Date:  July 2, 2007

Subject:  The Fourth of July and Irving Scooter Libby

Title:  The Rule of Law died on this day, July 2nd, in the 2007th year of our Lord

“I promise to bring honor and integrity to the White House”

“It’s time to clean up the toxic environment in Washington D.C.”

“Ask not only what is legal but what is right, not what the lawyers allow, but what the public deserves”

“If someone committed a crime they will no longer work in my administration”

“Anyone that has broken a law will be taken care of”

“I am a uniter; not a divider”

- 2000 Candidate and later President - George W. Bush


George W. Bush is just another lying mother phucking politician, who in your name, chooses to engage in the political game of lying, torturing, and killing people.  Such a fine leader.  Such a fine man!  Such a fine example of a human being!  Sure, why don’t you just go out and have a beer with him America.


Dear SAHBA members and republicans alike:

The upcoming Fourth of July commemorations and celebrations were just awarded a special addition to the list of festivities to recall the founding principals of which our country was founded.  The wealthy and powerful get to play by a different set of rules and punishments than the masses do.  This additional event for our Fourth of July pleasure, the Irving Scooter Libby pre-planned, commutation dealings, will only continue to undermine the main reasons that our Fore Fathers decide to invent America and its democracy in the first place; they did not like the idea of being ruled by an unaccountable and unsupervised dictator or king.

There is no reason to celebrate anything today with the events that have taken place during the past seven years of the Bush crime family administration.  The dirty deeds that have been done with your approval, now hang over America’s collective consciousness, like a hoisted guillotine possess, as it awaits its final downward journey.

Yes folks, this Fourth of July will truly be a special day filled with patriotism to celebrate the nation that we have become; “The Patriot Act, Abu Ghraib, Military Commissions Act, Suspension of Habeas Corpus, Jack Abramoff scandal, Congressional Corruption and now the double standard Rule of Law.  Yes we have so much to feel patriotic about for the past seven years of republican Bush rule that I think I will just stop and puke.   

Phuck yes, drink a six pack, light a Roman candle in your pants, then take a piss into the gusting west wind and only then, make your call your to your local fire department to put out the flames in your shorts and marvel to yourself that it’s so great to live in a country where such festivities are practically considered a free form of patriotic entertainment.   Ah... isn’t America still a great place, in spite of some of you!  

In the last four years of the Bush Administration and because of corrupted republican rule in the nation and Arizona, my family has lost our home, our land, our credit rating, our pension, our dreams, our health and marriage have never been so taxed at this level and now we find ourselves living in a country amongst a nation of crooks with a set of benign laws for the powerful and wealthy, and another set of demanding laws for the rest of us.  Why do we have two standards?   

No, I don’t feel very patriotic when the middle class is being shafted and looted while American jobs are being exported to China and India and another corporation like Dick Cheney’s former company, Halliburton is moving to an offshore Dubai, United Arab Emirates address, all for tax purposes; so patriotic!  And how many people have died for the continued profits for this greedy motivated corporation known as Halliburton?  Do you really think that Halliburton, and its corporate executives including stock holder, Dick Cheney care for one moment how many US soldiers die in Iraq?   How can any of these war mongering, chicken hawk morons, equate them selves in any light that involves patriotism? 

I guess I should just get ready to sign up with the Army or Marines and sacrifice my life and even my children’s lives for the opportunity to receive more of this good ole American manufactured, middle class misfortune to insure that corporate welfare for multi-national corporations like Halliburton, continue without interruption.

Patriotism, like America, is a dying concept that sold out to special interest, such a long time ago!  Yes, beat your chest and chant that the USA is No.1; just as if you were back in your high school days and rooting on a Friday night for your school’s football team.  Americans and their profession of patriotism for our country and themselves are really that sophomoric.  Everyone wants to belong, even if they are unsure of what they really want to belong to.   It is the heard mentality at its finest.

Our Fourth of July firework displays do not represent a young start up country at war, but a graphic representation of present day 2007 and also the last seven years of the Bush Administrations and the republican dominated government support for corporate artillery firing exercises at unarmed employees, all for the destruction of their pay, benefits and pensions.  Please do not try and tell me that our republican politicians throughout the country have not been in the corporate coffers to do their dirty work for them against the American worker.  How patriotic are those assertions?  Greed cannot be hidden easily and by its very nature, it is quite illuminating.  Being greedy is like a pig that is squealing!   

