April 13, 2007

Subject:  Imus in the Morning!

Title:  SAHBA and Imus have so much in common.

Dear SAHBA members:

The recent implosion of Don Imus along with his television, radio show and career in general, begs an Arizona resident to examine the similarities of how Don Imus operated his mind and mouth, and how his actions are similar in style to SAHBA and its association of Tucson arrogant greed mongers.  Imus’s comment about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, described by Don Imus and Bernard McGuirk as “hos” and “nappy headed hos,” are probably typical of what the majority of republican men, including SAHBA men in general, say and feel everyday in their hearts and minds toward Democratic women and blacks of America; especially since they are in the red state of Arizona. 

Sadly, the only real  “hos” and prostitutes of influence that seem to matter in America anymore are the Michelle Malkin’s and Anne Coulter types of the world who have been trained as political payola prostitutes because they have chosen do it for the gratification of the almighty buck.  Yes, they are indeed the authentic “hos” of America’s greed and neon everlasting, moral deprivated vacancy signs of pretense and hypocrisy.   

Unfortunately, it is so very easy to see the same type of misogynistic behavior that Imus exhibited during his career at CBS and MSNBS, the very same behavior that SAHBA, which for the past seven years as a minimum, has chosen to act like towards the home owners of Arizona.  Maybe just like Imus, SAHBA doesn’t “get it” when it comes to understanding how much they harm people by their legislative buyouts, support of fraudulent and defective builders like McCreary Homes, and support of lawsuits to enhance their greed based agenda.  My goal is eventually for SAHBA and the Arizona legislature to “get it,” just like Imus finally got it!

Don Imus was partially raised in good ole racist and white dominated Arizona.  And just like so called “recovered” alcoholics George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, what in the hell did you people expect from a person who has the morals and mental capacities of a recovering drunken teenager; another Dick Cheney Jr.?  Just as Dick Cheney lived a troubled adolescence in Wyoming, so did Don Imus and his troubled upbringing in Arizona.  And while Don Imus was living in Arizona, under an umbrella of family dysfunctional nurturing, as just another troubled teenager growing up in dysfunctional southwest America, his parents decided in favor of a long time favorite Arizona republican tradition; the art of divorce. 

Imus did become a troubled teenager, but aren’t all teenagers who live in Arizona eventually troubled because of the state’s inattention to education and its dysfunctional support for SAHBA like power mongers?  Why are Arizonan’s more willing to provide tax money for building new prisons for their children, rather than building new schools? Why does Arizona allow a “see no evil” approach and approval for Arizona families to loose their homes and futures, because of SAHBA’s incompetent, dues paying members?  Do you really think that SAHBA members give a shit about you or your family’s welfare?  Not single member of SAHBA, the state or any other entity gave shit about my family’s welfare.  Republican SAHBA could give a shit less if they screw you over and you divorce because of their actions.  SAHBA members only care about their phucking bank accounts.  

Is the state of Arizona dedicated to protecting the Arizona public or is the state of Arizona developed a hard on to protect the corrupt building industry instead?  I t doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the correct answer.

Could it be that Imus’s parents divorced because they hired a SAHBA like promoted builder to construct a home, a builder who also used illegal aliens as sub-contractors and had issues that involved:

  1. Their home being defective,
  2. Their builder defrauding them. `
  3. Their builder sued them.
  4. The family could no longer afford the legal cost
  5. Their family lost their home.
  6. Their family also lost their land and credit rating, and then to top it off
  7. His parents decided to divorce from the stress of such a phucking republican style backed nightmare?

Did Imus’s parents divorce because the state of Arizona is more willing to support fraudulent business than they are at supporting family home owners and families in general? Arizona politicians like Gov. Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Terry Goddard, do not give a single second phuck about you or your family.  Your state politicians could give a shit less if your family lived or died.  Arizona only cares about keeping and feeding the building industry monster alive for tax base purposes.  And in turn they are too chicken shit to confront the developers and builders like Richard Schust of First United Realty that are the real power brokers in this corrupted republican state. Republican equals corruption! Why else would a state look the other way as their constituents are being raped for profit and harm?

