November 7, 2006

Senator Jon Kyl and the Mid- Term Elections

"Hey, Hey, Hey......Jonny boy, it's easy to lie to the people if you just smile and then open your mouth; the lies, I mean the words, will just flow out like Texas horse shit" "Phuck you middle class America; I hate you!  I can't wait to use you Evangelicals pawns for my future wedgie issues!  Hey, Hey, Hey!" A picture of two Christian Evangelicals politicians making a date for some methamphetamine drug induced, gay sex.  "Jon, I know we are hypoctites; but I love you man; hey, hey, hey...... I mean I "really" love you!"
  "And also bad for America!"  

Dear SAHBA and Arizona Voter,

On Tuesday November 7, our state and nation will vote for one of the most important mid- term elections in recent history.  There is so much riding on this election, including the loss of many future American military lives in Iraq.  Will you choose to have more republican blood on your hands? 

If you think your vote and the choosing of the right candidate does not matter, you are so sadly mistaken.  I look to what has happened to my family in the past six years and realize how different our lives would be if competent and uncorrupted politicians were elected from the local, state, and national level from across the country in 2000 and 2004.  I think the lives of over 2800 military members would be so different if people had voted differently and sanely in 2004.

But America was first greedy in 2000, and then scared as hell in 2004.  Now in November, 2006, you are still scared as hell and it is once again time to vote your future.  Will you decide once again to vote for fear, or will you change course and vote for hope?  Please choose carefully. God may wait for you; but your country may implode while waiting.  Maybe you, the apathetic voter, instead of your God, will be the cause of your Rapture!

I have never seen the country so polarized and divided along Party lines as it is now.  Greed has permeated every segment of our society.  Wealthy investors, lawyers and corporation are war profiteering from our misguided debacle in Iraq, even as I speak my mind.  Something has to give if this Democracy is to survive.  Something is incredibly wrong in Arizona and something is incredibly wrong with this country’s direction.  We have been blown so far off course, that it appears our government’s rudder directed policies have malfunctioned and they are jammed to the hard core right, position.

The punditry enhanced, political pendulum, has swung wildly to the far right during the past six years, and it is now wedged in the armpit of immorality.  Such buffoonery has allowed one party to be in control over all segments of government and in effect, society.  The Senate’s fall into republican majority control in 2002 was the final nail in the coffin for policies that have now even resulted in a loss of our civil rights and our right to torture. Would our Fore Fathers ever have considered the loss of checks and balances to be an enviable trait of a true Democracy?  I don’t think so. 

Even one of our very own Arizona politicians has been at the forefront of promoting and enabling the hard core neocon republican agenda of George Bush to flourish as part of our nation’s laws.  Senator Jon Kyl has been a leading cheer leader and promoter of the misguided and dysfunctional Bush neocon agenda.

Senator Kyl was one of the chief architects and sponsors of the Patriot Act (spying on Americans act) and the Military Detainee Act (lose your civil rights and be tortured act).  What has America metamorphosed into, with such hard core right wing neocons like Kyl leading the charge to remove large portions of our Bill of Rights?  In Arizona, there is very little snow that falls south of Flagstaff, but we in the central and southern part of the state have little experience with such icy, treacherous conditions.  Now we find ourselves at the edge of an incredibly slippery Constitutional slope, that we have little experience in dealing with it.  If we begin any further slide down this very slippery slope, I fear we will not be able to stop our inevitable and uncontrolled decent into corporate Fascism that the powerful must want.

Arizona and the rest of America, you have a chance to stop this onerous slide on November 7th!

America, do not allow this to happen.  As FDR said, “All we have to fear is fear itself.”  Do not allow yourself to be gripped by manufactured fear from 30 second, drive by, political attack ads.  Do not allow yourself to be scared by your elected representatives with more induced fear mongering. Are we not better and smarter than that?  Maybe not!

Senator Jon Kyl has been our U.S. Senator here in Arizona since 1994, and in the last six years has proven to have outlived his political usefulness to his employer; the Arizona people.  Kyl voted 97% of the time in favor of George Bush’s political agenda.    An agenda that has only hurts the American people and which has only helped corporate America companies like the like oil, insurance and pharmaceuticals interest, all at the middle classes expense.  Senator Kyl is owned by these corporate interests.  Senator Kyl gives great meaning to the Bush Administration of “no politician left behind by corporate America.” 

Unfortunately Senator Kyl chose to be a part of the Bush Administration problems, rather than America’s much needed solutions to her republican made mounting problems.  Kyl has been one of the chief and most influential of right wing neocon politician that has helped our government tumble into irrational exuberant conservatism. 

In a recent Vanity Fair articles the neocon, jewish architects of the Iraq war, Richard Perle, Kenneth Adelman, Michael Ledeen, and David Frum began distancing themselves from the Bush Administration and jumping like slimy rats from the ship christened responsibility.  Can chief architect Paul Wolfowitz be very far behind?  What does it say when the major league vermin are jumping ship and Jon Kyl is still staying on to “stay the course?”  Evidently Kyl wants to make sure more Americans die while he tries to increase the Halliburton stock share price for his buddy Dick Cheney.   