We as middle class Americans are only left with holding the empty bag of promised prosperity.   We might as well be tossed overboard in the water, from a sinking ship, thrashing away as the wealthy and powerful board the few available life boats and paddle furiously in the opposite direction, choosing to stick their long noses up in the air, in a final gesture of defiance and contempt towards all of us. None of this is right, none of this is fair and certainly none of this should ever be confused with being patriotic.  It is systematic of a country and culture whose powerful elite have chosen to develop sociopathic personalities as a badge to wear of moral dishonor.

And by the way, as you put that brand new American flag out to wave proudly from the front of your house today, check and see in fact if it was made in the USA or China.  Would you be surprised to learn that the majority of American flags are now made in China?  Do you even care as long as you by cheap plastic shit from Wal-Mart?  Consume like a pig is the American way.  Unchecked Capitalism; how very patriotic.  Also, how is your FDA approved food doing these days?  Isn’t Gordon Gecko greed so good; no? 

Won’t it be interesting to learn that the death of American Capitalism will be Capitalism by itself?  The American Empire is dying because of its wealthy movers and shakers greed and the American consumer’s penchant to turn a blind eye to the dismantling of the American Dream, while they gorge themselves to financial credit card death, with cheap overseas made products.

There is absolutely nothing un-patriotic about public and private intellectual class warfare against wealthy Americans who could care less if your family lives or dies in the gutter.  Are the wealthy of this country patriotic for love of country, or for love of money?  This country has never been so divided since the Vietnam and Civil War.

But didn’t George W. Bush say that he was a uniter, and not a divider!  Yes, Bush has united the country against its own self interest pitting Americans against each other.  What a lying mother phucker!  I never felt the political passion inside me until Bush came along, which coincide at the very same time my family was being financially raped by the building industry and city government of Tucson and the state of Arizona.  Up to that point I hadn’t realized how republican a state Arizona was and is, with its accompanying corruption at all levels of government and media control.  No, maybe instead it was just all a Karl Rove and Dick Cheney Machiavellian crusade coincidence to divide and conquer the country from the very onset that was only designed to divide us further.  And to think, you voted for this very fiasco to happen, not once but twice.

Earlier this afternoon, I learned of President George W. Bush’s fateful decision to commute republican jewish attorney and former chief of staff for Vice president Dick Cheney, Irving Scooter Libby perjury and obstruction of justice jail sentence.  It should be noted that Bush has turned down over 4,000 requests for commutations of jail sentences, but Irving Libby’s request somehow floated to the top and was approved in record time.  Hot damn, it must have been just a phucking circumstance of coincidence.   So much for the argument that cronyism was never present in the Bush White House.

Even George Bush turned down and mocked Karla Faye Tucker and her request for commutation relief of her death sentence in Texas.  Tucker had asked that her sentence be commuted by Bush to life in prison, but the compassionate conservative had her executed anyway.   Remember Bush used to stick fire crackers up frog’s ass holes and light them until the glee of explosion arrived.  Remember, he said he is a compassionate conservative.  Has there been any doubt that Bush possesses the attributes of a sociopath and dictator?  But Bush still evidently thinks that two and one- half years in jail for Irving Scooter Libby is harsh sentence, but the death penalty is not.  The death penalty for Iraqi citizens has also not been a harsh sentence either.  Yes, any jail sentence is considered harsh if the person is a high up Bush White House official that has been caught and sentenced.  And the Bush administration was just recently pushing hard for sentencing guidelines.  WTF? 

But everyone on the television set says that Libby’s sentence is still severe since he was not granted a full pardon and must pay $250,000 dollars, remain on probation and he will be forced to loose his law license.  What a crock of shit.  Why do the American media insist on lying to us?  Libby will not be forced to do any of that crap. Presidential hopeful, Fred Thompson has raised millions for his defense.  I wonder if Jim Click, Don Diamond and Lute and Christine Olson have contributed to his defense. 

