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Patriotism and National Security
An Open Letter to Jim Click Jr.

November 1st, 2005




"War Is A Racket"

October 26, 2005 -  2000 Dead

November 1, 2005 - 2024 Dead

TODAY December 2nd - 2124 Dead

How many more will die for a lie?

Mr. Click, is the money you have contributed to buy politicians and promote the neocon agenda worth the bloodshed?  As a "Bush Ranger" are you satisfied yet?

On January 20, 2005 we were in Washington D.C. experiencing some of the ambiance of the second Bush inaugural ball. During our arrival at Washington's Dulles International Airport, the menagerie of corporate jets was an impressive sight to behold. Even though we have traveled extensively, we had never seen that many business jets congregated in one location. The reason for this biz-jet rendezvous is that corporate America came to Washington to celebrate the very President they bought and paid for. After all, this is now the country that promotes, "The Best Democracy That Money Can Buy!" Why of course Mr. Click, you deserve to party down with the Bushies, because of your wealth and its resulting political influence. You and your wife certainly deserve more Democracy than any middle class or poor person should ever hope or desire to have. Fair is fair, isn't it?

Considering all of the problems that this country was experiencing, it was heart-warming to see Republican corporate lobbyists and wealthy Republican donors party like it was 1999. At the Hilton Towers hotel we saw obese fat cat Republican lobbyists, complete with inebriated call girls on their arms, getting off the elevators and having the time of their lives. It was incredibly disgusting. At the very same time, Americans soldiers were dying in Iraq . From January 1st through January 20th a total of 41 Americans were added to the list of military deaths in Iraq . At that point 1,451 Americans had already died in Iraq . We sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Bush's and Cheney's administration and the agenda of lies surrounding why we went to war with Iraq .

Is this what Bush and Cheney meant when they said they would bring "Honor and Integrity to the White House?" Please, no more honor and integrity; we can't take any more. They are killing us. The neocon Bushies are literally hijacking and killing the essence of Democracy. During this neocon Republican blight the remaining refugees of America 's lower and middle class are barely hanging on.

Mr. Click, as a neocon Republican supporter, "Bush Ranger," and one of the top 400 contributors in the country, you and your wife Vicki, have personally contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to President Bush and the neocon Republican agenda. We have read that the Bush Ranger program was the brainchild of none other than Karl Rove, a true patriotic American.

And Karl Rove is such a fine American that our "Founding Fathers," someone like Thomas Jefferson, must be so proud that he is probably attempting continuous blind-folded somersaults in his grave, and I imagine he is screaming out.

"We never envisioned one party controlling all branches of government! What are you people thinking? We planned this experiment in Democracy to always include checks and balances. We understood the very dark and basic greed of human nature. Without checks and balances, we knew the results would be disastrous. Unfortunately, the stupid neocon nerds figured a way to circumvent the true essence of a Democracy that we had envisioned. We never imagined the invention of television and how easy it would be to photo-op and lie to a vegetable-brain electorate and a neutered lap dog free press. Your press is not free; it is "costing" all of you dearly! Whatever happened to the "Fourth Estate" the free press that we thought would bring a skeptical eye to their elected officials. Was it really that simple for corporate America to just purchase their politicians and reporters like Republican WASP men at a convention can purchase their prostitutes? You have screwed this up so royally; you people can fix this yourself. I no longer care for the Democracy that I helped design. Thanks for nothing America !"

One of our favorite quotes from Thomas Jefferson is; "dissent is the highest form of Democracy." Mr. Click, we dissent against you and your wife, in the name of our Democracy.

Mr. Click, is it true that you contributed $ 100,000 dollars to the Bush Inaugural Ball? Did you fly in your personal multi-million dollar business jet for the inaugural festivities? Were you present at one of the ten "little" millionaire's parties that were thrown for "your" Commander and Chief, who promoted war and death in Iraq through his White House Iraq Group? (WHIG) With all of the money that you have contributed, has it been worth the 2024 Americans that have died because of a lie that you supported? Are you and your wife proud of yourselves? How do you sleep at night? Without a conscience present, we assume you sleep quite well. How do you think the 2024 families and the tens of thousands of Iraqi's families that have lost loved ones sleep at night? We would tend to bet that their sleep is interrupted by nightmares; induced by people such as yourself!