By the way, Gov. Janet Napolitano and Atty. Gen. Terry Goddard are token Democratic, who pussies at best in Arizona, who operate as quasi republicans.  Napolitano and Goddard are scared shitless of the building industry lobbyist and developers.  Maybe they feel that they will get car bombed like Arizona Republic Don Bowles did in 1976.  There are no real Democrats in Arizona.  We even wrote to Raul Grijalva in 2003 since this is the district that are home was located in, but even he remained silent and chose to ignore a constituent and instead support a corporation.  All Arizona politician eventually  follow the path to whoredom for the almighty buck or almighty vote.

So as you see, nothing has changed in over fourty` years of Arizona real estate corruption and family neglect.  Sure go ahead and come on down to red neck Arizona and let these greedy bastards ruin your family’s present and future.  Thank God they can’t phuck over your past because if they could, they would have already done it with a sense of glee. 

Imus like SAHBA are both Arizona republican cultivated institutions of lower expectations.  Don Imus like SAHBA, is no hero.  No matter how many charities they contribute to in order to cover up their past atrocities, the stench from their past history precedes them.  No matter how many times Imus snorted cocaine in his past, blew his tin horn in the Marines, or how many charities he contributes to, both he and SAHBA at the end of the day still remain dysfunctional to the core.  Any association or person like Don Imus that supports John McCain, Joe Lieberman or loser Sen. Rick Santorum has got to be a phucking moron republican douche bag of ill morals and integrity; yes an oxymoron, but in essence, a neocon supporting republican whose main objective in life is the accumulation of wealth!

One thing is for certain, the power of the internet has become a formidable force in exposing and rectifying issue in society that begs for some measure of truth and justice.  Our fourth estate has become complicit in the derailing of this democracy but is it any wonder when papers are now owned by just a few corporations.  Many times the government and major media turn a blind eye to corruption and prejudice, but the bloggs and political websites have no such qualms of exposing such injustices in American society. 

Some people in this country that have blogs or websites still possess character, honor and integrity; but many do not.  Some even accomplish this feat without one single mention of religion or the Ten Commandments of control.  I will give Imus credit for not pussying out and running to a Tucson rehab clinic or saying that he has found the Lord and is now free of his sins or homosexuality as in the case of Pastor Ted Haggard.  

Imus’s major sin was not so much ridiculing and crossing the barriers that help prop up racism and sexism as much as it projected the simple act of a powerful person hurting people who were “beneath” him on the socioeconomic ladder of might and media expression.   Imus flourished as a multi-millionaire who was provided with a corporate pulpit to attack other people that he did not agree with.  And let us not forget that the Rutgers women had not said one word of disdain towards Imus, no one had harmed him, or said one word in anger; let alone had their own medium for redress. 

This is where the internet comes in because in can level the playing field between the powerful and the lower masses who up until this point have been forced to remain silent.  Do you really think I will ever become silent again?  One can be sure that in this aftermath of Imus implosion, Congress will choose to try and legislate increased control over the internet in order to curb the people’s power.  Former Senator George Allen and his YouTube “macaca” moment will force politicians to legislate against the masses.  God forbid if a democracy should speak up and hold their elected officials accountable.  Where is Sen. Ted Stevens R- Alaska, and Sen. Jon Kyl R- Arizona, and there immense understanding of this technology which is comprised of a “series of tubes”? 

The U.S. Congress can never afford for the people to become too intelligent or too powerful with their words and ideas.  Don Imus as a wealthy republican, who allowed sycophant politicians and media darlings to suck up to him daily, was destroyed because of a lack of understanding of how much his word and actions could hurt people.  He just didn’t get it; but rumor has it that he is getting it now.

SAHBA is no different when it comes to peoples or an association that choose to support builders and contractors who harm people through their hiring of illegal aliens and the incompetent and defective work that is performed on building structures.  And when SAHBA supports litigation by providing their legal counsel to file frivolous lawsuits against victims of SAHBA incompetence, it is a David and Goliath moment where piling on, beating up and kicking a homeowner to the ground is standard procedure for such an arrogant and corrupt association of human endeavor.  