The full Libby pardon, for which Mr. Libby will be totally absolved of all his convictions, is scheduled to be administered on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2008 during the last days of the Bush administration and smack in the middle of the Christmas vacation season, when they hope that no one will being paying any attention.  The remainder of the republican Party will hope that American’s will be in their usual brain dead mode of operation not to notice  

Bush’s commutation effectively chooses to obstruct justice, by protecting himself and Vice President Dick Cheney from further scrutiny to uncover the true reason of why we invaded Iraq; lots of oil.  Come on, two ex oil boys with a combined IQ of 69, but with a penchant for greed, and a can’t miss chance to tap into their own personal oil well on a known oil location strike!

As far as prison sentence goes, even socialite Paris Hilton served over a thousand more times in jail, than the amount of time that Irving Scooter Libby will ever be asked to serve in the remainder of his lifetime.  Paris Hilton has more balls than any jewish republican lawyer like Libby.  Barbara Streisand is a good hearted jewish person.  Irving Scooter Libby is a republican neocon, jewish lying ass, pussified conman! 

Irving Scooter Libby, like Dick Cheney, chose not to serve in the military and ducked out during the Vietnam War.  I find it fascinating that these two men, as older individuals now, promote the war hawk testosterone image of make believe warriors that just can’t help themselves from looking for another war to get America into.  Can you say Iran, boys and girls?  Do you think there must be some money to be made from all of these rackets that are based on wars?

As you recall, Libby was convicted of lying to federal prosecutors and was eventually convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice.  Irving Scooter Libby was also caught, but not convicted of divulging secret information to reporters in order to discredit former Ambassador, Joe Wilson and his New York Times letter which challenged the Bush’s Administration decision to go to war on bogus intelligence.  George Bush and Dick Cheney were the two people that instigated the directive for Libby to leak classified information to reporters in order to try and discredit Joe Wilson.  Remember when George Bush said that he would fire any people in his administration who were involved in leaking classified information?  Bush was lying to you and me since he was the person, along with Cheney who approved of Libby’s actions to leak classified information. 

So George Bush has now obstructed justice by springing Libby rather than letting Libby be terrified of going to jail and flipping for special prosecutor Fitzgerald.  Is there any doubt that Libby knows where all of the “bodies are buried.”  No matter what the political cost for Bush’s legacy or the republican party, Bush was never going to let Libby stay in jail for fear that Libby might spill the Iraqi war beans on their devious plans to invade Iraq.   Irving scooter Libby is no patriot or hero; he is a maggot and a liar.   And how many of you ignorant Americans believed in 2002, and even some of you to this day, that Iraq had anything to do with 09/11?   And how many more lives are going to be wasted to fulfill these lies of war?

Our country was also founded upon the notion that every man was given unalienable rights by his creator that included life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that all men were equal under the eyes of the law.  What bullshit!  Sorry, but whites need only apply.  Is there any doubt that our Fore Fathers were lawyers?  A country founded by lawyers, now that is something to ponder while watching behind you as they open up your wallet and pilfer at will.  America, the land of freedom; I don’t think so!   And to think that David Addington, a republican jewish lawyer and chief of staff for Cheney, would be the person who would write right the commutation letter for Bush that would absolve another republican jewish lawyer, Irving scooter Libby of serving his time in jail for doing the crime as the person behind the scenes who was doing the dirty work for Bush and Cheney. 


Why is the jewish population that is comprised of only 2% of the American population have such a powerful presence in the Bush neocon republican administration and Washington think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute; another jewish lobby?  Didn’t I just read where Paul Wolfowitz, the recently disgraced president of the World Bank and former Iraq war architect, just park his nappy ass, spittle head at the America Enterprise Institute?  Do the names Wolfowitz, Feith, Libby, Perle, Kissinger, Addington, Adelman, John Bolton, Josh Bolton, Fleisher, Chertoff, Mehlman, Cohen, Wurmser, Abrams, Poderetz, Zoellick, Judith Miller, William Kristol etc..... have any relevance into the inquiry of our presence in Iraq?  Are we in fact fighting Israel’s wars in the Middle East with American money and blood?

Is it anti- Semitic to ask these questions and point out these facts or is it patriotic to inquire in a democracy?  Is the true mission of the Anti- Defamation League used as an excuse to silence dissent?   Please instruct the ADL that they can go phuck their concerns about dissent. What in fact are these associations; gang related protection rackets?  What is your definition of democracy; one that involves silence?  