Since the night of alcoholic festivities and the Inaugural Balls, a total of 573 additional Americans have died for a mistake that you and your wife have readily supported. On Halloween day, October 31, 2005, 7 more Americans died in Iraq . The total of military deaths for the month of October was 94 . As Dick (GFY) Cheney said on CNN's Larry King show on May 30, 2005, "I think they're in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency".

Ah... Dick Cheney, our new American morally bankrupted version of "Baghdad Bob." Please, go ahead and lie to us again. As Americans, you know how addicted we are to the limitless amount of neocon Republicans lies that are manufactured for our pleasure. Can you imagine Cheney testifying under oath at Irv (Scooter) Libby's obstruction of justice trial? If Dick (GFY) Cheney testifies, are they even going to bother to swear him in? Why waste your breath? If only a "lie meter" could be hooked up to Cheney to record how every time he speaks the needle shatters against the far right edge of the meter. Can you also imagine if Cheney had a heart attack for each time he told a lie; he would be an instant goner. In the final analysis, Mr. Cheney cannot stop lying to himself and the American people, even his life depended on it. It must be genetic. Ideas of treason and impeachment are only too kind to describe this neocon Republican, greed propelled scoundrel.

Mr. Click, do you ever look up the biographies on some of these young men and women that have been brutally silenced forever from this life? Please, you should try it some time; it is sobering and at the same time, incredibly haunting. Count how many innocent orphans you and your wife have helped create because of your monetary support. Count the thousands of our young men and women who have become amputees or even worse, the ones that have been bed ridden and maimed for life. President Bush will not release the numbers for the Iraqi dead and wounded because the truth would find its way to the American people. How many families have been annihilated due to American aerial bombing? How many children have been indescrimetly killed? And what are the noble reasons for these killings? Remember, reality and truths are not permitted in the Bush administration. Only the maintenance of the facade, the perception of reality and the scripted photo ops are acceptable for the public's consumption. The Bush policy is; see no evil, hear no evil, feel no evil and believe no evil. Let's just pretend that every thing is okay. Mr. Click, are you and your wife comfortable with over 30,000 Iraqi men, women and children that have been killed in your name? How many more have to be killed before you are satisfied? How many deaths per barrel of crude oil are you willing to ask Americans to pay for?

So Mr. Click, are you planning on having your son or daughter sign up for the Army in order to become cannon fodder for corporate America's agenda in Iraq? We know you would be beaming and so proud to have a military officer hand you the American flag at your son's funeral. Just think how wonderfully well you would feel for the rest of your life. Surely, you can understand the patriotic fervor that you should feel for this endeavor? No? They aren't going? Oh.. we see, you are just like the other neocon Republican chicken hawks, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, etc. One of your personal favorite pundits is Ann Coulter, someone whose trip to Tucson you personally funded. She came to speak to the neo-con agenda. It's apparent that a lot of older Republican men have the "hots" for Ms. Coulter because she is blonde and thin. And all this time we thought the men liked her for her cold heart! Personally, we do not feel that Coulter believes much of anything that she says to the media. A majority of the things that pro Bush pundits do, is done for the almighty dollar and that dollar is provided by corporate American advertising. And although Coulter is vile and spews incredible pseudo manufactured hatred, she probably has bigger Republican golf "balls" than all of these male chicken hawks put together! In all fairness to Ms. Coulter, we won't comment on the qualities of her facial attributes or the size of her chest, she's not worth the time.

On April 29, 2005 you hosted a little get together at your gated palatial mansion community with none other Bush's brain, Karl (Soon-to-Be-Indicted) Rove. We understand this little meeting had to do with a fund raiser for Senator Jon Kyl. Mr. Click, would you be willing to provide us with the guest list for your little fund raiser? We are just dying to know. It would be very interesting to see a list of the neocon power brokers right here in good old Tucson . Oh... you are not willing to provide us with the list? Don't feel bad, we called Senator Kyl's office, and they were very, very careful not to divulge the secret "invitation only" guest list. Why all the secrecy? Why are contributors like you, so ashamed of your actions? Do you consider yourself to be very patriotic by being ashamed of your semi secret political contributions? What are you guys and gals attempting to hide? As you must know, there is more than one way to skin a cat; when it comes to finding out political funding information.