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to say nothing.  And there were so many powerful and “good” men that could have challenged the status quo of evil in this situation, but they chose to remain silent on the subject.  And the real crime is that these “good men” are still willing to let other good Arizona families be sucked into this nightmare while they stay seated on the sidelines, watching the human, financial and emotional carnage and all the while monitoring their growing bank accounts that increase with their silence.

And just as Imus has had his enablers in New York City throughout the years, SAHBA has had it share of similar enablers in Tucson that still support this corrupt association with its advertising dollars.  Why did institutions like the Arizona Daily Star and the Tucson Citizen turn a blind eye to the SAHBA raping good Arizona families for greed?  Hell, even the Tucson Weekly was too chicken shit of SAHBA to even acknowledge the facts of this rape; such pussies! 

Why did the supporters of SAHBA, like Lute Olson, Jim Click and Don Diamond turn a blind eye to this travesty of justice?  Why did advertisers like Jim Click, Tucson Water and the University of Arizona also turn a blind eye to such bullying tactics and SAHBA provided lawyers to rape us?  As one can see Don Imus and his enablers were no different than SAHBA enablers, but the evil continues to exist at SAHBA because SAHBA itself has chosen to remain silent with their open but morally blinded eyes to their builder’s incompetence and corruption?

Mr. Imus was insulated from the lives of everyday Americans because of his $10 million dollar contract which allowed him to live in a Manhattan penthouse, drive in stretched limousines to work, fly in private jets across the country and then bully and shame corporate and government officials to accept his personal agenda on issues because he possessed the medium to publicly skewer them.  Some issues that he presented were acceptable; some were not.

Imus crossed the line when he decided to berate and bully a black women’s basketball team with undeserved racial and sexist overtones.   Imus just didn’t want to get it.  No one ever wanted it seemed to confront the great imported New York “Sam McCloud,” cowboy type, curmudgeon curdled character of non-civility, because of the power of his pulpit that he possessed with his show and medium that he had the power to deliver it with.  Just look at how many white sycophants of corporate and political society were willing to bow down before him and pray that he would give his papal wave of endorsement for campaigns, books and CD’s.  So who was selling and buying who?

Imus had a radio and television show; the masses now have the internet.

In the end, Imus paid for his arrogance and indifference to harm innocent people because the advertisers realized without conscience, that their bottom line dollar machine was more important than any one person might jeopardize the golden goose of corporate branding.  It would have been so satisfying to have seen corporate America step up to the plate and speak with sincerity and conscience on the issue of harm, race and sexism.

But everyone should understand where corporate America’s allegiances lie when truth and justice are on the line; it’s with the money!  Instead of corporate America and its sleazy, anti-scarlet letter morality of money and let the almighty dollar from advertisers do the talking while Imus did the walking, the media powerbrokers punted on the issue because of the almighty buck. 

NBC’s Steve Capas, a jewish gate keeper of corporate media power, made a decision to cancel Imus’s television show based on advertiser dollars.  CBS/ Viacom and Sumner Redner, another jewish media power broker and purveyor of controlled images and thought, also gave the go ahead to ax Imus’s radio show based on the same reasoning.  The market had spoken not because of compassion for injustice, but because money talks so loudly in America.  Everything in this country is based on the pontification and glorification of money. And why did Imus and SAHBA even exist in the first place; for the simple glorification of the almighty buck.

And after this whole broo ha ha passes over Imus and the ho’s have passed onto that bordello in the sky, I wager that Imus will eventually return to radio on XM satellite radio within the next year.  Mel Karmazin, yet another jewish media mogul, (God do they ever stop), is good friends with Imus and just happens to be the CEO of XM satellite.   Let’s see how much outrage sponsors have when Imus signs a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract later this year with XM.    

After what I saw transpire with jewish lawyers in your SAHBA supported lawsuit against my family, I am convinced that jewish republican lawyers and CEO’s only act and make decisions based on their continued accumulation of their wealth rather the offering any convictions from the heart especially when truth and justice are at the fore front.

