November 7, 2006

KGUN News; “On Your Side”
CH 9 Tucson, Arizona

Dear KGUN News and SAHBA Members,

Recently, the ABC affiliate in Tucson, CH 9 KGUN News is currently running a news campaign commercial declaring that KGUN protects its viewers.  Guy Atchely and Jennifer Waddell before their new set, profess that they and KGUN News will “protect your families and your property.”

I agree that a news organization that protects it viewers by taking on the tough stories and issues by thoroughly investigating them, is a certified public treasure to the community.  The question is: are there subjects that our considered too taboo to cover in Tucson and the state of Arizona because of upper management’s PR pressures or is it simply the almighty advertising, revenue dollar that is keeping KGUN and other media like The Arizona Daily Star silent?

As you know SAHBA professes to be “the community builder; but how can it build communities when its actions toward its customers is helping tear good families apart?
SAHBA is very quick to support and protect fraudulent and defective builders through its “certified custom home builder program” by offering defect liability, insurance coverage and lawyer referral to protect the guilty.  Why wouldn’t a news organization want to cover a consumer sham program that hurts Tucsonan citizens?  I do not get any of this ugliness!

So how can SAHBA be the community builder when it approves of an ex-military family losing their home because of a merit less and fraudulent lawsuit that took my family into financial oblivion?   If one is wealthy, you will receive justice; but if money becomes an issue, the corporations like SAHBA, McCreary Homes and insurance companies like State Farm Insurance, always seem to win.  Justice in these cases is quite illusive to the less economically, home owner, advantaged.

 Did Lute and Christine Olson with their connections to SAHBA have any problems with there new multi-million dollar home? I don’t think so.

I have wondered why the Tucson media, and news organizations like, KGUN News, are so afraid to confront an issue that affects so many Tucsonans.  And I find it quite hypocritical for a news organization to promote their offer to protect their viewer’s families and properties and then turn a blind eye to the building industry that is the main economic engine for the state of Arizona.

So why are the media outlets too afraid to confront this issue?  Could it be that the advertising dollar revenue that newspapers and television generate are like a cloth gag that is shoved into ones mouth to silence truth and justice?  Why is the subject of licensed builder fraud and defective builders such a taboo subject?  Tucson media acts as if the subject equates on par with the taboo subject of gay, evangelical, anal sex.  Oh. I forgot, you will even discuss that issue about Pastor Ted Haggard and his sex life, but you will not cover the issue of SAHBA backed and protected; builder defect fraud!  

Why is licensed builder fraud such a taboo subject to cover for Tucson media?

What is so hard about exposing the truth about SAHBA and the Tucson home building market?  If you are not going to cover consumer shams that take place in the building industry; do not tell us that you are on “our side” and that you will “protect our families and property.” My family paid an incredible price including the loss of our land, home and credit rating because of these scoundrels.  And who is there to speak out to the public about this scam?  Who is there to protect other families from being subjected to this spider web trap?

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men, women and news organizations like KGUN News, to remain silent.

KGUN News, will you still choose to remain silent or will your news organization that professes to be on “our side” and to “protect our families and our property”; finally awake from its consumer sham slumber and do its job to inform the community of such dangers that affect families?  My family was devastated by this issue and we will never be the same.  Our future and dreams were ripped right out of our hearts.

Maybe if news and television organizations like KGUN News covered the important consumer shams that occur in this city, you would not find consumers that have been ripped off and feel a great need to “Trash Tucson” for injustices that are not answered. Besides, didn’t Jennifer Wadell say that KGUN has a commitment to better the community? How is the community helped when a good family is allowed to be financially raped?

Please do not allow your silence to become deafening as to be considered a permanent impediment of an organizations profession of community free speech and protection of such rights.   


- The Arizona Refugee

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