By the way, we think Sen. Kyl and Rep. Kolbe are in real trouble for 2006, and they are going to need all the help they can get to get their corrupt rear ends re-elected. It is amazing how Kyl and Kolbe can still support the Bush/Cheney lies, with their cowardly silent approval. Their silence is nothing but political betrayal to the American people. We believe that Kyl, McCain and Kolbe should resign their elected offices since their lack of judgment cannot be trusted when it comes to correct decisions of war, intelligence and national security. One of Rep. Kolbe's main responsibilities as a Congressman under the Constitution is the power to declare war. Why did Mr. Kolbe abdicate his solemn duty to constitutionally approve the war and instead give Bush the power to go to war on his own? Is Mr. Kolbe afraid of his duties and responsibilities? Mr. Kolbe should get out of politics, since he refuses to execute the responsibilities of his job. Even after their follies have been pointed out to them, they continue down the same mistaken path of more war, more misery, and more death.

This protracted and orchestrated silence will cost both of them dearly at the polls in November, 2006. Mr. Kyl and Mr. Kolbe have forgotten that they do not serve at the pleasure of corporate America or wealthy donors; they serve at the pleasure of the American people. Change is steadily blowing in the wind!

And just in case you have been wondering if we are fair and balanced, we think Hillary Clinton (and any other Democrat who still supports the war) should also resign, since she shows the same lack of judgment and refuses to learn from her mistakes. Unfortunately, Mrs. Clinton is trying to act too much like a politician and not enough like a representative of the "people."

Sorry Jim, but as you know, all neocon politicians are in the bulleye for 2006 for the lies they supported and their undying corrupt support for Bush and corporate America. Why even your very own hip pocket politician Rep. Jim Kolbe was present for the panting, lap dog funding festivities. It is always nice to see our Democracy in action, where the well-heeled pay up and the politicians bend over and allow the wealthy the personal touch and influence which they so richly deserve. Whatever happened to the declaration of, "We the People?" When did this hallowed slogan change to "We the Rich People?" Why do the wealthy get to rule the "People" by buying and privatizing the "People's" politicians?

And speaking about Karl Rove, how do you feel about your neocon buddy Rove and Irv "Scooter" Libby, leaking classified information to "suck up" reporters like Robert Novak and Judith Miller in order to discredit and silence Joe Wilson? We thought Bush said last year that he would fire any White House officials that leaked information. Why has Karl Rove not been fired? Why has Bush lied about firing any leakers from his administration? How can Republicans ever say that they are the party for Defense and National Security? Why was Cheney's Chief of Staff, Irv "Scooter" Libby, indicted (the first White House staffer to be indicted in 130 years) for lying to a Grand Jury and who is he protecting? Do you think Irv Libby is protecting Cheney and Bush from being impeached? Do you think Irv Libby will squeal on Cheney and Bush rather than go to jail for 30 years? Clinton was almost removed from office for lying about getting a blow job. Do you think Bush and Cheney should be impeached for involvment in a conspiracy to reveal a covert CIA agent? Do you think Bush and Cheney should be impeached for lying to the American people and allowing tens of thousands of people to be killed? How long have you been fascinated with and supportive of killing innocent people? Mr. Bush has not even attended one U.S military funeral that involved an Iraqi war hero. Not even one! On a scale from 1 to 10, how patriotic would you consider these actions of the President and Vice President? Why do you and your wife support such overall corrupt policies? Do you think this is worse than Watergate? We believe it is, without a doubt, 2024 times worse and counting. No one died over the Watergate issue! How many tens of thousands died for the Lewinsky affair? And Clinton was impeached by Republicans for this. Bush and Cheney do not have a prayer against the articles of impeachment.

We have so many questions to ask you and we know you will not dare have answers for us, because you are scared, and you should be! The joy ride, Mr. Click, is now over. Silence indeed is betrayal; just like George Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are involved in bunkering down. Why do Bush and his corrupt cronies continue to hide from the American people and reporter's questions with, "I can't comment because of the ongoing investigations?" The" truth" should not attempt to hide behind a tortured, legally constructed excuse!