It is a truism in life that what goes around eventually comes around, but especially to those that choose to harm innocent people, the day of reckoning eventually comes.  Are you listening SAHBA and McCreary Homes?  Do you believe in bad Karma? I do.  I bet Imus never saw this coming since he had danced away numerous times from such similar remarks.   But the initial story was kept alive this time by fairness and justice seeking people on the internet like Media Matters, who would not let the issue die until the major media decided to wake up and realize that this was a story that demanded justice; Imus sacrificed on the altar for future corporate profits. 

Unfortunately for Imus and SAHBA, things are now changing.  The powerful are being toppled because of their past and present sins.  SAHBA and its membership are just as powerful as Imus on a state scale basis because they have chosen to purchase their legislature, but like Imus, they will one day also implode under the heavy burden of increased public inspection and scrutiny. 

Doesn’t everyone just love a Sunday afternoon public hanging or a runaway train wreck in Christian based and entertainment demanding, sociopathic America? 

SAHBA is no different than Imus when it comes to its actions.  SAHBA as one of the largest Super PAC’s in Arizona has become the 800 pound gorilla that flexes its muscle to cause people harm.  And what does it say about the advertisers and celebrities like Lute Olson that support an association like SAHBA that chooses to harm people in order to keep their control over the home building industry. 

Why is everyone so silent including Governor Napolitano and Attorney General Terry Goddard when Arizona families to this day are being raped by builders and developers across the state that Pac’s like SAHBA help support?  Why do business like SAHBA members and building related industry’s still choose to belong and advertise with such a despicable organization like SAHBA?  Why do Tucson businesses and media continue to enable SAHBA and Ed Taczanowsky to continue to rape and pillage the lives of good families?

But isn’t Ed Taczanowsky just the Arizona reincarnation of Don Imus, and the Tucson home building Business Empire?  With Taczanowsky’s determined lack of ethics and morals, why does he continue without any concern towards his lack of action towards  incompetent and defective builders, and how they hurts good Arizona families?

Although SAHBA has not called anyone “nappy-headed hos,” they themselves posses attributes of “nappy ass headed soulless political and monetary hos of ambition;” prostitutes if you will.  SAHBA just chooses to buy their politicians like Rep Jonathan Patton (R) Tucson, to be there personal “ho” in Phoenix; just so that they can influence the legislation to there advantage and all at the consumer’s expense.  And some of us have paid dearly for Mr. Patton’s discretions.

Again, why do any of the members and advertisers support a man like L.J. McCreary and an organization that has no qualms about harming Arizona families?  There is something terribly wrong in Arizona and America when good families and especially good ex-military families are allowed to be raped by corporations like McCreary Homes and Super PAC’s like SAHBA.  David and Goliath scenarios of right and wrong were only suppose to take place in the context of make believe bible settings of religion and not 21st century life.  SAHBA as Goliath, chooses to stamp out and force good people to lose their homes, their land and there futures, because they are arrogant enough to say so.  It is all so very wrong.

I predict one day soon that SAHBA like Don Imus will be shown the light of there evil ways.  Maybe it will need a concerted effort by people who have been raped by these types of organization to confront SAHBA by picketing the state legislature and asking advertisers through informed picketing why they choose to support a big fat cat association that harms people. 

Beginning very soon I will include on these websites the Arizona advertises that have enabled SAHBA to continue their wicked ways, just as the national advertisers enabled Don Imus for years to radiate his hate and racism for the past thirty years.  Maybe advertisers will think twice before they contribute their advertising dollar to an association that has no qualms about harming Arizona families. 

Change my dear SAHBA members will be steadily blowing in the wind.  I will not rest until my day of justice has arrived. 

SAHBA, like Don Imus will one day together ride off into a dismal and disdainful sunset, side by side, in mutual silence and shame for their actions which involved harming innocent people for no apparent reason other than money!


“The Arizona Refugee;” a Tucson critic at large

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