October 21, 2006

Republican Implosion

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Dear Republican SAHBA members,

SAHBA advertises itself as the community builder; bullshit!  How can SAHBA say that they promote building a community when they are so approving in ruining my family’s hopes and dreams?  SAHBA is not a community builder; it is an association that promotes a family wrecking crew style agenda for power and greed! 

SAHBA is a majority republican political Super PAC that buys its influence and politicians for an incredible price, all at the expense of its community and families.  And the price for my family was incredible!  The price for the rest of you will be the demise of your Democracy.  When one family is ruined in a community, the whole of society loses a little piece of their community also.  Why do republicans and some Democrats approve of hurting Arizona families?   

Republicans nation wide and republican SAHBA members have made a shambles of our once great state and country.  Checks and balances; be damned. Let’s rape families for profit and the fun of it.  Please, stop ruining your communities and country; now! Just look at what happens in a country like Iraq when you start tearing families apart; the whole of society begins to crumble into an insurgency and eventual anarchy. 

SAHBA members have all contributed with their PAC money to influence their greedy legislative agenda, which has contributed to my family’s loss of our home and dreams.    

You should all be so very ashamed of yourselves and your actions!

Today I read in the New York Times with deep satisfaction of how your party is coming apart at the seams.  Justice sometimes comes at such a very slow pace; but it eventually does come.  I will await justice for my family; however long it takes.

The Iraq War, domestic wire tapping, civil rights forfeitures, Abu Grahib, rendition, torture, corporate scandals, Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay, a nuclear North Korea and Iran and all to many numerous Congressional scandals to tabulate, have finally awakened Americans Constitutional slumber.  Welcome back America from your long sleep! 

How unusual for republicans to secede the upcoming mid-term election by beginning to place blame on each other, even before the mid-term elections have occurred.  God works in incredibly mysterious ways.

The pendulum is now racing in the opposite direction from the last six years and it will continue to accelerate hopefully, even past the center.  Your Party has hurt the average American for much too long.  The piper will now demand payment in full.

Enjoy your implosion; you so deserve it!

- The Arizona Refugee

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