The Democrats recently forced a closed session of the Senate because of Republican stonewalling (for over 20 months), on Phase II of the Senate Intelligence Committee commitee issue of WMDs and the cover-up of the pre-war intelligence. Senator Harry Reid invoked Rule 21 in order to get the Republican Intelligence committee Senators off their stalling rear ends. It worked brilliantly. If Chairman Senator Roberts continues at this snails pace, Roberts might himself be charged with obstruction of justice. At this present rate we will have to appropriate additional money for new federal prisons, just to accommodate the Bush administration officials that will be visiting the facilities in the very near future!

After the 2 hour secret and closed session, Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist addressed the salivating media. Mr. Click, did you happen to see your very own Arizona crony, Senator Jon (corporate prostitute) Kyl, part of the Republican leadership, standing next to Senator Bill (insider trading) Frist and Senator Rick (fetus ritual) Santorum. The picture was utterly pathetic. The "Three Musketeers," are all assured to be elective losers in any future elections. Bill Frist, who is being investigated for insider trading and should spend some Martha Stewart quality time in jail, was whining about this Rule 21 maneuver, complaining that it was a slap in the face to himself and the Senate. Rick Santorum, whose re-election is very doubtful in Pennsylvania, is the expert on miscarriage fetus rituals and temporary home storage. Mr. Santorum in our humble opinion is a certified neocon crack pot. Mr. Kyl has real problems in Arizona , but that is what you get when you "suck up" to corporate America and wealthy individuals and forget about and vote against the "people." Mr. Kyl should reassess the company that he keeps, since political slime easily drips off and contaminates persons that are in close proximity to the carrier.

Why was Senator Bill Frist so upset? Is it such a shame when one is blind sided by the published rules of the Senate? Maybe Bill Frist should have spent more time reading the Senate Rules instead of being occupied with investigations about how much company stock in HCA Inc. he was selling; a company that he and his family owns. So what did Senator Reid have to do to get Frist's attention? Maybe Senator Reid should have hit Senator Frist up the side of the head with a baseball bat to get him and Senator Pat Roberts to stop stonewalling the investigation which already has lasted 20 months. This cover-up involves the manufactured cherry picking of intelligence that sent this country to a war; which has killed 2024 Americans. How could all of the intelligence that was provided to the Bush administration be so wrong? Finally, the Senate Intelligence committee is forced to seek the truth for the American people. That is their constitutionally appointed job, and they need to do it now! This is the real story behind the Valerie Plame case.

If the CIA intelligence was so bad, then why did former CIA director George Tenet receive the Medal of Freedom? Did Mr. Tenet receive the medal for 9/11 and Iraqi war intelligence incompetence, or did he receive it for his silence? Why was no one ever fired for the intelligence screwups of 9/11 or the Iraq war? Why did the Bushies lie and try to hide the reason that we went to war over Iraq? When Dick Cheney had his secret energy conference in 2001, did they plan with oil companies to carve up Iraq with a planned invasion that had building for years? Have you read the website of the thinktank called the"Project for a New American Century?" It is nothing more than a pre-planned blueprint by neocons for the Iraqi war.

Mr. Click would you benefit from increased oil quantities and lower gas prices? Would you sell more automobiles if gas prices were lower? How many American lives would you be willing to sacrifice in order to sell more cars? Would you be willing to sacrifice your son or daughter to sell more cars? Why do you think it is acceptable to ask young Americans to sacrifice their lives in order for you to sell more cars and increase your already incredible wealth? When will you have enough money so that you will not support an administration that is willing to sacrifice American lives without a second thought? Why do politicians and wealthy individuals like yourselves discourage their sons and daughters from joining the military and fighting in this so called, "just war?" WHY?

Mr. Click, do you consider yourself patriotic? What is your definition of patriotism? Did you serve in the military? If you did not enlist in the military; what was your reason for not serving? Did you have "other priorities" like Dick Cheney? Is the pursuit of incredible wealth versus military service a patriotic virtue? Do you consider sacrificing American lives for Bush administration lies patriotic? Why do you and wife Vicki support President Bush and the neocon Republican agenda?

Mr. Click, how many of your customers are Democrats, Independents, or Moderate Republicans who do not believe in the neocon Republican agenda? I wonder how many people realize that when they buy a car from you they are supporting the neocon Republican agenda. It is an agenda that believes killing people for corporate America and oil interest is a good thing.