A democracy demands openness and inspection without fear of stepping on anyone’s jewish toes.  Whose allegiance are these powerful jewish influence promoting in the Bush administration; America’s or Israel’s interest?  I do not see any anti- Polish or Anti Polish Defamation Leagues in operation; do you? The people that complain and holler the loudest are usually hiding their true intent.  Why does the Israeli government have Moosad agents that have spied on the United States?  Are we really such strong allies for one another; and then the question that begs to be asked, is why?

We have in fact become a nation of liars that enjoys being lied to on a daily basis!  Our Fore Fathers would weep if they knew what you have done to allow their democracy to be lead by a bunch of liars.  They would also be shocked to learn that you people are okay with your leaders lying to you.  Our Fore Fathers would be devastated at the degree of apathy that you exhibit towards your democracy and country. 

You are no patriots; you are only pathetic flat screen, American Idol, TV morons.

Patriotism or democracy should not ever be tolerated or be confused with approval along Party lines for their elected official’s lies!  How can the American people profess even for an instant, a morsel of patriotic fervor when their leaders and country are standing on the edge of a great moral abyss and continue to lie, cheat, and steal from them?   There is nothing for us to celebrate about.

But there is no need to question this double standard or perversion of the American justice system since justice has only become a mirage for the poor and middle class in this country.   The rich and powerful are judged on a different set of rules than you or me.

Many of us had already figured out the reason for our invasion before the undertaking in March 2003 occured, and it had nothing to do with the hop scotch reasons of WMD’s, Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, Al Qaeda or the ridiculous patriotic promotional idea of freedom.  Freedom is the furthest reason for being in Iraq other than the offer of complete freedom for American oil companies to help themselves to future Iraqi oil fields. 

The only valid reason for such deception is that it has to do with the concept of money!

Unchecked Capitalism that is lead by men that are consumed with greed is a recipe for our country’s impending disaster.  The Middle East and our foreign policy are both in a state of shambles because of the Bush agenda to redesign the Middle East.  And Bush said as a candidate in 2000 that he was not into nation building.  No, he meant to say that he supported region building, not nation building; just another manufactured lie to feed to the American people and have them consume with glee.

How ironic is it, that as the July Fourth approaches the validity of this country’s democracy and the Rule of Law have never under such assault as there are today in the seventh year of the Bush administrations run to bankrupt this country.  Didn’t Grover Norquist, a former College Republican like Jack Abramoff once say that he wanted to drown the government in a bath tub?  Government is not the problem but instead it is the appointed officials that are in charge from the Bush Administration that are ruining our form of government.  Sure let’s get rid of all government employees and give the jobs that these departments used competently do to private contractors.  The chances of fraud waste and abuse are inevitable. 

But how are we really doing folks?  Should we just pretend that everything is okay?   

On this Fourth of July, I will be ashamed to call myself an American who now lives in a banana republic country that is controlled by leaders who lie to us at will and who divert and loot the taxes that hard working Americans have been forced to pay.  Our corrupted government in the last seven years has allowed this country to be attacked by a group of religious thugs and then invaded the country of Iraq, which by the way, had nothing to with this attack on 9/11.  Even one Senator this past week said that earmarks have to remain secret so that in essence there is no record or accountability of where our money is going.  WTF?

Our government is broken!  Our country is broken!  Our government cannot be trusted!  Our politicians from both Parties’ are a disgrace to the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

And the seeds of this corruption began over thirty years ago, due to legislation passed after the Nixon Watergate fiasco, when soft money was allowed to infiltrate our elected officials, and who took to the new campaign laws like a heroin drug addict takes to the idea of limitless amounts of free heroin.  The results of thirty years of corruption, outsourcing and now privatization is that some of you have become incredibly wealthy from buying your politicians, while the rest of us and our country sink into a moral and financial abyss.

God, doesn’t that make every man, women and child want to repeat the pledge of allegiance in an act of patriotism or should we just say an act of contrition for our elected official’s sins? 

And what have any of you done about this situation?  Most of you do nothing and say nothing except for the fact that you don’t posses an opinion about the demise of your democracy. As long as your 401 K’s are increasing in value, many of you are content to look the other way and burp or fart to your heart’s content.  God help all of us for your 2000 and 2004 voting blunders of ignorance.

