November 20th, 2005

Republican House Representative opens mouth and inserts the whole foot!
Republican Party, the Party of corruption
Coalition Provisional Authority Corruption

6 more American service members died in Iraq yesterday. What a waste!
Total: 2082 Americans deaths

Mr. and Mrs. Click

On Friday November 20, Representative Jean Schmidt (R) of Ohio embarrassed herself and the Republican Party by displaying her total lack of understanding concerning military service and her incredible political ignorance. One must forgive Rep. Schmidt (R) for her complete lack of judgment, since she is the most junior member of Congress and possess little if any congressional experience. Ms. Schmidt was elected to Congress in August of 2005. We guess Ohio voters received exactly what they wanted, a political buffoon and a "real" coward. Did Ms. Schmidt spend even a single day of military service for her country? Mr. Click, did you spend any time in the military in order to serve your country?

On the floor of the House of Representatives, Ms. Schmidt delivered a message to Democrat Rep. John P. Murtha of Pennsylvania . The message was "stay the course, cowards cut and run, Marines never do". Rep. Schmidt was then shouted down by Democrats, especially Rep. Harold Ford (D) of Tennessee, and Ms. Schmidt was forced to have her remarks removed from the congressional record. How embarrassing!

Rep. Murtha (D) is a decorated Vietnam War veteran with 37 years of military experience and he is considered hawkish on military issues. Rep. Murtha's military awards include two purple hearts and the bronze star for injuries he suffered in combat. It has been reported that Ms. Schmidt once stubbed her toe and was awarded a gold band aid for the perceived trauma. Can the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" (what an oxymoron) be very far behind in their future personal attacks on Congressman Murtha's patriotism?

Mr. Click, you have in the past contributed to numerous out of state Republican congressional races. Did you contribute to the election of Ms. Schmidt? If you did support Ms. Schmidt, you must be so proud of your incompetent choice. Sure sounds like shades of Harriet Miers. Ms. Schmidt's opponent in the Ohio race this past August, was Paul Hackett, a Marine Iraqi war veteran and lawyer. Unfortunately for Ohio voters, they made a terrible and incompetent choice for their representative. Ohio voters must now suffer the consequences for their actions.

Also in the news: The Republican Party, the Party of corruption

Republican Michael Scanlon, originally hired as a spokesman for Rep. (R) Tom DeLay Texas (presently under indictment), and then as a partner with Bush Ranger and Republican super lobbyist Jack Abramoff (also presently under indictment), is reported to be ready to plead guilty to conspiracy charges. Mr. Scanlon was a ruthless lobbyist that excelled in shaking down American Indian groups along with Abramoff, for millions of dollars ($82 million in fees) in exchange for political access to Tom DeLay and his Republican controlled House.

E-mail that was obtained by the Senate committee investigating the issue, included correspondence between Abramoff and Scanlon that shows the viciousness and contempt that these Republican lobbyist have for the Indian tribes. To quote an article in the New York Times, it is the junior partner, Scanlon that has the thirst for wealth. Quotes from Scanlon include a comment about the Tigua Indian tribe, "I want all of their money" and a concerning the Coushatta tribe, "Weeez gonna be rich".

Mr. Click, are you proud of your Party? Are you proud to be a Bush Ranger, just as Mr. Abramoff is? What do you expect for all of the hundreds of thousands of dollars you have stuffed into politicians back pockets? How much more corruption will the American people be asked to accept, in the name of Democracy?

We lost our land and house because of Republican immorality and greed. Republican businesses that only cared about how much profit they could suck out of one family. Nothing else mattered. There were Republican developers, builders, contractors, and lawyers whose only motives were greed. What the hell is wrong with you people?

The Republican Party, the Party that promotes the culture of corruption. This is indeed a sad time in American history. We are ashamed for all of you that have no shame!

Also in the news: Coalition Provisional Authority Corruption

Two Americans, Robert J. Stein and Philip H. Bloom were charged in federal court in a bribery and kickback scandal. Mr. Stein, who worked for the Coalition Provisional Authority as a comptroller and financial officer, is accused of receiving money for steering contracts to Mr. Bloom's companies. Mr. Stein's position allowed him to be in control of $82 million dollars. What is incredible is that Mr. Stein was convicted on federal fraud charges in the mid 1990's.

What are the chances that Mr. Stein is a registered Republican? Our only other comment is that what incredible greed and moral blindness exist in U.S. companies, at the same time American service men are dying right in front of them in order to spread freedom. Who are they trying kid? President Bush and Republicans are only willing to promote American corporate freedom.

P.S. Also on Friday, the Pentagon referred allegation to the Justice Department concerning the Halliburton Company. If you recall, Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton just before he anointed himself to become Vice President. No, there is no evidence of corruption going on between the Republican thieves.

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