Personally, in the future we will never buy another auto from any of your dealerships because of your neocon right wing Republican politics! The profits that you make from your sales are used against families like mine, and we both know you could care less about people like us or our family. You could care less if our son or daughter died in Iraq, as long as you profited from their sacrifices. We consider you and your wife to be vile human beings, since we find it unconscionable that you could support the Iraq war and yet be so supportive to the "Sanctity of Life" talking points memo that the Republican Party promotes. Neocon Republicans like you are nothing more than predatory hypocrites. Sure, war is peace, slavery is freedom, and ignorance is strength! Republicans now promote respect for life by outsourcing torturing and killing innocent victims. You and your wife must possess the atrophied hearts of human beings that can only be further characterized as frozen black holes. I sincerely hope your God, whoever that white God you believe in (Episcopalian maybe?), forgives you for what you have promoted and financed.

We profess that you do not even care if Arizona families lose their land, their homes, and their credit ratings. You became a true compassionate conservative when the profit motive was enacted by offering us an unsustainable 15% interest rate for your cars - this for people who had already been raped by Republican politics in this state. We needed transportation and you knew we had little choice because our credit rating was ruined by L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes and SAHBA policies. Mr. Click, are you still a board member of Compass Bank? You did have a choice and you used it to rape us even further. It is amazing to us the compassion you showed our family by insuring that you profited from our misfortunes - misfortunes perpetuated by the Arizona Republican legislation and the Republican dominated home building industry. But isn't economic rape exactly what neocon Republicans in America try to accomplish everyday with their fellow Americans? So patriotic! And besides, your workers even found a way to wreck our new car, not once but twice; when we brought it in for service. Thanks for the wrecks in your storage area, which totaled over $3,000.00 worth of damages! Just as in the Bush administration, neocon Republicans like yourself keep screwing up because of your Michael Brown-like political and professional incompetence and your propensity towards glutinous greed!

So please, you and your wife think about the death and destruction agenda that you both support. We will not change our position, but we will do everything in our humble power to publicly point out the fallacies in yours. Think about the possibilities of group picketing occurring at your dealerships by Democrats and Moderates as your new 2006 models are being offered for sale. Didn't your close cousin Holmes Tuttle, in a Mother Jones interview, say that he reluctantly sells to Democrats? When was a neocon Republican ever reluctant to sell anything to anyone; when the profit motive was the driving force? Remember that Tucson has more Democrats and Independents than Republicans. Do you think that might affect your bottom line? Ask L. J. McCreary of McCreary Homes and Ed Taczanowsky of SAHBA if we are afraid to picket. Please make sure you check with SAHBA's civil rights expert, Ed Taczanowsky, and discuss the violations and the legalities of First Amendment Rights. Just think of the free exposure and advertising you could receive. Maybe you can get Karl Rove to smear our family like he did Joe Wilson and Valarie Plame. We would not suggest this route, because it would only make us fight even harder to expose the corruption and injustice in this county, state and country.

We really are trying to help people like you. Wouldn't it be wonderful to develop a heart with compassion instead of the deadly lies that your party promotes? The Republican Party has now become the party of lies! So much for "honor and integrity," but what did you expect when you have Dick Cheney and your buddy Karl Rove running the circus show? Thank you so much for allowing our country to be ruined, along with our family's future, our marriage, our children, and our grandchildren's futures. We will never forgive you neocons for your greed and contempt for the poor and middle class Americans. We are not the people who started class warfare; neocons started it by wanting everything, including tax-cuts and war for your own personal profit at the expense of the common man. The political and economic concept of raising all "boats" is a hollow metaphor. Neocons are quite content to raise their "boats" at the middle-class's expense. Neocons are more than happy to drill holes in middle class "boats" and force us to drown under their privatized seas. And don't expect neocons to throw us a life preserver as we thrash in the seas. Neocons are quite content to watch their fellow American's drown; just as they did in New Orleans. God, we now feel so patriotic that it hurts!

We do expect, just as SAHBA members have, for you to threaten us with lawsuits for whatever. Sorry, but the parasite lawyers, Nazi style insurance companies and cold hearted banks have already taken all of our money. There is nothing left for future buzzards to pick at. Save your legal rhetoric because it will only strengthen our resolve into a David vs. Goliath like scenario. We will crave the publicity like neocon Republicans crave the taste of Iraqi oil and blood. We want the public to know our story and what Republicans do to their countrymen and families. Must be that family-values facade argument that neocons talk about? You may be wealthier than us, but we have been strengthened by the adversity that your party and politics have assaulted us with.

