you SAHBA members have been breaking U.S. federal law for all these years.  And is there any doubt that the only reason that you choose to break the law and hire these people is because you all are so god damn greedy.

I pray in the very near future that most of you will be forced to comply with U.S. law and if not that a majority would go to jail for you contempt of law.  Your cheap labor is not without harm since some of us have been incredibly damaged because of you illegal actions.

This situation is not over by any means.   Maybe I have just begun to fight your phucking corrupt industry.  I hope to see all of you, and I mean all of you, one day in court.

Please do not think you can take a man’s land, home, credit rating and dreams away from him and expect him to go quietly in the night without a fight.


“The Arizona Refugee;” a Tucson critic
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