Senator Jon Kyl repeatedly refused to provide any responses to citizens on issues through the 2006 National Political Awareness Test when asked to by key national political leaders including Senator John McCain and over 100 newspapers nationwide.  Why is Jon Kyl afraid to answer questions?  Kyl has no problem lecturing before the controlled media camera, but can’t muster up the courage to answer simple questions on this test.

All neocon, chicken shit, war hawks are verified sissies!  Maybe, just maybe if they had chosen to go to war when they were much younger men, they would understand that war was not the answer to their hollow, misguided souls.  War is good for nothing.  Anyone that sends young men into harms way, when they chose like so many others to remain on the side lines of their generation’s fear of death, should remain silent, and should never, ever be in positions of power to send our children to their deaths.

In 1966 Jon Kyl received his prepubescent neocon, law degree from republican cheering, the University of Arizona.   Kyl at the time of his graduation and the Vietnam War was all of twenty-four years old.  Sounds like prime dieing age to me.  I suppose like Dick Cheney; Jon Kyl had other priorities at the time, like becoming a wealthy law partner and prostituting lobbyist for corporate America.  I also suppose, just like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, that like them, he supported the war, but would never enlist to fight, because they were all willing for someone else to take their place in the killing lines of probability.

Duty, Honor, Country; such hollow words in the face of neocon bullshit!  There is no honor among thieves and there are surely no specs of honor among neocons or their investing enablers!  There is only greed and hypocrisy among the decrepit. 

Once again, let another nineteen year old die for an old man’s war!  Such bastards of hypocrisy that prevail!

If on Tuesday November 7th, you are happy with the current erroneous and wrong direction that George W. Bush and Jon Kyl are taking this country in; then vote for Jon Kyl and live with your decision to have this country shunned by the world.

If you are happy that Jon Kyl voted to drag the American people into the Iraqi War quagmire; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision as your child comes back in a body bag.

If you are happy that Jon Kyl says that he would still have invaded Iraq even if he knew there were no weapons of mass destruction; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision to have a Senator that still supports an incredible lie!

If you are happy that Jon Kyl wants to continue to “stay the course” in Iraq; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision to send our children to “stay and die” in Iraq
If you are happy that Jon Kyl supports privatized Iraqi war profiteers like Halliburton who promote the business of war profiteering; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision to promote more corporate war profiteering.

If you are happy that Jon Kyl does not support investigations and oversight hearings into Iraqi War corruption that involves at least 9 billion dollars unaccounted for; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision to look the other way as our national debt increases from fraud, waste and abuse and your children are asked to pay one day in the future, for your apathy and stupidity.

If you are happy that Jon Kyl has been silent while colleague and corporations rape the American people for profit; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision to have corporations rape blindly the American middle class.

If you are happy that Jon Kyl voted to have your phone calls, e-mails and internet surfing tapped; then be happy that you now live in the world that George Orwell professed was coming; but he was just 18 years late.    

If you are happy that Jon Kyl voted to suspend your civil rights (Habeas Corpus),  and The Geneva Conventions; then vote for Jon Kyl and live with your decision and be happy if you are ever labeled by George Bush or his designee that you are an enemy combatant and you will shortly be reditioned to Kazakhstan along with Borat, for a date with their national water boarding team.

If you are happy that Jon Kyl voted to support Bush’s use of torture; then be happy with your decision to have torture performed in your name.

If you are happy that Jon Kyl voted to change bankruptcy laws which helped banks and credit card companies while forcing regular people into losing there homes because of medical issues or defective builders like McCreary Homes; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy that you will lose your home, if you get sick without health insurance.

If you are happy that 46 million Americans do not have health insurance; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision to die in the next 6 months if you develop cancer and you have to lose your house because of Kyl’s support for the bankruptcy laws.

If you are happy that Jon Kyl voted against embryonic stem cell research; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision to live in misery and die early because the embryonic stem cells that they threw out, might have saved your life.

If you are happy that Jon Kyl is for the privatization of Social Security; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision to lie and starve in the gutter.

If you are happy that Jon Kyl favored higher drugs prices by voting against bulk purchasing of Medicare prescription drugs; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision to choose between food and rent money.

If you are happy for Jim Click, that Jon Kyl voted to abolish the estate tax (Paris Hilton tax) which is meant to provide incredible welfare protection for the top one percent of wealthy families in this country; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy to live in poverty while wealthy individuals like Jim Click and Don Diamond and their heirs live in splendor, all on your behalf and your dime.

If you are happy, like Lute and Christine Olson, that Jon Kyl voted to drill in ANWAR for oil that will be sent in ten years to Chinese markets; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision to watch wealthy investors like Lute and Christine Olson and their S.W. Jack Drilling Company, who will rape Alaska’s Wild Life Refuge land for oil profits, while animals and the environment die for brand new SUV’s that will be built for a growing Chinese market.

If you are happy that Jon Kyl approves of sending American jobs to China and India; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision to have your children to be counted among the future jobless.