In 2004, but not 2000, a majority of Americans chose to give the keys to a fancy new, sooped up sports car, to a couple of teenage brained drunks, provide them with liquor, limitless credit cards, while bribing the local sheriff to look the other way and now the morning after, you are surprised when they brought the sports car home and it is a total phucking loss.  Well, this is exactly what you have gotten with the 2000 and 2004 election of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.  What the phuck were you people thinking?  Please tell me what the phuck has happened to your brains, morals and ideals?

On Wednesday we will now mark the anniversary of our country’s independence from tyranny and taxation without representation.  Could it be our last?  And after all that has happened this past week, most of you will not give it a second thought what this day actually means except that it stands for maybe a paid vacation day off, especially if you work for  the federal or state government.  How nice that you still have a pension!

Most of you SAHBA members will be too busy gorging yourself with hot dogs, hamburgers or sucking down a Polish sausage, while the men of the family continue to concentrate on becoming inebriated with old fashion American piss water, as they watch the latest NASCAR or golfing tournament on television.  The women will just have to suck on a few more Zoloft’s and pretend that they are having a wonderful time washing the dishes and while they slit their wrist on the fine china, and wait for their republican men to finish farting and pissing across, half the backyard patio floor.

If you recall, our country celebrates the premise that all men were created equal, except for the black slaves, the American Indians, the jews, the Irish, the Italians and all other people from countries that are not considered of the WASP heritage of Great Britain.  And another premise from which this country was founded upon was the decree that all men were treated equal under the Rule of Law.  Some of us have understood for a long time that this concept of one system of rules for everyone is based on fantasy.  My family was treated to a different set of justice rules and we lost everything.  On Monday this hypothesis about one set of rules for everyone has proven to be a fantasy.  Even Paris Hilton spent more time in jails for a DUI than Irving Scooter Libby did for lying about outing a CIA clandestine agent.

America and its corporate ravenous appetite for profit and corrupted politicians have chosen to turn their backs on the American middle class; how patriotic.  Isn’t patriotism supposed to be a concept based on love and devotion to ones country?  Unfortunately some Americans take patriotism to psychotic lengths to prove that they in fact belong to a much larger and powerful group that make them feel powerful.  It is just like a gang family mentality.  You may think you belong, but you are mistaken.   You belong to an imaginary base.

You are just like the Christian Evangelicals that Bush uses as his pseudo base of power.  But Bush’s real bases are the wealthy and the Corporate America elite.  But, why do you still believe that you are part of this group?  Do you have a need to belong to something or is it just a manifestation of an inferiority complex? Why do people feel like they have to belong to an entity like a sociopathic corporation?  How many of you choose to where some type of corporate logo that in fact provides free advertising to corporations that are looking to brand you for life?   How can a class of people continue to be patriotic when the jobs, pensions and security of middle class Americans are in designed jeopardy by American corporate and greedy interest?

Besides nationalism fervor, we as a nation are rumored to be a country that was founded upon the missing and hidden values of Christianity, the 2.0 version that is still alive in the year 2007 and maybe that is why we lie, cheat, steal and kill with abandon.   What in your Christian make-ups and values told you that it was alright to slaughter the American Indian for their western lands?   

What in your Christian make up told you that slavery was an acceptable idea?  It doesn’t seem like a very Christian act to me.  You as a Christian professed nation are nothing more than professional hypocrites.   Why as a nation do we enter wars that kill so many of our own and others countries children?  Why are we in Iraq?  What out there is so important that we readily commit our sons and daughters lives to search in foreign lands for the happiness of imaginary gain of resources from forced oil contracts?   

How does a person stay proud of this country when its past and present reveal a country that is based on anything but an image of benevolence towards the human life or its spirit, but instead projects a semi hidden image based on greed?     

Hasn’t America just become a metaphor as an incredibly large loop hole to drive your SUV’s through if you want to subjugate the notion of what those simple words of Declaration of Independence should really mean?   It’s a joke!