You can thank L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes, SAHBA officials, and SAHBA board members for our economic devastation and political activism. Just remember, Mr. Click, you can't take a family's land, home, son or daughter from them, and expect the family to go away quietly into the western Arizona sunset. This will not end until justice has been served and this state and country have been given back to its rightful owners, "The People".

How do you feel about your President and Vice-President secretly outsourcing torture ("Black Sites") to countries like Thailand , Morocco , Egypt , Jordan , Saudi Arabia , Pakistan , Uzbekistan and Eastern European countries? If you recall, President Bush's secondary reason to attack Iraq was because Saddam Hussein had "torture" chambers that he used against his own people. The following excerpt is from Amnesty International:

In the summer of 2002, Amnesty International reported Fatima Mukhadirova, a 62 year old Tashkent shopkeeper, was sentenced to 6 years of hard labor after denouncing the government for the death of her son, Muzafar Avozov, in a Tashkent prison in Uzbekistan . An independent examination of photographs of the body, conducted by the University of Glasgow , showed that Mr. Avozov died after being immersed in boiling water, human rights group reported. The examination said his head had been beaten and his fingernails had been removed.

 Human rights activist pressed for Ms. Mukhadirova's release. She was freed shortly before a planned visit by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, in February, 2004.

Recently retired Joint Chief of Staff; General Richard Myers has said the United States had "benefited greatly from our partnership and strategic relationship with Uzbekistan ". While he noted that there were genuine concerns about Uzbekistan 's human rights record, General Myers said: "In my view, we shouldn't let any single issue drive a relationship with any single country. It doesn't seem to be good policy to me."

WTF? Our elected officials and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are insane. We currently have a U.S. soldier captured in Iraq . Do you think that there is any doubt that he has been tortured because of our torture at Abu Grahib and outsourced rendition "black sites" around the world? The reason you don't torture other combatants is because we do not want our soldiers to be tortured! Is this concept really that hard for neocons to understand since we don't consider this to be rocket science?

So we have now come full circle. The country that was fighting against terror and torture is now the biggest proponent of torture in the world; incredible. There have been 35 detainees that have died while under U.S. custody. Chances are they didn't die from old age. What does this say about our values as Americans? Mr. Click, do you and your wife believe that secret torture or torture of any kind should be used by the United States? Mr. Click, do you believe it would be acceptable to have suspects immersed in boiling water and pretend they are nothing more than human lobsters?

We feel your honest answer would say more about you than you would care to disseminate! In the final analysis, we would rather deal with the threat of terrorism in our lives, rather than give up our Civil Rights and become sheep in our very own country. Besides, we have already dealt with corporate terrorist here in Arizona and they have to be a hundred times worse than any 3rd world country terrorist. Arizona corporate terrorists will lie, cheat, steal and stab their own grandmother in the back for a nickel. We would rather take our chances with the real terrorists.

"If God is just, I tremble for my country." -Thomas Jefferson

Mr. Click, after all is said and done, you and your wife are simply anything but patriotic. Are you still in the 39% minority of Americans that are blind to the Bush administration lies? Obviously, you and wife's brains must be hard wired very differently than the majority of most Americans. In your own minds, we know that you must consider yourselves to be outstanding Americans, since you possess great wealth and you are able to purchase candidates that will help drive your wealth to new heights.

In order to increase your chances to become a "Super American," you will need to convince your children to commit to military service. Please, let us know when you sign your children up for military I.E.D./cannon fodder duty in Iraq. Just as you and your wife think you deserve more Democracy than most Americans because of your wealth; we believe you deserve the opportunity to experience true patriotism - sign your kids up for service in Iraq. We will honor your extra patriotism; especially since you will be the very first incredibly wealthy parents to actively encourage their offspring to join the military and "spread freedom," or as the poor people have decoded, "spread corporate freedom BS " in Iraq. We will not hold our breath. Instead we will laugh - because we already know what you will do. Your children will never come closer than 5,000 miles to the war in Iraq.

Sacrifice is such a terrible thing to waste!



PS Mr. Click, have you and your wife contributed yet to the defense fund for the criminal trials of Tom DeLay, Irv "Scooter" Libby, Ken Lay and Jack Abramoff?

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