If you are happy that Jon Kyl has voted against raising the minimum wage for the past nine years; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision to be some day be forced to apply for food stamps.

If you are happy with Jon Kyl voting against your quality of life issues; then vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision to have your life eventually tumble out of control and into rubble.

If you are happy that Jon Kyl and the republican party believe you are just plain too stupid to understand the issues, and he does not want you to know how he and the Party votes; than vote for Jon Kyl and be happy with your decision to be a classified as an uniformed moron; just like your President, George W. Bush.

Ignorance for the republican party is a priceless commodity in a campaign designed on a template for deception and lies.

During our ten years in Arizona, the last six of which have coincided with Bush and Kyl’s second term in power; have been a certified disaster for my family’s welfare and my once promising career and retirement benefits.  Jon Kyl’s support of Bush’s agenda against working people have slowly but methodically, strangled the backbone of the America; the middle class.  During Kyl’s and Bush’s reign I have lost my land, my house, 50% of wages and have also lost my pension.  No, there is no war being waged against the middle class, but political prostitution against the middle class has always involved money and power.

Jon Kyl is one of the most anti-worker, anti-union political bigots that have ever had the disgraced pleasure to occupy a Senate seat in Washington.  American middle class workers helped make this country great and politicians like Kyl are hell bent on ruining the middle class worker by his cheerleading antics, to globally accelerate sending American jobs to overseas countries.

Mr. Kyl has no problem increasing his pay, every year for the last nine tears, for over a thirty thousand dollar increase in pay, while he has voted every single time against raising the minimum wage, for the lowest earning workers among us.  Mr. Kyl has had no problem keeping the little guy down.  How could Jon Kyl be so heartless; he is a republican?

But maybe this is all by design.  Republicans and their business sponsors, say that American workers will not work for such low wages.  American workers say, pay a good fair wage and we will work hard for it.  But we let the Arizona/Mexican border stay wide open because businesses and the republican party demand cheap labor.  Illegal immigrants are allowed to infiltrate America because corporate America demands low wages to insure maximum corporate profits for CEO’s and wealthy investors.  And Mr. Kyl says that he is for border security; someone is lying!  Mr. Kyl, any comment?  

You greedy political bastards!  You sell out middle class American workers for the honor and promotion of your incredible greed!  You will always be categorized as political whores!  I just hope and pray there is a just and benevolent God somewhere in the universe to deal appropriately someday with your transparent, greedy souls. 

Would it not be appropriate, that one day God will approve of perpetual water boarding for Jon Kyl and John McCain, for a period not to exceed less than eternity?

Mr. Kyl what a benevolent and brutal,  right wing, middle class, death squad leader, Senatorial dictator, that you have become!  You should be so proud of your accomplishments against you fellow man and constituents.  Did John Negroponte give you any pointers on civil right abuses and the right wing Honduran death squads?

I was forced to have my company defined benefit pension terminated from laws that Kyl has voted for in favor of corporate America.  Senator Kyl will have no problem collecting a lucrative guaranteed pension from the U.S. tax payer from laws he has helped pass.  Mr., Kyl will at least get his $165,000 dollar salary for life among other corporate contributions and “goodies” for his service to corporate America.

Jon Kyl is an ex-lobbyist lawyer, pro corporate whore, masquerading as an Arizona U.S. Senator!   And who said whores could not rise to power in America?
Mr. Kyl, I will only get 20% on the dollar for the pension that you allowed on behalf of corporate America to be terminated.  So who is the real welfare queen in this state; Jon Kyl? 

You will always be a corporate whore in my book!

Mr. Kyl is not on the side of helping middle class people to better their lives; Kyl has aligned himself on the side of multi-national corporations and wealthy individuals and investors. 

Mr. Kyl, enjoy your trappings, while buying your eternal investment in real-estate hell!  I predict that you will be a long term tenant in that locality for so much abuse to your fellow man.

But if you are tired of the corporate pocketbook politicians that sell out Americans; if you are tired of politicians that sell out the American worker; if you are tired of politicians that look the other way as colleagues swindle corporate favors and money for votes; then it is time to change the course of this country.

It is now time to send Jon Kyl riding off into the Arizona sunset and then begin looking to the east, for Jim Pederson’s arrival for Democratic change.  We desperately need change.

Jim Pederson will be a Senator that represents all Arizonans interest and just not corporate lobbyist and special interest.  Mr. Pederson will be a welcome addition to ethical government that is so missing in Washington and America.

America, the choice is yours, if you so choose to participate in your Democracy.  We can no longer live and work in fear that the current Bush Administration and Jon Kyl continue to promote.  We are at an incredible juncture in American political history.  I am afraid that one more incompetent mistake by this incredibly incompetent and useless government, and we might not be able to recover.

Please choose to make the right choices on November 7th.  Your children and grandchildren will one day thank you for your decision.  Let’s change course people, before it is too late.

On November 7th, please vote for Jim Pederson as United State Senator from Arizona and do yourself, your children and grandchildren a future favor that you will never regret!

- The Arizona Refugee

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