I find it incredible that after over two hundred and thirty one years, we still have Bozo’s on the Supreme Court like Judge Anthony Scalia, that think they know what are founding really fathers meant.  What are two Italians doing in a WASP designed Court anyway?  Where did we nominate such brilliant men of conceit and arrogance from? Why one of justices, Clarence Thomas, does not even speak at the court, but still has the courage to cast a vote with his republican conservative, Uncle Tom’s brilliance.   And Clarence Thomas got his start through affirmative action, but he has recently pulled the ladder up from allowing anymore of his race to climb aboard.  What in fact is a level playing field?

And can these present day interpreters decide if the Constitution that was adopted in 1787, is totally relevant in this day in age.  Have we not progressed as a society and with new technology that our fore fathers could have never imagined?  Has not the Constitution been used like the pre war Iraqi intelligence was for narrow minded, cherry picking interest.

Why did our Constitution permit slavery and genocide of the American Indian at a place like Wounded Knee?  Why were inter-racial marriages against the law of the land for so many years?  Why were women not able to vote until 1896?  Why did it take the Civil Rights voting act of 1964 in order for blacks to be protected for voting?  Why is same sex marriage such a big deal in light of our past follies with morals and justice of slavery and genocide?

And now in the summer of 2007, we are once again reminded of how America and its wealthy of aristocracy and greed and their holy bound peasant supporters are treated as two separate entities.  President Bush has done more to divide and harm this nation and its people than all presidents combined.  Bush took an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution and the Rule of Law and has instead has made a mockery of the powers that you have given him. 

I personally will never forgive you for what you have allowed to happen to this country through your arrogance and ignorance.  

Tomorrow, I will contact my Congresswomen, Nancy Pelosi and demand that both George W. Bush and Dick Cheney be impeached for obstructing justice.  The two chicken shit Vietnam draft dodgers can be impeached at the same time for crimes against the Constitution and the American people, while holding hands, just like they did at the 09/11 commission hearings.  Clinton was impeached for lying about a blow job.  I think the crimes of Bush and Cheney are on a completely different level.  Irving Libby got away from justice because he kept silent long enough for Bush to do his constitutional, but immoral magic.  Yes, Bush can commute a jail sentence, but he can’t do it to protect himself and Cheney in the name of obstructing justice.  That is what Kings do.

On this 4th of a July, I will not celebrate, I will not indulge in the festivities and frivolities that an ignorant America chooses to occupy it self with.  I will instead shed a tear for the country that I once new and that has forever been erased from the consciousness of my mind.  We should rescind the Fourth of July as a national holiday since its meaning is now too hollow and superficial to even decipher.  I do not think as a nation that we believe a single word what of what the Declaration of Independence or our neutered Bill of Rights stands for any longer.

Sometimes a person or a country has to loose the rights that they have and have forgotten how to cherish in order to appreciate the idea of what they no longer have.

I want to express many thanks to the American people for their combined acts of apathy and unconsciousness towards the American Constitution.   The American Empire, like the Roman Empire, is now dying.

The only way to rid ourselves of this cancer in the White House is to cut it out and throw it away.  A multiple and concurrent impeachment of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and throw in Alberto Gonzalez for good measure, since it is the only remedy to exorcise our country of the mistaken scourge and vermin that a majority of you voted for. 

The Constitution provides a means for the country to deal with high crimes and misdemeanors which have occurred multiple times in this corrupted administration.  Bush and Cheney should be impeached for lying to the American people about lying us into an invasion and continued war with Iraq.  Bush/ Cheney should be impeached for the subsequent cover up to hide the truth about their fictitious and massaged intelligence to enter us into a war that will cost the American people, their children and grand children over two trillion dollars.  Obstruction of justice and lying to the American people about war is an impeachable offense.

And if the republican politicians do not want to undertake and do the right thing for this country, then let the republican Party endure the wrath of the American voter in November 2008.

I now longer have any patriotism, pride or confidence in the content of this country’s character anymore.  It coincides with my total disgust of the American politician and especially Arizona politicians who have sunk to the gutter in their conviction and principles of greed.  Money is the new principal and conviction these days.   If this country does not posses the courage to do their civic duty, then I fear our country and its democracy are no longer valid.

And if this is the case, will the last person in the country; please turn the lights out.  I do not want to see the carnage that follows from a country that I once loved!


“The Arizona Refugee”

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