October 9, 2006

SAHBA, Jim Click, and Lute Olson’s support of Kolbe and Foley

Tucson’s very own republican first lady, Christine Olson of S. W. Jack Drilling Co., takes time out for a picture with (R) Rep. Jim Kolbe. 

Mrs. Olson is the new wife of University of Arizona coach, republican golden boy contributor, Lute Olson.  Mrs. Olson, in her own right is an incredible campaign, contributor and money raiser for right wing neo-con republican candidates, nation wide.

Mr. and Mrs. Olson are in that elite group of the wealthiest top 1% of incredibly rich Americans in the entire country.  In fact Mrs. Olson has consistently been ranked as one of the top 400 people in the country that give money to political campaigns across the country.  It is very difficult to be a poor little rich girl and have ethics and morals at the same time. 

Mrs. Olson in 2000 contributed almost $240,000 dollars to republican candidates.  It can safely be reported that Mrs. Olson total campaign contributions have totaled into the millions.  Lute Olson contributes $50,000 a year to the republican party.  Obviously, Lute Olson makes too much money if he is willing to throw it at republican politicians like Mark Foley and Jim Kolbe.  I wonder if Mr. Olson’s money also went to Tom DeLay and Duke Cunningham?

Of course Lute and Christine Olson expect nothing in return for political contributions.  Democracy has never stunk so much.

So when Mrs. Olson took the above picture with Mr. Kolbe did she realize she would be contributing to a man that is okay with keeping information about a pedophile congressional member a secret?  Does Mrs. Olson support pedophilia?

Why do the most salacious members of Congress seem to come from the republican party?  Why do republicans seen to have such a hang up when it comes to sex?

I am so impressed with Mrs. Olson’s support of such wonderful family value politicians that her republican party advertises.

Mrs. Olson should be so proud of the wonderful candidates and politicians that she supports with her incredible wealth.

Keep up the good work Mrs. Olson; we are all so proud of you!


Dear SAHBA members, Jim Click, Lute and Christine Olson

When republican representative Jim Kolbe announced his decision to not run for re-election in 2006, I was out of town on a business trip.  Unfortunately, I never learned the “real” reason why Kolbe, after 22 years in Congress, and a sure shoe-in for another term, announced his retirement on the day after Thanksgiving.  I think it was something about Kolbe needing “to move on”.  And now we learn the reason for “wanting to move on”.  Was the heat from the simmering Foley behavior scandal becoming too much to handle?

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to say nothing!

Why was Kolbe given such a pass by the Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Citizen?  Didn’t anyone in the Tucson local media think that it was incredibly unusual for Kolbe to announce his retirement out of the blue?  Why did no one from the media press Kolbe for a more thorough reason for his sudden announcement of not running?  Personally I had theorized that Kolbe was somehow tied up in the Jack Abramoff Indian gaming scandal; maybe he still is.

We are so familiar with the Tucson media turning their fourth estate head sideways, plugging their ears and practicing the mantra of see no evil, hear no evil, and don’t ask pertinent question about evil.

I could never imagine the Arizona Daily Star or Tucson Citizen ever doing an investigative story on SAHBA’s promoting and protecting incompetent fraudulent builders that ruin ex-military Arizonan family’s lives?  Hell, even the Tucson Weekly is too chicken shit to even take on SAHBA.

The fourth estate in Tucson and for that matter most of the United States is dead!  It does seem that once local newspapers could be bought up by conglomerates, the truth could be hidden or suppressed from the public’s conscience.  Why did you not press to find the truth about Kolbe’s sudden, pending retirement? 

The Tucson media at the same time is complicit and incompetent in their conspiracy to shield the truth!

Representative Kolbe knew about Mark Foley’s propensity for pedophilia way back in 2000.  Jim Kolbe was shown an e-mail from a young page that had been sent by republican Congressman Mark Foley.  The e-mail made the intern feel uncomfortable because of their sexual nature. 

Kolbe as a representative law maker chose not to uphold the laws that he was entrusted to make, for we, the people.  Kolbe decided that he was above the law and that morality, decency and justice could be put on hold indefinitely.  Jim Kolbe had decided that he could pretend everything was okay.  Jim Kolbe decided that he could remain silent.  Jim Kolbe was wrong.  Jim Kolbe made a conscience decision to do the “wrong thing”; hide it!

Silence in the face of evil is the companion of complicity.

Is it possible that Kolbe’s sexual orientation hindered his decision to expose Foley’s behavior?  Was Kolbe and Dennis Hastert mum about Foley’s behavior because of republican party considerations?  Did republicans like Kolbe and Hastert expose many more young pages to sexual abuse because the resulting investigation would possibly result in their party losing a seat?

So did Kolbe sit on the information for so long that it resulted in many pedophilia encounters with Mark Foley and young pages?  Did Representative Kolbe have sex with young pages to?  Why did Kolbe choose to protect a sex offender rather than exposing the crime?  Did Kolbe figure out in 2005 that there were many people that knew about Foley’s actions at that he would be held in accountable for his silence?

We contacted Rep. Kolbe’s office to see if Mr.Kolbe could help us with our building nightmare in Arizona.  Kolbe, like Kyl and like McCain choose not to remain silent.  No wonder Kolbe would not address and help us with a SAHBA building nightmare.  Kolbe chose to look the other way and remain silent; just like he did with Foley. Was Kolbe to busy trying to hide one of his fellow congressman’s sexual predator appetites, rather than help a constituent?     

God only knows how many pages were subjected to further abuse because Kolbe remained silent!  How many more families have been devastated my SAHBA and McCreary Homes?

Jim Click, Don Diamond and Lute and Christine Olson, are you happy with your verbal and monetary support that you have provided Mr. Kolbe over his 22 years in Congress?  How much money have you contributed to a man that protects pedophiles?   How much money have you contributed to Mr. Kolbe to do your bidding and at the same time be so busy protecting a pedophile.  Did your money buy influence and help pay for pedophile sex in Washington?

The fact that Mr. Kolbe is gay has no bearing on this scandal.  This scandal is about power, children, sex and silence.  Your candidate and congressman chose to protect his party’s power ratio by endangering children with his silence. 

Once again, all it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to remain silent.

Mr. Kolbe, I am so ashamed that you have been my Congressman for the last ten years.  My family’s lives have been turned upside down during the Bush presidency and republican Arizonan politics.  You never care about the people that you were sent to Washington to represent.  You never cared to help my family 

Now I know why you never answered our e-mails or letters.  You were too busy protecting a pedophile! 

Mr. Kolbe, Mr. Foley and their fellow politicians are just another example of six years of republican corruption and disgrace!

Good riddance to you Mr. Kolbe. 

 P.S.  Where is the outrage from the Catholic Church and its Bishops?  When John Kerry was running for the presidency, a St. Louis Bishop came out publicly and said that Kerry should not be given Communion.  I decided to leave the Catholic Church at that point in time.  Religion has no phucking business in politics.  Too many people die for beliefs that they cannot prove.  Why are the Catholic Bishops now silent?

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